GoPro HD Motorsports Hero : Great product for its price and Amazon’s delivery was even better!

This is a unique little camera and i like the idea. The 1080p video format is the biggest selling point. The image quality is quite nice in daylight. The colors look pretty good and fairly good saturation. The footage captured from a helmet cam is shakier than what you see on the web site. They must have smoothcam’d it in post to get it more steady (a disclaimer is probably necessary). In even the slightest low lighting situations and indoors, the video quality is very grainy and much darker than it appears in real life. Underwater the light has to be really good as well. I wasn’t impressed with it underwater, but using it on a surfboard with splashing and dips under is still cool.

Ordered this as a ‘c’angle camera for a trekking shoot in nepal. You will definitely need to read the instructions to learn the ins and outs. You wont be able to pull it out the box and begin using it. It’s fairly easy to use once you learn your way around the menu. Good stuff: good quality image. Above average audio quality when not using a case. With the accompanying cases, its waterproof.

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

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  • Professional-grade full HD video up to 1080p
  • 60 frames per second option in 720p and WVGA resolutions provides liquid smooth slow motion playback
  • Videos can be easily edited with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  • Industry’s widest angle (170º) and sharpest lens captures more of the scene, including you
  • Includes easy-to-apply mounts for attaching camera to any helmet, motorcycle, car, ATV, jet ski, snowmobile, boat, or virtually any vehicle.
  • Impact-resistant housing is waterproof to 180 ft (60 meters)

I mainly bought it for snowboarding but since its not winter yet i haven’t got to use it for that yet. I have used it for mountain biking and it works great. Its not quite as stable as it looks on commercials but i’m sure thats just a matter of running it through the right editing software. For mountain biking i’ve found the 720p @ 60fps works best. There is just too much shaking in the camera for the 1080p mode. 1080p looks great on smooth surfaces though like on the street or side walk. I’m very impressed with how clear the picture is even with flying over rough terrain. I can’t wait to use it on the snow. My two lowest ratings were for the ease of use and the sound quality.

This is one sweet action cam. This isn’t a camera one buys to take pictures of a birthday party. You wear this camera or attach it to anything that moves fast. It is for action videos or pics. I bought it to use skiing and when i ride my bike (hd road king). There are other options out there that are a tad smaller (though this is quite small) but this one has the quality and price point advantage. They sell tons of these things so a lot of folks like them. Many top network videos are shot with this cami won’t get into detail on the settings, others already have. The settings are not hard/compicated to use but they are cumbersome with many steps to get where you want. As already said, you will want to bring the manual sheet along if you think you will be changing things.

Used a goprohd for a high altitude balloon project. The little camera was sent up to 100. 000 feet with no encasing (didn’t want to risk fogging) and exposed to temperatures of -60ºc (-75f). It performed well and the video and audio quality was incredible. We extended the battery life extracting wires from the case battery connectors and rigging the camera to 2 external nb-5l canon li-ion 3. 7v 1100 mah batteries installed in parallel. We got an incredible 21gb of 720p/60 fps video , 2 hours 40m long. The files came in 30min, 4gb each, in h264 and aac encoding, and haven’t had any issues manipulating them with vlc on a mac. The camera worked extremely well and the video quality was amazing, including the audio (while there was audio to record). See actual footage in the last seconds here:[.

GoPro HD Motorsports Hero : This is a terrific piece of kit. Gopro camera is good although does not take nearly as good videos as my canon s95 digital camera. Indoors low light video perfornce is very poor, although it’s not really intended for that anyway. Sometimes however after being skiing and then going into the ski lodge, you can hardly make out anyone once inside. It is really fantatastic for hands free video. I have videos when mounted on my ski helmet and also mounted to the back of my ski and i purchased a handlebar clamp and have used it attached to my ski pole. Still trying to decide which is the best resolution for skiing though, the 960p gives great wide andge but very rounded and distorted where the 1080p is better but you have to get the camera angle right otherwise you’ll miss the scene. On the whole though, i’d definitely recommend this – especially the helmet pro as the attachments that come with it are excellent. Amazon do deals now and then so keep an eye on that.

I purchased the gopro after a regrettable loss of my atc9k. I did this so i could evaluate another action camera. So far i have kayaked with it and tried multiple mounting locations on my car and motorcycle. I would halfto say that the mounting of the gopro is sufficient but not optimal. The atc9k was not perfect either but did offer easier adjustment without needing to alter setting for upside down mounting. The video quality is nearly identical, recordings from my atc9k in full 1080p and the new gopro 1080p can hardly be differentiated. That being said, i have noticed some frame glitch on the gopro. This is noticeable when street signs or light posts are passing bye in the field of view as they are smooth for several seconds then jump to nearly off screen. I repeated this observation with several different sd cards all the way up to my class 10 20mb/s card used in my professional digital still camera and still had a frame glitch as i had suspected it was a buffer to card data flow issue. I have been altering the setting from r1 to r5 and regardless of the setting, there is a frame glitch every couple of seconds. Granted it could be my camera is defective but the issue is not significant enough for me to want to go through the long process of replacing it. So if anyone else has this issue please let me know, or if not i might be motivated to replace it. Battery life: as the documents say it will record for over two hours, and it does. I have made fully charged to dead battery recordings several times to validate this and each one has been from 2.

This little video camera packs alot of versatility in a small package. If you want to mount it somewhere there is most likely a mount available that will fit your specific application. To date i have mostly used this on mountain bike rides, and once you get the mounts tight enough it will hold solid. Im very pleased with the picture quality. I tend to leave mine set on 720p at 60fps. The menus are a bit difficult to navigate, however its an action camera and i think intended to remain on one setting during your activity. Honestly i would have to have the instructions with me if i wanted to change the settings. In addition, the sound quality is pretty rough if you have the waterproof housing on. I also noticed when i had it attached to my mountain bike, it picked up alot of bike noise, i would assume through the frame. One of my brakes was clicking cause the brake disc was bent and thats about all you could hear in the video is the clicking noise the whole time.

I had to return my gopro after only a few recordings, after a couple weeks it developed some strange electrical problem. It began after the camera apparently shorted out when i connected it to my laptop via usb, which is something ive never seen before. After that it would only power on if you pulled the battery out and put it back in, and would not charge via laptop or turn on when connected. I contacted amazon for a replacement, and within two days i had another one at my door. We’ll see how this new one works. A word to the wise tho, never directly connect the camera to your laptop. To transfer files take out the sd card and used an adapter (or the sd port on your laptop if it has one), and only use a usb wall charger to juice the batteries. Other than that its a decent entry level wearable video camera. For the price you cant beat it. If you really want true hd videos you can share you’re going to need a high level video editor (ie.

I have really enjoyed my hero 960, and i will eventually move up to the hero2 when it comes down in price, mainly for the adjustable fields of view- i do get great results with the 180 degree f. , but since i fly my camera attached to radio controlled planes, sometimes i wish i had a narrower field and a larger image- but my results are great, attached here is a you tube video of my gopro in action- you be the judge- oh and i fly it without the case to save weight and it has survived a couple crashes and many bumpy landings with no ill effects what so ever. In the attached video i hit two trees-lol- beautiful aerial video of urbandale, iowa[. and i also took the hero 960 to disney world and used the watertight case at blizzard beach water park- attached below is a water rafting video- i am using the water tight case and the head strap mount. The water tight case diminishes the microphone and audio somewhat but still i got good results- again you be the judge. ]and one of my favorite uses for the hero in disney was para-sailing with my special needs son in a tandem rig on lake buena vista- again check out the great detail and gorgeous view from this incredible camera. ]

I bought the gopro hd motorsports hero for track use in my race car after seeing them installed in several cars in the paddock this last year. Everyone i talked to liked them, and with a sub $300 price i figured it was worth a try. I installed it with the roll bar attachment option for a resent track day at laguna seca, and was very impressed by the picture quality. Set at 720p / 60fps, the video looked pretty darn close to in-car footage you see on a tv broadcast. The wide-angle lens showed the actions of the driver clearly as well as a nice view of the track. Colors are sharp and accurate, and the auto-focus worked very well. It’s pretty easy to use once you get acustom to the simple two button operation with tiny lcd screen that only shows the settings. The case and mounting seem very sturdy, and battery life has been very good. If you purchase a 32gb card you’ll have plenty of storage for a whole day at the track. My only two issues are that when you turn the unit back on to start a track session, you need to re-set the video settings to where you want it – it should just default to whatever your last setting was.

If you want to use this camera for pov sports action during daytime and optimal, sunny, lighting conditions, then you’ve got the right camera for the job. The 960 will give you more vertical hight that you can then trip later in post if you wish; but if you want a camera that will do well indoors in ambient light conditions then this little guy is not for you. Frankly, i don’t know what the alternative would be in this class of small cameras for that purpose but any footage i’ve gotten out of this little guy as well as it’s big brother the hero hd 1080p has been simply horrible when ambient light conditions (ceiling/wall fixtures, etc. ) were used to shoot at night. So, unless you do a professional light set up for your night shots, this camera will not give you useable quality footage. It’s not just a small camera you can throw in your pocket and go out shooting when the occasion comes up. Very grainy, very noisy in low light. But it gets 4/5 stars for me because it’s truly an amazing camera for what it does during the day. The point of my review is so you don’t expect it to do more than it’s designed to do: great at bright, daylight shooting.

And this camera as of oct 2011 is still the king in terms of picture quality. Now having said that, it is pretty bad compared to a dslr shooting 720p and certainly 1080p, but of all the cheap action cams out there, this one delivers usable video with the best overall quality. For shooting in a car, get the skeleton case (holes on sides) so you can have the mic working and so that you can plug usb into it to recharge in the car. For shots mounted to exterior of the car, use the waterproof case as that will cut down on wind noise and will ensure less damage if the camera drops off the cat at speed. Get the 2 suction cup mount delkin devices ddmount-suction fat gecko double knuckle dual suction cup camera mount to minimize change of suction failing. Also get the gopro tripod 1/4 20 mount to use with standard tripod mounts. Back video screen is nice for composing shots (so you don’t film a fender instead of a tire).

All in all i am happy with my purchase, so much that i have gone out and bought a lot of accessories for my gopro hero hd. Don’t plan on buying this for your everyday camcorder needs. Thought the picture is really good it is made and best used for action shots. Sound isn’t great but not too bad again think about what it was made for. The suction cup works a lot better than expected just keep it and the surface your putting on it clean and have peace of mind, it will hold. The camera has a lot of features and though not the friendliest to use (lots of options using only three digits to describe will take sometime to learn all of what they can and will do,) it does provide a good amount of flexibility. Would i buy again, hell yes, i might buy a second one for 3d shots and multiple angels :-).

I took this little camera to a trip to new hampshire mounted in the lower air dam of the bumper of my car and the quality is amazing. I would highly recommend this camera. I purchased the go pro 960 from costco for 179. I wasn’t impressed with the quality and returned it for a full refund. After waiting a few days for the order to arrive i realized that i had made a good choice. The camera adjusts well to different light conditions. The camera for some reason does incredibly well absorbing the vibrations from the vehicle. I tried it under water and it is also amazing. If you are considering a camera to record your sporting activities ‘just do it’ get this one.

I’ve used my gopro hd hero on land and when scuba diving and always been happy with the results. I recently bought the new dive housing and on the very first use it leaked and the camera and the battery bacpack were ruined. A quick correspondence (and submitting a camera serial number and purchase proof) with gopro resulted in them sending me a new camera, dive housing, and battery bacpack, even before i returned the damaged one to them (and without asking for a credit card deposit). Their service is one of the best i’ve encountered, and will enjoy the dive housing that removes the underwater soft focus problem. If you need a non-zoom video camera (also capable of still photos) to capture wide-angles (several angles selectable) in hi-def, any of the hero cameras will nicely fill the bill. To have them waterproof to 180 ft while diving is a real plus as well, and the ability to record for 1-2 hours at a time in such a small package is unique.

Just got the camera last week and have managed to play with it in the pool. Once you get it set, its pretty darn simple to use. I’m very pleased with the video quality in the air. In water, the focusing seems a little soft. This is the sort of camera you turn on and leave on, so the ability to edit video is very important. The pluses of this system are the mounts are very good, the video captured in daylight has been very good, and the ability to get replacement lens, housings, and additional mounts is also great. Also, the system is cheap enough that you can take some risks with the camera and get some really fresh shots. The largest minus this camera has is its lack of documentation. You would think a company that markets video equipment would have some videos on how to use their product, but they do not. No videos and the instructions are written on a massive sheet of paper that would be difficult to use in a breeze.

It’s relatively simple to use, expandable by adding a battery pack or video screen, ruggedly protected in a waterproof case, and small and light enough to be mounted anywhere, and shoots in hd. When framing your shots, you need to be mindful of the fact that the lens makes objects appear to be farther away than they really are (much like the effect a ‘fisheye’ lens has). I did not take this into account when i bought it and i was caught off guard when i downloaded my first footage. Plan on everything farther than 4 four feet away from the camera appearing to be much farther away than they really are. I had wanted a camera that had a less distorted view, but i have found other applications for the gopro. Btw, this was more of a toy for me and not intended for profession use. Still it is fun and easy to use and relatively inexpensive. I’m thinking about buying a second camera so i can capture the action from two perspectives. As for my original need, i am still looking for a small, inexpensive, self contained, digital hd camera that can be temporarily mounted in all sorts of places.

This is an incredible camera if you do any action sports and want to catch it on camera. It’s surprisingly small (especially without the case), and light enough to be ignored in a lot of applications. I’ve used this while tubing behind a boat, water skiing and airchairing, jet skiing, shooting handguns/shotguns/rifles, scuba diving, hiking, swimming, cliff diving, traversing slot canyons, racing around the nurburgring, and many other things. This camera is so flexible, it can go just about anywhere. There are purchasable options to secure the gopro to just about anything, from headbands and helmets, to suction cups and roll cage attachments. The quality of the video is amazing for such a small camera. As my mom said when she first saw it, ‘it’s like watching hdtv. The 1080p video is spectacular. Color depth is fantastic, sharpness is great.

I think i have recorded something almost every day i have had it. In this time period i have learned a lot about this hd camera. First off it took me about a year to finally muster up the strength to buy. Using the camelizer extension on chrome, i waited until the price had dropped to around $220-230. Day 1: rode around town and campus recording everything i could to see how the video would look. In this test phase i learned that you cannot hold it the camera with your hand. The video will look like you were having a seizure. Later that night i decided to go out to the bars to record my night just to make sure i wouldn’t forget anything. Turns out that the gopro is terrible in the dark. Obviously you need light to get a good shot with any camera, but i didn’t think it would be that bad.

I bought this for motorcycling. I spent the money for the extra suction-cup mount and have mounted it to the tank, the windscreen, and the fairing of my motorcycle. There is some jumpiness, especially at high speeds, but what can you expect. It looks good and adequately captures the ride. The major drawback to this unit is the audio. Any wind above 15mph and that’s all you can hear: wind. Obviously this is a problem for motorsports applications. A simple solution is to wrap the unit in a sock, and that helps tremendously. Still, i wasn’t satisfied and have sought a third-party solution (micover). Update 09-11-11: the micover helped tremendously.

Purchased from site and received it in two days. Absolutely could not wait to try it out, so mounted it inside of windshield. The videos were far better than i expected from such a small package. I have tried others and found as you hit bumps the video did a split second freeze, not with this baby. No matter what bumps, railroad tracks i drove across the video remained stable and viewable. Almost like i had stabilization. If you pause your video the paused image looks like it was shot with still camera, it is that clear. Even driving down the road at 60mph and oncoming traffic at same speed, image is clear, with no motion streaks. So impressed i immediately ordered the batterypac and the lcd back pac. Now there is the issue, requires firmware upgrade.

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