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This little camera is a lot packed in a little package. I expected to receive a little plastic camera. Nope, it’s a sturdy metal piece of equipment. It came packaged very nicely, with a cute display. In the package it came with all mounts and things to attach it to anything i needed to, as well as water proofing rings to take it under water. It even comes with 4gb memory card. Plus, it’s rechargeable which i love and the battery lasts about 2hrs. It takes pictures, videos and can use it as a webcam. I was very pleased with the quality of the video and pictures. If i would add anything to it, it would be maybe a little screen, maybe in the side or top as a viewfinder.

The camera did not get the power cable.

Don’t let the price think you are getting a cheapy camera. This camera works great and is well put together. I have been quite apprehensive to give my 9 year old daredevil my expensive go pro, but this camera quickly became the alternative. It is very easy to use the accessories that are included, first one he used was the helmet attachment. And to say the least that this camera has a great outer shell, when he crashed, it held up and my son and his camera for adventures were back up and capturing moments again in no time. The video quality is great, not grainy (and i will try to upload an edited video from it once i figure that program out on my computer). I received my camera at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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  • Record Action Shots Anywhere: Whether using for stills or videos, this 3.5″ long camera attaches quickly & easily to helmets, handlebars, and other surfaces for hands
  • free filming of all your Xtreme adventures, from skateboarding to motocross.
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Comments from buyers

“came with only one battery.
, Good value
, Affordable helmet cam.

Ok i’ll be honest about this cam. I put it on my motorcycle sportsbike. It takes very clear videos or pictures it has a little slide switch for pic or video, color is great the sound is good it comes with a underwater rear cap i drilled a hole in that to allow more sound into the cam it seems to do the trick over the cap that it has for regular recording. Now the bad,it records up to 5 minute intervals or about 577 mb. So if your video is 30 minutes it will be broken up in 5 minute segments. The videos get wavy over 60 mph. It’s a ok cam get a video editor to put the segments together.

Small and nice camera, good price for this quality, i use this with my motorcycle in my helmet and i can see all license plates. You will need a 16gb or 32sd sd for recording. Bad things battery, they lie, in anounsement they said ‘battery (2 pcs)’, is not real, came only with one battery and it has duration of 45minutes recording. All recordings are of shorts of 5minutes like 500mb of memory each one. Fixing foam is not the best you will need to take care with this and refix this every month. Cheap camera but good for this price, is a good small kit.

The short story is that, unfortunately, the camera i purchased was defective and failed about one week after i purchased it; however, i don’t necessarily consider my experience bad. Pros:good quality videosleek, low-profile designdecent pricepretty much every form of mount you might need for whatever fits your fancyo-rings, grease, and special cap for waterproofingcons:muffled audioonly about 2 hours recording timebare-bones build (e. , camera doesn’t compensate for position, so if the button isn’t on top the video will be upside-down; programming the date/time is in no way intuitive or otherwise plug-n-play; apparently only charges when connected to a computer, if a special charger for the batteries isn’t available; no night-vision capability)as for my personal experience, the camera worked fine for a week or so. Then i noticed that i wasn’t getting the two hours of recording time out of it. I studied it and saw that the light would blink normally, at first, then it would slow to roughly twenty-second intervals, then forty. Then the light would get stuck, and i couldn’t turn it off until the battery died or some internal failsafe was triggered or the like. When this happened, the files would end up corrupted. Very quickly, every time i attempted to record the files would be corrupted. I contacted the seller with details of the issue, it was determined that the camera was defective, and i received a refund.

For the price point, i don’t think there is a better camera on the market. This camera continues to exceed expectations every time i use it. I am not an adrenaline junkie or extreme sports enthusiast, but when my wife and i took a vacation and went snorkeling, this camera provided us with the lasting memory we were looking for. Much less expensive to buy this camera than to rent a gopro for a week. Similar mounting hardware to the gopro and extremely user-friendly. Great purchasedisclaimer: i received this product at a discount exchange for writing an honest and unbiased product review.

Wish there was a way to extend the recording blocks to last more than 5 minutes, but otherwise perfect for use as a helmet cam while on my motorcycle.

5 stars based on what you get for the price. It is sturdy, comes with a waterproof lid, and you can download vids to the computer with the included micro usb cord. I do wonder how long the battery will last, but for this price, you can always buy another. Picture quality is decent, you get around 90 min on a charge, and there is also the option of taking automatic still frames every 3 sec. Build quality seems pretty good- the outer body is metal, maybe aluminum.

Not exactly a real high quality camera, but quite affordable and works pretty well. Good thing about it is it’s cheap and if you’re wearing the camera as a helmet cam and you crash, you don’t have a lot of cash wrapped up in it.

Tthe camera being sold is not the one in the specs. . The one being sent fujita japan xtreme sports camera hd-lite 2. The one the add is a 12 mega pixel.

This is a great dual functioning camera that is perfect fro if you are looking for something similar to a gopro. It is perfect to use for action shots as well as activity shots from a first person view. I love how i am able to record for 3 hours at a time and capture all of the footage that i need. The clarity is perfect and i love how clear and crisp the output is as well. I love how it can dual as a dash cam if preferred and is wifi enabled to transfer the data if i need it quickly. I am so grateful i was chosen to review this product for my honest and unbiased opinion at a reduced rate.

The listing says 12 mega pixels, but the box says 5. Haven’t tried the camera yet.

Disclaimer: i received this product at a discount exchange for writing an honest and unbiased product review. Works great except for a poor fitting battery connection. . Can’t really recharge easily since the battery keeps slipping out. Also when i put the cap on, it would not make a connection. Put a cue-tip in the cap and this seems to work so far. Good performance, but not so good build quality. Hey we all get lemons here and there.

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