Flip Video Camcorder: 60-Minutes, Perfect for Amusement Parks

This is the most amazing product i’ve seen in years. It takes beautiful videos indoors and outdoors with the greatest of ease. I had no trouble viewing the videos on tv, transferring them to my computer, and then posting on youtube for friends to watch. The price is amazing for such quality sound and pictures. I think everyone should have one of these to preserve precious memories. With such hype of the i-phone i’m amazed nobody has hyped this product, because it’s a much greater value.

This little product is an amazing piece of technology. It does exactly what you want and with only a few problems. Despite its tiny size and lens, it takes good quality video. Dim light isn’t so good but normal indoor lighting and daylight shots are very good quality. The zoom is virtually nonexistent but thats not what its really for anyway. Just throw it in your pocket and carry it with you to the game or the party or wherever, whip it out, point and record movies. I found it a bit awkward to hold but nothing serious, it is pretty impossible to ‘sneak’ in video of the kids because it has to be held up in such an obvious position (its easy to point in the wrong direction so you have to watch the screen a lot). On the downside, i found the batteries (it uses 2 aa) don’t last that long, essentially i have to put a new set in each trip (each hour of video). I also found that in bright daylight its hard to tell if it is recording or not. The video screen is on even when it is not recording and a red/green text in the corner is the only feedback you get (i have recorded lots of pointing at the ground).

The white 60-minute flip video camcorder is a really fresh idea, that fills the gap betweenother camcorders, that cost over $250 dollars; as well as provide both a ‘day-light’ based reasonably sharp video & just ok sound samplings, that i would rate at close to 4-stars. Note: please read all of the other comment’s posted by other reviewers, about the flip videocamcorder, they are all very helpful. I bought the first gen 60-minute model, without consulting any reviews; and since then, there are a couple of newer generation models, by flip and rca. This model cannot capture any video in settings where there isn’t enough lightas a pro photographer though, i do have some very good uses for the flip, which i will post here. Before i do, as i’m writing this post in april, 2008, the new gen models have improved functions and/or updated their software. Also there has been some brand new releases of low-budget video camcorders (sometimes referred to as the ‘college-bound series), by manufacturers like sharp, rca, jvc and 3rd line manufacturers, that are just below or just above the $200 dollar mark. Also some cell phones are very capable of producing higher-quality photographs & videos, as well. Here’s some definite easy uses:* real estate sales or buying* auto, truck or boat buying or sales (sell or buy junkers)* architectural building, archiving* art collection (includes playboys & other gentlemen mags, or is it rags?)* home or office new construction (document from the ground up)* home cleaning services (before & after the strippers have been there)* home, roof, driveway & appliance repairs (don’t let them cheat you)* landscaping uses (find out just what the gardener has been up to)* medical case documentation (got a disability, need extra cash?)* birthday’s, anniversaries or celebrations (who was there & who wasn’t)* home & office inventory, archiving* vacations (babes, babes, everywhere. Make it memorable for your bros)* vacation home rentals (the ones that you absolutely loved)* arts & crafts (includes lingerie & adult shops)* music or art festivals (extra points for hula dancers)* personal & intimate situations (get an ‘a’ for your creativity)* spying (he isn’t working late at the office or that’s not hair gel from the gym, people)* divorce court (i told you so)as a mac user, i was disappointed in that there was some software editing issues, but being resourceful, i was able to ‘by-pass’ them quickly. What i do like is how easy it is to plug it immediately into your tv to watch your videos and/or to email apple quicktime movies.

Key specs for Flip Video Camcorder: 60-Minutes (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Simple to use, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Holds 60 minutes of TV-quality video on 1GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required
  • Convenient USB arm plugs directly into your computer for easy sharing and archiving
  • Built-in software lets you easily e-mail videos, share them on YouTube and Grouper, edit footage, and capture still photos from video
  • Watch videos instantly on TV with included cable

Comments from buyers

“Good little camera
, A Simple Design & Function That Simply Works Well! April 26th, 2008
, Better than expected. This one will probably do you.

It is the easiest camera to use. Unfortunately after using it for about 2 weeks it would not ‘turn on’. Support suggests you uninstall and reinstall the software which in most cases takes care of the problem; however, not in my case and i had to send it back to be repaired. I almost went out and bought another while waiting for the camcorder to be returned. I also have a canon hand camcorder and will probably never use it again because the flip has 60 minutes of point and record storage space. Plugging it directly into your computer via the usb port (i have a samsung q1) makes it the perfect travel partner.

I bought this specifically to take to disney with us this past year. I have always wanted a camcorder that i could take into an amusement park to capture moments with my kids, and still be small enough to fit into my pocket. The flip camcorder fit the bill for mefirst the negatives i’ve noticed: it has a zoom, but it doesn’t zoom very close and it makes everything look fuzzy (i believe it’s a digital zoom). Second, it does not have the best sound recording quality (like a standard camcorder would have). Third, in darkers situations, it doesn’t have the best picture quality. Positives: size was a big thing for me, and it fit easily into the front pocket of my shorts. I was able to ride the rides with it, and then whip it out to catch a cute scene with my kids. For the situation i have used it in the most so far (amusement park), it did great. The picture quality with fine and i was always close enough to those i was taping anyways for good sound (about 2-3 ft. )hooking it into the side of my laptop was a little awkward, but no big deal.

I gave one of these to my daughter when it was clear the sony videocam i had given her earlier was not seeing any use. Immediately the films of grand-daughter demonstrating her latest ballet moves started arriving via e-mail–good enough to motivate me to get my own flip, even though (or especially because) i’d never used my panasonic videocam. Like a canon elph, the flip fits in a pocket, but it’s less complicated and more user-friendly. The image quality, moreover, is quite satisfying if your primary interest is in capturing some of those moments that are otherwise lost. The convenient the pull-out arm means no missing usb connector when you need it. Good image and sound when camera is plugged into composite inputs on a tv set (admittedly lousy audio from the camera itself). The company is so determined to make things easy, the camera comes with batteries installed. Such attention to user-friendliness characterizes everything about this camera and its save and edit program. You can send low-res clips over e-mail, save hi-res clips to your computer, select snap-shots with a simple click and then drag them as jpegs to iphoto (i’m using a mac). Edit movies in iphoto or use flip’s editing program, which is similar to that of roxio toast (permits trimming the beginning and end of a scene). On a macbook a 30-minute film opened on the desktop in 30 seconds.

I purchased this product for a gift for someone else, but also received one as a gift myself, from amazon, so i will do a review. This is a marvelous innovation in video. The flip video is easy to hold, operate and small enough to fit into a pocket. The videos come out crisp and clear and the sound is marvelous. I remember years ago, video taping was a bulky, heavy job, but no longer. The flip video makes it a breeze. The usb connection on the flip video plugs right into the computer to download videos and the cable connects the flip video to your tv to watch home videos in full screen color. Also, it does not require expensive batteries. I’m very impressed by this digital technologies camcorder.

I just tried the flip video camera for the first time. Videotaped my pug and my bichon (of course). Also my husband reading the paper. Then i went straight to the computer and played the videos. For the money, you just can’t beat this little camera. One thing though, it makes a little blipping noise when you turn it on and when you start to record which i wish it didn’t. I actually purchased it to record little videos of grandkids’ birthdays (blowing out the candles, etc. ), plus i’m also the pr director of my church, and was hoping to be able to videotape short clips of parts of services and bible study, etc. Very, very unobtrusively for use in our advertising and on our website. So, if it didn’t make little sounds when you start, it would be better for me; however it really is a neat, neat, neat little gadget at a great price. Easy to use, easy to play on your computer, easy to delete clips you don’t like. I do have to prop the front end of my laptop slightly to get the plug to fit correctly into the port on the side as, another reviewer mentioned, so i may get the suggested cable.

The flip video camcorder works pretty much as advertised, and using it is really nothing more than pushing a ‘record’ button and a couple of navigation toggles. The video quality is what you should expect from a device costing $129. ‘good enough’ grade for quick videos. Do not expect anything from the ‘digital’ zoom feature, unless strongly pixelated, noise-filled video with poor color matching is your goal. If you need a close up view. Move closer and leave the zoom alone. Connecting to a wintel machine was effortless, however, using the flip video with a mactel machine was less than perfect. The *,avi video format is not ‘out-of-the-box’ compatible with the native quicktime player, so users will almost certainly need to use rosetta emulation in osx to avoid frequent crashes. The included macintosh compatible software also precludes the direct importing of the video streams into imovie or idvd.

The video from this little camera is very good quality for the money. I have posted three videos on youtube (tombk3) that were made with it. I just plugged the flip video camera into the usb on the side of my mac g4 ibook, dragged and dropped the video files from the camera’s memory into imovie, did some editing and saved the results in quicktime. It’s easy, works well and is convenient to carry in a pocket. I may use it more often than the hd camcorder i just bought, although the hd (obviously) has a much better picture, more features, etc.

When my daughter asked for this for christmas, i was reluctant due to the cost in the past of video recorders. But here’s a fun camera that’s sensibly priced. It takes relatively clear videos and she’s thrilled with the ability to easily upload the videos onto myspace and facebook. I’m glad i bought the 60-minute recorder – that extra 30 minutes makes all the difference, and this camera has the ability to accept video cards for additional storage.

I carry it in my purse all the time and shoot all sorts of little videos with it. It is so easy to use and so convenient. I have shown it to many people. The flip video people should be paying me for advertising for them. It always impresses everyone who looks at it. I just bought one for my navy son so he can send me video from wherever he happens to be. I love gadgets and this is the best one yet. If you buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

Small, simple and supergreat camcorder that plugs into the pc to immediately share videos on the web or to store on your pc using the usb port. Also playable on tv with included rca jacks. Software automatically loads from camcorder to pc. I carry it in my pocket everywhere. We were shopping for a refrigerator and recorded pictures and sound for review to compare at home. Cd’s made at cvs (and others) for $12, or you can make your own if you have editing software, etc. Buy a male/female usb cable extension (about $9) to connect camcorder to pc. More convenient than plugging camcorder into usb port (which you can do). Probably the best $105 i ever spend on audio/video equipment.

I bought this camcorder a week before my vacation, with two day shipping. To my disappointment, the camera’s microphone was broken, so i had to go on vacation with a camera with no sound. I contacted the company, but they kept asking me questions that i already had answered in the previous correspondences. After my vacation, however i contacted the company again and i told them that i thought the microphone was broken, and they told me to ship it in, and they replaced it in about a week. The camera i have now is of excellent quality, and my daughter uses it for her show, 2 sisters 1 house on youtube. If you want to check out the video, you should go there and check it out. One more note, the camera software only works on one of my three computers and sometimes it crashes for no reason.

Received it today, and the hardest part was getting it out of the thick plastic clam shell. I have only taken a one minute video, while sitting at my desk, just to check on the quality of the picture, audio & lighting, to my surprise they were all above average to which i am very pleased, so it will be taken along on our cruise to the panama canal this dec. For some reason it took me only a few minutes to install it on my wife’s dell 8200 kitchen computer, but over two hours to get it up and running on my dell 9100 ?. Overall i think it is a good buy for the money and would recommend it to all my friends and family.

It’s pretty good to have if the man needs to take some video of something. I used the flip quite a bit until i bought a regular digital camera that also had video taking capabilities. Since i bought that camera the flip has been sitting in a drawer for over two years now. The one advantage that the flip has over the camera is that the flip can record an hour of video on one gigabyte compared to the camera’s 20-30min on a two gig sd card. I only record for very short periods of time,so the regular camera works fine for my needs. The recording quality is about the same for the two devices as far as i can tell, which is to say, not great. Level of experience in relation to device: low.

When i was introduced to the flip video camcorder at a conference, i was a bit skeptical that you actually could get decent videos from such a small and handy device. So, after reading all the reviews i could get my hands on, i purchased mine. It does all that is says it does which, although limited, is quite outstanding for its size. The only negatives that i could find were 1. ) the limited zoom on it, and 2. ) the mounting and strength of the usb connect, which is readily remedied by using a usb extension. The limited zoom is to be expected in such a small device. Overall, i am completely satisfied with the device, its user-friendly simplicity and the rather impressive quality of the videos it produces. Great price for another hi-tech toy.

For the movie-maker on a tight budget, this gadget will do the job and do it well. The software can be finicky, as it won’t recognize another flip camcorder and will crash, forcing you to retrieve the video straight from the camera’s internal folders. The video quality is top-notch, but if you’re looking for hd or advanced video editing, you might want to save a few extra hundred and get a more professional camcorder. Also, do not record any lengthy clips as they will not transfer to your computer; keep them down to a few minutes at most. No memory cards or tapes needed, it’s a handy tool needing only 2 aa batteries. For more versatility, as in a short tripod, an action mount, or an underwater case, you will need to put a few more dollars into the flip ultra. A great camcorder for the price.

The flip video is idiot proof and it comes with no bells and whistles. Just what the average user needs. This is a point and shoot camcorder and it works quite well. It is sized right for the average pocket so you can take it along when ever you feel like it. I purchased the 60 minutes version as an upgrade from the 30 minutes version i had bought a year ago. I used it extensively during a 2 weeks voyage on a sailboat going from maine to bermuda and back in june 2007. The flip just sat there on a shelf and everybody used it whenever he or she felt like it. The result is about 90 minutes worth of great, short video clips, documenting our trip from start to finish. This would have been very cumbersome with a more traditional camcorder which would have required more knowledge to operate. Bottom line = i do like the flip.

I bought three of these video cameras–2 for the school where i work, and 1 for my family. The picture and sound quality are surprisingly very good quality and it is very easy to use. I have tried others, and after making a great video, you have to download a specific codec or other software, and that’s time consuming and tedious. This has everything built in. And they were very inexpensive. You can find this for $89 with less memory if you want, but i bought the 1 hour version.

The only reason i can’t and won’t give this little gadget five stars is because as other beleagured but loyal fellow mac users have stated, without additional third party software, it’s difficult if not impossible to edit the raw flip video files on a mac. However, if you go ahead and download the most current version of quicktime, and pay the licensing fee to upgrade to quicktime pro, then you can confoogle the raw flip files into the. Mov format, and edit your videos. If you happen to have ilife, then you can also create your own dvds. I’d already had ilife and acquired the qt upgrade before the camera arrived so i could do other things, so i don’t consider it an additional expenditure. As to the flip itself, it’s really a very easy device to use, and it’s coming with me next time i go to disneyland. A nice machine, even though the video editing capacity is a little more laborious for mac users.

I’m adding yet another sterling review for this little camcorder. I like the comparison made by another buyer – the brownie of camcorders. It certainly is, it’s just the simplicity i need, and the price is great. I’m tired of charging a battery that won’t work when you turn the regular camcorder on because the battery needs replacing (and may look fully charged), i don’t always remember to charge the camcorder before i go (even if the battery is good), this is a great alternative. You can always pick up aa batteries on the way. I really think this is a perfect alternative for anyone that doesn’t need really ‘techy’ equipment for taking videos. The picture is amazingly clear and crisp looking. Wish i could have gotten it years ago. Looks like a good christmas present for my teenage daughter to me.

Original review: i was pretty excited about this little gadget taking it out of the box – using it for the first time was pretty intuitive with very little instruction. Playing videos on the tv was easy although i would recommend viewing them on the computer – a little jerky for tv viewing. We broke down when we tried to connect to our computer. This is not plug-n-play for everyone.Despite having all the system requirements and showing a connection through the usb port, we could not get the system to show us the flip-video icon to load the program. The instructions are very vague. Even the 23 page faq on the website didn’t give much detail at all. I emailed an inquiry to them – hopefully they will respond quickly with a workable solution. Update: customer service was prompt and courteous in responding although each of our interactions except for one took 24 hours turnaround time. One recommendation at a time, they suggested reinstalling, checking usb ports, disabling usb2 ports, and trying to install the camera on a different computer to check to see if problem was the camera.

I’ve been wanting a video camera for awhile and this is not it. But just like a simple point-n-shoot still camera this is a great point-n-shoot video camera. It’s simple usability is impossible to beat and quality, particularly in low light is outstanding for a camera that costs $100. For something to carry everywhere or for kids you can’t beat it. For anything more, wait and get a ‘real’ camera.

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