JVC Everio S GZ-MS100 Flash Memory Camcorder w/35x Optical Zoom – Takes great video. Weak on the audio but I’ve purchased

I couldn’t seem to find this information when i was first shopping around for camcorders, so i just wanted to make sure any mac users out there knew that this camcorder imports fine to imovie ’09. I’m not sure about imovie ’08 or earlier since i haven’t used it with those programs. I have been using this camcorder for a little while now and it’s fairly sturdy. I had it in the snow on a relatively warm day and put it in my pocket of my wet jacket, but it seemed to be fine and worked without any problems. The sound quality is okay (not great of course, but still fairly clear). The video quality is pretty good, but definitely not hd quality or anything. The video is smooth and there’s no jerkiness about it. The only thing i don’t like about this camcorder is that it has troubles focusing on things when zoomed in too far. It will automatically try to focus, but once it gets into focus, it will still continue trying to focus, then go back to blurry, then go back into focus. So, it can take a few seconds to get focused when zooming, which can be a little annoying.

Very good video quality and easy to use. Photo quality average at best but also very easy. I have yet to get the upload to youtube to work like the instructions say.

This is my third one of these camcorders. I do not recommend the hard drive version as i previously had 2, as the hard drives are much more vunerable to failure and even if you are careful with it you don’t know how much it was thrown around whilst bein shipped to you or a store. The sd card is much less suseptible to shock and you can now get sd cards up to 32 gb. This is also lighter than the hdd version and slimmer which is a bonus if size and lightweight is important. Battery life is still only around an hour, which is not great but comparable with many similiar camcorders. I’m not a cineamatic genious or a moviemaker so i consider the recording quality to be very good, better than my aging digital tape camcorder (although that is very reliable), those who are, or prefer hd may not consider it adequate, but i’ve played back my videos on my 26 inch flat screen tv and pc and the look good. You must delete photos and video on the camera though, not on your computer after downloading them or you will get a message saying ‘video management file broken’ everytime which may cause further problems later on. I spent hours looking for a replacement to my 2 failed hdd versions of this camcorder and most reviews i read recommended for this price jvc everio would give you the best quality picture. The still picture taking capabilities are not very good, later models are much better, but for still i want very good quality so i carry a seperate digital camera for that.

After weeks of looking at all the camcorders out there (minidv, disk drive, memory card) i chose this one. The picture quality was something else. If you leave it in auto, it’s hard pressed to give a good quality video. If you use it in manual mode sure it’s better but not by much. It was too time consuming and cumbersome to adjust everything manually in order to get a good video. No matter what i tried, the highlights were blown out and even in low to medium sun, highlights on someone’s skin were just too much for the camera to handle. And if i did find the perfect combination of settings (with manual mode) to give me a good quality video, the moment had passed. D light that comes built-in is pretty much worthless when it comes to shooting inside. Even with sufficient lighting inside, the camcorder is not that good. The manual that came with the product was substandard i feel. Didn’t even discuss how to make adjustments in the manual mode, had to figure it out myself and quite by accident. Listen, if your satisfied with an average picture and don’t really put a whole lot into editing, then this camcorder is most likely what your looking for.

I can begain this review by saying wow. I’ve recived this camera as agift in the beginning of october of 08 and it has not let me down. I took this camera thru hell. It been dropped 2 time with in half an hour. Once from 3 feet high and another from the top of my chevy aveo while driving down the street and its still working. I highly recommend you getting a camera that saves your video on a sd card because there are no moving parts and for a clumsy and easily forgetting where i placed my stuff this camera came in handy. There’s no night vision by there a small light that you can have come on automatically but it only great for close up shots. Another is the format it records at is.

After quite a bit of research for a compact, non-hd video camera, i settled on the jvc everio. Its solid-state recording (using sdhc cards rather than a hard drive) makes it really light-weight and more durable. It is loaded with features and provides great video. (don’t really use the still photo feature. ) however, please read the other reviews that reference the free conversion software you need to edit 16:9 video. The controls all are convenient with one-handed operation, the viewfinder highly visible and the anti-shake mechanism provides really good ‘jitter-free’ takes (i recorded my wife on horseback for almost an hour and, despite my arm feeling like jelly, the images were rock solid). For the money, this camera performs flawlessly. Only hd could improve it, and then only if you needed that degree of performance. Personally, i’m very happy with the standard def version – on my 65-inch hdtv, the picture blows you away.

  • Nice Little Camera
  • Good Utility Camcorder
  • Convenient and cheap, but indoor shots orange-shifted

Very impressed with this camcorder. It does pretty well in lower light considering how small the lens actually is. 8 aperture helps with that and it’s much better than say the sony webbie which has an awful f 3. 3 lens by comparison (which is a big part of the reason that camera is so bad in lower light). While this camera isn’t hd like some of the newer competitors it offers a nice quality sd image at the ultra fine setting and it doesn’t have trouble focusing which the sony webbie seems to have problems with (check out vids on youtube and you’ll see what i mean). The 35x optical zoom is killer on this camera and is really overkill unless you are using a tripod since no amount of image stabilization will help at high zoom levels. Removable battery is nice and you can upgrade to larger batteries if you need longer recording time, unlike some other cameras in this class. This camera also accepts 30. 5mm filters or wide angle lenses which is also a very nice feature you don’t find on other cameras in this price range.

Weak on the audio but i’ve purchased a wireless mike that works well so no problem.

I am new at making video files, so the first time using it was very awkward. But in a few minutes i started looking like an expert. I am using a video file converter. The video files are mpeg’s from the camera.I would of liked better software for file loading. The grip-strap is a big selling point, since most of these flash cameras dont have a grip-strap. It is very lightweight for it’s size, so carrying it around all day shouldn’t be a problem (for tourists). There isn’t any lens cap, but there is a cover, you slide a lever and it opens the lens cover. I really like that feature, compared to other cameras, i beleive it is better than most of them. Smart jvc features throughout.

We had avoided spending money on a new camcorder since the one we have owned for several years seemed to still be in working order. After helping record a school event using an earlier version of this jvc everio, i was hooked. Not only is this extremely easy to use, the fact that you don’t have to mess with mini tapes or anything else is a joy. The larger memory cards are worth the additional cost and very easy to use likewise. We’re glad we bought the new camcorder.

I wanted to get a camcorder that recorded onto sd cards so i could place the card into a media reader, download the footage, and edit in sony vegas. Here’s what happened:forget about the camera’s quality settings for video. You’ll probably want to set it to the highest setting, and never touch it. I get 2 hours of widescreen footage on an 8gb card at the highest quality setting. By not using any moving parts to record an image, camcorders like this are reduced down in size to (roughly) a soda canhaving downloaded some test video to my windows xp pc, i noticed that each video file has a separate 3k document that tags the video as being full or widescreen. Because this tag isn’t included in the video, editors like vegas will open all the video as fullscreen. However, look for a free program online named sdcopy which puts the tags in the files. Don’t worry — it happens as quickly as making a copy of the file. It’s not like sdcopy has to ‘process’ or ‘render’. While i wasn’t crazy about this extra step, i can live with it.

Features of JVC Everio S GZ-MS100 Flash Memory Camcorder w/35x Optical Zoom (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Compact Slim Design; One Touch Upload to YouTube
  • Konica Minolta 35x optical Lens and 800 x digital zoom
  • Records directly to a SD / SDHC memory card (card not included)
  • 1 hour recording at the highest quality (Ultra-DVD Movie) with a 4 GB SDHC memory card
  • 2.7-inch 16:9 widescreen clear LCD; Auto LCD backlight control

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I have this model for over 2 years. Video is fine, with big optical zoom. The file you get is kinda strange as you would need some kind of software to convert them into other types.

The photos have very low definition(don’t buy this if you want a camcorder and photo camera all in one)but the video is ok,the format of the video files is rare but it can easily be converted to avi for editing/recording. The advantage is that it doesn’t have mobile parts(disks, cassettes) and that you don’t need cassettes.

I think flash memory is the best feature of this camcorder. I have an 8gb high-speed card that works wonderfully. I can easily import clips into imovie, which was my biggest worry prior to purchasing this camcorder. This is a great, no-nonsense camera for recording my little girl’s every move.

I ordered the gz-ms100 to upgrade from an older vhs-c panasonic cam-corder. Obviously, the jvc is head and shoulders above the older panasonic. I did not need hd at this time, so i focused on hard drive vs. I opted for the sdhc due to no moving parts, quieter operation, and ease of file transfer and transportability. Also, the cost of sdhc cards are very low. The camera works as advertised. The unique menu interface (the slider bar to the left of the screen) was easy to master. I like the user interface since it is clean and avoids the many buttons, switches, and selectors that would have been the alternative. I also like the way i can switch between auto and manual mode with the push of one button, and the camers saves the last manual set up mode i programmed into it.

I bought this camera about five years ago, before the whole ‘hd’ craze. Here’s the good and the bad:the good:- this thing had awesome zoom–don’t worry about that. – it was super easy to share and upload videos on your computer. – playback on tvs was great and not problematic. The bad:- as previously stated, don’t be expecting hd; you’ll get good 480p. – the touch interface is glitchy and doesn’t recognize sometimes when you use it. – the audio is really bad but you can plug in a microphone. Overall, it was not worth the $400 i paid for it when it was new, but it’s still worth at least $100 now.

I have had this camcorder for about a month. The main reason i bought this camcorder was for convenience. I have minidv camcorder as well, but i never got around to uploading video from camcorder to computer and then converting avis to mpeg to dvd. The workflow with minidv was too time-consuming and needed a lot of system resources (1 hr avi takes about 13gb disk space). For around $320-ish, its great value. Its totally solid state, no moving parts. I use 16gb sdhc card (around $50-ish), that card can record about 3hr58min video in best quality. The battery lasts about 2 hrs. I doubt i will ever shoot more than 4 hr video in a day. You can always back up your video on a computer at the end of the day or buy multiple sdhc cards. You can use the included usb cable or a sd card reader to upload mpeg files to a computer. You can upload video and burn a dvd in as little as 10 minutes (if you go straight to dvd and do not edit). You can also upload your video you-tube or other video hosting websites. It comes with included software that is supposed to make youtube uploads easy for the user.

Compact Slim Design; One Touch Upload to YouTube

This is a great little camcorder. I particularly like the fact that it is flash memory, thus eleminating the weight of a hard drive. Also, this allows you to just carry extra cards for recording. Easy to download to the computer.

The camera is very lightweight and generally easy to hold and operate. Although it does not fit in a shirt pocket,it is easy to carry but use of the strap is essential. The controls are simple and easy to use without needing instructions. Video and picture quality is very good for most normal applications but since it doesn’t have a built in light, video taken in very low light or at night appears grainy. Battery life is very good and with the memory card it is very easy to find scenes and delete unwanted video. After using a flash memory video camera i cannot imagine going back to using any camera using tapes or even mini-dvds. It is a very good camera for the price.

One caveat of note for the jvc everio gz-ms100 (and this may very well apply to other jvc models) the video files the camera produces are. These files are not read by xp windows movie maker (jvc says vista has no problem with them, not confirmed by me) also the software included is not for video editing and probably useless to anyone half way computer savvy. End result: without buying more software (maybe $70) you can’t string together video clips, edit, etc. Using what comes with the camera and xp. I’m using trial version of cyberlink director pro but that will cost at least $70 if i want to purchase.

This is a good, inexpensive video/snap camera, but1) the quality is youtube and computer video only. It’s not hd and doesn’t look good on your tv. That being said, it’s a third the price of one that does. 2) you need to let the camera know before you shoot a video that it is for upload use. There’s an upload button and you press it twice. The manual says that, but it’s easy to miss. 3) i couldn’t get the software to upload to youtube directly, but i could do it through the [. upload button on the website. Be sure you know the name of the file, which the software can tell, you when you try to use the upload feature. ]

I have been making video’s for about 10 years. Started with a sony 8mm and added a few more. My most recent videos before this cam were made using a canon w/ dv tape. I’ve also used many of the software products for editing, studio, vegas, magix, arcsoft, etc. So, i’ve spent a lot of hours looking at video on a monitor. I was looking for a small, as in tiny, cam to use on a vacation. Looked around for a couple of weeks on the web reading reviews, viewing manufacture web site info, and went to a few stores for a hands on evaluation. Picture quality is okay (not excellent). This cam was the best overall value i discovered.

I’ve had this jvc since july 2009 and it’s been a good work-horse for me. The camera is very small and light. The camera turns on quickly when the viewfinder is opened. Recording starts with one simple click. The 35x optical zoom is a nice option but you need a steady recording hand. There are many basic options for this camera. You can adjust the brightness of the viewfinder, which may be necessary in heavy sunlight. You can add sephia-tone, b&w, etc. You can also do wipes and fades to add a little effect. The little red recording light can be turned off along with the shutter sound of the still camera. There’s also an option to do a quick start-up. Another convienent option is the ability to upload a video onto youtube with one click of a button. There are a few minor gripes about this camera.

Konica Minolta 35x optical Lens and 800 x digital zoom

This is an amazing camcorder at its price. I use it for surveillance during driving. It is tiny and light and can be mounted (through a small universal mount, purchased from other place) to my windshield quite stable. On the other hand, the picture is sharp and 35x optical zoom won’t let you miss any details. Some thoughts: although the youtube upload function is provided by software, the mpeg2 codec is not effective especially for online video. I always convert the raw video to wmv format (by microsoft movie maker) for nice quality and small size.

Easy to upload to your computer4. Sometimes the laser screen touch thing can be kind of annoying but it’s still fine. This camcorder is very good. You can zoom in and out while recording and it also zooms in very far. When i was looking for a camcorder, all i wanted was one that could hold a fisheye. So, i found this camcorder and it can hold a fisheye. It is also very easy to upload to your computer. Especially if you have a mac. All you do is plug the wire in and open imovie and upload it.

I had this little camcorder for almost 4 years and its still running great (depending how well you take good care of it. ) i bought this back in high school for making short videos that requires direct & edit to make great and epic works. So far to this day, i had accidentally dropped this camcorder only three times throughout my 4 years owning it. It was amazing how it didn’t have no scuff marks or any malfunctioning. This camcorder, although the battery life really last for 1 hour, can make a great asset to capturing memories and catch rare moments. The picture quality is decent and manage the use of this camcorder is very simple. Just be sure to upgrade your battery pack if you expect longer recording seesion or through out the whole day.

My wife and i are expecting so i started reasearching what cameras to buy. I was very confused at first with all the different models and options but eventually wanted something easy to use or else it might just gather dust. I settled on getting a camera that used memory cards because of fewer moving parts and the ability to easily transfer data to a computer. I visited stores in the area and i really liked the jvc everio but the downside was there were only models with a hard drive. About a month later i found out there was a new jvc everio model using sd cards and i quickly bought it. This camera is so easy to use it’s great. I simply flip the viewer open and can start recording in a second. Great zoom, lightweight, and the lasertouch control panel makes it so easy to adjust settings. I just taped a two hour lecture the other day and it was easy. When i got home i transferred 4gb of data to my computer in minutes.

I bought this based on the reviews from amazon and also watching this product on hsn tv. This was the best deal i got from amazon for $180. I am using 8gb hc sd card on this and it runs about for nearly 2 hrs on the fine mode, which has an excellent video quality. The great thing being the sd card which makes downloading a whole lot easier. Although the recordings are in. Mod files, you can still watch them on windows media player. I just drag all the files in my ‘now playing’ list so they run in one go and not clip by clip. I love this cam as it is very handy and practical. Zoom is good enough and the quality rocks while the touch screen feature is smooth.

Pros:very convenient– flip open the viewfinder, open the shutter, and you’re ready to record in no more than a couple seconds. I’ve found that most of the things i tend to record are short and happen on the spur of the moment. Having a camcorder that’s ready that fast means that i’m much more likely to use it. Outdoor picture quality– i suppose that any camera will do better when there’s more light available, but the videos shot outdoors, particularly on sunny days come out sharp and clean. Built-in led light– for subjects that are close at hand, you can (with only a couple buttons, but still via the menu) turn on a bluish white led that seems to improve the picture quality. Good sound– not that it’s a major innovation, but the sound tends to be very clearly recorded, and the microphone is quite sensitive. So sensitive that if you’re clumsy or hurried in ending a shot, every video will end with the sound of you hitting the record trigger to stop the clip. Lightweight– partly because it uses sd cards for storage and i guess just partly because of the design and materials, this is a very light camera. You can hold it for extended periods without any wrist fatigue and it doesn’t feel like you’re smuggling lead when you drop it in bag or pack. Cons:non-standard recording format– movie files are saved in a.

Records directly to a SD / SDHC memory card (card not included)

1 hour recording at the highest quality (Ultra-DVD Movie) with a 4 GB SDHC memory card

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