Drift Hd Ghost-S Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder : A bit disappointed

The camera is very comparable to the gopro. I bought it instead of the gopro it for it’s standard mounting, better battery life and built-in screen. There are a few catches though:on the plus side:- very good battery life- standard mounting screw- waterproof up to 3 meters out of the box without the need for the cover- the remote control has led indicators for which mode you are on and can easily change the mode- video tagging is very useful when you don’t want to record an entire event but some important incident can happen at any time and you wish you have started the video a few seconds ago. – camera sync allows to record the same video/pic from multiple angles (using multiple cameras in sync)on the down side- a head strap is not available from drift. Only a third party head strap which is sloppy and not as good as that of the gopro. So i am forced wear goggles or a helmet to be able to mount on the head. – the screen is non-usable for taking live pictures. Because the lens is in the front and the screen is on the side, it’s very tricky to adjust the the camera based on picture you see. I only use it for reviewing captured pics and videos and not live capturing. – the wifi cannot be used to transfer pictures.

Although there are a few quirks to the ghost-s, i gave it a 5 star rating because the quirks don’t take away from how good this action cam is. The good:-i only use the ghost-s in 1080p/60fps and the quality is excellent. -it has a mic port and this was one of the main reasons i bought this cam i use a cheap $2 mic plugged into the mic port and the audio quality is great. -the battery life is awesome, although i did purchase the wasabi 2-pack with charger and with 3 batts, i should be good for a whole day. -rotateable lens-glass lens. I have the drift hd720 which uses a plastic lens which is more prone to scratches and the scratches cause a lens flair in the video. -excellent remote that allows you to easily change between the 4 recording modes and the remote has lights that show you what mode you’re in and if you’re video is recording. Although i only use the video recording mode, i think i’ll start using the picture taking mode more and i should start experimenting with the time lapse. I probably won’t use the dvr function. -seamless stop and record recording.

Drift Hd Ghost-S Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder

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  • Full HD 1080p Video at 60 fps
  • 12-Megapixel Photos
  • Drift DataLink Wi-Fi Enabled & Drift App
  • 2″ LCD Screen with Gorilla Glass
  • 300 degree Rotatable Lens

I was tempted to call this one sweet potato, but that does not translate well when dealing with video equipment. But it feels solid, dense andpregnant with wonder in my presence. To me less like a bar of soap which could be shot out of hand and broken in a typical moment of issue with the equal librium in a precarious place. People dreamed this up, designed and tested its protos and nailed it into reality. I get to own all that problem solving and creative persistence for 300 bucks. One of the first things i did was annihilate sensitive feelings about gadgets and moisture and throw it into the water and leave it out in the rain. So it is good for therapeutic reconditioning as well. Bust some of those bluesy ol’ engrams out into the open and let em blow away in the wind. This is made for inclement occasions. I’ve made a special mount which has a wide band of aluminum (from my splint) which i can hang on slender branches,anywhere on my racks, in a bungee wrapped on a pole etc.

Go-pro’s are ugly on helmets.

Great buywould recommend to other users. However, getting slight problems with updating the firmware, but will get to that soon.

Drift Hd Ghost-S Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder : Performs better than both of my friends gopro hero 3’s.

I also have a go pro 3 black and found that the menu system sucked, the battery died way way to fast. The drift while larger has outstanding battery life and is very very easy to use. The remote is also way better than the go pro.

Works great, only downside is the app it comes with.

Pro: sturdy, lots of nice featurescon: use video settings with care. Higher settings don’t always produce a better image. After initially giving this camera a much lower rating, i did some more experimenting with it. Based on what i learned, i’ve upgraded my rating and rewritten part of this review. First the pros: the ghost s is sturdily made and comes with an extensive set of built-in features. The video tagging, view screen, rotating lens and remote control are especially useful. The body is waterproof to a depth that will satisfy most needs (divers will need to add a waterproof enclosure). The battery life is exceptional and the recharging time is reasonable. The range of video settings is impressive (or would be if they mattered – more on that below). The 12mp still photos are about what you get from an average phone camera.

Cool phone app for remote control. Highly recommend for a free spirited adventure.

Great camera, although heavier than competition. Definitely requires a plug in mic if using for any outdoor motorsports. There is no wind noise cancellation with the stock mic. Even with sensitivity set all the way down, wind noise drounded out the sound of my 4 stroke exhaust.Did not cause any droop issue with goggle strap mount style. 5 hrs of 1080p 60fps recording. Grab an extra battery and charger- you will need it.

The image quality is excellent, the battery life beats the life on a gopro by a huge margin, it has an excellent list of features, an awesome price, and it is very user friendly. The remote is an awesome bonus as well, it makes an already awesome product even better. I bought it as a helmet cam to film game footage for my paintball team and it performs even better than i could have imagined. There’s a ton of excellent aftermarket parts and accessories for it that cost a fraction of what you’d pay with other action cams. The price compared to some of it’s competitors makes it a no brainer as well. I’ve seen and used just about every action cam system on the market and i have to say, do yourself a favor and go with drift. Officially my new favorite action cam company.

Easily the best designed action cam on the market. I’ve been using this camera alongside a gopro hero 4 session, and the drift camera is much easier to deal with. The remote is exceptional (unlike the afterthought gopro remote), and included. If you’re looking for a single action cam for helmet mounting or crashcam use, this is the one to get.

Camera does perform well and i’m quite pleased with the battery life. Just check sample videos on youtube to see sample videos. Youtube compresses them severely but you’ll at least get an idea, actual quality is incredible though, even in pretty low light scenarios. **no charger**i’m disappointed that the camera does not come with a charger. You get a usb cable that you have to connect to your computer which charges very slowly and sometimes not fully or you have to get your own wall adapter charger. **get a fast memory card, not a cheap one**originally i had some trouble getting this camera to operate without giving me errors, freezing, etc. It ended up that my micro sd card was not fast enough to handle the 1080p video being written to it. I switched to a sandisk extreme plus 64gb micro sd card (http://www. Com/gp/product/b00dm1bdpk/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_17) and have had no problems since.

Very nice camera, just wish it had bluetooth audio link.

The drift hd ghost-s came in as a replacement for the garmin virb. I was hoping that this would work out for an aviation application. The positives for this pov camera for this application were – video tagging, a remote, wi-fi connection, a very nice fully adjustable lense that permitted continuous adjustment of the camera angle to get a proper horizon. Most airplane wings have a wing dihedral which without shimming the camera would give a certain angle to the video which would have to be edited. Also, it had an hdmi (type c) output to connect directly to a tv/monitor. Most other cameras come with the type d smaller socket. The cons with this camera were the lack of decent mounts. I wouldn’t attach it an aircraft without a proper screwed in connection (adhesive or suction mounts are not suitable). In this application, it was mounted under the wing of a low-wing aircraft. The wifi connection was ok on the ground, but during takeoff and high engine power settings, the connection was lost (possibly due to electrical noise).

This is a pretty solid camera but the interface needs a lot of work. Navigating the menus takes a while to get used to for one. The biggest problem it has is being clear about when the batteries are low and when it it charging. The manual states that it will charge and record at the same time but the interface doesn’t show the battery charging when this is happening. Probably because rather than charging, it is running off of external power, which is still unclear. I have also found on numerous occasions that the battery indicator will show a reasonable charge when idle but drop to zero and turn off shortly after starting to record. My final complaint is that when operating in cloned mode with the remote controlling one camera and a second camera being controlled by the first, the remote gives no feedback as to the state of the camera. It is better to pair the remote directly to both cameras. But the camera does have a long battery life and a good image. The microphone has trouble picking up speech from more than a few feet away, but who uses a built-in microphone for video anyway?.

Much better than the gopro hero 3+, which greedily sells all of the features that come standard in the ghost-s as accessories, which you can’t even use at the same time, because they come in the form of back-pac attachments. Even if you spent $720 to give your gopro optional waterproofing, wifi, battery life almost as good as the ghost-s, attachment needed to connect an external mic, etc. . You still wouldn’t have things like the rotating lens that the ghost-s has. Gopro has finally met its match, and drift has put itself in position to dominate the market, once all of the gopro fanboys realize what they’re missing.

I was already a big drift fan due to the hd ghost (you can see my review here – http://www. Com/review/r3633tdn6g52r6/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=utf8&asin=b00a48rmke&linkcode=&nodeid=&tag=). The ghost-s is basically one step up from the hd ghost. I won’t get into all of the things that are great with the ghost-s that was already covered in the hd ghost (like the waterproofing, remote control, long battery life, rotating lens, comes with mounts, etc). The ghost-s has all of the same features as the hd ghost with a couple of awesome additions:battery life is even longer. I was able to get longer than 3 hours shooting on [email protected] (i think i clocked it close to about 3 hours and 20 minutes). The video quality is a huge improvement. The low light setting is a big addition and made a nice improvement for when i ride at night and shoot for insurance purposes.

Looks better on my helmet than the awkward looking gopro.

It second time when i purchase drift. Previous model was drift hd similar but i hated fish eye effect in close distance. The model s looks more better may be because protection lenses it flat now. Only disappointment is weight it is heavier then older model. Functionality way more then older,also battery on single charge very good it last on me 2. 5 hours on 1080p 60 frame rate. Did not comfortable with wifi function expecting more smoother. It does create two identical files one low resolution other high which are take space on sd card. I guess it for previews include phones.

I really like the drift ghost s. It produces some great video @ 1080p 60fps. A brand that drift recommends that is rated to capture 4k. 40mbs is too slow for a write speed. Always format in the camera. And don’t leave too much data on your card in case it freezes. You cannot record just after its turned on like a gopro can. It needs to initialize first, 5 to 10 sec.

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