JVC Everio GZMG21 20GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder : Finally a video camera that is easy to upload and manage.

I don’t even know how long ago. It was a gift for my boyfriend for christmas. We have used it over and over and over again and it is so great. Great quality, good functions, and really easy to use.

Its a great camera except burning the dvd procedure is hard. It was hard for me to edit and burn the dvd. Its good for those people who have great knowledge of photo/movie editing software. Indoor recording is not that great eigher. Great for outdoor recording.

JVC Everio GZMG21 20GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder with 32x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 20GB Hard Drive Camcorder, High-Quality MPEG-2 Recording
  • F2.0 Lens, 680K CCD, 32x Optical Zoom, 800x Digital Zoom
  • 2.5″ Clear LCD Monitor, Power Linked Operation
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Interface
  • 3 Dimension Noise Reduction for Clear picture

I’ve had this camera for about 2 years now, and i’ve been very pleased with it overall. There are a few things that i’ve learned to live with however. Using it outdoors, it shoots beautifully. The picture is crystal clear. The same goes for indoors, in well-lit situations. But in low light situations, the picture is grainy and quite dark. You can futz with the manual settings to try and compensate for it, but the picture simply won’t be as great as you would like it to be. Another nitpick is that the files are proprietary, and only works with the editing software that comes with the camera. I’ll never understand why companies will do that sort of thing. There is a work-around out there that will allow you to convert the files into more common mpeg files, but i’ll let you look for that yourself.

I love the design, size, hard drive (no tapes), 32x optical zoom, added convenience of an sd card, as well as excellent video quality. The format that it records videos on can be easily changed by changing the extension of the file. Downloads to pc without issues and easy to setup and watch recorded videos on tv. Now the auto settings are not the best for indoor/low light conditions so try using it under manual recording mode setting the ae to +3, the wb to halogen, and the shutter speed (s. Sp) to 1/60 or in extreme conditions to 1/30. These settings worked really well for me and i am really happy with it. Also disbale the ‘gain up’ feature which is makes video quality bad. I recommend to get a 5-hour spare battery is only like $25-35 online and worth every penny. I have not used the software that came with it though.

I have had this camcorder for a few weeks now. After reading some reviews on here i was scared, but i have to say that this camera works fine for me. I have taken video indoors in low light situations and the quality looks fine on my tv (32′), it is definitly comparable to other cameras in this price range. Outdoors the quality has been great. I have also had no trouble with shaking in my video up to a 20x zoom, anything beyond that and you definitly notice the slightest vibration. This camera also makes it very easy to edit video which is a great feature. The battery lasts for about an hour, but i bought the extended battery (3hr) and it lasts at least 2. 5 hours which is plenty for most situations. It does stick out a little further but this is already one of the smallest video cameras so it does not make that much of a difference. If you want professional looking video then look at a higher price range, but if you are in the market for a lightweight, easy to use camcorder, that can take almost 5 hrs of video on the highest quality with no tapes then i would definitly reccommend the everio.

JVC Everio GZMG21 20GB HDD Digital Media Camcorder with 32x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I chose jvc everio of course because of its ability to write video files on hard drive and then easily copy them to my pc ( don’t forget to change. Mod extension to mpg to play it in any player. Also you may need mpeg-2 codec which you can find on internet). Just calculate how much you will spend on these items of the past. I think they still exist just because of companies getting money for this on the regular basis. If you have a tape camera you are busted for all your life to feed producer of dv cassettes. But this is all just thoughts. About the camera you can read a lot of reviews for other models which are almost exactly the same and get a lot of useful information. I just chose the cheapest model which is totally enough for my needs.

Okay, for what it is, it’s a wonderful little camera. I got mine used for $36 on ebay, so i have no complaints. As for indoor image quality. I can see where the point-and shoot crowd might be left scratching their heads. It’s not like you can hook up an external flash to a camcorder. Shooting a good photo or video indoors takes some manual finesse. Here’s a crash course for this model camera:1. ) press the auto button to set the camera to manual mode. ) press the menu button and scroll to the gain up setting and set it to off.

It a great little camera for the money. I like the light weight control. But the video light to shoot in low light is not enough to use when shooting those type conditions. If you store the camera up after you have charged the battery and come back to use it a month later, put the battery back on charge to make sureit is fully charged before using the camera. If you need to load your video files on your computer, you will have to contact jvcfor the software to transfer the video or images to the computer. It will not work with any other operating system other that windows xp and the softwarefrom jvc is not refundable. It takes great outdoor pictures, but indoor not so good unless you have a strong light.

I owned this camera for a couple of years and just replaced it. At first i was annoyed with the. Mod file type that the camera uses to record movies, but i soon learned that most video cameras use this mpeg2 format. There’s plenty of software available, much of it free, that helps to quickly view and edit the movies. I used capty but there are many others. I don’t think still shots have the truest color but it’s nice to have the option to use the still if you don’t have another camera handy. The zoom is also good in movies. My biggest complaint about the camera was how indoor movies looked. Low or even medium-low light movies had a grainy look.

I got this camera about a year ago mainly to film myself throwing discus. Anyways it had worked really well for doing that (discus), but when i used to make a film for a class at school, it was on a rolling tripod and i was rolling it down the hall filming and the tripod got kicked, and now i have to replace the hard drive. Not that jvc should replace it, but it is a point to think of when getting this camera. You would never have that problem with dv or sd. Otherwise it is a great camera for non professional video like families or students.

Does anyone know if you can get rid of the on-screen display of the video mode, battery, and picture quality icons during video play back?. This is very anoying when trying to review a video.

I like the quality of the camera in ample light. The problem i have is low light video. You can’t see anything, and the low light settings make everyone look like they’re moving through a strobe light. There is a review below that tells you how to fix it, but it doesn’t help the darkness of the picture. It might as well be a $400 tape recorder.

I moved up from a minidv camcorder to this one because of the hard-drive recording. It was a *great* purchasing decision. My personal favorite features:- plug it into your computer, drag and drop the clips to your computer, rename them from. – easy manual control- intuitive navigation of the menu structure (mg21 has a ‘stick’ control while the mg20 did not)- 16:9 recording.- 32x optical zoom- ~5 hours of recording time even in the highest quality settingdownsides:- quality out of the box is not so good, but with a few adjustments it is much betterhow i get good low-light/indoors video (do the following steps indoors with the camera in capture mode):1) disable the ‘gain up’ feature (major contributor to the grainy low-light video)2) turn on ‘manual’ mode (via auto button)3) go to the manual control menu (down on the ‘stick’)4) set ae to ‘+2’5) highlight ‘mwb’ in the wb menu, point the camera at a sheet of paper (position the camera so the sheet of paper fills the view of the camera) and press and hold the middle of the ‘stick’ until ‘mwb’ stops blinking (about 5-10 seconds). To 1/607) press down on the ‘stick’ to exit the manual control menuafter doing this, my indoors video quality is much better (no more noise/grainy video). The settings will be saved, even if the battery is removed or depleted; they will return even if you switch to auto mode then back to manual. I am really happy with this camcorder.

I got this camera as a graduation gift, yet i had to pitch in 200 of my own, which was completely fine for me. I use this very often, and my band does touring and i record everything that goes on, and make videos out of the clips. The hard disk drive is very helpful, because all i need to do is plug into a power source, and i can record out whole showit is very important tho to turn demo mode off before recording with the camera on a tripod when it is still, my camera kept shutting off during out last show, and our show tonight will record smoothly. I use this for documenting pretty much anything that happens, and i love it, cool features like ‘old reel-type film’, black and white, strobe, sepia, and it shoots in 16×9 which is a cool feature to have, because i produce the videos in that format. I love this camera and would definately tell everybody to buy this camera for any use. The only negative thing is nightime recording isn’t that great, so have an external light source. Or don’t record at night ;).

This camera is beautiful just trying to take a video today. Is not hard to figure it out perfect for making action movie.

This is just plain coolthis camcorder is so worth the money. And the software it comes with is just so user friendlyi have no complaints about this device, cheap, reliable, and so easy to use.

I purchased it because of my new-born son. The reasons that i chose this one are the 32x optical zoom and hard drive storage. The pixel is not bad,680000,like most other camcorders. It is very small and convenient. About the videos, i do not know how good it is compared to others, such as minidv. But i am not satisfied with it. Like other reviewers said it is very bad for indoor videos. I tried different set-ups, it improved a bit, but still not good. If you choose night mode, videos actually get worse.

This camera does what i want; allows me to take quality footage of my daughter as she continues to grow. I don’t record film footage in a cave, so i have no complaints about the low light conditions. If what you’re looking to do is capture precious moments as keepsakes, then this ought to meet the need. Pros:*hard drive storage, so no disks to tote*small bodied, light weight*easy connection to tv or other media for playback*controls are fairly easy to navigatecons:*battery life is short; buy a spare or two, as well as a separate charger (shop online for bargains).

The reason i did not rate it as 5 stars is i don’t like its light function. The light is a little bit weak.

When i take pictures with the camcorder , the pictures are not clear at all. Anyone has that problem too, or is it just my camcorder like this?. Thought about to bring it back again,but i love the harddisk and the 32 zoom. Is small and fits perfect in my hand and easy to operate.

From the other reviews, you’d get a sense that the lighting is a disaster and the conversion from. Mpeg is also a huge drain on time, but fortunately neither turned out to be true. I just bought this camera and after following the instructions on that first helpful review, the lighting was just fine and by simply renaming the file from. Mpg you can open them all very easy. The only drawback is that the videos are jumpy until you fully download them to your computer (which stinks considering that the files can easily be over 100mb). The gui (or user interface on the menus) is also incredibly easy to use, maybe to the point that a monkey could do it. It’s like having a little computer right on the camera — it makes thumbnails for all your videos and picture for easy management and playback. I highly recommend this camera, but i only give it 4 stars for the few out-of-box things that need to be done.

This is my first digital camera ever, and i’ve got to say i could not think of anything better. The idea of not having to buy tapes or disks to record on was one of my main reasons for purchasing it. Think of it this way: 3 digital tapes usually costs like $20+ and imagine how many tapes you could go through in the span of a few years. With this camera you just transfer it straight from the camera to your computer. No tapes involvedit’s a good idea to buy this camera. Yeah it’s a little more expensive than a lot of other cameras, but you will save money by not having to purchase tapes.

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