Earl & Brown Co ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam : Works good.

It is a great camera but it is very limited with the strap. It would work better if the strap was wider.

I found the atc 2k while looking for a small waterproof camcorder for a sailing trip. I was not expecting the resolution of my $1,000 sony but for $85 this thing produced more than just acceptable images. The helmet mount worked great on my snorkel mask strap and with a slight modification the handlebar mount fit on my kap (kite areal photography) rig. Hands free snorkeling was especially convenient. Just look at a subject and you have the picture. Over two weeks it went snorkeling daily, flew 500′ up on a kite string and bashed through waves mounted on the bow of the dinghy. I know of no other single camcorder that could do all of that.

ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam

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  • Operates with 2 AA batteries, not included
  • Full-function, hands-free, digital recording
  • Waterproof up to 3 meters and shock-resistant for extreme conditions
  • Mounts easily on helmets, handlebars, and other sports equipment
  • 640 x 480 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second
  • USB and RCA cables included for easy playback on PC or TV (NTSC)

I am a professional firefighter. I have owned the camera for 5 years. It was originally attached to my helmet, but the connection has broken or melted. It has been inside 90-100 good structure fires. The lens is still good, but gets cleaned daily with q-tips. The rear cap that covers the battery and memory card warped after the first fire. The video is not good quality. The camera offers 3 levels of picture quality, but there is not much difference. Daytime video of extrications and wrecks are ok. I never noticed it on my helmet.

— pretty good picture quality overall, but tends to overexpose in very bright sunlight, such as around a swimming pool. — nice set of mounting accessories. Bad points:– hard to tell where the camera is pointing due to lack of viewfinder. Best approach is to sight along the top of barrel. — sound is terrible unless camera is underwater, although others have suggested this can be cured by removing the waterproof membrane over the microphone. Of course, then it’s no longer waterproof.

Got it to replace previous same style camera. Mounted on highway bar of motorcycle. Old mount broke at pinchclip loosing camera on freeway. Hopefully better luck with this one.

ATC2K Waterproof Action Cam :  this is a jetsking video made using this product on lake washington in seattle in october 2007. As you can see, it works really well and we’re quite happy with the product. In fact, i have since recommended it to a bunch of friends who have all bought it and love it too. We’ve got a bunch of similar videos listed on youtube (account= rothstafari) and all of the jetsking ones were made with this camera. A 2 gig sd card provides you with an hour (approx) of footage at the best resolution. The camera is durable and works very well. My only issue with the camera is the placement of the lens relative to the camera body. Because the lens is slightly set into the body (presumably for protection), water tends to pool at the base of the lens obstructing the view and making the end result look bad. We’re going to try something like rain-x next time out and hopefully it will help.

I recently purchased this camera after reading some of the reviews here. But after i received the unit and tried it in my car, it works beautifully. I like the size of it, the wide angle which allows me to cover the whole highway and side walk without having to move it around. My only complaint is that instead of all the attachments included in the package, i would have preferred a windshield holder with suction cup for what i plan to use for. In addition to the cost of the cam, i had to dish out some more dough for a holder which makes this cam somewhat expensive. Also, the reason why i only rate it 4 star is the resolution which is not the best. If you plan to film at night, this cam is simply not for you, because even with the lights on in the bedroom, the movie was very dark and unrecognizable. But over all, it’s a nice little gadget that can be used in multiple applications.

I use this camera on my motorcycle, mountainbike, snorkeling, surfing and longskate. For bikes it’s great, no matters weather. For snorkeling is very important a sunny day, but work very well. For surfing is a poor option, if you want to rec yourself in a wave; works better if someone else is filming you. To much movement and a high risk to lost the camera in a wipe out. For long skate is great especially if you fit it under your board near to wheels. But anyway is a good product for the very good price.

I’ve used this as a helmet cam for kayaking. The mounting was pretty easy. The controls take a little getting used to (to use them blindly-without removing the helmet). The resulting video is very good, good frame rate, good quality, water drips off readily. No problems with waterproofing. The video has a relatively small field of view (not wide angle), but the frame rate is great. The only downside, so far is the audio is basically useless, very, very muffled. I would also recommend getting the newer version of the camera if you want more that 60 minutes of video, as this cam is limited to a 2gb sd card. But, for the price, this guy is tough, waterproof, and provides great quality video.

Admittedly, the picture quality is not great in low light. Or good light for that matter. The microphone’s waterproofness makes it very very insensitive. The camera itself is very sensitive to any kind of vibration, and since it runs on aa’s you pretty much have to change them after each use. Now for the positives: it’s an $85 dollar camera that you don’t have to worry about dropping, on land or in the water. There are no wires, it’s hands free with the mounts. They say it’s waterproof to 10 feet, but i’ve taken it to over 30 feet and not had a problem, even on a 3 or 4 hour dive. (probably shouldn’t keep it at that depth the whole time)for what i use it for, and for what i expected from it, it is perfect. You can even connect it to a tv with the included video cable and share your videos that way.

The oregon video device is a handy tool to have if you ride skateboards, mountain bikes or off-road trail bikes, but there is no place to secure it to a motorcycle helmet. The video is decent and the sound is ok. My only beef is that there is no connector for a motorcycle helmet.

I was looking for something to mount on my handlebars since i do alot of on and off road biking where i live. I did not want to spend a lot of money yet. So i gave the atk2 cam a look. The main reason why i got this cam was the price. Its an absolute bargin at 92 us dollars. It arrived the next day neatly packaged. Once i got it out hooked the batteries and got a memory card. It does take a few minutes though to get used to the controls and how they are set up. But once you’ve mastered that.

 great camera for sports,i recommend it because i use it for the enduro championship at my country. You’ll get alot of fun with this cam. – it has 2 o-rings that are a great waterproof. – with 2gb sd = 1hour of video at 640*480 with 30fps, excelent video. – 2 alcaline bateries let you to get more than 3 hours of video. – if you want to use it with motorcycle helmet, you’ll maybe need to do some modifications to the helmet. – it only allow you to use 2gb sd card at max size.

It came fast and i gave it to my partner as a xmas gift. We have tested the quality of image and seems very good. (i was afraid it could be too bad). We haven’t made a real tests outside yet because it is winter time. I bought it for him because he loves surfing and could catch some interesting images, but he will have to wait until summer.

For the price, this is an excellent buy. The video quality is fairly good, but there are some drawbacks. Having used mine both mountain biking and snowboarding, i’ve come to notice that situations where the camera will bounce and shake a lot will produce undesired results in the video output, like a wavy image. Video taken from snowboarding was much better than that taken while biking, mainly due to less shake of the camera. I would definitely get another, to allow for multiple angles of the same event.

The price of this camera isn’t great. The quality of the videos aren’t all that great either and are grainy.

I got this about 1 month ago, and used it to capture a ride we took to nicaragua. For 100 bucks, you simply can not go wrong. I dub music into of all my videos of our rides, so i am not concerned with the sound quality. I droped it a couple times, and it held up well, so all i can really say is that this little camera rocks.

The atc2k action cam is a fairly inexpensive (a relative term, i know) and handy waterproof pov (point of view) camcorder. For the price, this camcorder is a great value and performed better than i expected. The picture quality is ok for a camera with 640×480 resolution at 30 frames per second and there are a lot of video samples to be seen on youtube (just search on atc2k). Some of the videos are very creative with the camera being attached to model boats, rockets, and airplanes. There are also a lot of pov shots on motorcycles, helmets, spearguns, etc. The camera comes with straps (rubber and velcro) and mounting plates to assure secure attachment to a wide assortment of objects. These work well, but you will want to check occasionally to be sure it hasn’t worked loose. The body is a little larger than i expected but it is very rugged and is indeed waterproof. The sd card slot, av connector, and battery compartment (2 x aa) are reached by removing the well sealed cap on the end of the unit. The rugged build does make activating the menu buttons a little hard until you get the hang of it.

Took this camera skiing last month. My son enjoyed wearing it, and the video we captured is priceless. It survived a good wreck and made for some great memories. The sound quality is poor and had to be set on low to avoid overpowering the mic. Had an issue that when we put the camera on the side of my son’s helmet, it rotated the video 90°. Video quality is ok, but nothing that compares to a good camcorder. However, it does give you a completely unique perspective on your videos, and for that, it is worth the investment.

Junk, yes it’s junk, but for the price, you can have fun with it. The controls are hard to use and the lcd is partially unreadable, but it works and creates files on the sd flash that just play on your pc without any fuss. It has horrendous audio and is unusable indoors or in low light. You just get a black picture with some light flashes here and there. Outdoors, you will get what you see if you visit one of several you tube videos. I bought mine to strap to my dog, and i will do just that once i figure out how to do it. I think i will keep it in my car to video stuff (if anything interesting ever happens). I left mine with new batteries installed powered off for about a week while i was waiting for media-mart to ship my flash, which they never did (that is another story) and the batteries ran down. So if you want to keep it handy, you will have to do so with the batteries out. Not a good choice if you want to use it as a dash cam because there is no external power input, and the controls are so bad.

 here’s a small 1min clip shot at 640×480 with the audio at the lowest setting (2 different audio settings). Converted to divix to make the file size smaller for quicker upload. For what it is, it works well. Not something you want to shoot your kids shcool events with, but for catching some decent motorcycle footage it it acceptable. At 640×480, a formatted 2/g card will get you 56 min of footage, 320×240 will get you 1h45min. Turning the audio off does not increas storage capacity. Don’t bother with trying a bigger capacity card as it will still only recognize 2/g. Using rechargable batteries, i can record for approx 1. 5hrs (file auto splits every 45 min). Leaving it on without recording is still pretty hard on the batteries so be sure to turn it off when you don’t need it.

The camera arrived packaged with a complement of mounting devices, and a usb cable. The resolution of the pictures is relatively low but still good. Back-lighting throws it for a loop (subject turns out too dark to recognize). It is light and easy to mount to a helmet or to handle bars on a bike or a motorcycle. It uses disposable batteries, which i like. Internal memory is very small, so resign yourself to buying a memory chip. The inability to view what you are recording while recording is a negative. It connects to a pc with no problem and the movies are easy to view. I haven’t used it underwater yet but it will be awesome in or around a swimming pool or any body of water (when fishing). For the price it is unbeatable and if you are considering making movies of your activities, then this is the camera to start with.

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