Dazzne P2 Professional Video Camera : A great little camera for the price

Save yourself $300 and get this kit. Just got back from florida and for $120 i got priceless underwater, airboat, swamp buggy, and snorkeling videos of a lifetime.

 the dazzne p2 is a very good, reasonably-priced sports action camera that surprised me quite a bit. I had not heard of dazzne a few months prior to my purchase, but while researching affordable cameras such as the sj4000, i saw a head-to-head video comparing the p2 to three other cameras. In it, i thought the p2 looked much better when it came to color recognition and shadowing, plus the sound variance was impressive. After picking it up i thought the same thing, too, plus i could buy 4 to 5 of these for what your major camera types cost. Something to note before beginning, this touts a 3mp video chip. I note this in the video and i also note that this is typical amongst brands, which it truly is. Action cameras normally tout a 3 – 5 mp output when it comes to recording and higher numbers when it comes to pictures. Here, for example, you have a 12 mp picture output, which it does well with. Others note the same type of performance as well, only many of them do not note it on the box they come in. I thought that was good of dazzne, because they do note it at the beginning of their box’s camera description.

DAZZNE P2 Professional Video Camera (Black)

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  • The first 2 inch LCD screen camera. Built-In Touch Display: Frame your shots. Easily adjust settings. Play back videos and photos. Improved Camera Control. Simplified menus make navigating settings easier than ever.
  • Waterproof: Up to 20 meters depth under water.1080P HD video, f/2.8 large aperture 130ãwide angle lens,180ãimage flip function.
  • Detachable lithium battery: Able to record while charging, easy to replace and prolongs your camera’s service life. Shooting video for up to 4 hours.
  • Support high capacity Micro SD card up to 64GB.
  • HDMI HD output, TV output, and USB interface. Multiple photo shooting modes: Single shoot, Delaying shoot.

Got some extra accessories for it for when i go swimming. So far it’s been out to the desert to record some quad riding and the quality is amazing, the ability to see what i’m aiming at is extremely useful.

This camera is a fantastic value. I got full 1080p30 and vibrant colors in a small, water-resistant housing that’s compatible with all manner of gopro-style mounts, and it all came neatly packed in a very professional fiberboard box. Having two batteries i can simply swap out, rather than the camera being out of service while the battery is charging, is actually very convenient, though i have not actually seen the battery run down appreciably over the periods of time i’ve used it to record video. I can only really make two complaints about the camera:1) the user interface is a bit obtuse and it beeps a lot. The first day i used it, i found that some of the videos i thought i had recorded weren’t recorded, or weren’t saved, for some reason. It can be hard to tell what a particular series of monotone beeps means, and it would help if they were more different. That said, with the on-screen user interface explained to me, it wasn’t too hard to figure out the rest. 2) this camera is not compatible with 64gb sdxc cards, or at least not the sandisk class 10 card i originally got to put in this camera. Don’t get that one; get two 32gb sdhc cards. Record with one, and put the other in your pc’s sd card reader to edit.

Bought this for a cruise to the southern caribbean. Took it snorkeling several times, and even took it with me into a 40 ft waterfall. No water ever got in the case. The pictures and videos turned out great. As good as any gopro i’ve used/seen. The interface took some getting used to, but overall i really like it. Love that it comes with 2 batteries. Even though 1 battery typically lasted a full day (even with a few hours of snorkeling. I highly recommend this camera and am really pleased with its performance. I have already recommended it to several friends and family members.

DAZZNE P2 Professional Video Camera (Black) : Based on the raving reviews of a number of people (thank you), i have purchased this camera. It works out everything as described, except it has no sound. I have tried all settings and even updated the firmware to the latest (2015 jan/feb that fixes the timestamp). But still there is no sound. I have tried to download and play on pc, or use hdmi to the tv. Since there is no special settings for sound control. I can only suspect it’s defective. Unfortunately, it was shipped through a friend’s so by the time i tested it, it’s beyond the return/exchange date. Buyer bewareif you happen to have experienced and solved the same no sound problem.

Use it as a dashcam and works perfectly. 99) and video quality is just a notch below the gopro. Which i considered a huge win given the price point and all the additional accessories you get. Extra battery comes in handy too.

For the price this is an excellent little camera that you will enjoy. The waterproof case is water tight and it does allow sound to pass through in air or in water. Every single imaginable attachment that fits a go pro, will fit this camera. If you like to use it in water, you can buy extra and fit an excellent yellow, air inflated handle that will float the camera to the top or the water if you should lose hold of it. The two batteries charge easily and last all day, if used sparingly. The camera can be set to auto turn off its screen and itself when not used, at certain user set times. The picture quality is surprisingly good for a camera this size and price and it works well in it’s stock settings. I believe that even though some providers say that it will use a 64gb card, mine would not, showing ‘error’, however 32gb cards work fine. The instructions are a bit sketchy but with practice, anyone can figure out the icons and menu choices. You should update the software immediately when you get it.

N the beginning i received it,i can’t believe that i can get such a good camera,it is with a special designed box,perfectly packing,inside with some using mount, waterproof case and 2 batteries. It’s a hd camera with 2 inches lcd screen,you can see what exactly when you are taking video or photo.

My son and i charged the batteries first thing and then turned it on. We do not have a gopro yet so cannot compare to that. However this thing is lots of fun. The user interface was very easy to figure out. It came in very nice packaging with good instructions. I will include a video we took with it in the creek. My sone was dying to stick it in the water first thing. We tested the case first then dunked it in the creek.

* * * update * * * i found that if i just plug the camera into an external battery pack, it does charge/operate from the external batttery, greatly increasing the record timebasically, i am very pleased with this camera. It does nearly everything as a gopro, just with a little lower quality. The included accessories are nice. One thing to note, it is slightly larger that a ‘real’ gopro, so housings and surrounds designed for a gopro will not work with it. The one issue i do have is battery life. I am using this primarily for time lapse and the sometimes requires more than a couple of hours. It would be nice if there was a mode whereby when you plug in a usb cable, you were given a choice of being able to access the sd card or just charging and external powering the camera. Pros:small sizeeasy to usegood quality video and stillscons:like all of the similar ‘action cameras’ battery life.

I hardly ever give 5 stars to anything, and maybe i shouldn’t here either but i am so impressed with this little cam, and after having tried out three other brands, all had a problem — of the problems the gpopro 3 white i first ordered had a messed up video that looked like alien landscape and the people at gopro said they knew about this problem then wanted me to beta test for them — nah, ain’t gonna happen i returned it. I ordered an sjcam knock off and was not so impressed with its overall look and feel and when i discovered i had been fooled and that this was not the original sjcam but a knock off of the original knock off i sent it back, then ordered the real sjcam knock off (making any sense?) the sjcam sj5000 took some great video, absolutely beautiful but the sound was terrible. Well, the sound was there, you could baely hear it and in the protective case you could not hear any sound at all. So, thinking the audio to be damaged or something i returned it. I stubbled onto the dazzne p2, and watched a comparison video and thought i would give it a try. I know, i know, finally the review on the dazzne, but i wanted you to hear about the what i went through to get to this little gem. The dazzne has one fault — out of the protective casing the large buttons are very sensitive and the camera being so small it is hard to keep from constantly turning it on and off while loading a new battery or mem card. In the protective case the buttons are great the the they are larger than the other cams, which make using with glove on — hey, it get cold in the mornings where i want to use this little guy. So, i like the bigger buttons. At first start up i was a bit confused on how to get around the menus for settings as it was in chinese.

I ordered this for my motorcycle works amazing cant tell the difference from this one and the expensive brands came with every thing i needed great quality.

I can’t say enough good about this camera. I also own a gopro 3 and in a side by side comparasin the picture quality is just as good as the gopro, the controls are easier that the gopro, set up is easier and the big bonus is the dazznee p2 has a built in set up / preview screen that you have to pay extra for with the gopro. I highly reconmend the daznee. . Also, all the attachments that work on the gopro also work on the daznee. I use this and my gopro mainly for fpv rc flying and aerial video.

Using this camera on my tricopter in place of a gopro. It is very good and the 2 inch display make adjusting the settings easy at the flying field.

Sent to me for review, the p2 model of this super action camera has greatly surpassed my expectations. My husband has been playing with it for about three weeks and absolutely loves it. He’s working on a video but, in the meantime, these are his observations. The dazzne is a very small and lightweight camera, designed to capture fast-moving action. It does that brilliantly but also a lot more. I will try to cover most of its features. Specs – top resolution of 1080p with a choice of 16:9 and 4:3 formats. Up to 12mp, various options for burst photography, three timer settings. Accessories – very comprehensive. When we first opened the second box, we had no idea what all those pieces were for, but basically this gizmo comes complete with everything you could possibly want to attach it to almost anything (tripod, helmets, posts, handlebars, your chest, your head, the windscreen of your car). Operation – very user-friendly. There are three multi-function buttons: an on/off button which also selects the various modes; a select button which also confirms your choice, starts and stops video shooting and takes still photos; and a rectangular button at the front which is used for adjustments and to go backwards in menu selection.

 this is not a gopro hero, but as long as you’re not expecting it to be, you might just enjoy it. The dazzne p2 is a gopro look-a-like that comes with two batteries, a charger for the batteries and numerous accessories that would cost you extra with most cams of this type. The batteries and the accessories truly are the value in this package. I used this cam with and without the waterproof housing on it indoors and out. Here are my impressions, as listed in the pros and cons of the p2 hd. ——————————pros:+ the camera and accessories offer a budget alternative to a gopro setup for much less. + the cam works with gopro accessories such as a gopro pole by camkix – adjustable telescopic pole with attachment straps for wifi remote – 14′ to 40′ extension – twist and lock easy extension and retraction – tripod mount suitable for gopro hero 1, 2, 3, 3+, 4 and other cameras – 1 wifi remote strap.  because the mounting to the waterproof housing is the same. + getting (2) batteries and a charger with the cam, as well as a 32gb microsd card was a huge perk+ the head strap and chest strap accessories were good inclusions. + up to 4 hrs per battery means 8 hours possible with the two included batteries. + waterproof enclosure for camera works as expected and buttons function through the case without an issue. ———-cons:- accessories and cam are of mid-level quality, and i think durability could be an issue. – the door to the microsd slot came off easily, and was lost. – automatic white balance is very poor, as is low light performance.

I love my new dazzne p2 waterproof action camera. This is my first experience with an action camera and i have to say that i wouldn’t want to purchase anything other than thismy son is very athletic and he has used this for doing all sorts of his activities. This camera comes with extra accessories, which are not only extremely useful but it makes the purchase of this camera a great deal.We were able to make a video of him sledding down a hill with the camera attached, then he mounted the camera on a doghouse that he was doing par kour over and was able to monitor his form , due to the quality of the video, the convenience of being able to mount it wherever he needed to ‘take the shot from’. We even used this to record a snow ball fight. The video actually shows the snowball hitting the camera, with no worries about the camera being damaged from it being wet. I have to say though, that one of the funnest things we have done with this so far, is we mounted it to the top of a home made potato gun, and it showed the potato being shot out the endthe sound quality on this little camera is so impressive. I don’t own the gopro, however, my son’s friend does and he said after having used our dazzne, that he actually prefers the dazzne over it.We are looking forward to using this and doing some more recordings with this over this summer, once we can take it to the lake and/or beach.

My friend introduced this wonderful product to me. I bought and has tried it for my recent trip. After i checked the video i took, it can absolutely reflect the amazing adventure i experienced. I highly recommended this sports camera with fair price.

I ordered this camera and it sounds, looks and recordes better then my gopro hero 3. It came with more stuff and an extra battery for less of the price of the brand name gopro. If you looking for a good action camera for a great price, buy this one.

It quit working after about 6- 9 mths. I searched the internet to see it there was a firmware upgrade or customer support in english but did not find either if they’re out there. I guess you get what you pay for.

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