JVC PICSIO GC-FM1A HD Camcorder – Nice Video camera in a small Package

This product works well and has great play back. I love it and plan to use it all the time at school and parties.

It was nice a little saddened that it didnt haveca flash but other than that it is a great beginners camera.

Got here in time, work as expected no problems, appropiate packing, good quality, all is good, like it all bye bye. Here are the specifications for the JVC PICSIO GC-FM1A HD Camcorder:

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  • Gorgeous, trendy and attractive textured finish on a compact camcorder
  • Small, elegant and stylish design camcorder with video image stabilization
  • Menu-less for easy operation & convenient USB charging
  • Manual and software are embedded on the camcorder for a 100% portable solution
  • Easy sharing by iTunes/YouTube (upload to YouTube and export to iTunes without file conversion by PC)

I loved my jvc picsio very much. It is very simple and quick for daily use on especially holidays,excursions etc. I recommend it to anybody,everybody in the world.

What it is, is an item of convenience small, portable, simple to transfer to an ipod. No it is not used to broadcast the local news in hd from the studio nor will you see it used by the crew on the sidelines showing the superbowl. I have used it outdoors at 1080p with a monopod with fine results and indoors set at 720p with good enough results. Go to youtube to see people running tests on it to see for yourself that it is not a bad camera for what it was designed for, convenience.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • JVC Picsio GC-FM1 Usage?
  • Affordable and functional
  • Four Stars

So far i like it taking for test run friday.

Well the product is decent, but buttons can be a little clumsy and hard to push. Video quality indoors at 720p is awful, you will need a lot of light. 1080p indoors recommended and again with a decent amount of light. Video does get grainy with 1080p even in good light. The only way i found to get rid of the grainy video is to download a video converter: ‘mediaprosoft free hd converter’ worked the best for me. I converted the video from 1080p down to 720p windows format and all the sharpness came back. If you don’t have the knowledge of video editing and find it more of a hassle than a lesson learned then i don’t recommend this camera. This is a product that you have to make work for you with a few tools, but overall, it is pretty stable and color/contrast came out sharp. I only got it for 31 bucks, so no harm no fowl. If you can find better, shop around.

I simply love the convience of this pocket video camera, in the family home environment, haven’t really used the photos yet,i have even tried it on my trex 600 cf electric helicopter with outstanding, video from the air of surrounding areas of my home, its a supurb piece of equipment would thorougly recomend it to any user, as it is extremely very user friendly camera to usekevin curwood, location country victoria, australia.

The picture that is or video.

This pocket camcorder does its job just fine, but it’s more pink than purple in color. My father, for whom this was a gift, wasn’t too thrilled with the magenta coloring.

We purchased for a christmas gift and the only part of camera that didnt work so well was the video it was dark and didnt have good lighting, therefore we returned and purchase something else.

Bought this for my 11 year old son for his birthday. Unfortunately it has not seen much use. However i did buy one for my 9 year old as well and he loves taking pictures & videos of everything. Not the best camera but good price and great camera if you just need something small or great camera for kids.

As advertised, compact yet productive.

Nice pcoket-size camera/video camera. Sharp images as long as there is adequate light.

Got it for my boyfriend he likes it says size is great to keep in his pocket.

We used this camera to tape the birth of our first child. It takes a amazing video and looks great when you play it back.

Because it is not great, but for the money spent it is good. We appreciated the direction on settings to try when we thought it was broken, thanks.

Cheap camera but video is crisp. Its perfect for action shots where camera could be damaged and you don’t wanna lose something expensive.

This unit is extremely portable, compact and easy to operate. About the only real ‘con’ concerning its performance is that you might as well not even consider this a camera for taking stills, at least without a tripod and a totally stationary, immovable object. I purchased mine primarily for underwater videography which, for the price of the camera, ikelite case and strobe, it does okay.

The video quality in this camera is good, i like the compactness and ease of use as well. The capability to take pictures is almost an afterthought, you need absolutely perfect lighting or you’ll end up with a barely discernible photo. There are not many options are setting to tweak so this should only be bought by someone that wants to point and shoot video.

Battery life is horrible, less than an hour when using it in 720p mode. 1080p mode is very grainy, but i expected that. Focus, well, sure wish they had a manual one cause it could be adjusted a tiny bit and be pretty decent. Macro is great, but man, you have to hold real steady to keep it in focus. All in all, we still like the cam despite it’s short comings.

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