Just what i was looking for.

Item arrived promptly and was as advertised.

My husband and i purchased this camcorder almost a year ago when our daughter was born, and we love this product. This was our first camcorder and like the fact that it was (1) decently priced, (2) very easy to use, (3) we do not have to fast forward/rewind tapes, and (4) compact/light and easy to carry. I recommend this camcorder to anyone who is not a ‘professional’ videographer, who just wants a relatively inexpensive camera to videotape their kid’s cute moments. Here are the specifications for the JVC Everio GZ-MG330 30 GB Hard Disk Drive Camcorder:

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  • Internal high-capacity HDD allows up to 37.5 hours of recording time
  • Equipped with a high-performance Konica Minolta lens
  • Enlarge images up to 800x with this full quality 35x optical zoom
  • Pack efficiently with one of the world’s smallest and lightest hard disk camcorders
  • View remaining battery power by percent and remaining recording time in minutes with the data battery

I bought this camera for my father in law who was taking a 65 day cruise and always had an interest in video but would never buy it for himself. I was able to help him get started over the phone since he lives 6000 miles away. At 79 years old i wasn’t sure if he would be able to work it. He did it and loves everything about it-as excited as a boy with a new toy. I will get to see the results over x-mas and will follow up at that time.

Its a good camera for its price. 35x zoom with 30gb hard drive is really great. The battery life is not bad either. I used it on my vegas trip and didn’t have battery issues. Although i wish if the power off button was outside instead of being inside the lcd flap. Overall i do like the camera. Its my first jvc camera and i love it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice camera but didn’t last
  • Exactly what I needed!
  • Good camcorder for common shooting

I just got the jvc everio gz-mg330. I have to say that i’m pleased with it. I have a small grip, so i needed a camcorder that was easy to hold. I have a small apitek hd camcorder, but the zoom was only up to 4x. I plan to use this one for special events and vacations (if i ever get one) that will require distance shots. The camera was easy to use right out of the box, and was pretty much user-friendly if you played around with it a bit. I didn’t have to do that much reading of the manual. I haven’t figured out how to download directly from the camcorder to my pc without using or installing the software, which is something the instructions said i could do. (that’s the reason why i gave it a 4. ) i could do it once i uploaded the software, and i had the option of upoloading only the files i needed for videos.

Camcorder is very light and compact. 1st one that i have ever used. Definitly get an additional battery. Was on vacation for over a week with it and the middle tier battery lasted the day perfectly for me. Image is good, low light a little problematic. Data transfer to computer very fast and included software is decent.

I love this camera, it is very light, has a good screen for play backs and to view your movie. Easy to use, has an led light to help you with filming in the dark but must be close up filming. The picture mode is terrible must have a very steady hand.

It fully met my expectations. The remote and 4/5 video screen capability which are not available on newer models were critical to my usage.

I’ve had it for almost a month. It’s really easy to upload the videos to the computer,i have recorded in the night just using the camera’s flashlight and the lowlight quailty is pretty good,my other choice was the canon fs100 but the lowlight performance on that camcorder is way grainer than jvc’s camera so i went ahead with the jvc instead not too fancy just right for when u are about to record something u just open the lid and it turns on automatic ready to record u just open the lens cover and press the record button.

Problem was it is missing a software disk. That disk has programs on it that decode the file type. Contacted seller 2x never heard back.

Easy to use with good professional quality videos. The still shots are not as good as a digital camera designed solely for that use. It really is a video camera. Hard to keep stills in focus when lighting is not the greatest. Comes with a software program easy to use and well designed for handling creating with your videos and still shots. I bought this one for my son-in law who loved using mine for videos.

I’ve had this almost 10 years.

I set out to buy a camcorder for my son for christmas as he has a new baby. If you have looked you can appreciate my dilema. After reading consumer reports and a hundred reviews for as many camcorders, on as many web sites, i settled on this one for the price, the size, and the features. Although consumer reports does not rate jvc camcorders that high across the board, this model had glowing user reviews so i went with it. My son is very ‘gadget’ literate and within a half hour, devoted to reading the manual and playing with the camera, he was taking videos like a pro. He has not stopped raving about this camera since. The picture quality is phenominal, the zoom capability is mind boggling, and if you read the manual like you are supposed to, it is really easy to operate. Time will tell if i made a good choice but for now, i’m thrilled.

I purchased this camcorder so i won’t have to mess with tapes or dvd’s. You shoot, you hook it up to the computer, you burn a whole event on a dvd with one click. I am not a hard core camcorder person but i do like to use it occasionally and 30gb is more than enough capacity for my needs. I have used it for my son’s entire pre-k graduation ceremony. I’ve also used it 4 times at other occasions and i still got plenty of room left on the hdd. It’s light and fits in a small bag or you can hang it around your neck and won’t even feel the weight. It comes with a remote control which becomes handy when watching your videos in a living room.

I bought this camcorder because i wanted to have one i could hook up to my computer and use imovie to edit and burn to a dvd. This camcorder is a great buy for the money and comes with everything you need to get started. The lcd screen is crisp and the quality, when on its highest setting, is very good. This camcorder is compatible with imovie and is small enough to go most places easily. This is a great buy for filming stuff outdoors. The battery life is about 1. 5 hours with the standard battery so i would recommend buying a second battery. The recording time on the highest quality setting is a little over 7 hours so it will do most work just fine. A good entry-level camcorder.

This is an amazing little camcorder. The picture is amazing, even at the highest zoom. At the farthest zoom, you can see the craters on the moon, no joke. The only thing this lil camcorder lacks is good night vision. The only ones that have that is a few sony camcorders. But, for quality and convenience, this is amazing.

Technology has really come along way, especially for those of us that started out with videotape. The price wasn’t bad either. I have only taken about an hour of video. The camera is user friendly and performs very well. I look forward to capturing many great moments in the future. Hopefully the camera will perform well for several years. I hope that i can make numerous dvd’s and actually watch them in many years from now before new technology replaces all of the equipment. I’m still converting old vhs tapes.

The video camera jvc everio gz-mg330 30 gb hard disk drive camcorder with 35x optical zoom (blue) is a unique product and excellent, with options chevere and good technology,, so i recommend it and take advantage of deals on amazon, , greetings from venezuela asin:b001284a7s jvc everio gz-mg330 30 gb hard disk drive camcorder with 35x optical zoom (blue)]. ]

4 years later and works fine use it for still photos as well .

I’m a youtuber with an old computer, i bought a jvc everio quad proof and it wasn’t compatible with my computer which is about 10 years old. Different file types or something. (i’m not a nerd about this stuff). I got this camcorder and not only does it work with my computer, but i freaking love the way this camera feels, it has weight to it, you can tell it was very high quality for its time and it makes great video which overall, is what i was aiming for of course. So it’s great if you can get it for under 100 dollars and it’s exactly what i needed.

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