Flip Video Flip Ultra Video Camera – Pink – Best Investment I Ever Made!

I admit, i’m technically challenged. Its so easy to use and the pictures are pretty darn clear. The problem starts once the pictures are taken. Yes, i plug it into my computer using the handy little arm. And that’s where the challenge starts. How do i send my video to others?.How do i do anything with the pictures???.

My favorite video device ever . I am a photographer and my camera bag is so heavy from camera lenses and equipment. It is a pleasure to carry this compact video camera right in my purse. Takes beautiful videos which are easy to upload to my laptop. I have purchased 5 more to give as gifts to family. My teens ( 13-18) love this to upload videos to you tube and facebook.

I purchased the 1st generation last year for personal use and i love it. I wanted something simple to use without reading a 200 page instructional manual. Our office staff purchased this one for our ‘fearless leader’ i. Boss, because we knew full well anything more complicated would be stored in a drawer to be forgotten. He used it immediately and was surprised he could operate it intuitively. But the best surprise has been in the quality of both the video and audio which has surpassed my expectations along with my husband’s, the owner of quality cameras. So if anyone has any inkling whether to purchase it or not, go ahead. You’ll enjoy it and the hours of viewing great memories you would not otherwise have.

I bought this camera for my son so he could send us videos of our new grand children. I own an older model, and have to say, this camera performs as good as my $380 sony camcorder. It’s video quality is great. Battery life using std alkaline batteries is way longer than the two hours of video the camera will hold. Night recording is exactly what you see with your own eyes. 🙂 sound is very good and it picks up what you hear. I gave it 5 stars because it deserves 5 stars.

I actually bought this for a friend’s wedding gift, so i review based on the video she has shown me, and the things she has said about it. The footage i’ve seen is pretty decent. Just don’t breathe too hard or you’ll hear it on playback. Getting a still shot is pretty tough, so if you have the need for that, get something that isn’t hand-held. There aren’t a whole lot of options to play with, so it’s pretty user-friendly – unless you like options heheshe did say that she wished it had still photo capability, so keep in mind that this product doesn’t take stills, like a lot of other hand-held cameras. But as far as video goes, she got some nice footage of her trip and when she got back, some clear video of her baby nephew. It’s kind of cool that it doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall or computer to charge, just standard batteries. She went ahead and got the lithium kind specifically made for electronics. All in all, it’s not too bad, but for a bit more money, i would probably get something that has a few more features.

I was skeptical when i bought this camera thinking it couldn’t be that much better than taking video with my cell phone. The only complaint that i have is that if you put it on the big screen the pixels are a little distorted, but honestly that was to be expected. I carry it around in my purse or in my pocket and whenever the kids are having a kodak moment, or we just want to remember something, i just pull it out, turn it on, and press record. Even my less technically inclined family members love it. It is so simple i dare say that my 84 year old grandmother could use it if she wanted. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone, especially those who have kids and understand how hard it is to always have a camera on hand. This is the perfect solution.

  • Excellent, Compact Camcorder
  • A great camera that will be missed
  • My favorite video device ever

Don’t buy this item if you need pristine video quality, filtering effects, powerful zoom, and need to shoot at night. Do buy the flip ultra if you want to capture lifes wonderful moments with a click, post you tube clips for family or friends, and want to play amature film maker with the awesome built in editing software. I’m 48, and i feel like a kid using this thing. The video quality is acceptable, as well as the sound. This camera is also good for reviews, in which i use the flip on for musical items, like guitars and effects pedals. In addition, i use it as a song writting tool, to video capture my ideas. For $114, and free shipping, you can’t go wrong.

I bought this as a gift for my 13 yr old niece. Before giving it to her i wanted to make sure that i understood how it works in case she should have a question. From the moment i opened the package i could start shooting in about 5 minutes. Recording, playing back and even watching the video recorded on tv is a snap. Basic editing (the only thing i have tried so far) is a breeze as well. The best part is sharing – there is a link sent out rather than the file itself, so no matter how big or small the video file. Everyone can get it right in their mailbox. The only con is the level / kind of zoom function. Its limited and does tend to change the colour tones – especially under indoor limited lighting.

This is the second black flip i have order from you through my amazon prime. Both of them have been in great working condition, aside from minor scratches, it also have bring great joy to my friend who has severe autism. For her flip is essential and she tend to use it till it’s on its last legs. So as a friend i am happy to first find it on amazon but even more grateful to find a solid seller who has it. I will definitely keep on buying flips from you. Thank you for making my friends day and bring joy to her face.

I purchased this for personal use for myself and my 8 year old daughter. Simply turn it on, and press the red button to start and stop recording. You can start and stop the recording as many times as you would like, creating many small videos. My daughter took to it right away with no explaination of how to use it. She and her cousins created many short videos. Once they finished, i plugged the flip into my computer using the built in usb connect. I simply uploaded the videos to my computer and deleted them off the flip. The kids enjoyed watching the videos they just created. No bulky camera to carry around. I have used the flip for many different things, from silly videos to school work, soccer games to birthday parties. The zoom isn’t amazing, but the pictures that come from the videos are sharp and clear.

I bought this to record a special event, which i did earlier today. I have had many cameras and camcorders over the years to compare this to, and this one is good. But there are a few things they can improve on. Prosthe flip is comfortable in my hand, easy to hold, all buttons are in convenient places. They put thought into the design. It is easy to use, no learning curve. Turn it on, press the button. It has a pause, replay, delete. When i turned it on, it is silent.

Features of Flip Ultra Video Camera – Pink, 4 GB, 2 Hours (2nd Generation)

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  • Easy-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder featuring one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Captures 120 minutes of full VGA-quality video on 4 GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required
  • Convenient flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your computer to launch FlipShare software
  • Built-in FlipShare software lets you easily email videos, edit individual clips, and upload video to sharing sites like YouTube and MySpace
  • Large 2-inch color LCD screen to play back and delete videos

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Love, love, love this product. I attend a lot of concerts and use the flip to capture memories. Prior to the flip, i just used my digital camera’s video mode. The display screen is big enough that i can watch the concerts without feeling like i’ve been watching the camera the entire show. The sound quality is fantastic. It filters out a lot of background noise. Most times i can sing along and you can’t hear me, and the bands still sound perfect and not at all muffled. It has a wonderful stabilizer. The thing i hated about my digital camera’s video mode is that i would get shaky or people would bump me.

The camera is what to be expected, good quality for the price. We took it snorkeling on two seperate occasions once in the carribean and once off the coast of mexico and also to a waterpark using the underwater case that is available to purchase. I love that it easily holds 2 hours of video, pretty good quality, i love that it so easy to connect to your computer. We have had it for a long time and still have not changed the batteries, which is amazingits a great camera for younger kids and teenagers who like capturing video. We use the flip video software and capture frame-by-frame photos from the videos once we download them to our computers, which is a great feature; however, the quality for these captured photos are not the same as you would get from a nice digital camera but still, really good. I think its a great price & good value.

I have been reading reviews about the flip for monthss and saw that most everyone loves it. My sister had borrowed one from a friend and loved it too. So, when i saw a special price on this before christmas, i took the plunge. The only negative thing i have to comment on. And this might not be a problem, but i haven’t yet found a solution. . Is that i have not yet found a way to transfer movies i have made with this onto a dvd. I get error mesaages each time i try. The research i have read seems to be conflicting with some saying i have to find some sort of flie converter software to make this work. . Most of which costs $35-$40 to buy. The movies and videos take up a lot of memory on the computer, so i want to trasfer them to dvd, but run into problems each time i try.

I was amazed at how rapidly this was delivered during the christmas season – it came from [. in about 2 days with regular shipping. I was debating between the new kodak “flip” and this hd flip. The kodak was not stocked anywhere so i bought this as a gift for my teenage daughter. I got the version in white which she loves. Operation is very easy, interconnection with her laptop was simple, video quality is great, and audio is acceptable (this is not the device to expect quality recordings of live string quartets or other similar music – the microphone is fine for voice, but not for high fidelity music – there is no external microphone jack either). The camera comes with pc software to help file and categorize videos. The hd videos from this camera would not play on our standard pc software (windows media player) – i suspect a codec is missing somewhere. However, the videos played fine in the flip software running on the laptop. The device is very portable. ]

Had trouble with the first flip ultra i got and got fast help from customer service at flip, but the same malfunction happened again and i decided to return it. I had never returned a product i purchased at amazon before, but this was so quick and easy. Filled out their form and printed the return barcode and return label and whiz they shipped me the replacement over night and it works like a charm. Will never hesitate to order any electronics from amazon. And this flip ultra is so easy to use and so much fun.  flip ultra camcorder 2nd generation, 120 minutes (pink).

It has increased 30% in price since i purchased it, but it’s still a great deal. It’s small and convenient for taking to special events like concerts. And because it was inexpensive, i don’t worry or fuss over losing it or damaging it, like i would with my $600 digital camera. It is extremely easy and user-friendly. You take your movies with a push of a button, then just plug it into your computer. Automatically it will load built-in software to your pc or laptop, and the software is so simple to use. 😉 you can take a whole bunch of movies and edit them, and combine them to make your own longer movie. You can add sound to your movie that is in the software, or load your own music from an mp3.

Easy-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder featuring one-touch recording and digital zoom

Quick summary: after having this a month now, i can attest to how great this product is — not because of the amazing video quality (it’s just okay), but the cost/performance value is remarkable. It’s great for older kids who can take care of their electronics, and it’s a great choice for outdoor scenes which might otherwise damage more expensive video equipment. Highly recommendedi bought this flip camcorder as a christmas present for my 11yo daughter. It was her most expensive christmas present, and (happily) it’s the one she’s still using one month after christmas. Because *she* has a videocamera, we’re getting family videos created that are absolutely hilarious, as she’s able to capture the craziness of a house filled with four young children. I love the extemporaneous shots she’s getting of kids being kids. Awesomei love that the camera is portable enough to easily take it to the beach, where i would otherwise not have my much more expensive canon hd camcorder. I’m afraid of the salt spray coming off the beach to bring my expensive canon camcorder, but this flip is easy to take to the beach — we’re not obsessed over keeping the lens clean, and when it gets dirty, we just use a tee-shirt to wipe it off. The plastic housing over the actual lens is easily cleaned.

I love this little camera, even my kids love to use it. I keep it close by me all the time, and can take it out, turn it on, and press record within a matter of seconds, so i never miss a great opportunitywe’ve now increased our family home movies, and great memories captured as a result of using the flip. And the hd quality is actually very good. The only thing i don’t like is that it uses aa batteries, instead of a rechargeable li-ion battery, although i suspect that they do have those available, i just need to find them somewhere. At any rate, the quality is outstanding, the hand shake isn’t as bad as some of the other reviews i read, suggested. Overall, i love this camcorder, and would recommend it highly.

I bought this camcorder to share my life, and my kids’ lives, with my parents overseas. We can take this camera everywhere, and we have. Just pull it out, press a button, and start taking great easy-to-edit video. Bring the camera home, plug it into your computer, and after a few minutes of editing (or none at all), you can email a link to it for family and friends to see, post a youtube video, or a video on facebook. It’s so easy, even a ten-year-old could use it. My parents love the way it keeps them up-to-date with what we’re doing here in the usa. This little camcorder is just such a wonderful, affordable marvel. My one wish is that flip would update the software so it could easily upload amazon video reviews. As is, you have to use a different program to first convert it to a format that works for amazon.

The quality is fine for what i use it for. I have been making small video’s of my granddaughter to burn to disc so that she will have these when she becomes an adult. It would be nice to have a closer zoom on it though, and the battery life isn’t long. Just make sure that you always carry extra batteries, which really isn’t a big deal. All in all, for a low end video camera, you can’t beat the price and how simple it is to use. I almost forgot, the plug and play software is simple toothis was purchased through amazon, and as always, i received my order when promised.

I needed something fairly inexpensive and simple for me and my friends to operate as we ‘taped’ each other’s horseback riding lessons with the intention of using the immediate feedback to improve our skills. This flip ultra not only met but exceeded my expectations for that purpose. I had the camcorder up and running within minutes of opening the box; the user guide it came with and the support on the flip website are thorough and well done (not that you really need either one to get started). The video screen is large and bright enough for us to view the playback in the arena, and the ability to share the videos with each other via email or a flip channel was a plus. I was impressed with how the camcorder handles the low-light conditions often found in an indoor arena, and our voices were heard easily (both in front of and behind the camera) over the sounds of horses snorting and rain pelting the roof. The batteries that came with the camera are still going strong after an hour of running time; it is also great to know that i can also use rechargeable batteries if i want to. Although the thin cloth case is not enough to protect the camera if dropped, it is certainly adequate and appreciated for protecting the camera from dust between uses. And downloading videos to a pc was a snap: just plug the camera into a usb port, let it download the flipshare software, crop out the embarrassing bits (like when one of us falls off), and share the videosthe only negative i can think of that might sway someone toward another model is the resolution. At 640×480, videos are pixelated when viewed full-screen on a 19′ computer monitor. If i needed videos of a more professional quality (for example, for horse sales), i would consider buying the hd model instead.

I hardly ever leave comments on something i buy from amazon. But this product i cannot pass up. This is a great camcorder for the price. If you want something very basic and simple to use, this is the camcorder for you. The picture & sound are crisp & clear. I’ve read reviews that uploading to youtube, the picture and sound were degraded. This is not the case for me. Also, the software program is very easy to use, and makes it very easy to make movies. You can add sound, mix clips together etc. It will even upload to youtube for you. I’ve tried it both ways, from the flipshare program, and from youtube, and have had no problems whatsoever. Plus the software is always with the camera. No need to carry a disk around.

Captures 120 minutes of full VGA-quality video on 4 GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required

I bought this camcorder for my nephew. Over the holidays we played around with it and made some videos, which, to my surprise, came out very sharp in picture and in sound. It was also easy to transfer to my computer (macbook pro). However, we had to send the first one back as it froze for some reason while using it the second day. We switched batteries to see if that might have been the cause, but it wasn’t. I called the manufacturer and was informed to get a replacement since it was only a few days old. Since my nephew was really happy with it otherwise and due to the fact the the majority of the feedback is positive, we did in fact replace it for another one. This time, everything is up to par. For the money and for what it is, it’s worth buying. I am thinking about purchasing one for myself.

Just by chance i happened to come across the flip ultra 2nd generation last week when the price was at $89. Even for a bit higher this little gem is so worth it and thanks to laura i’s video review- in which she actually uses it and shows the quality of the imaging and ease of use with this unit- i was sold in the few mins that it took to watch her vid. Mine arrived this past week and i have been experimenting with it and believe me- it is so easy to use- i can’t get over that even someone like myself who hates to mess with a bunch of buttons, but at the same time, loves to preserve those once in a lifetime moments, could be more happier with a purchase.This is the most economical and best investment for just that. For myself- i don’t feel the need at this time to worry about having the hd option on the higher end items. I mainly use these vids to upload to emails, blogs and what not- i suppose down the road if i the need for hd, i would consider upgrading to hd, but i have viewed a video i shot with this unit on our hd televsion and honestly- i’m content with the quality of the video. The main things for me, is that i was able to open the package when it arrived, put the aa batteries in, and after reading the rest of the instructions, which are short and right to the point note card- shot some short clips- slid open the side usb stick- connected it to my computer- and at the same time- the flipvdieo software package was being uploaded onto my computer-how nice- no extra disc to worry about, it’s all in the flip, then uploaded and emailed the video shorts i had just created within the first hour of receiving this. I give this 5 stars all the way and have now ordered the tripod that goes along with it- another great investment that i know will come in handy.

Bought 2 of these as xmas gifts. One for my 11-yr-old niece & the other for my 21-yr old daughter in college. They both love it – it was their favorite gift. Extremely easy to use, just turn it on & press the red button. The niece uses it for fun at home & school as well as having her father film her hockey games. She has learned how to upload and save files using it. It doesn’t get a real close up of her on the ice but it’s not bad and it handles the fast motion of skaters very well. My 21-yr-old daughter is in a dance group at college and films her dance routines with it and then effortlessly uploads them to youtube and the school’s website. Often she just asks random folks in the audience to take the video it’s that easy (very easy to hold).

 i’ve made a video review, using the flip ultra camcorder, so that you can see the audio/video quality (keep in mind i had to compress the video a little bit for amazon), and i also show how to use the camcorder. In my opinion, this is an excellent camcorder for a novice, or someone who just wants an easy to use camcorder that is small and compact. I personally don’t need more than 2 hours recording time and it’s wonderful not having to purchase tapes. The price is actually less than many digital cameras. I’ve wanted to own a camcorder for a long time, and the flip ultra has finally met my standards for: quality, value, and ease of use.

I bought this because i wanted to make videos for youtube. And the flip is perfect for that and so much more. I don’t think you could find anyone on the planet who couldn’t make good use of a digital camcorder. The flip is so easy to use, the quality is excellent. I took it to a local show at a bar and i thought the playback would be distorted and since it was dark i figured the band footage really wouldn’t show up – and boy was i wrong. The sound came out great and even though it was incredibly dark, the camera picked up everything. The flipshare program is also very easy to use. You can email videos or upload to facebook, youtube, etc right from the program. I have been using my flip for 2 weeks nearly every day and i love love love it. This would make a great gift for anyone.

This is a great little camera for the price. It is small and light, so it fits right in my purse. It is extremely easy to use – the software downloads itself. When you are ready to use it, it turns on in an instant and is ready to record. You don’t need to search around the thing to make sure the settings are right. The flip program organizes them for you and you can e-mail them, send an e-card, burn them to a dvd or send the videos to your own webpage (created by flip) very easily. It also comes with the batteriesi’ve used it outdoors and indoors and both settings have recorded just fine. Watch out for low-light situations because it doesn’t have a light and your video will be very dark, leading to a disappointing result. This camera is great for taping my kids, and i’ve been delighted to have it on hand for those moments when you say, ‘gee, where’s my camera?’.

Before being purchased by cisco, flip video was the go pro for the masses. The video quality and sound are equal to the subsequent go-pro cameras for a fraction of the cost. I used this camera mounted on my roll bar of a 50’s sports racing car for years before go-pro and while it doesn’t have many of the features that go-pro has it was very serviceable camera. This product was abandoned before a quality advertising campaign could boost it into the stratosphere.

Convenient flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your computer to launch FlipShare software

My wife and i are ballroom dancers and needed a video camera that was portable yet had good quality in all lighting. I used the camera to film several dance showcases. Several other people brought their video camera of various sizes and qualities. Although the lighting was low, the videos from the flip were the preferred videos for the event. It was so easy to use, captured movement with no blurring, sending videos through email and facebook was quick with no set up. Extracting still photos from the video was painless and produced excellent stills quality. I’ve used the flip since to record dance lessons, groups and events other than dancing. Its a go-anywhere do anything camera. The only problem is that, like me, you may stop bringing your larger costly video cameras with you, and they become dust collectors. There’s only one setting for the flip: easy with great results.

I have so far only used the video a couple of times and am not disappointed. For those of you who are reading this who have not yet purchased. Be forewarned that in order to use it and then send the videos via e-mail to your friends and family, you must use the flip share software. I made the mistake of saving my video to my computer, thinking i could send it via my own e-mail program and it is simply too big (even though it was only 30 seconds long) and having deleted it from the flip, it was too late for me to send that video to others. So the next time i used the flip share technique to e-mail it before transferring it to my computer, and it was great. I can’t say how well it will hold up because i haven’t used it enough. But i do love how user friendly it is.

I’m known as the family photographer not because of special training but just because i take pictures / video at almost every family function and though i am an amature, i’m told i’ve taken some really good pics / video. That being said, i wanted something that was portable, easy to use and small to capture not only those family moments but those spontaneous moments with friends and life in general. The flip ultra 2nd generation is that video camera. Its not fancy but if you’re in it for the fun of it and want good quality video that you can e-mail to friends/family or upload to social websites, then the flip video camera will be your newest friend. No video tapes to buy and no extensive ‘how to’ to read. Just plug and play and you can use it on different computers so you are not tied down to having the software on just one computer as the sofware is in the camera itself. You can’t take pictures with it but i have my digital for that so its no biggie. Simple but good quality is what i wanted and that is what i got.

This video camera has done all it promised to do. It is easy to use, holds a good 2 hours of recordings, and is easy on battery life. At first, i had trouble downloading videos to my computer, but when i contacted the seller, he very patiently helped me resolve the issue. I am now easily able to download the videos. The seller has provided excellent support and customer service from the very beginning. The only reason i did not give it the full 5 stars is because the process of downloading videos is not as simple as youtube would have you believe.

This is an awesome little gadget. I have used it for about a month now to record video footage of clients with whom i work. I generally record clips five minutes or less in length. Uploading them and sharing them with team members who work with the client has been a piece of cake and a wonderful answer to what has been a really big problem with sharing information.Everytime i upload a new video i can simply send out an email to those who need to see it and they get an email with a link stating they have a new video to watch. It’s one of the best gadgets i’ve seen in a long time.

I do not go ga-ga over the latest gadgets. I am the kind of person who choses technology to satisfy a need that i have. This recorder fits the bill. I didn’t want to purchase something that others have deemed a poor choice, or ineffective, or inefficient, or too costly – you get the point. The portability, ease of use, and quick start-up of this camera make it perfect for someone like me. Any parent knows that when children are doing something cute, it probably won’t last long enough to get out the video camera. This little camera turns on so quickly, and is ready go, with easy to use buttons large enough even for my father’s fingers to find, that i’m not missing those key moments. The photographer with the really expensive camera collection. Even he was impressed with the image quality this little camera offers. I would recommend this to any of my friends or family.

Built-in FlipShare software lets you easily email videos, edit individual clips, and upload video to sharing sites like YouTube and MySpace

I just returned from europe where i used this camera with ease and was able to capture beautiful ‘portraits’ of people in personal interviews since the camera has no fuss and is small, the interviews were spontaneous and un-self conscious. I wish the zoom was stronger, but not bad considering the size of the camera. The sound is also very limited and often couldnt hear the voice of the person speaking. When i made a movie using the flip program, the music(even on the soft setting) over-powers the sound on the camera. There is no way to play sound inbetween the voices/sounds from the camera. I love the feature of the flip program ‘take a photo’ and was able to get some fantastic photos. The video editing is very limited. Maybe they are coming out with a more advanced program, but was only able to cut the beginning or end of each video, nothing in the middle. So, all in all for the size and convenience, it’s a great little video camera for recording events/travel. But, for anything artistic, not good.

I wanted to find a camcorder that was inexpensive, easy to use. I also wanted to be able to share the videos on facebook or youtube. This camcorder met my expectations. At 1st i wasn’t sure if i’d like it, but i am so happy with my purchase. I bought this flip camcorder when i was 9 months pregnant with my daughter. She is almost 4 months old now and i use my camera almost everyday. I’ve recorded her smiling, cooing, babbling, crying, laughing, and just recently rolling over. It’s great, because within seconds of turning it on, you’re ready to start recording. It’s easy to capture spur of the moment events with the flip. It is so easy to plug it into my laptop to save and edit the videos. I have even used the photo capture feature to get a picture of my daughter smiling. I can easily upload the videos onto facebook and youtube, to share with my friends and family. My other camcorder saved the files in a format that had to be converted and it was a major pain. I was never able to upload videos onto the internet.

Improvement from the first generation flimcam is like going from vhs to dvd on an hdtv. The definition is 4 times higher with progressive scan and 4:2:2 chroma sub sampling in h. I’m not sure if upgrading to a flipultra hd will be as much of a leap forward. Chroma is well saturated in the picture with no bars and no static indoors at night in incandescent lighting. In low light, things tended to look red and blue with the flipcam, no more red and blue with h. The flipcam didn’t have picture agc. The flipultra has picture agc (auto gain control). Don’t ever use the digital zoom, it makes your picture look terrible.

I currently have one flip that i bought in 09 and am considering purchasing another one. It’s a great camera that has good video quality, sound, and best of all it’s easy to use. Turn it on, press the big red button and you are recording. A few things i don’t like about the camera are the lack of editing abilities with the software (like flipping the video) and not being able to fast forward while viewing a video on the camera. They aren’t super huge issues but it would be more convenient. Otherwise i really love this cameraunfortunately the company is discontinuing it. So i’m going to enjoy using my flip(s) for as long as i can(thanks to the ctfxc for introducing me to this awesome camera)update: i now have two flips (first gen and second gen) and have noticed that the first gen’s batteries die a lot quicker than the second gen’s. I use rechargeable batteries and charge them at the same time. After the first few times i switched the batteries from one to the other and the first one still died first, so i know it’s not the batteries. Other than that they are both the same and work beautifully.

When my first flip went missing i was very upset. I use this wonderful device weekly to record drumming practices with my wonderful salisbury hand drummers. I share them for practices and they are appreciated because they produce a great quality picture and sound reproduction for such a small, affordable product. I know there are many options out there but i do love my flip. The first one even got dropped in water and after a ‘rice’ bath for 24 hours we were good to go with no damage. The two hours option is great. I do short clips, longer ones are harder to forward. The distance is not a factor because i use it for up close. I have used it for family functions and have have preserved many wonderful family memories.  flip ultra video camera – black, 4 gb, 2 hours (2nd generation) old model.

My wife needed this for work, to tape her sessions with clients (required for her profession). Until now she had relied on an old but still good vhs-c camera. The videos of the flip ultra (non hd) have better image clarity and audio, which is very important for reviewing the sessions. Editing on her pc is also very easy. On our wish list for future flip software upgrades, is the possibility of a higher fast-forwarding speed, when keeping the fast-forward button pressed. If you have a long one-hour interview, and for some reason you need to just view the end, it takes about 6 minutes to reach that point: a 10/1 (10 seconds in one second) fast-forward speed. It would be nice if after a few seconds of fast-forwarding the speed increased automatically to 120/1 (2 minutes in one second).

I wanted:-the close focus feature for taking videos of my kids that are usually within arms reach (until the most recently model of the minohd, the 2nd gen ultra was the flip with the closest focus). -an upgrade from the video mode setting on our point-and-shoot digital camera (just about anything would have satisfied this category – but we aren’t huge video people so we didn’t need top of the line by any means)-to stay within the budget of a gift certificate we had been giftedimpressed by:-the battery life – i put in the aas that came with the camera and figured i’d only have 20 minutes before i had to switch them out, haven’t switched them yet. We bought the battery pack but have yet to crack it open. 2009)-ease of use-shuts itself off relatively quickly, which is nice when it accidentally gets bumped on-vibrant color and lighting in general purpose situationslimitations:-it is very difficult to take a video of a whole room, you always have to pan-panning or movement in general by the videographer may cause motion sickness when reviewing the video-gets faked out by bright light when you are trying to take a video of someone near a window-zoom is basically pointless – doesn’t get you much closer and makes everything that much more jumpyoverall:-just what we were expecting. Fun to play with but not going to get us to hollywood.

This is my second flip video camera. I bought this one as an upgrade, because the 1 hour of film time that the previous model gave just wasn’t cutting it for me. In general, flip video is terrific. Good quality videos for the price. They seem to be pretty durable- i do not yet know about this model, but the original flip ultra i have took a dive to the pavement on a windy day and aside from some scratches in the plastic is not any worse for the wear. This newer model of flip provides a larger screen, which i like. The downside to this model is that when you want to delete a video, it takes longer to do than the original flip ultra. They make you hit delete, then choose ‘video’ or ‘entire memory’ (which personally i think is really stupid that any camera should give that option every time you wish to delete something), then you have to hit the play button to delete it (which is confusing for me because the original flip just has you hit the delete button twice to confirm). Outside of that though, it so far seems pretty good. Plus its nice to be able to have the option to turn off the little sound effect it always does.

Just the fact of being able to go play by play with the video on your computer and make snapshots is awesome. I can’t believe how awesome that is. I don’t even need to take pics anymore. You won’t be disappointed in that feature. I haven’t gotten any pics developed yet, but so far, i’m loving it. I played the video back on my tv,pretty good picture. But honestly for the price and how small it is, very good picture. The full-screen picture on my 20” widescreen monitor was very good. Maybe if we had a better tv, that would help?. I will do video’s much more now since it’s so small and easy to get out and record. And i’ll just take this and leave the camera at home.

This is a good little camera – good sound and image quality (provided there is decent light). I made a good choice buying it. It’s also very convenient that it has the usb connector built in rather than having another cable to keep track of. The camera itself is a convenient size. I have the white and yellow camera and i typically take extremely good care of all the things i own (this translates into me buying cases and/or screen protectors for all my electronics). I didn’t find a case style i liked at the time i purchased the camera and for some reason the cases for this product seem to be very hard to come by in a store. I decided to temporarily use the ‘case’ that came with the camera to protect it (which is a flimsy sock type case). The issue i have is that the black color from the sock transferred to the white and yellow plastic of the camera. How hard is it to keep dye that is meant for fabric into fabric?. Pre-wash the darn little socks before you ship them out with the cameras(also because of the sock flimsiness and the lack of a lock button the camera sometimes gets powered on and off in my bag. I’d rather they don’t package the camera with any case than this.

This video recorder is excellent. It is small and easy to use. Like the camera on the cellphone it can always be with you because it is so small. However the quality is not as good as larger devices. But a less than perfect picture is sure better than no picture. Once you take the video you plug the camera into your laptop. The first time the device loads itself up then you can edit and move it around on your computer. Transferring the video is easy over the internet to sites like youtube. The only problem is it takes forever, but that is the speed of the connection and has nothing to do with the camera. The battery on the smaller devices lasts about an hour. This larger device it lasts about 2 hours. I have not run out of power yet, but have come close. Then you have to plug it in and charge for a while. Battery should last longer on a smaller device.

I love this little camcorder. Five minutes after opening the box i was making videos and saving them to my pc. It’s small size and ease of operation are the reasons i purchased it and on those points it can not be beat. The built in software is all most people will need to save and share their videos. The video and sound quality are excellent. The lack of an optical zoom (limited digital zoom only)is it’s only shortcoming but i can live with that. It even works well in low level interior lighting with only a small amount of grainines. The school where i work purchased several of these for children as young as 8 and 9 years to use to make reports and videos to go along with their lessons. I have also purchsed one for my 75 year old father-in-law and he really enjoyed making holiday videos with his great-grand children. It is just so easy and simple to use and with it’s handy size there is no excuse for not having it with you all the time to capture what amounts to video snapshots.

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