Creative Labs Vado VF0624-RD HD Pocket Video Camcorder 3rd Generation, Great Pocket Camera

I really love this camera,but i am upset with the company that makes it. They do not upgrade the firmware for this camera and so if you have a mac with mountain lion you are screwed and renders this camera useless. This sucks because this is the one of the few consumer pocket cams that allow for an external microphone. And it gets pretty good hd video if you have good lighting. Youtube has some pretty good test footage if you want to check it out. I recommend it if your computer supports it unlike mine(mac with mountain lion). **update** (6/2/13) i called creative for the second time and i was shown how to get it to work for mountain lion. So yes the camera does work it just takes some figuring out. So with this help, i would definitely recommend this camera.

I bought this pocket camcorder to replace a flip camera. Although the flip is much more user friendly, the sound and hd picture on the vado are far superior. My only complaint is that it didn’t come with even a quick start user manual.

It’s a perfect size and it’s so easy to use. The videos come out very clear and it’s so lightweight, you can put it in your pocket and go. It’s perfect for a child to use as well if you’re looking for a pocketcam for them for christmas. I never had a problem with it, and this is my second one. They always turn out and product high quality videos.

Key specs for Creative Labs Vado VF0624-RD HD Pocket Video Camcorder 3rd Generation, 120 Minutes (Red) – NEWEST MODEL (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • High definition 720P pocket video camcorder and 4GB of video storage capacity
  • Fits easily in your pocket purse or the palm of your hand
  • One touch recording with a spacious 2 inch display and touch capacitive buttons
  • Record up to two hour of HD video footage at 30 fps
  • Works with PC and Mac

Comments from buyers

, Better than the Flip Ultra HD
, Sometimes you sign on and you’re just lucky

I purchased vado camera a couple of days ago and it has arrived2 stars on shipping the product in a timely manner. The camera had video footage on it already:/of a baby, someone foot and a person at workso i took a star away. The camera is dirty so i took a star awaythe back of the camera body looks like it’s going to pop openand even though i love how quickly they ship the product outthey could of package it betteralso the camera is missing 20 minutes of storagei have other complaints but that has nothing to do with the selleri don’t like the fact that you have to use a usb to charge it.

As good as it gets for 720p on a pocket cam, and for the price. Wide screen shot is the absolute best in its category. Don’t be fooled by the people who complain about the controls–just operate it intelligiently and you won’t have any issues. I also had the 2nd generation vado, and this is a step up.

 i bought this creative labs vado, new in the box in 2013, in spite of all the negative reviews i read (mostly about the touch sensitive controls), because i wanted an external mic input for better sound quality in my videos, and pocket camcorders seem to be fazing out the external mic input. The next cheapest camcorder with an external mic input was around $300 bucks. On a full charge you can record 4 hours in standard definition, 2 hours in hd, and 1 hour in hd+. It shoots in widescreen, and the videos come out beautiful, even in regular hd. In hd+, you only get half the recording time, about an hour. No kidding, this thing beats my old flipcam 8 ways to sunday. I did have to spring an extra 25 or so for a tripod, since the vado is pretty slim and won’t stand by itself, like the flipcam would, but having a tripod only increases my options. Holding a camera this small in your hand for very long results in some inevitably shaky video, and most video stabilization (especially youtube’s) degrades the image clarity. Update 5/30/2017:just used this vado yesterday to shoot local memorial day festivities, and it’s still bangin’.I shot in hd+, and got 58 minutes of footage, and it only used about a 5th of my battery charge.

I chose this over the flip camera and i am very pleased with it. It takes great photos and has high quality sound and video.

I bought this based on the fact that i made lots of research on witch camcorder was the best and most of them said this one was a great buy and so they were right i love it does good on night and awesome in day light the hd is great and the audio was really good love it will so recommended to others.

I needed a small video/camera to take with me on vacation that would have more memory than my 4g phone. This product was easy to operate, produced good video and pictures. And it fits into a small purse or pocket. It was easy to connect to my television and computer for viewing and transfer of photos.

Great little available light camcorder that has interchangeable batteries you can buy off amazon for $4 aftermarket- brands that work great-read the reviews. Compared to other brands, this camcorder was the best for available light and hd video quality on my sharp led tv. Very happy with purchase and size (small) of camcorder and ease of keeping it on hand when i need it with a couple spare batteries so i know i will always be able to capture what i want. Has a 1/4 thread on bottom to attach to a bike or tripod. Purchased a leather case that fits this camera and protects it well.

I bought this vado hd 3rd gen pocket camcorder from creative because i wanted something small and simple with a reasonable price tag. It meets all of these criteria and it takes really nice video. It’s very easy to use although the included instructions don’t fully explain all the possible functions as well as it should. Going to the vado website doesn’t give you more info. If they fixed the touch sensitive buttons i would give it five stars. Positives:low pricegood picture quality, works well in low lightease of use*small as a cell phone and very light weightvideo files can be transferred very easy and quicknegatives:* the touch sensitive buttons to zoom and adjust brightness are way too sensitive – regular push buttons like the recording button in the middle would resolve this (what were they thinking at creative?)although the picture quality is good, there’s no image stabilization so you need a firm grip to prevent shaking.

If you are looking for a camcorder with a wide lens this one does not fulfill all its promises. Do not get me wrong, the video is good for such a small device but for closeup videos it did not meet my needs. I mostly still have to use my compact digital camera.

A bit light on instructions. Handy size and good resolution–i bought a wrist strap at the mall that allows me to hang the camera around my neck and carry it in my shirt pocket. I’m still getting used to the sensitive touch screen buttons–a few times i inadvertently recorded the inside of my pocket, so i finally got smart and started using the lock button. On the other hand, the record/stop button seems to be quite particular as to how it is touched, and on a few occasions when i thought i was recording, i wasn’t. Frustrating that vado doesn’t sell an external mic. I couldn’t find one locally, and didn’t have time to buy one online before a recent trip. Somewhat difficult to determine if you are recording at the right exposure level, and forget trying to see what you’re recording if the viewfinder is in bright sunlight. But overall a good, cost effective tool for amateur video. I strongly recommend buying their extra battery and charger as i changed my battery out several times over a 10-day trip.

I purchased this pocket video camcorder when my flip camera died less than 6 months after purchase. While i’ve only had it a short time, so far it seems like a good product. The picture and sound are clear and it’s easy to operate. My only complaint (and my reason for 4 rather than 5 stars) is that there really is no zoom feature. Yes, you can move the focus nearer and farther, but you can’t really zoom. For example, during my son’s solo performance at a music recital i tried to zoom in to capture only his face. I was within the first 10 rows and could not view any closer than him and 6 or 7 other people. Otherwise, though, for the money, it’s a nice little camcorder.

I decided to purchase the 3rd gen vado after comparing it with 2 other ‘popular’ hd pocket video cams. This is the first ‘pocket’ camcorder that we have owned and i must say that overall i am happy with the purchase. The vado is very easy to use, so much so that my 6 year old figured out how to work it right out of the box. It has 3 different shooting modes, hd+, hd and standard vga. It also takes snapshots, which although they aren’t the best quality, it’s nice for when i forget to grab my digital cameramy only real issue with it is that the ‘touch sensitive’ buttons are a bit of a pain if you do not remember to ‘lock’ it while shooting video. I would definitely recommend purchasing an extra battery or portable charger as the only way to charge it is through the usb plug attached to a computer (or if you have a newer cell phone, you can disconnect the cord that you use to charge your phone and plug the vado right into the usb slot on the charger and plug it into the wall. ) another drawback is that you have limited recording space, you cannot use a memory card with this like you can with the kodak playsport and a few others. I have a larger camcorder that i use for birthday parties, or long events while i use my new vado for school shows or for quick shots when the kids decide they are going to do something funny or cutei would definitely recommend this if you are looking for an easy to use, lightweight pocket camcorder at a fraction of the cost some others on the market.

Bought this for my husband so he could easily record video for our website, which is an mma retail/technique website. It is sooo easy to use, and upload to youtube among other webites as well like facebook. Size of cell phone one touch recording, great hd quality, sound, and still pictures too. No problem 🙂 don’t even need my 200. 00 nikon cool pix touch camera any more. I also don’t use my sony handicam any more either. No need to buy disc any more, which can get expensive when you use them like we do. As long as you can use a computer to charge it, you don’t need the additional power cord, which does not come with it and cost extra. It charges like an ipod on your computer, and does come with the usb cable for it.

This is a good choice for those who desire good audio quality with their videos. It has an external audio input for an external mic or headphones. The biggest criticism that i read before purchasing this product was about the over sensitivity of the touch screen buttons. But this can be easily avoided by putting it in lock mode when using/handling it. Also people complained about the smear marks or scratch prone surface. If this is a big hang up just by an accompanying case for it or just be careful with it. I chose the white color because i thought these kinds of blemishes would be less noticeable and so far that has been the case.

I need a camcorder with an external mic input, and this does the job. I’d love better image quality and better performance in low light and more bells and whistles, but what i really need is the sound input and for that, i would recommend this camera.

I was looking for an inexpensive hd camera to film short scenes for training videos i do at work. I did a ton of research, and found this camera to be the best suited for my needs and budget. This camera is great for basic shots at a distance, but not close up. The video playback quality is really good on a subject 4+ ft away. As you get closer than that, the quality suffers, but then again, this camera was not designed for that. If you want to shoot closeups in hd, then you need to look at the much more expensive cameras. The thing i really liked about this camera is the ability to plug in an external mic. Not many hd cameras in this price range allow that. I’m going to do some on camera interviews with this, and being able to use a wireless lapel mic will be invaluable. The zoom feature is a bit choppy if you zoom while recording, and although it does have some image stabilization built in, you still need to remain quite still while holding the camera by hand.

The camera functions well – but only when connected to a power source via the usb charge cable. The battery which came with the camera had no charge when it arrived. After charging for two days, the battery pack still would not hold a charge. (when the camera power button is pressed, the lcd screen barely makes a fizzle, then goes black again. )the camera simply won’t turn on unless it is plugged in.

I received this camera two days ago and really enjoy the convenience and ease of use. The software seamlessly integrates with my macbook pro and allows for easy uploading to twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. Also allows for easy transfer to imovie. I am slightly disappointed in the resolution of the camera. When zoomed, there appears to be a graininess to the quality and isn’t what i am expecting with high definition. However, this camera is easier to use than my iphone 4. I do not have to switch between apps, or wait for the sluggishness of the iphone. This comes in very handy, having two kids who are always on the go and catching video on a moment’s notice. I recommend it for the convenience and ease of use, but not the video quality.

This is a good product for vs the money that you paid. But battery didn’t work , i has to buy a new battery then my vado hd work without problem. It was very frustrating for me , because i missed to record my holidays with my family. Other users in amazon are reporting this bug, but creative labs is not taking action ; is just waiting for you to create a rma. I sent an email to creative labs describing the problem; i will update my comments as soon i have the answer from creative labs.

I bought this for my teenage son’s girlfriend of 2+ years who loves snapping pictures and only had the camera on her cell phone. This takes amazing pictures and videosthe only drawback i saw was that there’s no slot for memory card; only has internal 4gb of memory. She can take thousands of pictures though and quite a bit of video with that size memory and she’s transferred them onto her computer, then onto disk. The software is very user-friendly and she’s uploaded about a million pictures on her facebook page already. I did buy an extra battery, car charger, and a case for it. It’s a little bigger than my blackberry 8530. She stuffs it in her pocket so i probably didn’t need to buy the case but moms typically over-protect. :)couldn’t be more pleased with the entire purchase at amazon and the product overall.

On/off button is very sensitive. It is easy to turn it on unintentionally, resulting in a dead battery because you didn’t realize it turned on as it was being put away.

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