JVC GY-HM150U Compact Handheld Pro-HD Camcorder – had to send it back because of misleading advertising.

This camera is able to record in quicktime. And it the only video camera listed for sale on the apple website. This thing is perfect when it comes to work flow. Shoot your scene edit you clips (no rendering). Wow this is the way it should be. This is a point and shoot/ get it right the first time camera. I was so impressed with the speed and smoothness things focus in.

Great for a smaller ‘b cam’ for production.

After 6 months of research, i finally went the the jvc-hm150. In the end, the reason was a no brainer. I am a wedding and event videographer. My clients expect me to deliver a great videofor which they a paying top dollar for. Imagine telling the bride you lost the footage of the most happiest day in her life because of sd card failure. This would truly give you a bad reputation. The fear of loosing footage is now over. The jvc-hm150 has dual card slots, where you can record on to two cards at once. If one card should ever fail, the second card will keep right on rollingwith no loss of footage. This was a big factor for me.

Extremely pleased with this purchase and very quick response.

When i look at this camcorder at first, i was a little bit skeptical. It is a little bit bigger than an advance consumer camcorder. After reading the manual and getting used to all the manuals, i can honestly say that this is a very good camcorder for its size. It has all the manuals controls you need for shooting a pro video. Also, it’s possible to tweak the setting to obtain a very good picture quality even in low light situations. I uploaded a video to you youtube that was shot with it. I can’t past the link here, but you can go on and type lady ealge’s basketball camps joye lee mcnelis and it will pop out. I shot this as my first video. I didn’t use any professional lightening nor did i use the supplied external mic. The sound you hear was captured with the build-in mic, so i think it’s quite good.

I was skeptical about the robustness of recording to these tiny flash cards. To be honest, so far, i’m amazed. After shooting for years on bigger cameras utilizing mini-dv tape, i rise up and rejoice. ‘i’m liberated’i love almost everything about this camera, starting with its size. Very compact which allows for maintaining an effective under-the-radar presence. Look like a tourist, while gathering superb professional footage. Also impressive is the very full and rich audio quality achieved by the internal stereo microphone. But, for me, what elevates this camera from like to love is how beautifully it works with final cut pro. It was built with fcp in mind, and it shows. No more tedious real-time capturing.

  • Liberating
  • Great versatility!!!
  • Great Camcorder

This item met every expectation that i has for the production of our youth program.

I love this video camera is perfect and easy to use.

I am new to a camcorder with all these features, but once you figure out how everything works, it shoots great video. Auto mode is very good, but tweaking in manual mode is very beneficial especially in low light. I use it to make videos for youtube and it is very easy to do. Just shoot, remove the sd card, copy the video to your desktop and drag to youtubes upload page. The only fallback because it is hd when shooting inside you need a lot of artificial light to get a good picture even with the gain control. But is still a very good camcorder, with awesome audio.

I bought it to save time in editing, going straight to fcpx is a great plus and the camera is awesome.

From it’s small profile to it’s jam packed technology, this camera delivers well in many situations. I’m giving it a 5 star simply because it provides excellent versatility and performance for the price/package combination. Pros: compact size and weight is a plus as i have hiked this camera up the swiss alps and even up beach and mountain cliffs. The technology packed into the camera gives the cameraman excellent control. I was a bit skeptical when i first bought it, but after digging through the manual and figuring out all the setups i can do in camera i realized it was truly a powerful package. Cons: this is a small sensor camera. It needs quite a bit of gain boost in low light situations. Works great for eng outdoor and incident daylight and though grainy gives you the ability to shoot in low light as well. I noticed that shooting in studio i had to dump a lot of light on the talent to get the camera up to a higher gain setting for a cleaner shot. Cfl’s can work, but led light panels like laforet’s visual buddha would be recommended if it’s in your budget.

Features of JVC GY-HM150U Compact Handheld Pro-HD Camcorder

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  • Professional format recording with selectable data rates up to 35Mbps
  • Native MOV format
  • Fastest HD shoot to edit workflow. Edit immediately on your Final Cut Pro or Premiere without conversion or transcoding
  • AVI format (DV standard definition) format New!
  • Compatible with most professional non-linear editing systems

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Good resolution, light weight and reasonably easy to figure out. More of a consumer that a ‘pro’ camera, but it produces a fine image. The key for me was that it saves files to 32gb sd cards in mpeg4 or mov formats that can be instantly ready by premiere pro (the editing software i use) or finalcutpro, this saves substantial time that used to be taken up by transcoding. The documentation it comes with is very basic and i’ve not been able to find any ‘how-to’ books, which i found very helpful with my previous cameras.

Had to send it back because of misleading advertising. This is a cam that is specific to apple mac intel dual core or better, running at least 10. X and only with fcp and a very particular codec that is only going to work with this cam if fcp is installed. This is not made plane enough in the advertising and i thought it was worth pointing out. So if you have or plan to get all of the stuff to mtake full advantage of the hd capabilities of this cam, it may be a great buy. This cam has a particular hd formate.

To qualify my experience: i’ve worked with four of these cameras as my primary professional studio rig for about 3 years. I’ve shot multiple documentaries with it, and hundreds of in-studio training sessions for higher ed and the corporate market. This camera’s audio mixer is really handy. I think those are available on a lot of cameras in this range, but anyway, it’s nice. Everything else about the camera is just sufficient. My panasonic hc-x900m ($700 camera) delivers clearly superior image quality. The thing that drives me crazy about this camera (on four different individual units i’ve worked with) is how the green sensor doesn’t align quite right with the red/blue sensors. If you zoom in digitally on sharp lines in any image it produces, you’ll notice that the left sides of objects has a purplish tint, and the right sides have a greenish tint. It makes keying very difficult when the talent is wearing e. A black jacket on white shirt. Has some superior and some inferior characteristics to decent handheld consumer camcorders in the $700 range.

Professional format recording with selectable data rates up to 35Mbps

Native MOV format

Fastest HD shoot to edit workflow.

AVI format (DV standard definition) format New!

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JVC GY-HM150U Compact Handheld Pro-HD Camcorder
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