JVC GZ-HM300 Dual Slot High Definition Camcorder – easy to use and it’s amasing.

Great resolution, long optical zoom, image stabilization, convenient size. I have not had this camera long, but what i see, i like.

First, i want to say that this is a great camera. It has a lot of options and features and works perfectly. It is easy to use and the menus are clear and easy to follow without needing to refer to the manual. The video quality is good and it did perform well for me indoors. I was skeptical as some of the reviews questioned the use in low-light situations. However, a room with a light turned on proved to be more than sufficient to capture vibrant, crystal clear video. I really appreciate being able to disable the auto power-off feature for longer recordings and the fact that you can plug it in and power it indefinitely. The dual slots are also a nice touch as the camera will fill card a and seamlessly start recording on card b without user intervention. If you’re going mobile and want to record lengthy events, you will definitely need an addtional high-capacity battery.

I bought the camera about a year ago in order to film documentaries and use for down hill long boarding. The camera works fine in the setting just below full hd, if you want to save some space. I’ve been using a class 2 sd card the whole time and it works great, there’s no need for a faster card, in my opinion. The picture is great, so is the sound, only problem is that it doesn’t perform as well in low light as jvc leads you to believe. But, if you want a cheap and good camera, buy it. Here are the specifications for the JVC GZ-HM300 Dual Slot High Definition Camcorder:

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  • It has 200x digital zoom
  • It has 20x optical zoom
  • Optical image stabilizer
  • It has one year warranty
  • Laser Touch Operation with Sub-trigger and Zoom Function

I am an amateur when it comes to cameras, camcorders and the like. I’m basically a point and shoot type of customer that wants a good quality camcorder for recording our families activities. This is an outstanding camcorder for the money. First and foremost it takes very good quality videos. While i’m sure the videos aren’t the highest of hi-def possible keep in mind this is a $300 and change camcorder. The video quality far outshines your standard camcorder. The two other features – the time elapse and the motion detection both work very well, although outside of surveillance i’m not sure what the use of either is. The motion detection might be handy at something like a basketball game where you would point it at one end of the court and only capture the action when it’s on that end. The only con i had with the camera wasn’t really the camera’s fault. I couldn’t get the patriot 16gb memory card to work consistently.

Before i begin i’d like to point out i paid $120 for a recertified version of this camcorder. That included the battery, manual and all the cords. If i had spent $1,000+ for this camcorder my review probably wouldn’t be as positive as it is, but considering the performance of other ~$100 camcorders this is by far the best camcorder you can buy. Probably the best feature of this camcorder is the 20x optical zoom. A good zoom is absolutely necessary on any camcorder. I’ve noticed some other brands of hd camcorders are only 10x or 12x and they still want $800+. I have no idea what people are thinking when they buy a camcorder with only a 10x zoom. That’s fine for a birthday party or indoor home movies, but if you’re recording a school play or soccer game you’re really going to miss not being able to zoom in and see your child’s face as they deliver their lines or score the game winning goal and smiles at you from across the field. Five or ten years ago every camcorder was 40x zoom, not sure why we’ve fallen back to only 10x but i’d like to see this trend reverse. I’ve read other people complaining about the low light abilities of this camcorder.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It does an adequate job
  • Good quality, good video, battery less than awesome
  • Not Bad at All

I am a filmmaker and i had a flip video camera for a while but i wanted something a step up. So i was searching for cameras in the $200 price range. This camera had some good looking features and seemed to have good quality. So i purchased it and i was satisfied. This camera shoots in great quality and is simple to use and convenient. But i do have a few complaints. This camera’s battery life was rather short. So i recommend you get a second longer lasting battery which are available from jvc. The image stabilizer was disappointing so i recommend a sturdy tripod.

Just a point that i noticed while researching cameras- although the product description mentions the ‘super lolux with back-illuminated cmos sensor’ this particular camera does not have this sensor. The ‘big brother’ does, and then this is listed under the advantages: http://www. Com/jvc-gz-hm550-high-definition-camcorder/dp/b0032fpyhy.

Works the best of several recorders i have owned.

Small, light, simple, quality images and stoprequiring a minimum number of words. Otherwise i may require a new provider.

I dont have alot of money to spend and i really dont need anything fancy. Im not making a frakking movie herethe hd is kind of an open question at the moment. I recorded a bird at mid-day and the bird looked like the hd i expected but some flowers nearby appeared a bit less than hd. This camcorder is still new to me so i’ll need to check my settings and do some more learnin. The camcorder gives you 4 options of recording quality that range from standard definition 480-1080p. And it really does do 1080pif you are interested in getting an hd camcorder that’s sturdy and ‘very’ user friendly, this is the way to go.

This shipped out in a good time and arrived in new condition. I love the quality of video on the highest video settings. I don’t like the fact that you can’t just take out the chip, put it in your desktop or laptop, and retrieve the videos that you shot. You must use the jvc software included to make a backup copy of these videos to your hard drive somewhere or the audio and video will be out of sync. It’s ridiculous and time consumingexcellent video quality with time consuming and redundant video retrieval. I will sacrifice the extra time for the video quality improvement, but this could be improved in future versions.

I own a canon vixia hv30 and the jvc gz-hm300bu both hd and i have to say the jvc outdoor quality beats the $600. First the auto focus is superb thoughout the whole scene with very little to no lose of clarity. The color in the uxp shooting mode using the xvc setting which is the sony color system built into the everio camcorder is excellent. The sound system is also great with the mic zooming with the video zoom feature. I have used pinnacle 14 editing to transfer video to bluray and the results are almost 3d on a large screen tv. Sorry i don’t post any video on youtube or any other web but believe me the jvc is a great outdoor camcorder. The jvc is refurbished at a less than third the price of the canon. I have been a canon lover for the past 10 years and can’t believe the difference with the jvc but i am not sure if all jvc models meet this quality. I still love the canon for indoor video as it does beat the jvc indoors but saying that canon needs to step up a notch.

I bought this camera to film skateboarding, i now have an opteka 37mm vortex fisheye and am using a zoom h1 digital recorder as an external mic, once i have some footage with my setup i will post so you get an idea how it looks. Its really a good camera i know some people bash it but when it comes down to it, for the price you cant beat it i mainly bought it for the video quality the audio isnt the worst but the zoom h1 is superior by far. It actually has some decent manual settings which was surprising but overall i am happy with this camera the low light quality isnt the best but whatevs you cant win them all, hope this helps.

We took this camera to alaska a few years ago. My was the primary user and is not a super tech davy. She just loved it and we had a great time. Iphones and smart phones are great in many situations, but when you want tv quality pictures, this thing is the best.

Was more than i expected and in great condition. The camera quality is excellent. Only down side it the pop off lens cap, which i have already lost. However, i have had powered ones as well which fail easily. So i think i rather have this type and do a better job of holding on to the cap. I used it to capture a tornado and thus must have been so focused that i dropped it on the ground.

I had hoped the cd was included, there seems to be no other way to connect the camera to a computer.

I bought this camcorder for my vacation and im so glad i did. We recorded our whole vacation in 720p and when we played it on our 1080p tv at home it was breathtaking. This camcorder has captured some wonderfull moments of my life and makes them as perfect as they could be. Its very easy to use since its so light and the features work great that we actually bought two more. Simply amazing, just buy it.

I like to try a lot of camcorders and loved this 1 the most. I have also noticed that when it comes to camcorders jvc is the most durable. Some features could be improved though, especially, the speed of the zoom.

This little camera performs well. I probably should not write a review as i have not yet learned all the features. But the camera has some great features that i am sure will do some cool things when i figure out how to use them. It does not have a light, but the low light feature performs well. You can either set it to automatic or adjust it yourself. Right now i am in automatic mode. I like the photo feature, but the photos i have taken so far don’t look that great. I probably need to make some adjustments to the resolution. The price was rightt, and this is a great improvement from my old camcorder from 1993.

I have read some of the negative reviews posted for this camera as well as the hm320 and hm340 (which are identical cameras with built in flash memory). First, i think the ‘haters’ need to understand where this product is positioned in the market. This is a mid-level consumer grade hd camcorder, that has been market down to ~$200, making it an entry level price. If you want to compare this camera to flag ship sony and canon cameras, the ‘haters’ can fairly say that those cameras are superior in most respects and they are welcomed to buy them for an extra $600 to $800. This jvc everio gz-hm series of cameras will give roughly 75-85% of the performance of those cameras, for a fifth of the price. I have had roughly 8 camcorders, and i currently own a canon hg10-which was the top of the line canon two years ago. That camera still takes the best video footage i have ever seen short of a professional grade camera. In outdoor shooting, the jvc looks very good–so long as the zoom is kept below 8x, unless you’re using a tripod. Because this camera has a small sensor, using zoom above 8x does reduce the quality of the video, although it is still very watchable. The lack of optical image stablization does the quality of the image as well, but none of its competitors have optical image stablization and you will need to spend an additional $400 to find a camcorder that offers this feature.

Jvc is my best brand for video movies. I tried many brand all doing well. But this camcorder is very easy to use, i love it.

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