JVC GC-PX100BUS GC-PX100 Full HD Everio Camcorder : a very good product

Recording has delays from clip to clip, during preview. Although the delays are short, they are noticeable. Video clips should run seamlessly when previewing but do not with this camcorder. Camera seems of good quality. Needs a battery that lasts longer. Price is a bit high, should be in the range of around 500.

I bought this product not too long for our church. It is a nice product and the image is very good. It have a wifi connection which you can use to connect to any live streaming like u stream. Com to stream live your program. I recommend it to any body who want a hd camera for a good start.

JVC GC-PX100BUS GC-PX100 Full HD Everio Camcorder, 10X Optical Zoom, 200X Digital Zoom, Black

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  • Avchd 1920 x 1080P full HD video recording at 60 fps
  • Iframe recording
  • Up to 36 Mbps high bit rate recording

I needed good quality high speed capability in a small package, and this camera delivered to my expectations.

Image quality is amazing and the image stabilizer is awesomethe only negative point is battery life. Fully charged new battery lasts around 1 hour, which is not much.

Unbelievably useful for sports. Make sure if you are taping sports to get a bigger sd card and extra batteries.

JVC GC-PX100BUS GC-PX100 Full HD Everio Camcorder, 10X Optical Zoom, 200X Digital Zoom, Black : Very good video quality- not good at stills. Quality is just not there as a still camera- which is ashamed as it has very nice controls. As a video camera it’s very sharp but produces chromatic aberration (purple fringing around highlight areas). Most people wouldn’t notice it but i’m a pixel peeper and video enthusiast and noticed the ca around highlighted areas. It tends to overexpose footage by. 7 ev and your footage will look very nice. It can use a mic attached and will produce sharp footage suitable for advanced videographers but maybe not pros. The high speed shooting is very cool but it does shoot high frame rates at a reduced resolution, so check the specs for the res it will shoot when using high fps.

[please read the update below this is a very nice camera, with an even better video quality (can’t beat 60p). This feature however is its major issue. I only record in 60 progressive (it is the main reason i bought it after all) and after an hour or two of recording you realize that you need 2 [or better 5] sd cards, so a very natural decision was to create blu-ray discs and reuse the sd cards. Jvc has included a software cd called mediabrowser se player for jvc (apparently by pixela) that turned out to be a total noop – and a total waste of my precious time. I had gone from trying to use my internal lg dvd writer to attempt to write avchd dvds, to buying a brand new pioneer 15x blu-ray writer. Both of the devices with 5 different brands of dvd/blu-ray media have resulted in pixela app reporting a `the disc is not supported. Most recent update:i am rushing to edit my first review (above), it was due to a missing software update i did not have the dvd burning capability in mediabrowser se (not player) which led me to believe that player app is in charge of writing discs, duh. So once you update your mediabrowser (from a link presented by the menu option help – check for latest product info) and install `dvd disc creation software` that requires your camcorder’s serial number for the download you will be able to burn bd, dvd, avchd and avchd progressive discs. This product is solid and works exceptionally well. The battery life is somewhat sub par and that is the reason for the 4 stars. ]

Great video camera for the price. High quality on the video, medium on the still photos.

I needed a versitale solid state camcorder with a veiwfinder that could be seen on bright days for rapily moving objects. The camera has a hood for the screen and the option of color viewfinder.

Responsible seller good product.

Did not say viewfinder was optional and costly.

Good company which replaces a lacking shoulder strap by two extra batteries. But i think they should list exactly the contents included with the package like manual, cable, etc.

This is a really great camera. I was told by jvc america that it was no longer manufactured, and hadn’t been since 2013. Well that may be a fact here in the us but it is still being manufactured abroad in the uk. The cost for this camera is really pricey and after looking for several months i had determined that purchasing in the us was out of the question. The prices started around $1900. 00 and one person had one for sale that was brand new and had the microphone and the color viewfinder and he wanted $4000. Well, you can have a fit and say what you want, but when a great grandma can save a few bucks buy purchasing at less than half the price and with the added accessory of the color viewfinder being a standard item and pay less than $900. Us dollars, i’d say that is pretty good. I couldn’t pass up that kind of deal. I am a very very happy great grandma.

My first experience with jvc was with the gs-td1 3d camcorder. It performed to my expectations and more. After about a year and countless hours of shooting i decided to upgrade to another camera/camcorder. My original choice was canons xa10 but that was well out of my budget then i stumbled accidentally onto this intimidating piece. At first i did not really think of getting it but then after much research, i finally gave in and bought it. If you have purchased other cameras / camcorders from jvc just know that this beauty has all the familiar menus and buttons all strategically located/placed for the user shooter. At first glance it has a very intimidating appearance and the size (see specifications) is just perfect for on the go shots. Absolutely do not let its small size fool you. This little monster is just a joy to operate with its quick and easy settings menu. No bells and whistles no hoopla and other fancy gadgetry to get in the way ( my nikon d7000 is a lot more complicated).

Like the camcorder an all that it can do only thing i notice that it don’t havenite vision. Other then that i still gave it 5*****.

It is easy to carry and use, and the camera like read body offers an excellent viewing display. The camera zooms in and out smoothly and is very stable in hand held shooting, but a tripod is always better to use for extended recording. I purchased two external microphones for use outdoors to cut down on wind noise across the cameras built in microphones. The jvc px-100 has the best reviews for a $1000.

I used one of these for about a year. Pros:it’s a cool toy, and it’s time control features are unrivalled. Video stabilization is pretty good. Cons:unfortunately, calling it’s optics ‘professional’ is a flat out lie. Even entry level dslr’s outperform this camera in picture quality and low light conditions. In high contrast conditions there is quite a bit of blue fringing apparent in video and stills. Finally, my camera is broken, as it fell on to it’s screen, which is now cracked. I have been unable to find any replacement parts for this camera, which means that after sales service also leaves something to be desired.

The jvc gc-px100 was one of the hidden gems of the consumer electronics show in las vegas when it was unveiled in january 2013. This prosumer camera blurs the lines between consumer and small form-factor professional cameras with a versatile feature set worthy of cameras costing twice as much. Weighing in at $900 (and just 625g with battery and viewfinder) this is, needless to say, one piece of equipment where reading the manual really is a mandatory exercise, so let’s start this review with the gc-px100’s headline-grabbing features. Standout featuresthe first of these is the ability to capture 50fps hd video in full progressive mode, meaning that every frame is a full picture as opposed to interlaced video where only half a frame is captured alternately. It can record video to an sd card at 36mbps (video) and 4mbps (audio) and paired with the latest and fastest sd cards (i’m using a sandisk 64gb extreme which can operate at up to 45mbps) holds the promise of broadcast quality video. The other standout feature is its full gamut of time-lapse and super-fast recording. These range from 1 shot every 80 seconds to 1 frame a second in time-lapse to 100, 200, 250, 400 and even 500 frames a second for slo-mo action. This isn’t quite as headline-grabbing as it might appear however as upping the frame rate to 100, 200 or 250fps drops the maximum capture resolution from 1920×1080 down to 640×360, and increasing the frame rate to 400 or 500fps drops the resolution further to just 320×176. Dropping the resolution like this can result in seriously blurry imagery and it’s not suitable for broadcast. The fast frame-rates in this camera however are clearly aimed at sports training where you’re looking for form, trying to eliminate the slice from your backswing in golf, or improving your pitching arm in baseball.

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JVC GC-PX100BUS GC-PX100 Full HD Everio Camcorder, 10X Optical Zoom, 200X Digital Zoom, Black
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