i.Trek MV-8GBP: MEGASight 3 Polarized Sport Sunglasses – almost excellent

So far this product is excellent. Nice quality box with directions, comes with hard case and soft microfiber case as well. Have used this all day for 2 days with no issues. Buttons work great on the side, video and sound quality is great. I don’t understand why people have rated this product so low. Polarized lenses too, for 80 bucks, you can’t beat that, plus they record video. The design is unoticeable compared to others on the market and that’s why i bout these. Maybe the others got a defective one or the old design.

Great product but takes some practice in starting and stopping butonce accomplished these sunglasses are real quality with great video andsound.

Received these glasses fast. I don’t leave reviews about products, however these work so flawlessly that i had to share my experience. I am very satisfied with these glasses. The software that is included with the glasses is very user friendly. I also like the fact that they look like normal sunglasses, no one can tell when the camera is on or off.

It does look down and does not show all of what i want to record but sound works just have to ajust so it will see better.

This was a gift and they returned it as they needed a go pro. If you aren’t doing anything that could potentially harm the glasses they would be good.

Excellent quality video-audio–but camera is pointed down to much a hassle to guess if you are getting the shot—-ok i guess.

  • You have to know how to use it.
  • Ok, still a bit much at $68

As well as the form is not acceptable style is not delivering the goods and the quality of the product is not as good.

The instructions are garbage. I still haven’t figured out what all the buttons even do, but i have figured out how to make it record, and the quality is quite impressive. Accurate instructions for recording. -hold down middle button on right ear for 1 second. Instructions say 2, but mine freaked out and the light went solid red when i held it down for 2. -after holding down for only 1 second, wait a moment. Light will go out, then begin blinking blue. -press same button once, solid blue light comes on, and you are now recording. -press button once again, back to standby mode with blinking blue light.

It works great and the videos are good. The controls are easy to manipulate. My only complaint is that it shoots at a low angle, i used this to take pov videos of my shooting competitions and all i can see are my arms. That’s why i purchased the pivothead recon, which i’ll review at a later date.

I’m very please with the purchase. The glasses let’s tape my ride hands free, making the ride safer.

Don’t expect the greatest picture, it’s passable, audio is tolerable, i think upgrading to a wider angle and having removable memory would be a great feature.

These glasses are easy to use and shoot fairly good video. Technically it’s hd, but compare the video to a flip camera or even iphone video and it pales in comparison. The audio is good but in a noisy environment, the sounds will vibrate the microphone causing distortion. For short 3-5 minute outdoor videos, this works great. Any longer and you’ll start feeling the heat from the solid state 8 gig hard drive in the right arm which is near your right temple. Believe me, you’ll feel the heatthe frames of these glasses are a bit bulky. On some people they may look ok. Have you ever seen senior citizens wearing those big glasses after coming from the eye doctor?. well, they’re not that big, but they feel like it. ]

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MV-8GBP: i.Trek MEGASight 3 Polarized Sport Sunglasses with built-in High Definition 720P Video recorder and still picture camera (5 Mega Pixels, 8GB Capacity)
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