JVC Everio GZ-HD300 60GB High-Def Camcorder – Everio GZ-HD300 60GB

Body and features——————–first off, this camera is tiny, especially considering the fact that it has a 60gb hard drive. The size rivals most sd card-only cameras. I assume it uses the same type of tiny shock-resistant hard drive found in mp3 players. The camera is even pocket-size if wearing loose fitting pants or pants with roomy extra pockets, like cargo shorts. I inserted the battery, plugged in the power cord, and waited until the charging light stopped flashing. You simply open the lcd to turn on camera. There is no optical viewfinder. The lcd is big and bright, although not quite as clear and sharp as some of the competition. There is a vertical touch-sensitive laser scroll strip on left of lcd and touch-sensitive soft buttons along the bottom. The laser scroll strip is very responsive and becomes quite intuitive after you get accustomed to it. Menu items are logically arranged and easily accessible. The most often used items, such as video and sound preferences, are at top of menu, making them quickly accessible. Scrolling through the menu is accomplished by simply sliding finger up or down laser strip. The laser strip can also be used to zoom the lens in addition to using the switch atop camera.

This camcorder records stunning video especially in well lit settings. The quality of the video rivals the hd you see while watching your favorite television shows. There are many settings to choose from. Menu navigation is effortless. The laser touch scrolling is also very nice to use. It gives this camcorder iphone like menu navigation functionality. The hard drive and sd micro card can be mounted by a ps3 for quick and easy play back. Still pictures are not perfect, but very close. There is so much to love about this camcorder. I paid $699 at bestbuy last week.

Lots of hard drive space easy to use. Here are the specifications for the JVC Everio GZ-HD300 60GB High-Def Camcorder:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 60 GB HDD for up to 25 hours of 1920×1080 Full HD recording
  • 20x optical zoom with Konica Minolta HD lens; Face Detection
  • 1920×1080/60P output
  • Laser-touch operation with sub-trigger and zoom; one-touch upload to YouTube
  • Small, slim design

I’m such a canon guy and so i was so pleasantly surprised with this jvc everio gz-hd300. First impression upon unboxing — light and tiny (big plus especially if you’re traveling and don’t want to carry a bulging heavy equipment) and cool design2. 60 gb hard drive so don’t need to lug around tapes or discs3. There’s no mention of it but that does not affect the steadiness and clear hd of the video (huge plus). Easy to upload video on computer. (this defeats all other pluses)dislike:1. Cool feature that you can also take snapshots. Difficult to take snapshots also picture quality is average. Hand strap to hold the camcorder is easily adjustable, but needs to be bettersummary — aesthetically pleasing to the eye design, and ultimately its picture and video quality comes shining thru.

This is a great camera indoors or outdoors. The file format is mts which can be played in windows but you need to install ‘klite codec full’ in order to watch the video. I have not encountered any problems for the past 8 months. If you convert it to other formats such as wmv or avi or mpeg2 the original video will lose its great quality. You have to wait until the hd-burners are less expensive so you can directly create your hi-def dvd.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • JVC Everio GZ-HD300 60GB
  • HDmazing!

Tha camera i’ve recived is 100% the same i saw at web site, so i’m happy for the purchase. About the camera is a good one item to make any kind of videos out of door or inside, i recommend it.

This is the first video camera i’ve tried that records to hard drive vs. Direct to sd card, as with most cameras. It is also the first jvc camera i’ve used. I must say i am pretty impressed. It’s size is small and not too heavy, making it pretty easy to carry most anywhere. I was able to fit it in my ski jacket pocket and carried it several times to shoot ski videos without issue. It operated quite well in low temperatures, something i can’t say about other cameras i’ve used. When filming while i was skiing, which included quite a bit of ‘bumpy-ness’, i at first was getting some strange ‘jerky’ motion in the video, not the bumps caused by my skiing mind you – a kind of stop-action video effect. After some playing with the recording rate, i was able to prevent most of it from re-occurring, but it also could be related to a combination of the avchd encoding format and the mechanical recording to hard drive when the quality is set high, i’m not exactly sure. That said, i realize most will not be shooting while skiing as i was, so don’t read too much into it.

Light, small and easy to use. If your budget is limited you can think this product.

I love everything about this camera except the hdmi port. But, this is not the 1st jvc camcorder product that does not work on the hdmi port. Their remedy – unplug, replug, turn off, and turn on doesn’t work. My guess is they are not hdmi compliant. My case trying to broadcast via the internet with these jvc camera will not work. Choose another product if that is your quest.

To start things off, i should inform you that this is my first hd-camcorder purchase. I initially bought it so i can enjoy high definition video recordings of family events, parties, and for travel. For the price, it can’t be beat with the features it advertises. I thought with the flashy advertisement of ‘full hd,’ it would look similar or at least close to what i expected from hd-recordings i have seen on tv or online. The result is far less than expected. First off, after you record in the highest definition, the format (avchd) is not compatible with windows movie maker and you need extra software to make it run. Furthermore, the mediocre software it comes with can not output the same quality to different formats. I had to purchase adobe premiere elements 8 just so i can make a home movie disc (dvd and blu-ray). After one month with this product i still can’t get my dvd and blu-ray discs to not distort or create pixely messes in the video. The quality of video simply is not as good as the quality of videos playing from the camera itself.

 in this review i show off the camcorder itself, show some video and pictures i took with the camcorder that show off the features, and discuss the software limitations.

This camcorder is dead simple to use. Open it up and you’re ready to go. Simplicity, however, means you give up control and that started to bug me pretty quickly. For those of you who want to shoot video without leaping technical hurdles, this could be a good camera for you. Recording direct to a hard drive is cool, however, that means you’ll need to have a lot of storage space on your computer to archive your movies. Or you can archive to dvds, i suppose but that may be where the simplicity breaks down for some people. Digital acquisition is where things are headed, though.

The anti shake or image stablization or whatever they call it, really does nothing. However, the download software is really not user friendly and the directions on how to use it are not clear at all.

Now i’d like to start off by saying that i’m not a tech or video geek, so i’m coming from the point of view of a buyer is who looking for a product that is easy to set & use and has a decent amount of versatility. This is the first digital camcorder i’ve used, let alone an hd digicam, and i was a little concerned about the supported file format, in particular how hard it would be to get the video off the camera and onto my computer. First off, i was surprised at how quickly i had the jvc everio gz-hd300 set up and was ready go to. It was out of the box and ready to be charged in a matter of minutes, and in the time it took to charge the camera i’d easily installed the included software for viewing and backing up/exporting video from the camera. I was shooting my first video in just over an hour. The camera interface is pretty straight forward, with most of the work done through the lcd monitor arm, in particular the laser touch scroll bar. I’ve had a handful of touch screen mp3 players and am used to the sensitivity issues of some touch screen interfaces. The touch scroll bar on this camera has a nice midrange sensitivity that makes navigating through most of the menus pretty easy. My one complaint was scrolling through the video playback menu, as the up and down on the scroll bar is very unintuitive for skipping though rows and columns. As for capturing video, again, the design of the camera is pretty intuitive.

I bought this camera mostly to be used in sport events and so far it was a good decision, based only in this purpose. When recording indoors the quality is very poor, being my old 35mm a lot better than this new camera. Lack of mac interface is also an issue; imovie detects the camera but there is not an easy way to select/load just a few clips. With my other cameras is just to connect and drag and drop.

This is the nicest and smallest camcorder i have ever had the pleasure using. It even makes my panasonic hd palmcorder (sdr-h200) look largethe body is plastic but appears to be extremely durable. I would hate to drop it even though it feels heavy and extremely solid. The konica lens is also a plus and worth mentioning. No lens caps with this camcorder, the lens cover is built in (an extra blessing when keeping features in mind). It comes with paper manuals in multiple languages as well as an application cd with a media player and a calendar app and easy upload to youtube. If you fancy making youtube videos, this camcorder is for you. Everything is very ‘touch’ sensitive and oriented. There is a touch sensor on the side of the lcd screen that provides the way to work through sub-menus.

Jvc continues to build on and refine its handheld cams. I thought i’d use this for a few months before reviewing, just to see how it held up. It has been completely dependable and willing to go the distance time and time again. Picture quality is great; sound quality is as good as one has a right to expect from a little cam-mounted mini-mike. It does fine, but nobody will be cutting a cd from the jvc audiotrack any time soon. The non-hd picture quality continues to be good, and the hd pic is excellent as well. The controls are easy to use and reasonably intuitive, though some of the touch controls can be a little too responsive. The drawback as always is the software. Almost anything in the world is more useful than the programs that come bundled with the camera. This is, of course, and easy issue to rectify, but it’s worth knowing about up front.

This is the best place to buy this camera if you’ve narrowed your search to this brand. It has the best optical zoom for any camcorder in its price range (20x). It has a 60gb hard drive built in and a microsd slot to add more memory, amazing. Also the picture quality is fantastic. Obviously, the better the lighting the better the picture. The color is outstanding too, most likely b/c it has sony’s xvc color technology. This camcorder is super easy to use on top of it all.I would highly recommend this camcorder to anyone.

Since there are so many detailed reviews here i will keep this review concise. This is my third hd camcorder in 18 months, so i’m comparing this jvc camcorder to the other two i own: canon hg20 and canon hf10. I performed various side-by-side experiments with them all, and here are the pros and cons of the jvc everio camcorder. Pros: – very small and lightweight. Noticeably smaller than the canons. – good outdoor (bright light) performance that is on par with the canons. – fantastic total optical zoom (20x) – very fast startup time – ready to record almost immediately when you open the lcd screen. – large capacity (60 gb) – easy to understand menu system – comes in different colorscons: – no optical image stabilization, making the zoom almost useless if you aren’t using a tripod. Normal hand-held clips are noticably shaky. The digital image stabilization doesn’t work very well.

This little camera gives u the bang for the buck. I have had this for over three months and its shoots amazing quality. I use it for home videos and since my husband is in a band i use it to shoot their shows. This camera works great in low light and picks up sound amazing. There are a few things to be aware of but in the price range you wont find another camera with these specs. Things you should be aware of:1 no eye viewfinder-this shoots strictly with lcd2 the camera battery included shoots about 1 1/2 hours so a spare is recommended3 this is the big one-jvc requires u to use their software to upload videos to your comupterthis causes issues mainly if u want to use the video other than for play backor even editing. Mtv file format is not compatable with any video editing software i have run into. In fact i need to buy a converter for this very issue. File size – keep in mind you are shooting in hd so the file sizes are huge. I took a 4 min video and even with my 12 mb connection it took 47 min to upload to youtube5 last is playback- unless you have a newer computer that does playback in hd you may find yourself disappointed.

I used this one to replace my old model which use the same battery but doesn’t has hd. I am satisfied with the quality.

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