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Does not have the best resolution, but what do you expect for such little money. Amazing that it can capture audio in the water as well. The camera does what they say it will. I do recommend using in full light situations, as it does require a nice sunny day for the best results.

I am giving this four stars because for me it has been very useful. I’ve been teaching scuba for years. I found this camera to be a lot of help when i’m training studnets in a pool. I can film students performing exercises (and show it back to them if they are having a particular problem with a skill). The students also like looking at the videos of themselves in dive gear swimming around the pool. It provides an inexpensive way to critique students but it also lets the students say ‘hey. I’m diving’i have also taken it on open water dives but if visibility is poor then the camera is useless. It worked out well on not-so-deep dives (to about 10 meters or less) on sunny days with good visibility. This is what it is: an inexpensive toy that can provide some useful videos to help with training, but it is also a light hearted way to have some fun and a few good laughs after a day of diving.

The camera takes fair pictures for its size, but it is not waterproof. The case is waterproof, the camera is not. The directions are almost non-existant. If i did not have experience with digital cameras, i would probably have sent it back. It does not come with any memory card, as most digital cameras do. This is a digital ‘box camera’. There is no zoom, preview screen, flash or settings. If you have a good computer program, you can manipulate the pictures, but you cannot see the pictures that were taken on it until it, or the memory chip, is connected to a computer or printer. If you want a very simple to use camera for situations where water is involved, and do not want to spend a lot of money, this camera will do the trick.

I love my gopro hero; but i sympathize with those who are unhappy with it- i think they just don’t ‘get it’. It is not a great point & shoot still camera since it is primarily a tiny video camera and recorder, and an indestructable one at that. It is best at videos of activities that would smash your camcorder to bits. My favorite feature is the time-lapse function for long bike rides, with the handlebar mount. Usually color & brightness is very good. Anyone having trouble should call gopro since the camera takes fine pictures.

This camera far surpassed my expectations. I paid $115 for it and wanted it for kayaking. I was willing to sacrifice picture quality for waterproof and most importantly the wrist strap. The wrist strap setup is top notch. It is so accessable and easy to use. I have not had any trouble with framing pictures in the view finder as some others have had. The only pictures that are hard to get is trying to get verticle pics because it is hard to position your arm and keep the camera straight with it strapped to your wrist. I was very impressed with the picture quality. I didn’t expect such crisp pictures from this camera. The only pictures that don’t turn out very well are indoor pictures, but who cares, you don’t need a waterproof camera indoors.

Quality is awesome for something so small and at the price too. Compare it with products twice it’s price.

  • well worth the money
  • A Lot of Uses in a Small Camera
  • GoGo WristCam! Great for Sports and Outdoor Snapshots

When i bought this camera, i kept in mind the low price tag and obviously the size and mobility of this thing. I ski, skateboard and surf, and this camera seemed ideal for catching footage that wouldn’t be possible any other way (without spending a lot of money on a nicer camera and waterproof/shock proof casing). While the ski season is over, and i haven’t gotten a chance to surf or ski with it yet, i have tested the waterproof casing and have taking lots of skating footage. The pictures come out alright, but don’t expect anything to great. The colors can be off given the lighting, and the detail somehow doesn’t quite look like 3 gigapixels. The case is waterproof as long as you clean the o-ring that helps seal the housing. The video mode is indeed the best quality of thego-pro 3, as it gives relatively clean footage and the mic catches voices and loud noises. It records in avi, and 55 minutes fits on a 2gb sd. The footage is nice looking, although i get a lot of frames where there are black squares that appear when i move the camera too violently or switch from dark to light quickly, or vice versa. One of the biggest concerns i had before buying it, is that people had complained about the battery life.

Bottom line: it’s ok for water sports, invest in a real video camera for land. I would recommend it for water sports. I use it surfing and tested it mountain biking. Pros – pretty good video in the water for only $140.Small w/ convenient usable wrist stap, stills or video, buy a 2gig card store 50min video; they offered to replace mine immediately as it was not recognized by the pc’s i tried to plug it into via the usb cable supplied, sound is acceptable but you’ll have to experiment to get it right. Don’t put your finger over the little mic on topcons – alkaline battery life is a joke, use lithium (rather expensive at $10 per 4 pack), no viewing screen, have to wait til you get home to see if you captured what you wanted, sound may not work w/ vista (i have a new pc w/ vista which has port for digital cards and although you can open the photos and videos for viewing, there is no sound on videos, to be fair, it’s not advertised to be compatible with vista), plastic case closure is weak, one of the 2 tangs broke rather quickly, it’ll take practice to get it to take video when you want video and stills when you want stills, forget using it on the wrist when riding mountain bike trails unless you are stationary filming someone else. Color balance is a bit off, reds are too bright and purples appear a bit pink. I believe the fact that none of the pc’s i plugged this into would recognize it is an anomoly. Tried laptops and desktops running xp and a very new pc w/ vista. The company offered to replace it no problem.

I’m giving this 5 stars as it works as advertised. For basically a $100 camera it’s excellent. It’s small, it’s portable, and with accessories available from the manufacturer you can attach this camera to bicycles, cars, motorcycles, helmets, kayaks, or just about anything. I’ve tested mine on my mountain bike and the video quality is excellent for a camera in this price range. Look at the gopro site or youtube for many examples of the video quality. The cons for this product would be the short battery life (i get 30 minutes of reliable service using alkaline aaa’s, gopro recommends using lithium ions) and the not totally reliable button actions. But again, you’re operating an affordable camera through a waferproof case, and once you’re used to how it operates you can get very good results out of it. If you want a camera to strap to your helmet, and don’t want to break your budget, this is the camera for you.

Es un buen producto, aguanta golpes y vibraciones, la he utlizado en mis montadas en bici todo terreno, aguanta golpes, pantano y lo mejor de todo, dejaremos el recuerdo de aquellos momentos inborrables de nuestras mentes y impresas en papel. Aunque es a veces dificil poner en el recuadro de la foto el objetivo, gracias a la tecnologia digital y a la capacidad de memoria de 2 gigas, se pueden tomar todas las fotos que uno quiera para evitar que aquel ‘super momento’ quede en pantalla.

You can’t beat the handiness of a camera that straps to your wrist and is waterproof. It’s so incredibly portable, and with a few steps, ready to snap pictures. You do need to buy a sd card (not included, around $40 for a 2gb) because the internal storage of the camera is not much. It will hold a 10sec video and a few pics, then it’s full. I would also buy rechargable batteries for it. The directions are ok, but not great. They don’t go into troubleshooting, so it was hard for me to know when the camera was full or had taken a picture. Once i conquered the storage issue, i had great success with the camera. The limitations are that it is difficult to frame the picture because the viewfinder is so small, there’s no zoom, focus or flash, and there’s no screen to view your shot. So you have to wait until you connect it to the computer to see what you got.

Features of GoPro Digital HERO 3 Sports Wrist Camera

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  • 3 megapixel all-season digital sports camera
  • Shoots TV quality 640×480, 30fps video (use internal or optional SD memory)
  • 16MB of internal memory and accepts up to a 2GB SD card
  • Pivots upright for on the fly photos or video
  • Waterproof up to 100 feet

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I tried the camera in a pool and i was disappointed with pictures. Then i tried putting it in video mode. On a scuba trip to belize i only used video which lasts about 50 minutes just about the time for one dive. After a little practice i had no trouble just pointing my wrist at the subject and usually was right on. The breathing sound definitely adds realism. The color is ok but changes with the light. The light is good and you still see color. The video is jerky when viewed raw but i run it though adobe premiere and converted it to 30 frames per second and the result was amazing.

This little camera is a great deal. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to capture underwater fun on their vacation. If you want a serious still or video underwater camera you should look elsewhere (and it will cost you). I bought it with the plan for using while snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming and have been pleased with the quality of all three. I didn’t have high expectations on the quality but was pretty impressed when i got the video and stills onto my computer. I was able to capture some elusive barracuda off in the distance. The still pictures of the ocean floor (down 10-15′ while snorkeling) were clear and bright. They put a lot of thought into features that you might need (auto picture taking, triple shot, hold settings from previous sessions, easy to delete if needed) so i appreciate their anticipation of user needs. They can’t cover every want, but they did well enough.

The camera is really very small and very practical to use under water and in movement. I’ve used it on a swimming pool, on waterfalls and on the sea as well, and the results were great. Still have not tried to use it on speed sports, though, but based on the results so far i believe it would have no problems to capture high speed scenes.

This camera does everything it says it will. I have used it to film kayak trips, and playing in the pool, it is great. Also, i had a small issue with the case, and i contacted gopro, they had fantastic customer service.They resolved my issue immediately and got me a new case sent out. Buy this camera, you can’t lose for the $$.

This camera does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It doesn’t take photos with the same quality as an slr, but its small, light, straps to your arm so you can surf with it, and takes decent pictures and videos. I recommend some rechargeable aaa batteries because they will last much longer than the disposable kind, and gigabyte sd card for some serious storage space. I’ve taken some good surf photos with this camera, and i have taken some underwater video in the swimming pool. As long as you’re not expecting a pro quality camera, you’ll really enjoy this. Before i got my gopro, i was worried that it would be annoying to paddle out with this thing strapped to my wrist, but it turns out you don’t even notice it when you’re surfing with it.

I used on a whitewater rafting trip and it took great pics and videos. I did have a problem with the camera after loaning to another passenger on the trip. If you want a company with great customer service – this is the camera to buy.The company went well beyond customer service to not only replace camera but also helped in retrieving my pics from a bad sd card.

3 megapixel all-season digital sports camera

We purchased the 3mp in july 2007 for our trip to hawaii. I chose this product over a camera-specific waterproof housing mainly because of the huge price differential (the go pro hero was much cheaper, even the latest 3mp version). The latest 3mp version was also an added bonus in terms of picture quality expectations. For our vacation, i forgot to bring the instructions, but after some trial and error it was fairly easy to figure out. Trial and error also includes figuring out the appropriate focal point – i found out that shots taken around 3-4 ft or closer came out blurry. Battery life is also a major issue, but as long as you’re aware of the short half-life and bring along plenty of aaa batteries, you’ll be fine. As one reviewer elsewhere pointed out, video-taking uses up the most battery power. One complication during our trip was the fact that one of the polycarbonate tabs that holds the clamp in place to maintain the seal snapped right off after only the 3rd use (i. , 3rd time unclamping to take out the sd card to download onto my computer).

I saw this camera on sale during a 4th of july sale at a sporting store that was way out of town. I looked at it and thought the camera will obviously not take good pictures or videos and will need alot of light to make things look decent. I could probably find it cheaper elsewhere if i looked online. So i went home, did some reseach on the internet and decided that i want it (for mountain biking, skiing, drag racing, etc). I went out of town again just to pick it up (savings negated by gas cost and my time). That night i decided that since i’m going to walk around the block, i’m going to try out the digital hero. Put the batteries in and walked around. I was out for about 15 minutes, but i could not shut the thing off once i got home. I pulled the battery out and back in to reset it.

Before buying this camera for kayaking, i read all the reviews and was hesitant, but decided to give it a shot. Alot of reviews criticize the picture quality. It’s clearly not a high res camera, and it’s not supposed to be, plus, you are taking a picture through the plastic waterproof case (which often is wet or spotted). I also saw alot of negative reviews regarding battery life. I put in a set of plain old energizer batteries, they have lasted several trips, 100+ pictures. Will only accept a 1 or 2 gig sd card, but those who were upset that it wouldn’t take a larger one should read the directions. All in all, very handy, pretty simple, and is convienently always there on my wrist to take pix.

Shoots TV quality 640×480, 30fps video (use internal or optional SD memory)

16MB of internal memory and accepts up to a 2GB SD card

Pivots upright for on the fly photos or video

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