Insignia NS-DCC5HB09 – Camcorder – High Definition – I love my new little camcorder

I just bought this camera and like it for the most part. I have not really gotten a feel for batter life, but it has been running so far with one good charge at least 45 minutes in all. The major gripe i had with it, was that if i wanted to take video without having the door open it was almost impossible. I wanted this option so i can mount the camera to my bike and video without the screen flapping in the wind. Normally there is a sensor that turns the camera off when the door with the screen is closed. The only way to shoot video with the door closed was to set it for motion sensing and then get it to start recording, then close the cover – and then if i was lucky it would record now and then when it detected enough motion. That obviously is not adequate if the intent is to shoot video (with the screen closed). I ended up voiding my warranty (mine was used and did not have one anyway :-), and took the whole thing apart to find out how it worked. The door with the screen has a small rectangular magnet near the bottom that activates a sensor in the camera body when the door closes. To be able to use the camera the way i want to, i had to remove the magnet.

I bought this one as a gift. I think for the price it works great.

The picture is actually very clear, and though this is my first camcorder so i dont have a whole lot to compare to, it is working wonders for me. I have had no problem editing in windows programs, loading on my computer, or putting on youtube, so i’m not sure what everyone is having so much trouble for. Overall i am very satisfied. Here are the specifications for the Insignia NS-DCC5HB09 – Camcorder – High Definition:

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  • 8x digital zoom: Brings you up close to distant objects and scenes.
  • 3″ LCD display: For ease of use and a clear view. LCD rotates up to 270° for multiple viewing angles.
  • 5.0-megapixel 1/2.5″ CMOS image sensor: Captures video at up to 1280 x 720 resolution and still images up to 2592 x 1944 for stunning clarity.
  • Digital image stabilization system: Minimizes shake and vibration distortion to keep footage steady.
  • MP3 player and voice recording support: Give you creative control over the audio in your movies.

I have owned 2 of these for a few years now, and have only 1 complaint about them. The viewfinder screen is impossible to see in daylight. So i carry a towel to toss over it when aiming. At this point in time ignore all of the boo-hoo folks. Yes, there are better out there now a days, but none as tuff as these. I am getting ready to look for my 3rd one so i can do 3 camera shots, and at this point you can grab them for $20 or less all day long. Hd video needs a lot of light, dv is the best all-rounder. The still pictures rival a lot of so-called high end cameras for depth of field, contrast, & color. The audio is totally fine, records well, and is useable. I can ‘tape’ hd all day on 2 8gb sdhc cards & 4 batteries for each camera, and for a total investment of $80 with tripods you can not beat that.

Pros: good picture quality, very portable, usb charger is a big plus, and you can choose what quality of video you shootcons: i am an armature ghost hunter and got this so i could use my infrared illuminator with it but. It can hardly see it so i cant use it for ghost hunting without taking out the infrared filter. But i dont think ill do that. Also in low light on night mode it gets very choppy and grainy. All in all its a pretty good camera for family events and streaming video onto the computer.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This little guy is incredible!!
  • good for the price

I’ve had this before and it takes okay pictures and video but if it is action/sports not the greatest camera.

The video is pretty good, unless you move the camera or your subject moves while filming. You have to be a good distance from the camera and speak up for your voice to sound right. Camera isn’t great, but could be worse. I must admit, i had pretty high expectations for this camera. I got it instead of the flip mino. I have had this one for a month and somehow the screen is already messed up. I haven’t dropped it, but i have been carrying it in my purse, so i guess that just means it is just extra sensitive.

I bought this camera a few years back from best buy and really just abused it. I never kept it in its case. I left it in the car in the sun. This thing is a tankthe newer model is entirely plastic and may boast better stats, it sucks compared to this one. My first one finally crapped out on me, so i got on here and bought another one immediately. For 40 bucks i got another one brand newhere is why i love it:1. In good light it takes incredibly high quality stills. Much higher resolution than 5mp even. Has a li-on battery that lasts forever and is easy to find backups for. It is 1/3rd the price of a flip video, but it 10 times better because it will zoom, records to sd, and it takes stills.

I would say i have had this for around two years i love it it shoots great quality easy to use little to no problems great camera it was my first and i love it.

This is my second video camera i’ve owned the last on took small cassette tapes so i always had to have a large bag for tapes batteries etc. . When i got this one it was awesome it fit right in my pocket and the memory cards i carry fit into a small wallet. I have taken video of sports games etc. And have posted them on my web page. The quality is great and the price was unbelievable. I would recommend this camera to anyone starting out with video or just wanting something to capture those special moments.

I bought this for my wife for a birthday gift and was pleased with the quality and ease of use. So pleased i decided to claim it as my own and use it as a work camera. I use this thing daily taking up to 40 pictures a day, rain, snow or sunshine. I have to upload these pictures when submitting reports and the quality of the photos is great. Downloading the pictures is as simple as plugging it in. The camera’s internal menu is very detailed and allows you to set-up the camera to your needs. This camera at first glance seems very fragile. I dropped mine off a concrete porch, it bounced down 4 concrete steps before hitting the pavement, the battery cover, battery and memory card flew out of the camera. I slapped everything together and the thing worked perfectly and still does. I have owned this thing for about a little over year and am amazed by its performance and durability.

So after long hours of trying to decide between the mino hd flip(209. 99$), i went to best buy to actually hold them in my hands and see if that made a difference. For the flip, since it’s sound wasn’t as good and it worked better inside then the kodak zi6 but not as well outside. But i liked that the flip was soo small and battery life was supposed to be oustanding. As i am pondering which one to choose my husband, being the curious person he is points out the insignia 5. I was a little scared because it was insignia but decided to look at it anyway. (not that insignia is bad, but i had read reviews on here)boy am i glad i looked at the insignia.

After spending a little time working with my insignia (it was a gift), i think that the issues the negative reviewers raise can be resolved. It does good quality video and sound for a very cheap price. The still pictures are as good as most consumer point and shoot 5. As far as hd or 720 dpi is concerned, it blows up okay on my 32 inch wide screen. The avi video format clips can be converted with freeware to another format.

I bought one of these expecting it to be at best mediocre, i was wrong. This camera takes great video. I can edit the video with nero 8, pinnacle studio 11. 1 complains that i don’t have enough graphics memory. I am going to upgrade my video card and see what happens (wanted an excuse to do that anyway). But i have no problems viewing video on my vizio hdtv. I am running a sandisk ultra ii 4gb card in it. I have tried various light conditions inside and outside and it does well in all of them. I am going to get hold of some cheap sdhc cards and try them. 1 and it really would not edit the insignia video. I bought a little program called movavi video suite and it does a great job of editing. I also have ffdshow mpeg-4 codec pack installed on my machine.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the negative reviews on this camcorder. It’s obvious they are not using it correctly. Granted, this item does not come with a great manual right off the bat, but the full manual is located online. A couple of things i’ve noticed people are forgetting to do before making a review on this product. There is a protective clear sticker on the actual lens. You need to take this off before shooting this camcorder. My first few videos looked like web cam footage only a little better.

Got it used, and it’s pretty nice, for the deal i got. Need a new sd card for it though, haha.

We did have a problem with a manufacturers defect on the first one sent – but the sellers were great. They stand behind their products, and sent out a replacement at no charge with express mail on the very day we informed them of the problem. I spoke with them by phone as well – i feel very comfortable dealing with them and encouraging others to do so.

I bougth this camera for the price because that i need to film i can`t be there i have give it to somebody to film, but when i begin to use it i dicovered that this camcorder is really cheap, the size is perfect is like a normal picture camera, is very easy to use and you can take pictures too although the resolution is not the better you can take good casual pictures, you can fix it with the diferents universal mounts(ram mounts), this camcorder has a ligth if you want to film in the nigth and works good, i would think that is a perfect camcorder to take family times and the times with your friends is not a profesional camcorder. This camcorder has a mode that the camcorder begins to film when it detects any movement. I would recommend this camcorder if you need it to take casual videos or you need to film a conference.

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