Flip Video Flip UltraHD Video Camera 4 GB : Great!

Decided to try one of these to share videos with family across country. Handy, lightweight and easy to use.

We recently took our new flip ultra hd on a ski trip to nm. Caught all of the fumbles and falls. Can’t find anything bad to say about it.

Small compact hd simple to use fits right in my purse always nice to have it when the mood strikes.

Cant go wrong with this purchase. Its a great little camera that you can take everywhere. There is no light but it still does fairly well in low lighting.

I purchased this camera to replace my daughter’s standard flip video that i lost. The hd version really does make a difference. The response time is faster (turning off and on, stopping and starting), the picture quality is clearer, and the sound is easier to hear.

Flip UltraHD Video Camera 4 GB (Magenta) : A very convenient tool for recording memories of all sorts. Too bad the company isn’t going to stand by them for long, but by the time they fade off the scene perhaps the next generation of handy cams will be on the market by another company. I would hope that the recharging function were just a bit simpler but i can live with it for now.

This little camera is so neato. It came in a cute little box and you just put the batteries in the camera and start playing with it right away. I plugged it into my netbook (i have an acer aspire one) it put the software onto the computer and that was it. For it to have dowloaded software and 4 videos in about 10 minutes i was impressed, plus i don’t really have a fancy dancy computer either. I really like it and it’s perfect for catching those quick fun moments instead of finding the tape to go in the camcorder and the battery and extra tapes and batteries. And don’t record over something already on that tape. Anyway it is fun and i can’t wait to get home and play with it some more.

The camera is fun and very easy for my 60-something mom to use. . However, when the video is expanded on the computer, the picture is grainy and jumpy. If you keep it at the small size it’s fine.

The camera came earlier then what it was anticipated which was great since i needed it for a gift very easy to use. I cant really say to much how about the camera as it was a gift but my daughter hasnt said anything bad about it either.

I use this awesome little camera to capture my teachers’ lectures and powerpoint presentations. This camera is quiet, lightweight, and not very distracting. It uploads to my laptop very easily – literally just ‘plug & play’. It is well worth what’s paid for it and i’ve recommended it to many other vet tech students.The only thing i don’t like is the little red light that turns on when it’s recording – but i used to be a private eye so i like cameras to be discreet (and a little pink duct tape took care of that) oh, and go ahead and purchase some aa batteries.

There was no wrist strap or protective carrying pouch in either of the flip ultrahd video cameras i received today. Also, now you are including a $20 gift certificate for each camera purchased. I have not used the cameras because they are gifts.

I ordered this camera for my daughter and she has had a lot of fun with it. She is 12 so it is easy to use and set up.

However, drains batteries very quickly.

I don’t own this myself as it was a present for friend 2 yrs ago. She loved it and uses it from time to time. Seeing the videos she made, isn’t bad. Also its very light weight which is both good and bad. I don’t know if there is a stabilizer, but, if not, you need to have steady hands. I’ve seen some videos online that shot with this type of camera and it gave me a headache because of camera shake. Its good for taking short videos.

I did a lot of research for my mom’s birthday present. I wanted to get her a low end camera (since that’s all i have the budge for) after watching many reviews i saw that the kodak camera had a few features that the flip did not have such as 1080p and the ability to add a microphone. In the end i went for what was simple and thought i would be giving up a lot of quality for it. The quality was much better then i thought it would be. I was very pleased with the product. We bought it to capture videos of my niece.

Can’t believe the clarity that comes across a 42′ screen. This smalll camea does so much more than i imagined. . I actually compared it with others including the sony bloggie.

It’s bulky and eats aa batteries like candy. The video quality is nice, though. I will be returning this and spend a little more money for a better quality camera. It’s great for a kid if you are worried about it getting broke. Also, it doesn’t have a flash to take videos at night which is bad.

This is a great product for easy videos. I wish i had paid more attention, though. It will not take still pictures, as well as videos. I bought them to use in a classroom and was hoping to use them both still and video. Just a warning to those of you that might be thinking the same thing. Great company to purchase from, as they were here before the bill arrived.

I ended up returning this item, but only because i found an 8 gb 2 hour version for $10 more. The camera came in perfect condition and was shipped fast. I was impressed by the high quality of the picture and sound.

We had ordered this camera for my daughter, who makes short videos for youtube. It is very nice, very easy to use and very light. We ordered it with a tripod, which is perfect for what she needs it for. The only two reasons why i gave 4 stars, not 5 are:1. Zooming is not the best (however it does not get blurry and is enough for my daughter). It would be better, if the opening on the bottom of the camera for attaching the tripod would be in the middle of the camera. Since it is more to one side on the bottom, it is a bit unstable, unless the tripod’s legs are well fixed, so it will not fall. It is not a huge problem, but at first you have to be careful. Other than that it makes great quality videos and extremely easy to use.

I bought this camera to use in my classroom and am so glad that i did. It is easy and there is no need for cords or special software. I am not a video buff and don’t know all of the tech, so there may be something newer/better, but it works great for simple video filming, viewing, editing, etc.

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