JVC Everio MS120 Dual Flash Camcorder, Family Christmas Gift

For years i used a digital video camera that used mini dv cassettes and what a pain to download the tape to the computer just to create a dvd to send to my friends. Now i just plug the sd chip into the reader and i can produce a dvd. The software that comes with this camera makes it easy to do some basic editing too. If you want to make videos fast and easy this is the camera to buy. I researched this type of camera on cnet and it was given a good rating. It is easy to use and the price was $50. 00 less that what i would have paid ‘on sale’ locally.

The first thing i thought when i opened the box was – ‘wow this thing’s tiny’. It’s packaged in a rather large box with a lot of padding. The small size is great, though. It makes taking a video camera with you easier than everas for ease of use, the everio ms120 is second to none.In the first ten minutes of opening it, i took a couple of minutes to review the manual (failure to read the manual is the cause of most bad reviews for any technology item) and made sure that i knew what i was doing, connected the battery, plugged in the power adapter, inserted my sd card, recorded a short video, took out the sd card, put the sd card into my computer and watched the video – like i said – all in the first 10 minutes. I’m not sure why people had so much trouble (in reference to previous reviews). I should say that i’m an it professional, so technology is an everyday thing for me, but this camera is still easy for anyone to use. One problem that people may have had is that they didn’t use the included cd’s to get the codec for the. Mod format (which is already built in to windows vista and windows 7 operating systems), and it is correct that without this, you won’t be able to work with the format for video editing or anything else. The video quality is amazing, as well.

This camera arrived in new condition. It seems like it has many cool features, but i use it for my business and haven’t been able to explore the extra features yet.

Key specs for JVC Everio MS120 Dual Flash Camcorder (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Dual SD card slot for dual memory continuous recording
  • 40x Dynamic Zoom with Konica Minolta lens
  • Laser-touch operation with sub-trigger and zoom
  • One-touch upload to YouTube
  • Capture video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Comments from buyers

“JVC Everio MS120
, Works great for camcorders in this price range
, Great buy for the price range – Good ski video

I took this camera on a trip to alaska recently. Great little camera for the money.

This is a great little camcorder. However; i have three comments. First: the hand strap is located too low on the body of the camcorder. The camera tends to twist to the left (i’m right-handed) which is uncomfortable. Second: any battery other than the smallest adds a weight which seems to unbalance the camera when taking movies. Third: and my most vexing – the downloading to a macintosh computer and burning to a cd/dvd is not the simple chore as outlined in the instruction manual. The manual is not written for a macintosh user. The instructions are very vague and leaves much to be desired. If i did not have some very knowledgeable family members i doubt if i could have downloaded the movies. I do not recommend this camcorder for a macintosh owner.

The jvc everio ms 120 is a great camera. Small, light weight, and a long lasting battery. Recording to a memory card solves so many problems with running out of tape. With no moving parts, the battery, though small, is long lasting. Only drawback is that its not hd.

Great digital video camcorder. The fact that i can get a video published makes me look good.

This camcorder is light and very easy to use. The battery lasts for 4 hours and the removeable cards are perfect for direct copy to a computer.

Fantastic camera i love old fashion things so mine broke and i found in your store the same one i didn’t want to try anything more new and complicate4d for my age.

In my opinion, this is the perfect camera. Totally worth the money, which for a video camera, isn’t that much. It’s great for uploading videos to youtube ([. )pros:-170 minute battery life-led light for a flash-2 sd card slots for as much memory as you’re willing to buy-screen visible eve in bright sunlight-konica minolta(sp?)lens-40x optical zoom(wow) and 800 digital’-snapshot mode-one touch export to youtube or itunes library (love that)con:-i don’t like the laser touch thing. ]

This camcorder is the best for home movies. This camera is meant to replace a sony 8 mm handycam that requires occasional ‘percusive maintenance’ (a careful slap to the side) to operate. I did the research to compare sony,jvc,and canon for the following features: under $300 price, sd/memory stick media, good quality picture, and ease of use–without a lot of features that i would never use. The main use for this camera will be to easily shoot family events that can be uploaded to youtube and facebook or sent to a dvd. The jvc ms120bu (black case)that i chose matched all of my requirements. I bought the camera with an 8gb memory card; while i am currently not needing the dual memory card feature, it is good to know that the storage capability is there. I played with all the menu selections, and left everything on auto at this time. I loaded the enclosed software on my laptop, shot a short video, and sent it to youtube. I did look at the manual briefly, but did not really need it beyond identifying where the buttons all were.

I wanted to spend ~ $200 on a video camera for use videoing alpine ski racers during training. This camera has met my needs. I was shocked when i went to best buy to compare cameras in this price range. One of the key functions to me was stability when zoomed in. This camera blows away other cameras in the price range. I am usually videoing outside in the cold with gloves on and the stability is great (i usually use two hands). I don’t like the sliding touch bar control used to review video on the camera (it doesn’t seem to work very well), but i don’t use it that frequently so it really isn’t an issue. It’s small enough that it fits easy into my radio pack (pocket) so that it’s easy to grab quickly. Additionally it turns on fairly quickly. I am not overtly impressed wtih the video quality.

Received everything that was listed. Camera has worked perfectly.

So easy to use, light, and the best part is the dual memory card slot. Beautiful color, light, pictures. The only thing was recording while moving, the camcorder is so light that any movement you make will ruin the video.

Me gusto mucho esta camara por lo sencillo de uso, la calidad de video es excelente, me atreveria a decir que se en alta definicion al reproducirla en tu tv, lo unico que se hecha en falta es una mejor calidad de fotos, ya que realmente es muy precaria, en fin una buena camara.

This camcorder is so simple and fun to use. For home videos and pictures it would be hard to beat for the price. Very nice pictures and videos. The transfer to dvd is a little lengthy, but that could be partly my pc. I’m very satisfied with the price and ease of use.

I purchased this camcorder 5 years ago.

Ordered this for christmas – arrived on time – installed software no problems – and used it christmas morning. I’m worried our old computer cannot handle many files due to storage space. Also, our so-called dvd (as identified on the cd drawer) only ‘plays’ dvds, not records them. Finally got a used dvd burner that worked great, but last week said the heck with it and bought a new computer. Make sure you are ready for massive quantities of memory usage and a beefier video card (images will be jumpy on playback on the computer without it). They play back great on the tv or when burned on the used dvd burner into cd’s, but not so great on the computer – i guess our computer was just too old and slow. I love the camera, easy to learn and use. I’ve had to print the help pages on downloading and doing things with the software because i get tired of swapping back and forth – be prepared to print your own o&m manual. We live way in the woods, dial-up service will not transfer videos longer than about 1-second.

This is a great little camcorder. Its a little bigger than the palm of your hand and not much bigger than a digital camera. I tried out the ultra fine mode and economy mode and both work great. The ultra fine give you better detail but takes up lots of room. The economy mode works just as good but provides less detail. It shoots very clear picture in adequate lighting but in low lighting, you will need to turn on the led light or make the proper adjustments. Also, you can view what you recorded right on the camcorder. It is also very easy to convert the videos you record to a workable format. For the price of $270 you can’t go wrong.

Hi im very pleased with the jvc video camera after all this years of use, the only problem about this camera is the flex cable of the screen damaged, do not know the reason because camera been well secure all the time. . But other than this problem great product, wish it could last longer.

Before buying this i did about 3 weeks of comparisons of different brands. This one wasn’t even in the lead when i finally went to the store to get one. However, when i held the 3 that i got down to, that was the test. Then i held this one, found out a few things about it, and was totally hooked on it. After finding out the price on amazon was $50 less than the discount store i went to, i got it there. It does just about everything i want it to do (it doesn’t fade out but that’s okay) and it’s very easy to learn how to use. It has no internal memory but it takes 2 memory chips, so if you put 2 8mb chips in, you have 8 hours of recording time. Some people said the strap is a bit thin, and it is, but it’s totally adjustable, so i don’t mind that. I wish that the battery can be charged off the camera but with this camera, the camera is a charger when plugged into the ac. Battery life is very good so far, but the real test will be when i go on vacation.

I purchased this camcorder in november of 2009. I ordered this product in red. It is very easy to use and the picture quality is very clear. The strap on the side is a bit small if you have larger hands, or long fingers. It is very sturdy as i have dropped it twice and it has not even scratched. Transferring your videos onto your computer is very easy as well. Overall a well made product. Still pictures come out a bit blurry.

Easy to use and stores videos on sd cards. The cam is pretty small, so people with big hands might face difficulty in handling it.

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