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This suction cup is literally the best accessory i have ever bought for my gopro, i really should have just purchased the motor sports kit when i first got my gopro as the head strap has been basically useless for me. The suction is very good and as nervous as i have been i have attachted it to the outside of my car and my window both outside and inside and it’s never lost suction or fallen off once. For those of you who are hesitant, look around youtube, there is a guy who does a suction test to prove to everyone who is scared of it falling off and attaches it to his airplane and flys around for a couple hours at super high altitudes. If it doesn’t fall off there, it wont fall off your car. Just make sure you have a good clean suction and tie a shoelace too it if you’re nervous :).

You can mound it outside your car while driving (provided you have clean windows) and drive on the freeway without even having to worry about losing your camera (at normal people speed, not 120mph). There is a button you press down on when you position the suction cup, then you fold the clasp back. Very versatile and can tighten and loosen without tools.

What is there to say – this thing is rock solid, pretty adjustable and lets you take your gopro anywhere you need to take it. I’ve had this stuck inside my car, and outside. I even mounted it wrong (by mistake) – forgot to push the ‘sealing’ button – and stuck it on the roof of my car at speeds up to 45mph, and it worked fineavoid using it in the cold though, at 30f, the rubber wasn’t forming as great a seal as i’d expected – hardly the fault of the device though, just be aware. My only reduction in star is due to the proprietary gopro mount. I’d love to see a standard tripod mount here that let people use more than just the gopro.

For low stress situations, works great. I didn’t exposed it yet to outside of vehicles at high speed situations, but the suctions seems to be able to hold on.

Pretty compact suction mount for a gopro camera case. Lets you use the camera as a dashcam or mount to any smooth surface. I bought it to mount a gopro camera in my jeep and it holds the camera secure to inside upper windshield.

Never seen anything like this. This product really sucks, and i mean this in a good way. I’ve placed this product on a motorcycle and a car. Both which were moving at a decently rate, and it held in place. I would definitely recommended for the extreme sportsmanthe only thing that i would possible like to see is a feature to add somekind of safety strap.

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I have had many different devises with suction cup mounts over the years. I can say that without qualification, this is the most solid suction mount i have ever used. This is a good thing, given that you are trusting it to hold about $300 worth of gopro hd video camera securely. I have used it primarily for making videos while performance boating. After becoming more confident that it would actually hold securely, and that i wasn’t going to lose my camera, i have used it on the sides of my hull, as well as on the deck. It stuck solidly on the front deck of a 39’ cat at 134 mph. I would confidently recommend this product.

Suction is strong enough to bounce around while off roading. I mount to flat body surfaces and glass with no issues. While i have never had this fall off i have mounted a float to the back of the camera in case it were to come off during a water crossing. My only complaint is that the j arm limits adjustment, i think i like the ram mounts version better and have used both.

I was a bit nervous the first time i mounted this to my car and went flying around some mountain roads but this thing didn’t budge. I event hit some really bad potholes and bumps during various runs through the mountains and it was rock solid. I was a bit worried that with that much strength it would mark the paint of the car but it came off perfectly with no lasting marks. I’ve only just started to play around with places to mount this but so far i’m loving it.

This is exactly what i needed and wanted. Not much to say, it’s a suction cup for clean smooth surfaces to attach your gopro camera to. Some of these on amazon say they come with a second shorter attachment, this one did not come with such piece. Still, it was cheaper than those so it wasn’t a big deal. Highly recommend this if you have a gopro hero 3, you will use it and not be disappointed.

I’ve been a long time fan of taking automobile related video footage. Several of my cars have had homemade camera mounts over the last 10 years or so. Dash mounts, headrest mounts, etc. To be honest, i was quite happy with the footage i was getting at open track days with my point and shoot cameras mounted up and taking video – and then gopro released the hero. Needless to say, hd footage slaughters anything my point and shoot cameras had captured. Plus the wide array of mounts is incredible. This suction cup in particular is nothing short of spectacular. The only limitation is the imagination of the user. Mount this thing anywhere you’ve got a sturdy, fairly flat and smooth surface. Window glass, doors, hoods, bumpers, the list goes on and on.

Features of GoPro Suction Cup Mount

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  • Securely attaches camera housing to vehicle body, window, fuel tank, boats, kayak
  • Top-of-the-line mount with enough holding power to stay on an airplane at 150mph
  • Comes standard with HD Motorsports HERO, Motorsports HERO Wide, and Motorsports HERO cameras

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

In short:a great quality suction mount. I have taken it on the free (~75mph) and it stayed in place. Though, i still use a safety cord to catch everything for the very unlikely chance that it were to fall off. Remember: before you apply it, you must make sure the area you apply it is clean, dry, and free of dust and debris. It comes with an extra extension, which i don’t use (not needed imo). And if you were to use it, the extension doesn’t come with a nut and it is not grooved with interlocking teeth, like the 2 main joints of the mounts, so it will most likely move/shift your gopro. But really, you don’t need it. The bottom joint (closes to the suction cup and controls the main arm) can already rotate left to right nearly 90 degrees, while the second joint, at the end of the main arm, can rotate forward to back (up and down). And if you need to face it in a different direction, just turn the cup.

This suction cup mount is absolutely perfect for my hd hero2 camera. It will mount to any glossy or semi glossy surface, as long as the surface and suction cup are clean. I have used it on a mirror and on a window already, and if done correctly the suction cup is indestructible once mounted. One thing i did not realize was that it did not include a bolt to attach the camera to directly; therefore, you had to remove the bolt from another pivot arm and reattach it to the suction cup mount. It isn’t a difficult process but i was a little confused at first. But overall this is a wonderful product that is an amazing addition to my hero2 camera.

It says it’s rated to 150+ and i believe it. As long as you clean it off right and install it right it will hold on.

It’s great, it does its job. I wish the lock was the other way around–when you lock it down, the tab should be turned down not up. It gets in the way of the arms if you decide to turn it to that direction.

I bought this mount to use in my car for some laps around the local race track. The surface is large, and there is a button in the center for manually pushing the air out. This feature almost guarantees excellent grip and the lock keeps the suction cup down. Adjust-ability is good too, with nice knobs to lock the arms in place once you have the angle you’re looking for. I mounted the camera (with larger battery) to the windshield, both door windows and even the back window without any instances of it falling off. Removal was easy with a small tab to pull to break the suction. I even saw one car with this same mount on his hood and he was topping 120. A very nice mount for the money.

I recently found out about the lifeproof gopro iphone 4 case adapter and thought it would be neat to get some videos while cruisin’ to work in our crazy driver city. I mount this to the sunroof with the lifeproof iphone 4s case. Best part is i can zoom in and out by opening and closing the sunroof. (not really that much :p)when mounted this thing is solid.

Securely attaches camera housing to vehicle body, window, fuel tank, boats, kayak

They holding power of this suction cup is amazing. They say it is good for speeds up to 150 mph and i can attest to 100. Thanks for making such a great product line.

I have had this product for at least 2 years now. Nothing has happened to it yet. . I sometimes mount it on the front of my golf cart when i go off roaming in it and i use it for dashcamming in the car. Overall great product, okay price and lasts forever.

I mounted this thing onto windows and the front of my car while i was driving. It doesn’t really suck onto the dashboard but you can move it around so you can affix it to the windshield on the inside to take shots through the front of the car from the inside. Overall i really liked the mount and would recommend it.

Though this mount works fine, it is an older version and not as versatile as the new model. Make sure you get the new version for maximum possible adjustments and function.

I have used this suction cup on several cars at least to 100mph and beyond. Works awesome, but dont be stupid. Apply it to a clean, smooth, flat surface, annnnd use a tether. As long as you have a reliable tether attached to something secure as backup i have absolutely no worries strapping a couple hundred bucks to my windshield with one of these suction cups.

Before ordering, i had my doubts about this product but it works really well on almost any ‘flat’ surface. I try it in my car’s hood and on my boat and i only can say that it really attached firmly. You have your doubts at first but it’s only matter of time to get used to it and leave your fear of falling, it wont do it. So relax and thrust on this little attachment because it do what it was maid for.

Top-of-the-line mount with enough holding power to stay on an airplane at 150mph

I’ve used this suction cup in a couple of ocasions, it’s ok, but not great, it doesn’t hold very well, all my videos are not very very still, it shakes from time to time and also after 1 hour i usually have to re-adjust it, otherwise it becomes very shaky,.

This suction mount is made of good quality plastic that wont easily break on you and the suction cup is of a quality soft polymer that wont lose suction when used correctly. One small downside is that i felt that maybe one more pivot point on a third axis (in addition to the extra piece shown) would be useful for additional adjustment without remounting the suction cup. However one more pivot point will add more point of possible failure so it is debatable. You are able to add another point yourself by buying those extra parts kit that gopro sells. Or what you can do is go without it and just readjust the suction cup and swivels to your liking. Because of the soft cup mount, i think it does absorb some of the shock. So when in the car etc, it may not be as bumpy or maybe at least not as damaging to the gopro. The mount is so versatile and can simply even be used in place of a tripod and just stand up to take video. I think this a must have accessory for anyone who has a gopro to add to the many different shooting options already available.

Handy as heck and very well made.

Holds the go pro to the windshield great. Pivot points could stand to have a perpendicular to the others. It would be nice to be able to spin the camera sideways or to the rear while on the windshield and without having to take it off and readjust.

As most of you know, they gopro doesn’t come with enough mounts to film a lot of what you bought it for. I have purchased several mounts since i bought my camera, and i must admit, this one has gotten the most use by far. It is not only sturdy, i never worry about it falling off unless it is hit, it is extremely versatile. I use mine the most on a street bike, and i’ve had it stuck to the side going 170 mph and it wasn’t budging. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the swing arm can be extended quite a bit and you can contort the camera in so many angles you can get any shot you want.

My husband can’t wait to mount his new gopro to his boat with this suction cup mount. He is dying to try it out mounted to the side of his boat, just under the water, to capture the hooked fish coming to the surface. Apparently, its so strong it can pull a dent out of car so i might have to try that out too.

I had received the product in the time stated, and unfortunately have yet to use it, but knowing how the go pro products work i will not be disappointed, this will be better than how i had the camera mounted. Fyi i had it mounted on a window squeegee, sat on the dashboard and the camera caught too much of the car hood.

Comes standard with HD Motorsports HERO, Motorsports HERO Wide, and Motorsports HERO cameras

I bought this thinking i could put it on anything, but i found out (probably to my mistake) that it only works on suction-able things (insert cymbal-drum finish). I put it on my car window and drove quite fast with no problem. The video came out quite stable and have no regrets to getting this suction cup.

Used this a lot with our go pro camera at work. Would recommend to anyone with a go pro.

Bought this to mount in my truck for road trips but found it amplified vibrations making for some very shaky video. It is fine if your mounting surface is fairly stable. I found the adhesive hard mounts to work better in high vibration situations.

My husband likes this mounting device. The suction cup means it’s a little more limited as to what it attaches to but it definitely holds on tight to helmets and dashboards.

Spend a few minutes to familiarize your self with how this works, and then i don’t expect you’ll ever have a problem with it. I’ve already used the suction cup to mount my gopro in many different locations and have only been please with how well it sticks, maneuvers and does what i want it to do.

I love my gopro and i love my gopro accessories. This suction cup will mount just about anywhere with no worries of coming off. I frequently mount this to my cbr1000rr streetbike, the boat for wakeboarding, and my 4×4 for off roading. I love it because you leave no sticky residue from the 3m tape and unlike the stick mounts, this one is reusable over and over.

I have two of these and they are very secure. I have tried others and these work better than all the others. If you clean the surface before you use it, it will hold. I still tie the camera down to some point just in case.

Never had an issue with recording while driving.

Solid item that has held up well, we use it for emergency response activities in the fire department. It gets bounced and knocked around.

This mount worked as advertised. I used it on two 45 mile trips with no problems. The first was inside the windshield and the second on the outside of the car door. It held steady in both places. My only negative comment is that it did not come with a mounting nut and bolt. I checked and it is not supposed to come with one. I purchased acorn nuts at lowes but they are too wide to fit properly. Just a pain to keep moving the nut around and gopro does not offer them to purchase.

Used it in autocross event and it held great. It holds to glass, painted surfaces and was even powerful enough to resist the window being lowered when it was attached to it.

Without much instruction, i was able to suction this to the hood of my car and zip around at 60mph without any problems. I took some video of my new neighborhood i’m moving too, driving through the shopping centers etc to get to know the place. Then, at a wedding the other night, i suctioned it to the back of a window just a yard or so from the minister for some great additional wedding video footage. No bride-offending stand required.

Just got it on friday and it took me a minute to figure out the angles, etc for best use but once i connected one or two extra mounts to it from the grab bag of mounts (get it) i was good to go for a motorsports set up. First test was up to 90 mph with a very little shake and wonderfully clear 1080p video. I kept praying it wouldn’t fall off. I tell you this, once you lock that thing down, it’s on there.Video is so clear – you can hit pause and read license plates, road signs, etc. Closer to home, i used it on the lower driver’s door, got some good wheel turning shots like a movie car chase scene. I’m sure i’ll think of about 20 more uses but so far so good.

This is the panavise suction mount sold through gopro channel sales dept. You can buy it direct from panavision in one, two or three, suction mount here on amazon. Still a good value and great mount. It stays mounted in the hot sun of tx without fail all year long.

Does a very good job of holding the camera to a flat smooth surface. I put it on a window of my jeep to record while off reading and all the shaking, jarring, and rattling had no effect on its ability to hole the camera in place.

I use this mount for 90% of the video i shoot with my gopro hd hero 2. It attaches with ease, holds on tight and then comes off just as easily when you want it to. I have tested it in water and snow, and going up to 90 mph on the highway with no issues. No complaints whatsoever, the product is well made and works perfectly.

The mount is very sturdy and the suction cup is incredibly strong. I would have no hesitation placing this on the outside of my car and driving. I’m very happy with the mount.

I haven’t tested the 100+ mph claims of the manufacturer, but in my blasts around town with this thing stuck on various parts of my car, it’s not fallen off. A side benefit is that the suction cup seems to mute vibrations and rattle somewhat, giving smoother video and audio. The mount is stable and easy to use. I would suggest using a tether just in case.

Just another addition to the ever growing, more expensive, cheap camera. The add ons never stop and i could have bought a professional camera by now for what i have invested.

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