JVC GR-DVL505U Digital Camcorder : Best value for your money

I like the size and manueverability of this camera. I agree with the other reviews on the battery life, but you can get extended life batteries (somewhat costly). I recommend at least one extra battery. The video and sound are excellent, but i have not figured out the best way to brighten the picture for various lighting conditions – indoors the colors seem washed out. The drawbacks to this camera: the rec/pause button does not stick out far enough from the camera, and often requires some gymnastics to pause without moving the camera, resulting in a jerky end to the recording session. Also, to attach/detach to a viewing mechanism such as a vcr or tv requires a lot of plugging/unplugging, particularly if you use the ac adapter (recommended to preserve battery life). You must remove the battery from the camera, and attach the adapter to a spot under the battery, then attach the s-video cable. For some reason, you cannot charge the battery while the ac adapter cord is plugged in (the charger and adapter are one and the same), so after you are done viewing, you must unplug everything including the cable from the adapter to charge the battery. I hope jvc will do something about this to allow charging with the battery left in the camera, and while using the ac adaptor.

I have this camcorder since august 2000 and i bought it after a long time of research and comparaison between differents products. Now, i can say that my choice was the best. Very easy to use, video and sound are excellent. I highly recommend this camcorder.

JVC GR-DVL505U Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • High-resolution MiniDV digital format
  • 3-inch swivel color LCD monitor
  • Also functions as digital still camera; 2 MB storage card included
  • 10x optical, 250x digital zoom
  • Includes special effects and scene transitions

This is a replacement over a sony 8mm camcorder i owned, which was broken mechanically. So i was not a sony fan when choosing a replacement. Jvc 505 camcorder certainly meets my expectation when price and performance are considered. For its basic function, the video taken is very clear and colorful, with very little distortion. It amazed me in responding to sudden change in background lighting very quickly, which was not the case with sony 8mm. Video stabilizer kicks in when you are shooting on moving feet. Sound quality is reasonable. Battery life comes close to book value, if you refrain from zooming or using lcd. Digital still camera works like a charm, making us wonder if we should buy any more films for our canon slr camera. Speaking of its outlook, it’s not the smallest in size, but definitely light in weight.

I was very anxious to get ahold of this baby when i saw it at a trade show. A week later i went out and bought it. The resolution is crystal clear. The controls are right at your finger tips making the jvc digital camcorder just plain awesomeanother great feature that i was really impressed with was the ability to take digital pictures. They come out crystal clear at really really close up range. Not blurry like my digital camera does. This is more like a 2-in-1 digital camera/camcorder in onei highly reccomend this as a great first camcorder. Its pretty light weight the battery could last a bit longer.

JVC GR-DVL505U Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) :

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JVC GR-DVL505U Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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