JVC Everio GZMG27 20GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder – We take this EVERYWHERE!

We received this as a gift for our sons birth. Pros: easy to use, plenty of storage(for us), decent picture quality, no media to buy (you can shoot hours and hours virtually for free)cons: = solutionbattery life = buy a second batterylow light grainy = the other suggested solutions work pretty goodmedia transfer = there is a program out there called jvc everio utility, that will transfer the files for you, correct the aspect ratio, and rename with a mpg extension, this is a great little prog, that used to be free, but lately the author has started charging a little bit for it. I also had to install the provided software in order to get the necessary codecs for windows media player to playback my videosi also prefer to manually white balance my important shotsoverall a good camera.

I have been using this camera for about 2 months, taking it on a cruise as well as filming a couple college choir concerts. All went well, exceeded my expectations, based on other reviews i read. The only problem i have seen is with lowlight indoor filming, however the fix i came across supposedly works, but i have not had a chance to try it yet (see fix at end of review). The 20gb drive was plentry for me, cpaturing several hours of hd quality film, still with plenty of drive space remaining. I have had very few problems with the software, the ones i did have are more around lack of a manual, but have figured out thru trial and error. Overall, i would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in a new camera. Plus you can stop buying tapes. Lowlight fix (note i do not take credit for this, found it on the web but do not remember where). Here is the text exactly as i found it, including the comments at the end. How i get good low-light/indoors video (do the following steps indoors with the camera in capture mode):1) disable the ‘gain up’ feature (major contributor to the grainy low-light video)2) turn on ‘manual’ mode (via auto button)3) go to the manual control menu (down on the ‘stick’)4) set ae to ‘+2’5) highlight ‘mwb’ in the wb menu, point the camera at a sheet of paper (position the camera so the sheet of paper fills the view of the camera) and press and hold the middle of the ‘stick’ until ‘mwb’ stops blinking (about 5-10 seconds).

This cam is awesome i wish the picture quality was better but it works great. Here are the specifications for the JVC Everio GZMG27 20GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder:

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  • Up to 25 hours of recording with 20GB internal hard disk drive, 4.5 hours on high-quality MPEG-2 video
  • 32x optical, 800x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch 16:9 widescreen clear LCD monitor
  • SD memory card slot for extra data storage
  • USB 2.0 high-speed transfer, includes DVD software for Windows and Mac

This is my first time to buy things online, but i think that’s great. It’s very easy to use, and very light.

It is small, and very light. The only thing i don’t like is that the extended battery sticks out from the back of the camera so far. Even the battery that it came with looks too big.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Lightweight, Easy to Use, Excellent Video Quality
  • Five Stars
  • Excellent product

Having a hard drive is a huge improvement over the one hour mini dv tapes. But the execution of this innovation by jvc forces one into compromises as compared to more conventional camcorders. This particular camera was purchased for a small town church to broadcast live to an lcd projection system as well as record church services. The recording part is fine because it makes it unnecessary to buy tapes for each service. But the live broadcast of the video signal is disappointing. The camera flip out screen has icons and indicators to inform the user of recording time remaining and other settings. Unfortunately all of this information is also shown on the s-video out connection and the other video out connection. Even though one can turn it off from the menu system, it automatically reappears as soon as the record button is pushed. That means all these indicators and icons are on the projected image throught the lcd projector from the s-video output.

The everio gzmg27 hdd camcorder is a wonderful camcorder with lots of handy features at a value price. Although the battery that comes with the camcorder has a limited life, i didn’t feel that this was a huge drawback since i always like to buy a spare anyway. The 20 gb capacity seems to be more than adequate and it is easy to transfer to other storage media. The zoom feature is powerful enough to bring out the flaws on the face of a hollywood star and the automatic shooting mode allows you to start taking good videos straight from the box.

I recently purchsased the jvc everio gzmg27 after much research and thought about which platform to get. I tested the cam yesterday and it was easy to use, very user friendly (don’t really need to read the manual to get it working) and took a nice video. Overall a very good purchase over the sony which generally costs about $100 more. However, what i do not like about the camera and will be the reason why i am going to return it and purchase the dvd mini disc format is the time it takes to create a dvd. Last night i copied the test video from the cam to my hard drive and i discovered the following. The files are some weird moi type which cannot be opened using any standard video software. You must use the disc that comes with the camcorder.

Ok if youre looking for a speilberg level camera look somewhere else but if youre just throwing videos on youtube this makes it way easy.

Overall performance is pretty good and i am satisfied with picture quality. Battery life is short and downloading could be made easier.

I bought my first hdd camcorder although i had one sony minidv camcorder. Compare to sony this device is far better looking, better design. The menu is great (far better than expected from jvc). Everyting was good till the hd start to give error. :)so no more comment till i have it back from service.

Since i really only have a few small gripes, i’ll list them first. The indoor quality isn’t great– even with the ‘fix’ listed below– the colors are mostly washed out so the picture looks nearly black and white, and depending on how much light is available when you adjust the white balance, it can almost take on a sepia tone appearance. Also, in low-light situations, the camera seems to ‘search’ for something to focus on, causing the subject to blur in and out over and over. Other than that, i’ve been very happy with my purchase. I did a lot of online searching thru models here at amazon, and read tons of reviews for many different cameras, and this one seemed to have the most positive feedback. The pros:excellent outdoor and daytime (well lit) indoor shooting. Even at 32x the detail is amazingvery easy to use out of the box, easy to understand menuexcellent design, great attention to detailvery small and lightlove the 20 gigabyte hdd memoryvery easy pc interface, quick transfer of files. Cyberlink’s products are very user-friendly. Packed with features i haven’t even discovered yetneedless to say, i really am not disappointed with my purchase.

Yes this is a very good first camcorder. I am a first time user of any cam corder. I have olny had mine for a month or so but i have made several films with it and it is very inersting. But the software is harder to use that movie maker. But if you are a first time buyer then i would go for this becasuse 20gb is engough to use. But the battery life is short but u wont need to make a feature length filmit is just fantastic.

We take this everywhere and love the ease of use and portability. It has been there for both of our son’s births and captured the special times effortlessly. Battery life could be a little longer, but it’s done for a busy family what we need it to do.

This light little camera is excellent for the money. I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use digital camcorder.

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