Intova Sport Pro HD Video Camera, Great Video with my Sport HD purchase

Best setting for camera is 720p 60fps. The 60fps gives you a smooth steady video while diving as you are always having movement. You can also zoom while in this setting while 1080p you can’t. Follow instructions, keep o-ring lubed and you will not regret the purchase. If you video for extended times, the camera automatically breaks up video into separate files. I was not impressed with the still shots though. Mine had funky colored pixelation in picture.

Intova sport pro hd video camera (clear/red)intova sport pro hd video camera (clear/red)intova sport pro hd video camera (clear/red)i bought the intova sport hd camera from cameta at amazon a few months ago. Over all, i think this is a great little sports camera, especially compared to the much more expensive gopro hero2 (which according to people i spoke to who own one say it has low light issues)or the original gopro. The price and difference for either gopro models (neither include the lcd bacpac or for scuba capability, the casing and flat lens to remove distortion which are options at additional cost) and sample videos shot with the sport hd made this a no brainer for what i intended to use it for. I use it shooting my mountain biking and sculling/rowing (with the mounts) training and it more than serves its’ purpose. I can’t comment on the underwater capabilities as yet since i haven’t been diving since purchasing but, there are some great scuba videos on the intova site. At the menu default settings, in normal light the video quality is as i expected for the size of the sensor (haven’t used the still photo function). In low light, upping the ev pretty much solves that. When playing back at full screen mode (a 24′ monitor) on quicktime, i am quite impressed with the quality, again taking into account the size of the senor (i believe it’s 5mp). There is room for improvement: to turn off the lcd you push the up button but the only way to turn it back on is to either turn the camera off and then on or press the play button and also i think that either there should be one menu access or at least move the format function to the first menu (what i call the second menu is for the most part, functions you really only have to set once, except format). The buttons are tight but it is a waterproof camera and i suspect they will became easier to push with use.

I did a bit of research to find an affordable underwater video and slr camera. It came down to the gopro and the intova sport pro. Based on reviews and price, i had to go with intova. The gopro hero3 just had too many quality issues at the start of 2013. Amazon reviewers cited stiff buttons. I found that they were stiff initially but, as one other reported, they loosened up with use. The camera has great features. Do download and read the manual (duh).It does a semi-decent job of explaining the features menu. If you are very familiar with photography then the manual is fine. I’m a bit new so i had to ‘google’ of few of the acronyms used by the manual (no big deal). I used the camera on over a dozen snorkel dives as deep as 22 feet in hawaiian waters. The camera never fogged up inside and never leaked. I did buy a small ‘tin’ of silicon grease from a local hw store ($4.

Key specs for Intova Sport Pro HD Video Camera (Clear/Red):

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  • Built in 1400Mah rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof 200 ft/ 60 meters
  • Full function camera with built in 1.5″ TFT LCD screen
  • Video: 1080p HD, 720p HD, 480p
  • Battery Life: Recording time 2.5 hours

Comments from buyers

, Great product!
, Great camera, even better price. Photos and videos comparable to cameras that are WAY pricier!

This camera has really given my go pro camera a run for its money and then some. The large lcd screen is great when when shooting coupled with a long battery life which is highly desirable when shooting on location. The buttons are easy to use and the housing has been improved from the earlier models. The picture clarity is excellent and the filed of view is just what i was looking for. The clincher was the price when i bought it on amazon for 169. As a value conscious consumer this product delivers and is worth it’s weight in gold.

Very good beginner camera for underwater and action sports. Pros: easy to use, easy to navigate. Cons: videos slightly grainy. Comments: buttons are a little stiff, but you just need to press hard.

In his hand is very small, it is on the back of the button according to less flexible. Underwater video shoot pretty well, looking forward to effect and on the ground as good, have a viewfinder is too convenient, also can set the color temperature, really good. Feel photos fisheye effects are ok.

Perfect recreational dive camera. Takes good pics, great video for a very good price. Battery life is good, multiple dives no problem.

The display is a little small. It makes it hard to see under water but still great camera.

Having read all the amazon reviews, i also looked at the reviews on specialist dive websites. We took the sport pro to the maldives, used the camera 10-12 times over 2 weeks of snorkelling and it worked perfectly every time. We captured over 100 videos and the hd image quality is stunning. I didn’t take any still photos, because i bought it to use as a movie camera. I had no trouble opening the camera and setting it up. Note there is a 2-step ‘trick’ to breaking the seal, which is explained in the manual. Every time i opened the back, i re-greased the gasket with silcon gel before closing. Looking after your equipment properly is a simple rule to follow. I rinsed the outer casing in fresh water after every dive. I recharged the batteries every night.

It performed as claimed, shipping was good. Had trouble charging the battery.

Takes fantastic photos and even better video. A truly great starter camera for underwater adventures. I recently started diving, and i have taken it down to 75ft without any trouble, taken hundreds of photos and dozens of videos without issue, all for a very decent price. All of these photos were taken on the same dives that another diver had very expensive professional camera, and while his closeups were a little better quality (not a lot), my wide angle shots of the scenery and coral were at least as good or even better than a lot of his with no professional experience. Get the red filter if you plan to be deeper than maybe 10 ft or so, but otherwise a perfect inexpensive option for taking underwater photos and videos*bonus: if you let go if it, it floats, and i have personally lost ahold of mine and had someone on the surface scoop it up and return it to me.

Takes good underwater video and also above the surface.

Worked as expected, no leaks, very compact. I almost lost it in the ocean, it came out my arm floated up to the surface. Boat captain found it on the surface after 15 mins. . Pictures not as clear as i saw in the water, i guess i have to work with the setting more. Overall it is a good low price armature underwater camera for beginers.

Great deal on a great camera. Just as good as a gopro maybe better.

Regarding service: there are at least two service representatives that have been engaging divers at scubaboard. They have been very responsive to problems, including ones mentioned here. Regarding issues: some have been firmware issues, others ( such as not starting after a charge) have required a return to intova. Based on my reading, intova has been very responsive. Regarding the camera: the feature set for the price is excellent. In comparison to the gopro, image quality had been described as ‘ very close’. The gopro is more flexible, and likely better for land based activities that require the use of sound. It is also upgradable with options such as wi-fi. The intova has released a ‘ close-up lens’ for macro style shooting.

Just got back from diving in jamaica. It worked perfectly every time. The red filter is a must for diving. Yes the buttons are somewhat hard to press but seem to be getting better with each dive. It floats unlike the hero and has a nice little display too. As i am no professional underwater photographer, this is perfect for me. Just take some time to make sure you know how to use it prior to jumping in the water. I really like the video out. I was able to view my photos after every dive in our room. I will upload some photos soon.

My boyfriend and i wanted an underwater camera to take on vacation to roatan, honduras. Given that we were finishing our open water dive certification on the trip and planned on diving almost every day, we wanted a camera that could go down to at least 130 feet to futureproof since we plan on continuing diving. I was pretty pleased with the intova’s performance. During one week, we took it on six dives, one to 100 feet as part of our deep dive. At no point did the camera start leaking. Each dive was approximately 45 minutes to an hour long, with about an hour surface interval where we turned the camera off, usually followed by another hour long dive. We never ran out of battery during our dives and charged it overnight after cleaning in fresh water and allowing it to dry. The latch mechanism is pretty stiff – it takes a good bit of force to get the camera to open, but both my boyfriend and i were able to open it without tools. It snaps shut with minimal force. We took a variety of 1080p videos and 5mp and 12 mp images.

Bought this camera for scuba diving. Much more affordable than the comparable go pro camera. Everything worked and functioned as described. Would recommend this camera if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend the extra coin on the go pro equivilant.

This camera is very good: it is small, easy to use and the pictures and videos quality are more than enough for non professionals underwater photographers which dive just for fun. Many people are saying the buttons are hard. Yes, they are, but it was not a problem for me at all. Do not forget to clean the o ring and seal it with silicone grease, even at the first time you are using the camera. This is a standard procedure for all underwater camera before diving. I strongly recommend you buying the red lens, it will make your pictures more colorful and you will not have to waste your time photoshopping them. You can check by yourself two videos i filmed with this camera, just use this links for youtube:[.

It does as i would expect, video quality seems to be decent, it is a great camera for the price. I use this in my rock crawler when we go out wheeling, i have broken a couple of tube mounts during flops that have sent the camera flying into the dirt and rocks and it still works great.

Great pics video and the best part is my son dropped it in the lake and it still works perfect. I’d recommend it to everybody.

Used on dives up to 90 feet and took great pictures, but must read the instructions and it works excellent.

Great video quality, great build.

I had purchased my intova sport hd in preparation for a 7 day western caribbean cruise where i was doing to do some diving. Part of the reason i chose the intova over the gopro was because of the built in lcd, removable red filter, great price and didn’t require me to have to purchase a separate dive housing. I was a little worried by the lack of reviews and a few so-so ones, but i took a chance and it paid off. The camera performed perfectly, was easy to use, and produced great picture quality (especially at depth with the red filter on). I did purchase silicon lubricant as is suggested by the company, i didn’t want to take any chances on leakage at the cost of a few bucks. I didn’t really have any issues with the buttons being too hard to push, they were tight, but i think that is to be expected in a well built dive housing. Initially i was worried about battery life, but thanks to the lcd screen’s auto-shutoff i was able to shoot about an hour’s worth of video with tons of battery time. I did notice some whine in the audio track, but most of my video’s will be dubbed with music tracks anyway. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase, please see the attached video for an example of video quality. I have sample video on youtube, but amazon isn’t letting me insert links.

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