JVC Everio GZ-MG360 60GB Hard Drive Camcorder, Better than expected from a really good seller

I like the size of this camera and it is really simple to use. I feel challenged when using all the new electronics on the market nowadays, but find the camera really user friendly.

This is the first camcorder i’ve ever owned, so unfortunately, i can’t compare it to anything else. However, i’ve used it for about 3 weeks now, and i’m pretty happy with it so far. It is very easy to use, and its compact size allows me the opportunity to use it more than i probably would if it was bulkier.

The first impression of the jvc 60gb camcorder was the compact size and light weight. The controls were very easy to figure out on day 1. The laser slider and touch controls are nice because the lcd screen won’t get smudged. The camera takes pretty good pictures. The shot button is a 2-stage like many digital cameras. Press lightly and hold there for the camera to focus and adjust to the lighting; when you get the green indicator on the lcd screen, press down fully and take the picture. I think for most people, they will be pleasantly surprised with this camcorder. Form and function fit well with its size and weight. There are packages available on amazon. Com with this jvc, which include just about everything you’ll need for most of us.

Key specs for JVC Everio GZ-MG360 60GB Hard Drive Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Internal high-capacity HDD allows up to 70 hours of recording time
  • Equipped with a high-performance Konica Minolta lens
  • Enlarge images up to 800x with this full quality 35x optical zoom
  • Pack efficiently with one of the world’s smallest and lightest hard disk camcorders
  • View remaining battery power by percent and remaining recording time in minutes with the data battery

Comments from buyers

“Better than expected from a really good seller
, Perfect Camcorder!
, Small, Compact and easy to use!!

It is a very light and small camcorder. It records for 14 hours at the best quality. The external light is very useful. Video quality is good, not too great but very good. Three jvc software comes with this product, a dvd-cd authoring software a video editing software and a video-computer link software. They are all easy and fun to use. Don’t worry about the still pictures. Get this and get a tiny camera to go with it.

My camcorder has an added bu at the end of the long model number listed on amazon so i’m not sure if mine is exactly the same, but at the least mine looks the same so it should be similar if not the same. Several people have been impressed with the image quality. However, if you are shooting low light scenes, this camera will not work. During both record and playback on the camera, the camera screen will show the scene. When hooked up to the tv, the scene will show completely dark with no image. I have transferred the video to dvd and the scenes still don’t show. I have adjusted the tv and still no scene. Although i have an older cathode ray tube(crt) tv, i don’t think it’s the tv because my other camcorder videos show up fine with dark scenes. The newer everio’s have a superlowlux feature.

I searched high and low for a good hd camcorder that wouldn’t break my bank and i finally found the jvc everio gz-mg360 for a decent price. I took it with me on a trip the day after i got it and have just now been able to see the finished product. Here’s my eval of it:pros:-very easy to use. If you’re the least bit tech savy then you can figure out how to use everything by just simply clicking through the buttons. -nice, functional design – lightweight, small, and very stylish-even on the highest ‘ultra fine’ setting i got 8 hrs of video. -transfer between the camcorder and pc is a piece of cake. It takes overcons:-even though they do not lie about it. The battery life is only around 1hr or so. I would recommend buying a second battery.

One complaint is the lack of a quik review. You have to scroll through sensor bar to review videos taken. 400-600 dollars for a 60 gig camcorder w/ dvd quality and decient light levels.

I should not have purchased something old.

I’ve recorded probably just 10 hours with the camera, and i am pleased with my purchase of this camera. My wife and i were expecting our first baby (who was born 7/9/08), and i had done quite a bit of research before deciding to but this particular model. I ‘test drove’ several different brands and models by jvc, and decided that the everio was the route i wanted to go. The good things about this camera that i’ve noticed thus far are the battery life, the massive 60 gb hard drive, the built-in light, the size, and definitely the price. There are points that i would like to warn folks about. The video and audio recording quality is decent, but not exceptional. If you are looking for a camera based upon purely video and audio quality, you might want to look at something else. The video files are shot with proprietary files with a. Although file extensions and video files are relatively simple to convert, you can’t just drag and drop the.

Cumplió con creces mis espectativas, es completa, fácil de usar y una excelente calidad de filmación. Si me pongo exigente, un punto en contra es la ubicación de las conexiones de los cables usb y para cargar la batería. Pero como dije, son pequeños detalles que no empañan para nada las buenas cualidades de esta cámara.

I have used mine for 18 months now, and bought a second one used, and i am very happy with this camcorder. The zoom is unbelievable and the quality of video output is better than i expected. I use sony vegas movie studio & dvd architect to edit and create dvd’s. I found a work-around for the proprietary files (which i hate) by just opening the camera using the start/my computer and opening the everio_hdd file/sd_video/prg001 and copying or cutting the vids right out of the file and dropping them into a folder on my desktop (after using the everio software backup). I learned this from ‘you got jake’ on youtube – -what a great kid.

Using this as my primary for recording services at church.

I bought this camcorder a few years ago and have been using it all the time. The battery life last for a couple hours with me using it to continuously record. The 60 gb is more than i will ever use.The picture and record quality is amazing in all light situations. Cannot find any faults with this camcorder. Mainly bought it for making car videos / driving videos / sex videos.

It’s light, small, and really easy to use. It’s first use was recording a 50th birthday party and it turned out great.

After trolling through pros and cons and tons of reviews, it came down to panasonic, sony and jvc. The panasonic received too many negative reviews on their file format, and the only sony option was hard drive since the flash camcorders used the very expensive and proprietary pro-duo memory cards. So hard drive camcorders it was. The 30 gb sony was a tad more expensive, by about $[. But it had 0 lux night vision. The 30gb jvc everio was cheaper and also had tons of great reviews. Then i checked the used camcorders.

I bought this over other brands because it was small and compact, yet easyto use. I looked at the sony equivilant, and the only difference i found was price, and looks. Also sony still uses a different memory card oppose to sd. Sony was a few hundred dollars more, and it was bulky, too big to put in pocket or purse. On the other hand, jvc everio is compact and easy to use.

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