Drift Innovation Drift HD170 HD Action Video Camera, Unbeatable features

It’s rather bulky, but it’s very durable. It’s better mounted on large vehicles than use on your person.

I did a lot of research before buying the drift hd170. Having used a friend’s gopro, i’m familiar with point-of-view cameras. After using both, i don’t know why anyone would buy a gopro, unless they were using it to dive or for other watersports where the camera is underwater a lot. The drift hd170 is splashproof, dustproof, weatherproof, and dunkproof which is more than enough for my activities. The drift has a remote for turning the camera on and off. With the gopro, we were always taking our helmets on and off to start or stop recording. More often than not, we’d just let the camera run, which meant hours of editing footage. When you turn the camera on or off with the remote, there is an audible beep. I wish they’d make the beep a little louder or the remote had an indicator to tell when the camera was on or off. But having researched all the pov cameras, there isn’t anybody that offers that – even the $2000 pov model from sony.

I feel this is best helmet cam with reasonable price (actually it is a good price). I use 1080 but the resolution seems not clear as other hd camcorder but this is best quality available in helmet cam. I think if you want anything better you are looking are over $1000. The lcd display and remote are excellent features and also it can do time elapsed photo graphy too. Also you can expand battery capacity to 1700mah which i happend to have it. It has enough room to accomodate the fat battery. Yes it has fish eye effect in all resolution 720 or 1080. It is because the helmet cams uses wide angle lenses, i prefer wide angle lens because it can capture wide area. As a helmet cam, you can really tell what you are capturing so i rather have wider angle to capture more areas. The mount options in the package are also well made and useful.

Key specs for Drift HD170 HD Action Video Camera with 4X Digital Zoom:

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  • 1080p, 730 or WVGA HD setting, 5 megapixel photos from a 170-degree wide-angle lens
  • Integrated LCD screen so you can line up the perfect shot, preview footage and share with friends
  • RF remote control saves batteries, memory and edit time by making it easy to shoot shorter clips
  • The RF remote also safely starts and stops recording without wrestling with the camera on the fly
  • Multi Sport Mounting
  • Night mode for optimal low-light performance; Digital 4X zoom

Comments from buyers

“Best Bang For the Buck – Action Camera – Drift HD170
, Drift HD170 – Best Point of View Camera
, A Great POV HD Video Camera – The best I have seen so far

I was reluctant to write a review of the drift hd170 pov video camera since its hard to say more than the other reviewers who have commented on the product. I agree with all of them when they say its well built, extremely versatile and with very good video, but most of all for me its biggest attribute is its ease of setup and use. Having the led screen, even one so small it looks like it belongs on a cell phone, combined with straightforward menus and essentially one button record, this camera is beyond simple. If that does not seem like a big deal, believe me it is. I have found you get the right video the first time, and you never have to think about how to do something – that lets you concentrate on what the real reason you got the camera, to get good video. The idea of the rotating lens is brilliant – it allows you to mount the camera for easy access to the screen and buttons and still get excellent video. The little touches such as the wrist mounted remote control and the standard camera 1/4′ tripod mount to allow ram and mounts just show that someone was thinking when they designed this camera. Having used a few camcorders with lanc remotes and bullets cams in the past, i can say this night and day – those were a pain, this is a pleasure. Even compared to the go-pro hd i used, this is so much better throughout in the areas i mentioned. Video recording is why you buy a pov camera, and on this one it’s great quality, and using it on my macbook pro is so easy, it plays natively and perfectly and the picture quality including stability is as good as my 4x as expensive camcorder/bullet cam setupi really like having the ability to add an external mike – that was something i always missed on other cameras – and i am ordering one today – hopefully it will be as good as the camera.

The camera records in hd quality very clearly and has a small lcd screen to preview what you shoot or your recorded movies has video out but the only problem is the camera has to be off to charge apart from that everything is excellent.

I bought this because i wanted a high def (720 to 1080p) camera that would stand up to harsh treatment. I use it while on my atv on the rubicon and fordyce trails and on my street bike. Takes a little while to figure out how it works (no instructions) but after some trial and error it becomes easy. It stands up to dusty trails and water splashes while crossing streams and rivers and i even used it in the snow several times where the snow spray covered it and left it wet. No issues with water seeping in. The video is great, clear and i like the ‘fish eye’ view that lets you see around the sides of the trail. Still photos are not as clear as i would have liked but good enough. I like the remote control, you can leave the camera in stand by mode for a few hours and just hit ‘record’ or ‘stop’ when there is something you want to record, like an upcomeing rock obstical. I even use it daily going back and forth to work (windsheild mounted with a suction cup mount) in 720p mode just in case some idiot cuts me off in traffic or gets in an accident.

Tell me where you can find any mini-hd camera in this price range that is that much better than this product, and i’ll get it. However, i dont see any that much better. Just look at the options, functions and accessories that all come in the box versus similar cameras. Ive had it for 2weeks and have used it on my road bike helmet, handle bars, and regular hand held outdoor activities/sports events. Pros: color lcd screen, remote control, mounting accessories, protective/non slip outer, lens rotation, 1080/720 hd quality, exposure settings, rca/usb connections, zoom capable at 720cons: could be lighter/smaller (but not a deal breaker), nite shot helps(low lux) but not great, sensitive/unstable picture taking (but dont need it for that)battery lasts about 4hrs. No complaints on stabilization (no stabilization function) since everything is shot at wide angle. Highly recommended for action sports/outdoors enthusiasts whos needs video on the move. You will need to go up 5x the price to get anything better than the drift hd170.

I’ve never written a review for anything on amazon before. But when i got this camera, i was so impressed, i had to write about it. Last year, i’d borrowed a buddy’s gopro helmet cam for a few rides snowboarding through the terrain park. We watched the footage at his apartment, shared it online and on facebook and it was awesome.So i started researching helmet cams. There really aren’t that many out there. It seems like gopro, contour and drift are the major players. I decided on the drift hd170 because it has a view screen. The problem with gopro is you can’t tell if the camera is on or if it is lined up to get the right shot. With the drift camera, you can preview your video clip on the screen.

I bought this for my husband as a gift and he loves it. He takes it snowboading, snomobiling, biking, hiking, etc. The sound is great, the picture is great.It came with all the accessories needed. We had to purchase a bigger memory card because we like to use it all day and very often. The battery life is good but runs out by the end of the day. Might purchase another one but not necessary right now, it has a good life.

I actually mounted this with velcro on my shotgun under the barrel in front of the shell tube and it totally withstands the recoil and noise. I did use some foam padding. Pros: hardy, durable, easy to download directly to the pc. You can look at the screen and see how your image is being recorded and rotate the lens to make it record right side up. Microphone works great and accurately. Cons: the remote doesn’t give positive feedback and a couple times i thought it was on but it wasn’t so i missed some footage. The battery life is not good especially in hd. Im a neophyte at editing and ths requires a relatively good editing suite to do anythign fancyw ith the video and sound. It is a fish eye and has some of that effect. The lens doesnt come with an integrated protection filter which i really need.

I use the drift hd to capture flying action video. Its attached outside the airplane on the landing gear. The remote control feature is a must for me. I can’t speak to the low-light capabilities but so far the drift hd has performed flawlessly. I turn the camera on during preflight then use the remote to start/stop recording at the appropriate times. The battery life could be a little better. I could turn off the lcd and improve battery life but haven’t tried that yet. Its a little bulky compared to some other pov cameras but in my application that isn’t an issue. I will likely get another one or two.

The camera has excellent video quality. I like the swivel feature of the lense. I wish there were more adjustments in the menu. I would like to have some of the icons appear in the video, but not all. There is no way to selectively edit these. I also wish there was some feedback when using the remote to let me know the camera is really on or off. I use it when flying, and am not able to check on the camera while in the air. There is no way to tell if i pushed the button all the way, and if i’m really filming when i want to.

There are plenty of video samples out there for this camera showing video quality. My application is primarily mounted between the seats of a honda s2000 for documenting autocross (racing). I bought this camera mainly due to a number features which have worked out very well. * built in 1/4 threaded tripod mount (my primary mount)* lcd with intuitive menus (i can’t remember multi-level cryptic settings interfaces)* start/stop rf remote control (once camera is mounted and i am seat belted in place i cannot reach the camera)* remote mic capability (with lots of wind noise while racing the remote mic provides alternate methods to get good audio)* zoom (720p only) (although it is a digital zoom i can still frame the shot and get good quality)i have two things to point out that are ‘annoyances. ‘ i would buy the camera again knowing these two things. * in video mode the zoom resets after stopping a video clip. In camera mode it works as you would expect and stays at your setting between shots. I reported this to drift innovation as a ‘request’ or ‘nice to have feature’ and they responded quickly with acknowledgement and indication that a future firmware (software) upgrade will include a zoom that does not reset.

I bought my first drift just before xmas 2010 and got to use it during the great snow we had in utah. It gave me extra purpose to charge harder skiing those days. It was amazing quality and so easy to use with the remote. I couldn’t believe how many people asked my about it. Everyone said they could use it for a different reason; teaching was one i never thought about. Unfortunately after only 3 days i had an issue and contacted drift. Immediatly they contacted me back and put true north trading in touch with me. Within 5 days of talking with tnt, they were sending me a new unit. It arrived the next day so i could take it with me on my next ski trip.I did all my research and thought the hd170 was the best option (and looks lots better that the go).

This is a cam that has some very nice features, and at the same time, some real annoyances for me. Things i love: video quality. Adjustable lens for mounting at any angle. Ability to display output directly to tv. Things i like: remote control (works ok, but range is limited in my application – i might be getting other rf interference); ability to take stills including time lapse; lots of mounting options. Things i find annoying: too big. It weighs nothing, so i suspect there is a lot of air inside that case. Standard battery only good for 2.

I highly recommend this sport camera above the others i’ve read about. Only two things i’d like to see improved on. It’s only water proof up to 1 1/2 feet of water. I’d like to see a depth of at least 10 feet without any external accessories case. Also, it would be great to have a sliding door or cover to protect the lcd screen in uses of extream sports in case of an accident. Example, for use as helmet camera. These would greatly improve what is already a great camera .

I picked this camera up instead of a gopro because my buddy’s grandma bought him one and since we were both going on a motorcycle trip together, i thought it would make more sense that we both had the same camera. Boy was i disappointedfirstly, the size is huge. It’s about 2 or 3 snickers bars stacked together. Due to it’s awkward shape, it makes mounting it quite a nuisance as well. Unlike the gopro, there are not as many aftermarket parts and a community to support this product, which is worth noting. The camera itself, however, is not too shabby. The images were clear and hd as advertised. We chewed through memory cards, but the picture was great. Microphone was useless due to mounting it on our heads for the ride. Ended up picking up the drift dmic external mic, but it was all but useless since it required the back hatch of the camera case to be open, negating its water-resistant property.

I use this mainly for felling, climbing, rigging, and trimming of trees. Great clear crisp vids and excellent photos.

I think the hd170 is a fairly solid helmet cam, so i will be brief and list the pros/cons with this camera. Pros:1) rotatable fisheye lens (170 degree fov at 720p). 2) proper exposure in high light situations (skies are blue and clouds are not blown out). Cons:1) tends to underexpose in low light (can be adjusted in camera with exposure dial). 2) cheap-ish mounting attachments included in box (better get some real ones). 3) feels somewhat heavy on my head (maybe i’m just a wimp, but after 20 minutes, my neck will get sore). 5) pictures look like garbage unless the camera is perfectly still. 6) poor built-in mic performance (it’s the price you pay for weather proofing, but they offer an external mic option. )basically i have this thing mounted to the handlebar of my mountain bike. But i do also take it on hikes up 14ers. Because the internal mic is weatherproof, don’t expect to record a conversation, even while in the car. It’s basically a solid helmet cam that takes great video when it’s bright and sunny outside.

Received the camera one month ago and have been using it daily since. Mostly as a helmut-cam but also for walking on beach with mono-pod accessory. Menu selection is good but somewhat hard to navigate in sunlight. Rotating lens is one of the best features as most fixed mounting positions are off axis vertical and horizontal especially on the helmut cam mount. Quality of video at 720p is excellent and makes possible use of the zoom feature. Fps selection is a little limited but for most situations works just fine most of the time. Battery life is great and the rubber outer shell absorbs much abuse without damage. Remote control could use a record on light as the beep is hard to hear in most scenarios. I am still learning the variety of menu selections and possible mounting methods.

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