JVC Everio GZ-MG335 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder – Great for home videos and for transferring analog video

It can easily fit into your pocket. I ordered this from another site and it come withe docking station and the dvd burner. The video and camera modes are outstanding. I have set my camcorder to store up to 37 hrs of video. Again i think this is a a great product.

Great product, easy to use and handle, plenty of on-board recording time. Easy to connect to computer or dvd/vhs recorder. First bought a panasonic of the same size, but the jvc was much easier to use.

I spent considerable amount of time researching on the camcorder. It was a tough choice with available choices ranging from minidv camcorders to hdd camcorders and varieties within these two categories. I finally narrowed down to hdd camcorders for two reasons. No messing with tapes so operating cost goes down, and easy transfer to pc and create your dvd within minutes. In hdd i had a choice between panasonic sdr-h40, sony dcr-sr45 and finally jvc gz-mg335. Panasonic has a bigger ccd resolution (800 k pixels) but had a annoying problem, you need to remove the battery to download videos. Sony dcr-sr45 has a smaller ccd (1/8) and touch screen lcd is a big no for me. That left me with jvc gz-mg335 and was newest product on the market. Read through many good reviews on jvc gz-mg330. Jvc gz-mg335 is same as 330 but with an additional dock.

I bought this product about a month ago for a disney world trip. I’m not very good with new products, but i have to say, this was easy. The daytime videos are perfectly clear. The night recordings were just as nice as well. The only thing that i’m noticing is tons of wind noise, even though the guard is turned on, and i’m not sure what to do about that, if anything. Other than that, no complaints. It was simple to transfer files, and burn dvds.

I had a hard time deciding between this camera (jvc everio gz-mg335), and similarly priced new sony (dcr-sr45) and panasonic models (sdr-h40). I finally went with the jvc and i’m glad that i did. A couple of the things i like about this one were it’s compact size, durable feel, the laser touch controls, remote control and the dock. I went to a local best buy and played with all the cameras before finally buying on amazon. The menus are easy to navigate although admittedly it can be hard to find things sometimes. But that’s always been my experience with digital camera menus. The software has been easy to use and makes transferring the videos to my computer very easy. I’ve owned the camera now for a week and have not regretted my purchase. I’ll write another review if i end up changing my mind later.

This is a great little video camera for basic family home videos. It is one of the only low budget camcorders that i have found which can link up with my old super-8 camcorder to transfer over all of my old videos, over 20 hours worth. It has many options and so far has performed great.

  • Good Value
  • Small yet loaded
  • Buy new

I purchased this to replace my 10 year old sony hi-8 camcorder. I compared it to the sony dc-sr65 but found the jvc to have much more features for the price namely:remote control,auxilliary light and the lcd screen was much brighter. I also like the fact that i can record into the camcorder like it was a vcr. The laser-touch feature was unusual at first but once i got used to it,i actually like it. It is very light,compact and fits nicely into a jacket-pocket. The video quality is fair but my older sony had a better microphone/audio pick-upwhen i compared the videos side by side. Also,i miss the ability to use an external mic like on the old sony. All-in-all,a good unit for the price.

Bought a used wasn’t very happy the love the jvc camcorder.

Jvc gz-mg355 is a good value camcorder. The price paid was about $30 less at retail stores plus there was no tax charged. All i wanted was a camcorder to capture vacations and home activities with family. High definition was not needed. Video quality is very good in daylight and indoor lighting. Have not had a chance to do any night scenes. Controls are relatively simple to use. The laser touch along the side of the screen is much better than touching the screen itself like on the sony model. I would hate dirty screens or scratched up screens. If you need an extra battery, buy a jvc battery on line and save some money.

The only thing i didn’t like about it was that it edits it’s self. And that’s not such a bad thing. Other wise i am glad i got this one and not some other camcorder.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and i especially love the hdd. If you have a mac, make sure you buy this version with the dock. I originally purchased the gz-mg330 only to discover that it does not have a firewire port. Only the dock can connect to a mac via firewire. With the firewire cable, your video clips are easy to import to imovie. I haven’t had a chance to use it too much, but so far it’s great. The ‘laser touch’ feature seems to work well and i like how it turns on and off when you open the screen, rather than having to turn a switch so a particular mode.

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Internal high-capacity HDD allows up to 37.5 hours of recording time

Equipped with a high-performance Konica Minolta lens

Enlarge images up to 800x with this full quality 35x optical zoom

Pack efficiently with one of the world’s smallest and lightest hard disk camcorders

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JVC Everio GZ-MG335 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (Includes Everio Dock) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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