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I love this camcorder, it is small enough to carry anywhere i go. I purchased extra batteries which has increased my ease of use. I have not been able to connect it to my computer as of yet. The instructions from jvc are not the best and their site is no help at all. I emailed them and asked for help and got a really ignorant response. If anyone can give me some help with connecting this to my computer i would really appreciate it.

Overall, i’ve been very happy with this cam, but only after having spent quite a bit of additional money to add features that negate its flaws. It’s solid & small enough to fit in a back pocket, but also very comfortable to use. I get comments and the cam gets admiring glances wherever i go. My problems with it are few, but important if you don’t know how to get around them. The features & praise you can read elsewhere, and i’d echo most of that praise. But here are the flaws: — the included apparati for transferring data to your computer are slow (serial cables) & lame (software). For transferring & editing video, pinnacle studios’ studio dv and its included firewire cable is a must buy (. Also, if you’re serious about editing video on your computer, make sure you’ve got a great machine (fast processor, beefy video card, huge & fast hard drive, lots of ram). Likewise, the included still camera software is a waste of bytes.

JVC GR-DVM70U Digital Cybercam Camcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode

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  • High resolution MiniDV digital format
  • 2.5-inch swivel color LCD
  • Multifunction remote control
  • Functions as a digital still camera; 4 MB memory card included
  • 10x optical, 200x digital zoom

Easy to use, the small size is perfect. Still camera is much pleasure, an ideal way to get your pictures on your pc and tranfer them by e-mail. Just the perfect camera for a reasonable price.

I’ve owned this camcorder for a month. Although please avoid them if possible, they open the box from jvc and change the standard battery for a nica battery which lasts only 20mins. Then they charge you extra for the normal battery. Unless you’re really on the ball you’ll be caught out like me. I cannot believe the nerve of these people. Check out camcorder & computer video mag for other retailers with prices just as good, some better. The grdvm50 is identical to the grdvm70 except it doesen’t have the memory card & built in flash. Firstly, the video quality is superb. For my personal use of creating pc picture albums i find the digital stills perfectly adaquate, one real advantage with the software is even if the still you take is not in great focus you can frame by frame advance and you’ll always find in 1 or 2 frames a clear image, just press the capture button on the software and this is the still thats transferred. If you’re looking for high quality stills then buy a dedicated digital camera of high cost camcorder like the sony pc100 approx.

If you are looking for an ultracompact, feature-filled camcorder, the jvc gr-dvm70u digital cybercam will take you to new levels of vacation and home video making. The gr-dvm70u features a digital still picture output that allows this camcorder to act as a digital still camera. The still images are stored on a removable 4 mb multimedia card and can be downloaded onto your pc via the provided serial cable. A short editing process makes your images web-ready or e- mail compliant with the software included. This jvc digital cybercam offers a high level of picture and sound quality. A 680,000-pixel ccd delivers outstanding resolution, and with the 180,000-pixel color lcd monitor, the camcorder can be operated from any angle. For important close-up shots, the 200x digital zoom provides fast zooming at variable speeds by finger pressure. This cybercam is full of digital effects and scene transitions for the budding filmmaker. Let your creativity run free with effects such as classic film, strobe, slow shutter, black and white, and many more. A time-lapse capability allows you to record at preset intervals to catch slow motion action such as plant growth or cloud movement.

JVC GR-DVM70U Digital Cybercam Camcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode : Throw away all your other cameras. This does it all and fits in your pocket.

How do you get pictures and movies on your email?. I have windows xp and can’t get things loaded onto the computer without it playing on just the camera.

I tried two units before giving up on the jvc. The video was ok (not great color) but the audio was fatally flawed. The camera itself generates a ‘whine’ which is then picked up by the microphone and recorded. Any quiet recordings, when played back, have this buzzing whining sound added; i found it completely unsatifactory. No provision for an external microphone (which would have been a satisfactory solution) is made. Were it not for this flaw i would have been happy with the camera.

I have bought more than 8 digital video cameras in the last 3 years, its part of my job, and this one is the one. Everyone working with me agrees. For personal use, for professional use. Any doubts contact me: construct.

I got the jvc dvm-70 from a large dept store. If you are buying the camera for the small size, then this is the one you want. However, after owning for 1. 5 years the camera has been in for service multiple times due to a problem of dropping audio & video. Luckily for me i purchased a 3 year warranty at circuit city, and the camera will get replaced after the 3rd time in service for the same problem. My next camera model will probably be a sony. Some other drawbacks: -whine sound while recording from zoom motor (as mentioned above) -audio/video dropping problem -multimediacard reading software that comes with the camera isn’t very friendly. I recommend getting sandisk’s multimediacard reader from circuit city or other computer store -might not work 100% perfect with ieee 1394 firewire capture software (such as ulead/adobe premier) (i still have to experiment more with this). However, i have made a few computer videos with the camera while it wasn’t in the service shop. – hard to find underwater casings except for the bag from ewa-marine.

The one thing i am really disappointed about re this camera is the poor quality of the digital stills. It is all very nice to have a still pic facility on a camcorder but the resolution is visibly fuzzy – it is only 640 x 480. Jvc should not have bothered with this feature at this level of quality.

I really liked this camera because it is so easy to use and all of its awesome features make it even better. If you need a totally spectacular digital video camera at a great price, this is the camera you’ve been looking for. It’s the best consumer video camera on the market today.

After the birth of my son, i wanted a camcorder to shoot video of him and family events. I tried the canon zr, canon vistura, and jvc dvm-70 the main reason i liked the jvc dvm-70 is the small size and relative low cost. This camcorder is so small it fits in a pants pocket or even a shirt pocket. Size is very important for me because of my experience with 35 millimeter cameras. I have 2 cameras: one full size canon srl camera that cost about $1000. 00, and one small yashika t4 super pocket size camera that cost $150. Guess where most of my good family photos come from – the $150. That’s because this is the camera i carry most of the time.

I bought the gr-dvm70 in the spring of 1999 and i’ve had only two minor problems with it. The first is that the standard 1-hour rechargeable battery is now beginning to lose its ability to hold a charge (i also bought a 2-hour battery). The second is that the plastic button that covers the switch that opens the camera somehow popped off. As you can see both of these are minor issues. Other the other hand, i’ve shot countless hours of excellent video with this camera including the birth of my two children and vacation footage. I’ve never experienced the zoom/noise problem discussed in the other postings. I’ve used the digital still feature and the picture navigator software to upload photos to my computer and sent them to family and freinds via email. It is true that the resolution of the digital stills is not photo quality but i think it is just fine for computer/internet use. I will admit that the picture navigator s/w is somewhat user un-freindly and that the serial link is a slow way to upload digital stills. In addition, picture navigator does not run on windows2000 — which i now run on my computer.

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