GoPro Camera ACMPS-001 Composite Cable, What I needed

The cable i was sent was a hdmi a to hdmi mini and was not necessary. Amazon made the return easy but it was still a pain. 5 mm jack to rca video out is available online at a significant savings,just in case you want to know. It used to be included with the hero go pros and still should be a part of the basic camera package i feel.

I needed to see what the gopro was seeing so i would know were to point it. Hooked it to a tiny monitor and now i’m ready for the road trip. The hook up is live streaming so you don’t have to be recording to get an image. Also there is no delay like you get with the wifi connection. Can also be connected to a fpv system for remote use. I guess i should mention it was intended to be directly connected to a tv or monitor as a composite video feed.

After searching high and low and also purchasing another cable that didn’t work so well, i wanted to try this one. I have the veho muvi hd gumball 300 edition and this cable seems to work perfectly with it. So if you are searching as i was then search no further.

Key specs for GoPro Camera ACMPS-001 Composite Cable:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Connect your HD HERO to your TV
  • View playback and preview directly on your TV in SD
  • Works to preview both video and still photography

Comments from buyers

“Great Quality
, For your Hero2 TV OUT SIGNAL
, Wrong cable sent

Works fine and is well made, fittings are good and connect well. I have had zero problems and do not expect any.

Quality cable, not much to review. Does what it’s made to do, nothing more nothing less. Would recommend to prospective buyers.

I had a composite cable but it was not compatible with my gopro. But now i made a rig with one of my monitors that works perfect using this cable.

This cable is made very well, better than expected. I have it hooked up to the side of my hd tv and just plug it into my gopro camera to play what we shot during the day. I keep the camera mounted on my motorcycle for trips on the weekends and just hit on or off when ever something comes up. Have bin riding for years and never saw a bear, my wife see’s them all the time. Well thanks to gopro i finally got to see one.

Just for backup if at a location that does not have usb connections for video play back or transfer capabilities.

We have not had a chance to use this cable yet. Hope to this weekend as our temperature reach 105 degrees and we will be in our house cave watching tv.

Just what the doctor ordered. Works perfectly and is just what i needed for tv playback from my gopro 2.

Couldn’t find this anywhere around town. Went in to a few local retailers and asked for the 2. They all looked at me as if i were crazy. Anyway ordered it here and since it’s gopro i knew it would work since it was made for my intended purpose. I use mine with a small lcd tv and gopro hero2. Works flawlessly and gives me a 7′ monitor for viewing or framing shots.

Does what it is suppose to do. Nothing that special – typical overpriced gopro item.

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