JVC Everio GZ-HM200 Dual SD High-Def Camcorder : Plug and play HD for this Mac user

I’ve had this for a while, bought it to use it on our newborn baby. I keep it in the nursery and use it on a daily basis. I love every feature about it. The ease of use, the light weight. The picture quality on the camera could be better. So, i use my other digital camera to take pictures. But i guess i’m into real high quality pictures, 10 mega pixel?. The camera quality is acceptable. The camcorder quality is great.

I was disappointed with the snap shots. When reviewing them on the t. Or computer they came out extremely grainy. I tried changing every setting on the camera and was unsuccessful. I purchased many attachment lenses. I wouldn’t do it again, because i never use them, and the telephoto does not make a big difference at all. The only one that is kinda cool is the fish eye lens.

 this video is test footage at a lake. As you may know water ripples are a true test of a hd camcorder and this one passes.

My very first impression of the jvc nm200 was that it was very small, and that first impression has stuck with me. Every time i use it i’m reminded that it is about a 1/3 smaller than the other previous generation camcorders i’ve used. However, don’t let the size fool you, this guy is packed with features and is easily the best camcorder i’ve ever owned. The flip screen rotates a full 360 degrees (270 degrees one direction and the remaining 90 the opposite direction). This makes filming yourself easy since you can constantly monitor the framing. The screen is also very high quality and accurately displays what the camera is aimed at as well as recorded videos. The video quality if fantastic, especially if you have good light (not making paris hilton videos on super dark rooms). The hd quality is simply great and transfers to my 42′ tv both from the live feed option or burned to a blueray.

Pros — excellent color- clear videos in adequate light- good stabilizer- light weight- compact- reasonably priced- good zoom- logical menu structurecons — poor low light videos- no viewfinder and diopterif you prefer to have a dedicated camcorder, this is an excellent choice. However, i find myself rarely using it because i have a sony nex-7 with built in hd recording and an optical viewfinder with diopter. Although the quality of the videos don’t match those of the jvc, i far prefer the convenience. Even more important, i am very dependent on the use of a viewfinder adjusted to my vision. Without it, i only see bodies in movement or vague landscape, rather than details.

This camcorder is so small and i love it for that reason alone. Its tiny size makes it easy to fit in your purse or briefcase. The only downfall is that the small size can make it quite difficult to hold the camera steady. I find the outdoor quality of filming far superior to indoor quality. It must be something to do with the amount of light available because the indoor video does tend to be a bit grainier and this is more obvious with less and less lighting. If indoor filming is your thing, i would not recommend this camcorder to you. When filming outdoors, the quality is top notch. Intricate details in moving images from a home camcorder always seemed unimaginable, but you can make out these details with this camcorder, although i’ve found it necessary to use a tripod to eliminate my shaky hands and in such crisp images, shaky hands are painfully noticeable. The ‘laser’ touch menus are easy to operate, but there are so many options, it will take you a long time to become familiar with them and some of the options aren’t easy to understand and caused me a great deal of frustration. I don’t feel the still image quality is as good as it could be.

This camcorder is a great second unit camera. The digital stabilization is outstanding. Using 2 sdhc cards that switch from one to theother automatically is pure genius. I use older avchd canon’s for my work and love using this camerato cover some of canon’s deficiencies i. 20x zoom (canon’s have 10 and 12x) i hate usingtele lenses because of the vignetting and otherproblems. Th digital stabilizion is amazing and betteron the move than my canon’s with their optical.

 if i was able to give it a half of a star i would rate it as 3. Let me start by saying i am not a techie kind of person, so i am writing this review as the average user. The jvc everio gz-hm200 is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. I currently own the sony dcr-dvd305 1mp dvd handycam camcorder with 12x optical zoom so i am use to tapping the lcd screen to select my options. This unit offers laser touch operation for easy menu selection and playback by using a touch sensor bar that runs vertically on the side of the lcd screen. I caught myself trying to still tap the lcd screen but after a little while of playing with it i broke myself from the habit. The dual sd memory cards is terrific idea. No more mini dvds to carry around. Recording automatically continues over the two sd cards so no need to be swapping the cards.

It’s been less than a month since i’ve had this camcorder and i’m still learning all the bells and whistles, but it has far exceeded my expectations already. This is a fantastic, great looking camcorder and i love it’s compact size. I didn’t want to feel like i was weightlifting just taking videos. It’s even convenient to take hiking with us. It is extremely easy to operate even for someone like me that doesn’t like to read manuals unless i absolutely have to. I like that i got it, charged the battery and was good to go. The video quality is absolutely surreal. I notice that if i use it indoors it isn’t quite as rich as it is outdoors unless i have the lights on bright. I’m still on a learning curve though. But outdoors the quality far exceeds all previous camcorder experiences i’ve had, it is really sharp.

Lightweight, great video quality, easy to use, good amount of operation time. The designers thought of (almost) everything. I taped a graduation with it in a gym and even though the lighting was dim the videos are very nice. The snapshots are easy to take but there the sensitivity is hitting the limits very quickly. The sound recording is well enough to capture low to normal voice from 12 feet distance. The additional features are fun to use. The only two drawbacks that i could mention is that a) the camcorder does not come with any memory, so when i got if first, i had to order it and wait before i could use. The other is that i can’t get the software to work the way it is supposed to work. It looks nice and very organized, but i have a hard time accessing the clips on the camcorder memory.

I’ve had very good results with this camcorder. I’ve shot some demanding scenes and it did a great job of focusing through a chain link fence, during zooms, and the face recognition works well. I went from a wide shot, to moving into a very tight closeup, and focus stayed sharp. The image stabilization works quite well, even when zoomed in. The included software allows creating blue-ray, avchd, and dvd-video disks. It allows you to edit and create videos and set up disk menus. Mts format files for importing into other video software such as nero. You can save to youtube, itunes, or.

Like most said about the good parts. I only mentioned some parts for you to consider whether this is the one you need. Poor design for handling the camcorder. Unlesss you shoot still all the time otherwise it is pretty much two-hand operationds needed. Not too good zoom stabilization(i think this is one of the weakest points of this cam). Because the cam is too light so any tiny movement will make the video looks bad therefore a stronger (better like ois)is needed. Although it is good for such good hd video has a power 20 optical zoom (most nowadays cams have stick with 5-10 zoom) but really any tiny movement will make the video looks poor when you try to shoot at high zoom (>10x). I found low light footages ok not as bad as other camcorders. Lense open/cover desgin is doubtful as i can put a word. Overall this is a good hd (1080) video cam but you need to get used to how to handle it steadily because it is so light i will recommed try to use it by letting the left hand (if you are a righthand guy like me)guiding the movment of the cam and let your right hand steadily holding the cam when you shot to minimize poor stabilization effects. I bought it new total $175 (ebay) about 3 months ago considering the price i paid i will give it 4/5.

The best feature is that the unit does not use a touch screen. I use the camera to record events in the construction field, lots of dust and grit. The last thing you want to do is drag a finger over the screen.The quality of the images is very good for this level of camcorder. I routinly slow the images in third part software and project the images ; the quality is more than adequate even when several feet accross. The one i recently purchased works very well. The first one still does also , however he screen must be in a certain spot (folded back against the body) or it goes black.

This is my first camcorder and i have to say i am really happy with this. The picture quality is amazing and when i upload videos to either my computer or playstation 3, the high-definition footage may not be up to the same quality as a few documentaries i have on blu-ray or hd dvd, but it is easily the crispest footage i’ve seen shot from an camcorder. It’s also very easy to upload to either system and to youtube. As i said i’ve never owned a camcorder before and have only used one back in college or shooting footage for friends. My only real complaints are the lack of an hdmi cable and the fact it has a mini hdmi cable slot instead of a full size hdmi cable. I had a few hdmi cables lying around for extra use, so i was a bit disheartened i had to buy a new cable just for downloading footage. This camcorder is very user friendly and if you’re looking to export to youtube or itunes, it’s amazing how simple and easy this makes it. With dual slot sd card capability, you can store several hours of footage before having to upload. The jvc enverio is a great camcorder for people who have never used one before and are looking for something simply and streamlined to welcome them into the world of making home videos. I can’t wait to use this for hallowe’en this year in salem, ma.

The jvc everio gz-hm200 is a very compact and feature rich hd camcorder that performs well in most shooting conditions. I was very surprised by the small size and impressed with the range of options squeezed into the camera. This is a consumer grade camcorder, lacking some features that would appeal to the prosumer population. Here are my observations:pros -* great video image quality – especially in uxp and xp modes (except in low light – see ‘cons’, below)* good still image quality – surprising good jpg pictures can be taken even while shooting video, but sometimes a little jittery* accurate face recognition – helps keep people in focus (it was funny to see it recognize faces in paintings at a museum)* good remote control – includes remote control, a very handy feature* very small size – the small size makes it easy to bring along as it can realistically be slipped into a pocket. * built in light – very bright light can be set to ‘auto’ and can save some shoots that would otherwise be lost or unusable due to poor lighting* dual sdhc card support – the ability to save video to sdhc cards is great, coming from minidv tapes this is a huge advantage since the footage doesn’t have to be re-captured into the computer* quick startup – the camera is ready to record almost instantly after opening the lcd display* good user interface – the ‘laser touch’ interface is simply cool and, more importantly, easy to use* easy upload to youtube – the ‘one touch’ upload works very wellcons -* weak image stabilization – the digital image stabilization does make some difference, but the lack of mass of this small camera makes it harder to keep steady (especially at higher zoom levels)* poor low light quality – video and stills shot in low light are very noisy, the built in light helps to some degree* slow auto focus – auto focus can be sluggish when zooming* lack of accessory shoe – can not use standard video accessories like external light or microphone* lack of microphone input jack – no external microphone jack* weak software – the included software for video and still images is ok for clip management, but not useful for any real editing or project use* lack of hdmi cable – this was a huge surprise and disappointment. The camera has a mini hdmi port, but does not include a hdmi cable for connecting to hd equipment (does include composite video and audio cables)i also picked up the following accessories (see my reviews) -* 16gb sdhc cards – transcend 16 gb sdhc class 6 flash memory card ts16gsdhc6e [amazon frustration-free packaging* protective lens filter – tiffen 30. 5mm uv protector filter* longer life battery – jvc bn-vf815us 1460-mah rechargeable data battery for jvc minidv and everio camcorders* hdmi cable – mediabridge – 5ft mini-hdmi to hdmi – version 1. 3b category 2 – 1080p – blu-rayoverall, the pros outweigh the cons with this excellent camcorder and the small size makes it really convenient to take anywhere. ]

I’ve been extremely impressed with this camcorder’s image quality and user-friendliness. The ‘laser touch’ sensor on the side of the screen is a humongous improvement upon most camcorders’ touch-screens on which dirty or rough fingers either damage the screen or dirty the screen so that one can’t see the image clearly. Having 2 card slots is a brilliant idea, making it possible to have not only more but cheaper storage space — it’s a lot cheaper to buy 2 medium-capacity cards than one massive-capacity card, of course. Playback via the included cables or through hdmi is flawless and easy to control. It takes a bit of digging in the file structure to dig out the original video files, but it’s worth the effort if one is doing one’s own digital editing. The screen is very clear as well, and i’m impressed with its quality, ease of view (tilting screen), and brightness in the sun. My only complaints are these. 1 with all of the outputs, it would be nice to have just one audio input.

This camera is way smaller and lighter than my sony camcorder i purchased years ago. In fact, it only takes up half the space in my small camera bag so now i carry my video camera and still camera in the same bag. The image quality is very good. Using the xp video quality i took side-by-side footage with my old camera and the difference was phenomenal. I haven’t yet filmed in uxp yet because i don’t have a blu-ray burner. I’m hoping apple’s computers will support blu-ray soon. I compare the video qualities to hdtvs. The xp seems to be about the quality of a 720p television, so i’m hoping the uxp will be 1080p quality. I agree that the instructions for a mac user were minimal. I was worried it would be difficult to upload to my imac.

This particular camera is a great buy for those looking for an alternative to hard disc drive (hdd) cameras that can run more than $400 usd. This camera was rated camcorderinfo. Com ‘s 2009 mid-range camcorder of the year. It has excellent color accuracy in bright light and fair accuracy in lower lights. It lacks a night vision mode, but does come with an okay light. The 20x optical zoom is very good and the digital image stabilization (dis) is the best i’ve seen and reduces the shake people can have when they carry this and record. The hand strap is mostly bad, but it tucks away nicely and the camera is still comfortable to hold for most hand sizes. The camera uses 1920x1080i avchd media. This means that older computers cannot ‘drag and drop’ the video files from the camera/sd card to simply play it. Software is required (and comes with the camera) that helps you preview and edit the footage to make it viewable for others.

Pros:-clear picture quality, but need lots of light, grainy in low light, great image stabalization-very compact size-good lcd quality-convenient 2 slot sd cardscons:-slightly flimsy construction-refocusing issues-grainy in low light-hand band uncomfortable to use-software not useful at all-average battery life.

This item arrived right on time, and was just as pictured. Very small, lightweight, with all the the bells and whistles. Still playing around with it, so i have a lot to learn. Used it for the very first time last weekend, and was pleased with the quality of video, though i am still trying to figure out just how to save, and edit or delete footage. Also, my only complaint is the little scroll bar on the left of the viewer for the menu is very sensitive, and you scroll and it moves very fast, almost too fast. Many times you need to just barely touch the scroll bar, thus you have to go up or down many times to hit just the item you want that is highlighted on the menu. You can also take still pics, which is nice. And the vendor was prompt and reliable.

I have the little brother jvc gz-ms100 which is a std def version and like it a lot. This hd model is a big step up in video quality and retains the incredible small size, portability and easy to use features of the ms100. It even has a very powerful 20x zoom (vs the more usual 10x-12x on hi-def cams) and similar performance. It shares some of it’s siblings weak points, like an auto focus that sometimes hunts during long zoom shots and digital image stabilization vs the better optical stabilization. But all in all, this is a great value at current prices. It has much, much better still image quality. (not that i would use it for that purpose a lot. ) and the same quirky ‘laser touch’ user interface. It seems you either love it or hate, but i found i got used to it and was ok with it after awhile w/the ms100 sand the same is true here. It has the same snappy start up and quick response which is so very nice when shooting on the go.

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