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I am really enjoying taking pictures of my grandkids with my new flip. I really like that i can open it up and view right there with them, kids love to see what you video tape of them. The quality of the movie is great.

I bought this after i got the 8 gig thinking this would be twice as good. Personally i like the 2 gig better. I bought this, and after the first video, the backlight never went back on. I returned it for replacement. This second one, the on/off button is loose or something. One side presses in farther than the other, and if i don’t hit it right it won’t turn on. The 8 gig i am still using and have not had a problem with. If i was to buy one again, i would definitely get another 8 gig. It doesn’t have a flip up screen, and has less storage, but works much better.

It works fine, just the charging is a bit complicated, but the zoom is nice, and the usb is super convenient for downloading into my computer.

Key specs for Flip SlideHD Video Camera – White, 16 GB, 4 Hours (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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    by entering your model number.
  • Record up to four hours of HD video
  • 3-inch wide touchscreen to show your favorite videos instantly
  • Store up to 12 hours of videos and photos in Space Saver format (using FlipShare software)
  • Connect the built-in USB arm to your PC or Mac to launch pre-loaded FlipShare software to organize, create and share your videos
  • Headphone jack (headphones not included) to enjoy your videos in any setting

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“Video Review of the Flip SlideHD Camcorder
, Best Flip Camera So Far
, Excellent little Video camera

I got this as a birthday present for my wife. I am a bit of a techie and a little more demanding. If it were me i would rate it at a 4. But my wife keeps it in her purse and whips it out whenever she wants to take a video. But my wife absolutely loves it. So i give it the highest rating.

I work with an agency and we have purchased well over 15 flip cameras during the past year. The only problems we have had with them have been with the tv out jack not working on one of them (flip said mail it back and they sent us a replacement within a couple of weeks) and occasional freeze ups which can be remedied by following the manufacturer’s simple procedure for unfreezing. With that said, we now recently purchased the slide camera. It is a very solid feeling camera. It remains easy to use and works very well to take and then share videos with other people. It is a very nice feature to be able to scroll thru the videos you have taken and use the touch screen to choose the one you want to see. As noted by other reviewers, the touch screen is not as super responsive as say an iphone or itouch etc. But it works and is definitely not a deal breaker. I felt a little skeptical about buying one given the relatively high price (when compared to some of the more basic flip models) but it is definitely worth it and i am glad i took the ‘leap’if you are looking for a very simple camera that is fairly bombproof and offers great quality video, this is the one to get. Especially if you want to be able to share videos with others without first having to download and or hook up to a tv.

I race cars and i needed a very simple to use video camera to place in the race car for ‘in car’ video. I am very happy with the purchase as it takes nice high quality video, stores 4 hours of data, the battery lasts fairly long for a digital device, and it has the flip screen to watch the play back in case it is needed in protests. What i didn’t expect is that i would find this so useful and fun for uses outside of the race car application. I soon found myself carrying this thing with me all the time especially on vacations. The other thing i really like is the software that came with it which makes it a snap to share out to youtube and facebook. Yes the software is a little cludgey as far as file maintenance of the videos but the sharing aspect and the fact that you can freeze a frame to create a snapshot make this icing on the cake. Make sure you buy the wall jack charger which charges the unit faster than being connected to a usb slot on a computer. There are far more ac outlets than usb slots when you are on vacation or away from home. You can find a sample of the in car video produced here: [.

This is a great item if you really don’t want to have complicated manuals to read, if you’re not electronics savvy or if you simply want something quick, simple and good quality videos. One thing i wish they would have implemented was a portrait shooting mode and a landscape mode like the iphone. The product is the simplest thing to use, just point and shoot. Nothing fancy (besides the flip screen for better viewing capacity) or complicated about this product – so this isn’t for you if you’re looking for in camcorder editing or effect. The zoom isn’t very much of a zoom but again for the purpose it serves it’s not bad.

They are simplicity itself and super use friendly. So easy to take perfect still photos out of video clips and the camera is extremely reliable with more than enough memory. They certainly should continue to be manufactured but evidently something is up w/ the company but even still, the flip is the best camera in it’s class. I looked at others when my old one finally wore out (after 5 years of somewhat rough treament) and nothing compared to my old flip. And just as anticipated, i love it.

I have been a flip camera user since they released the first gen. Flip mino hd (not the new metallic model). For what i needed it for it was everything i wanted. However like ever product not everyone is going to love it one hundred percent. I did find a few faults with the my mino hd. #1 – i thought the camera was a little to small and felt very flimsy in my hand. My hand shaking seemed to be amplified by the very small flimsy feeling camera in my hand. #2 – the touch sensitive controls were not that sensitive and pressing the controls caused the camera to shake and jerk. But for the most part loved the sound and thought the picture was great.

I found out that this has a re-set button to re-set the battery. Step 1 take a pin and insert it into the reset hole found in the tripod mount for the flip slide of the video camerastep 2 press and hold it down for 5 minstep 3 remove the pin and hold down the power button for an additional 5 secnote: the battery is now fully discharged. You won’t be able to see any activity on the flip while charging after it has been plug into your usb port for 30 min it will see the lights flashing on the bottom of the camera. This is a battery reset and it did work. I went on the flip website and looked up flip sidehd faq’s and it told me step by step on how to reset the battery.

I have the flip ultra hd, which i love, so i thought the slide con only be better, until i tried to charge it. After leaving it overnight , it only had half charge. Used 5 minutes and half of that charge was used. Never experienced that with the hd. //also, i accidentally disconnected it from my pc and after that, a notice kept coming: flip quit unexpectedly, reopen. I did, and the notice came back. So, i was never able to use the software of the flip to review the 5 minutes video. I wanted so much to like it. I must say i bought it used at amazon. I would appreciate any comments.

I got this camera for a trip we are going on in july i am taking my two little girls to disneyland. I wanted a great camera that was small and gave great video. I read some reviews and thought i’ll try it. I don’t know what people are complaining about this is a great camera. The video quality is excellent, the sound is not bad at all, the amount of memory is great, and the battery lasts a good amount of time. Everyone has to remember that this is a camera under $200. I took video inside and it came out nice i hear people complaining about the quality inside. I have a production company and one of my professional cameras the sony hvr-v1u that can go for $3000. This video camera does great inside don’t listen to others. The sound yes is not the highest quality but it is still very good. Remember you don’t have a big mic on the camera and anyone knows that onboard mics are not that great so if you want perfect sound you spend big money. The people that are complaining about this want a $1000. 00 so if you are looking for something with a great zoom a really good microphone then don’t waste your time. If you are looking for something fun thats easy to take places for family and friends then you can’t lose. Also it is easy to share your videos with people. My parents couldn’t be at our place for easter with our 2 and 3 year old’s so i to video and sent them the email and they were able to watch it. Also the touch screen is great on mine and really easy to use. By the way if when you first plug it in to charge and the red light on the front is flashing but you don’t see the picture of the battery like they say you should don’t freak out it just mean that the battery is completely drained and it is in trickle mode keep it plugged in and withing an hour it will switch and start the regular charge and the battery indicator on the screen will show up. I suggest that you get the wall charger it will charger faster and you have to have your computer on to charge this device. Also i would get a case for it the case provided is just a soft cloth case. Hope this helps inform people and enjoy all the fun with this great product.

I bought this product few weeks ago, overall i do like the product, but there was a problem happened to me. Last 2 weeks during i was traveling in tibet, the flip did freeze 2 times during the shooting. At the time i did not what to do since it can not be turn off. I was worried if the data will be lost. Finally, after few hours, it turns off because the low battery. I wasn’t sure this is an individual product problem or it is because the high altitude. The problems happen when the elevation is about 4,500 meter. If i can get some answers regarding the problem, i would be very appreciate. I do felt a little disappointment the freeze problem happened to me which made me missed shooting some valuable places and scenery.

Only down-side is the zoom (which is pretty paltry at best). Otherwise, the hd is beautiful & integrates well w/ tech devices like flat-screens, laptops, even tablet computers w/ proper adapters, etc. I absolutely love my slidehd. Too bad there’re no more but you can still get support, etc. Would highly recommend for regular, compact, ease-of-use looking consumers out there. This ain’t built for rugged applications but some ‘accessories’ that are available can and do enhance the product’s usefulness. Works very well w/ apple macbook pro & the ‘flipshare’ feature is neat too.

This was a great purchase price for the product and it did the job well, for a season. Once the season is over no one can fix it or replace even a battery. I frustrated now because what i have at home now is a shiny expensive paperweight. Since no one wants to replace the battery and they stopped making it, its an expensive waste of money and all i need is a battery. Unfortunately they didn’t tell me that i could not replace the battery, nor be able to repair it. So i have it and it still looks lioke new because i take care of my stuff, but i cannot use it for anything but to colect dust.

Regardless of the many new features on slide i’d like to share with several negativeness points. The first one is screen blue-red-pink pixelage when you try to record movie inside with slightly lack of natural light. So such camera is for outside only. The on/off button was designated for probably female’s fingers or their nails usage, man’s finger experiencing a hardship to push. Usb connector is good for recharge only in case you are trying to see movie on your usb complaint tv, hdmi cable a solution only in that case. Camera goes without any software so i still in puzzle about how easy( according to the manual) i’ll make my clips ‘in a moment’ and submit them to facebook, utube, etc. Also you have to read manual many times to understand about how to adjust the volume. Weight is now close to the small ‘regular’ camcorder. White color is unbelievably markable. If you are planning to buy slide somewhere out of sysco store you will not be able to choose a color of your camera.

Bought this for my 9 year old to make his lego videos. He has been too busy playing with his other christmas gifts so i’ve taken this baby out for a spin and i must say it is so nice. It’s easy to fit in a pocket so i can take it with me all the time. It holds a nice charge so i don’t have to worry about it running out when i need it. So easy to use although i can’t zoom. Perhaps i can but i haven’t found that yet. The videos come out great and i’ve uploaded them to facebook for family to see. I’ve edited a few ‘movies’ and you can add any music to them with titles and credits and things like that. You can combine videos into one.

Love this baby flip can do no wrong by me /picture and sound quality fantastic/as with all flip dead simple to use and download.

I bought 3 just in case they go out of business. Another company took them over and i think they discontinued the product line.

I previously owned a flip mino hd that would lose it’s recording time. This turned out to be very problematic and complicated to fix, for me. Now, i have just received this flip slidehd that have been doing just fine. I have lost ‘i minute of recording time’ on this one already. Why does these cameras lose recording time?actually, i really like the camers overall. Losing one minute of recording time is no real problem since i have 3 hours and 59 minutes to play with. The playback is crispy and bright, on my 17′ monitor. The picture still looks good at 23′ on my tv. The camera is awesome taking videos. I just wish that the slidehd had ‘anti-shake’ technology built in though, really could use that.

I made a rig to mount a flip slidehd, a flip ultrahd, and a flip minohd (2nd gen) on the same tripod, and display the video synchronized, side by side. This review demonstrates the new features of the slidehd, and gets down to the nuts and bolts of specs, video, and price comparisons that might cause you to choose one over the other. The slide adds a number of features that make viewing video on the camera itself easier and more pleasurable.

Too bad they don’t make them anymore. At least i will receive technical support if i ever have problems with this video camera.

We bought this as a gift for my granddaughter who just had her first baby. Beautiful vid’s, easy to use.

Awesome so compact and easy to send videos or pics to friends,,,,,zoom features for sports events,,,perfect for teens in place of cell phones .

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