Contour ROAM Waterproof HD 1080P Hands-free HD Camcorder Watersport Kit : Great Camera!

I bought this to use in my paintball games but the thing is it is a very versatile cam. The casing will allow me to take it down with me as i scuba dive, or may even protect it as i ski. And eventhough its not the latest edition and doesnt shoot 120 frames in hd. Hey i got this cam in case it breaks. But hey its real durable and tough :d the rotating lens is a charm. I can mount it wherever and however i like. To the left to the right side ways etc.

Awesome camera, runs just over 2 hours for me on 720p with its battery life. Wide angle lense makes it easy to point and shoot. I’ve used this for filming vacations, storm chasing tornados, airsoft, and other activities. Definitely look into all the mounting options available for this.

ContourROAM Waterproof HD 1080P Hands-free HD Camcorder Watersport Kit

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  • Waterproof and Buoyant
  • Easy to use – Instant On recording.
  • Fully Adjustable – the mount can be rotated 360 degrees and is easily adjustable with wet or cold hands.
  • Beautiful HD Video – ContourROAM features a 170 degree wide angle lens that captures stunning HD video or still photos.

I have both the contour roam and a gopro hero3 white. I would equate them as far as video is concerned. The contour is easy to mount and permits easy reorientation of the video and photos regardless of the angle of the mount. It comes with sufficient mounts to use immediately, and there are quite a few mounts and adapters available for separate purchase. The camera is light enough that i use it with my larger radio controlled aircraft and it seems made for quad, hex and octo-copters like the dji phantom and similar. It seems a little slower to charge than the gopro, but it lasts a long time on a charge. It is more rugged than the gopro, and equally waterproof when used with its underwater case but the gopro’s water case is a bit more elegant. The contour roam has a builtin laser that can be handy for adjusting framing of shots. I like and use my contour roam pretty extensively and liked it so well i bought one for my daughter who uses it while diving, skydiving, skiing and just recording sights and sounds while hiking.

Just used the underwater case for some snorkeling, and it was flawless. Also, this kit while priced where it is ($105?) is a screaming deal for the basic contour. Highly recommended if you want the entry level unit, though check if you want gps, monitoring, etc. As this unit does not have those features even though it looks very similar to the other contours.

I have been wanting to get a video camera to record the tree work that i do. I was considering the gopro but, i couldn’t afford the high price. The other reason was it didn’t mount close to the helmet, kinda sticks way up and would get caught on branches. I went with the contour roam because it mounted fairly close to the helmet, can be set to record as high as 1080p, is very easy to operate, and i was able to get it on sale for 1/3 the price of the gopro. I’ve only used the contour roam a few times but i am extremely impressed. I’ve only used 720p and the video quality is excellent. To operate the contour is very easy and straight forward. The on off switch is large and textured, so even wearing gloves it’s no problem to operate. It’s very basic, no frills, only the features that are absolutely necessary. And on top of all that, it’s waterproof.

ContourROAM Waterproof HD 1080P Hands-free HD Camcorder Watersport Kit : Overall, this video camera is an exceptional deal for the price. I paid $110 for this shipped right to my door. That included did not include the micro sd card, but no camera comes with one of those. If you’re looking for a nice 1080p action video camera without a bunch of bells and whistles, this one is for you. This is last year’s roam model. You have to plug it into a computer to make any adjustments (i. Video quality, microphone sensitivity, etc. And there is no app for it that let’s you see the camera lens view on your smart phone.

Although, i haven’t used it for what i bought it for yet. Which is the warrior dash in june 2013, my kids have tested it out when we went rollerskating. It’s been dropped a couple times and is still doing great. It does seem a little heavy for the head strap, but maybe i just didn’t have it tight enough. I can’t wait to drag it thru the mud in june.

I really liked this camera and it was nice that it was waterproof with out a case. I also liked that i always knew if it was on or off by the position of the switch, no guessing. I like that the front lens could rotate so i could always have the proper recording angle even though it way mounted in a slanted position. It is however heavy for an action camera and i didn’t like wearing it on my head for activities like fishing. I also thought the video was very good as well.

I just got this camera this afternoon and have had about an hour and a half to play with it. I will update this review after i have a chance to get it on the road. I purchased this camera to mount to my motorcycle helmet to record my trips and have evidence of the crazies out there. A few tests around the house and in the yard show the quality of the recordings to be excellent and the microphone is acceptable for it’s size and need. I purchased a 32gb microsd card with the camera and the instructions say that should be about 15 minutes per gb (~465 minutes total, reserving 1gb for system use) at the default 720p/30fps. The instructions are simplistic at best and give you a rough overview of the camera and it’s operation. You should plan on at least half an hour of poking and prodding to get the hang of it. My biggest complaint – and this one is all amazon’s fault – is the product description at the time i ordered and as of writing this review state that one of the mounts that comes with this camera is a profile mount. The only mount that came with the camera was the dash/surf mount stalk with waterproof case (the mount works with or without this case).

And i have tried several to record my motorcycle rides. The video is crisp and clear – a slight fish eye to it, but i’m still learning – the two best things about this (other than the quality of the video and photos it takes) are the ease and security of the mounting and how easy it is to operate – even with winter gloves – the big slide lets you know it is either on or off. I can’t tell you how many moments i lost hoping my oregon scientific, or epic hd cam were on right. This one replaced my epic because it fell off the mount somewhere along the blue ridge parkway – i don’t have that concern with this shoots great video or can set it to take pictures at specified intervals from every second on up. These photos are clear shots too. My only complaint is that to switch between the video and the photos, you need to hook up to a computer to access the camera and change the settings – so decide what you are shooting before you head out – then let it roll.

This is a good camera for the price i paid, i got it on sale and so far i am pleased with the camera’s performance. I would have given a five star rating if the camera came with better instructions. The printed material that came with the camera is sparse at best although the camera is easy to operate i had to learn some things the hard way. For example, i purchased a helmet mount bracket for mountain biking. The camera slides into the bracket via the grooves along either side of the camera (so the camera is lying on its side. )going for my first ride the camera worked very well however the film was sideways and i was unable to rotate the movie and ended up deleting it. The camera has a lens that rotates but there were no instructions regarding this feature and how to use it. On my next ride i rotated the lens and my film came out very nice. Another example of poor instruction is the use of the waterproof case. Although the case works very well i had a difficult time mounting the camera and case to my helmet mount.

I was debating between the contour and the gopro. I had planned on purchasing the gopro until reading reviews and many concerns about the quality control. I have used older versions of the gopro and contour in the past and have been happy with both. My general feeling is the the gopro is smaller and nice for mounting on things like bike handle bars, kayak hulls, ect. The countour is larger but a slimmer profile which mounts nicely on the side of helmets. I have now used this camera atving, mountain biking, and scuba diving. Each of the videos have turned out great even 90ft underwater (with the waterproof case). I think both the gopro and the contour are great cameras and i am very happy with my purchase.

I have used it to record 3 mountain bike, and cycling trails. I have used the handlebar mount that you have to buy extra which works great. I have also used the flex strap wrap mount for it, and that also works very good. The camera was dropped 2 times on dirt trails accidentally, and has worked like a champ. It’s well made, and renders great hd action recordings. You will have to visit contour’s facebook page (while it’s active) to get the storyteller software from other owners of the cameras who have kindly shared their storyteller software to use with it via dropbox. You have to have this software to change record settings, but once you do that – you will be able to use it fine. The company, contour is out of business now – so that’s why you can’t get the software any other way. Great camera, too bad the company must have been poorly managed, and is out of business now because of it.

We bought this to stick on my young son’s helmet when we’re skiing – we balked at the price of the gopro, and picked up a contour on sale instead. It is a great camera for our purposes. The images are clear and stable, and it is easy to operate. As others have mentioned, the sound recording leaves a bit to be desired (especially when skiing, we get alot of wind noise), but you get what you pay for. It is compact, easy to mount on the helmet, easy to stash in a pocket when not in use, and i don’t feel as though i need to be gentle with it. It also mounts closely to the side of the helmet, and is far less conspicuous than that other product.

I got this to start recording personal events/activities such as watersports, snowboarding, biking, airsoft, ect. Works great so far as expected for the price. The only reason it is 4 stars and not 5 is i have yet to be able to download the storyteller app to adjust settings through that, but that is not the product’s fault, i had found out that contour went out of business before i had purchased this so the site is inactive. If you are worried about customer support issues then i would say hold off on this camera. Otherwise just as expected and i am content with it.

I was using a regular digital camera attached to my bike but that was not cool as having a contour or a gopro camera. I finally purchased a contourroam as it was on sale on amazon. It is my first camera and i like it. It is easy to use and doesn’t have too many fancy features that may confuse people. Then connect it to contour’s story teller software to download or copy to your computer. I have used it on a two hour bicycle ride and the camera would automatically create a second video file when the first one is full. I am not sure how this is determined but it does. If you want to set the date/time on the camera, you will need to connect it to story teller to setup the correct date/time. The newer version, roam2 has bluetooth which allows you to view the video directly on a smartphone. This would save me time from having to connect my roam to a computer. But as a first camera, it has been great. I have not used a gopro camera and can’t compare my roam to it.

Contour roam is well made, easy to operate and is truly waterproof. I use it to record kayaking fishing trips and have recorded underwater shots without the supplied deep water case. Only con i can think of is the wide angle is just a little too wide but still gives great images and makes it easy to get your subject in view. The roamii model decreases the wide angle but of course cost more. Overall great camera and very well made. Good battery life and easy to download images straight to pc.

I am very pleased with this camera. I really put it through a workout on my handlebars for over 1500 miles. The quality of the videos have been great. It’s easy to download the videos and easy to recharge. My only qualm about this device is that the time tends to stray. I like my files to be time-stamped to perfection, so this is a problem for me. I use the story teller software to reset the time, and it will be accurate for a day or two, but after a few uses, the camera will be off by an hour or two. Yep, we are talking hours, not minutes. Now this is just the time-stamp of the files it creates. It’s not as if the time is displayed for anyone to see.

I bought this camera not too long ago when it was on sale. It arrived on time, and came with a surfboard mount and. First test on this camera was with 720p 30fps. Video quality was excellent, i can easily compare it to gopro hero 3. The 1080p isn’t that much different than the 720p so 720 is all i need. After doing some research, i figured out i could download the countour roam2 firmware, so i did that, making my camera have the 720p 60fps. The video quality improved, making the footage smoother. The slow motion was also smoother. This camera is also really easy to record, just the slide of a button and you’re filming.

I have used this camera skiing out west coast. I did not put the waterproof case on it and the camera worked great. I have also used this camera just on regular vacations as i find it easy to hold but be careful as the mic is on the front so don’t put your finger over it. The trigger to turn the camera on sometimes will come on in my pocket so i will record a bunch of sound from my pocket. The battery seems to work for a good amount of time. When i would ski, i wouldn’t just have it on the whole time, yet take small videos on my way down and the camera lasted a few days without charging it. I personally like this camera over the go pro as it is easier to hold in your hand and the price is right.

I used this to record video (and engine noise) on an rc plane. I had to locate it near the center of gravity, because it’s heavy. But it delivered great video. It also survived a few crashes. Pros- easy operation with single slider switch. – great optics (if your situation calls for wide angle view)- lens rotates (manually) so you get a horizontal picture regardless of the angle of rotation at which the unit is mounted- fast frame rate and time lapse are useful functions- takes a beating (as long as you don’t scratch or smash the lens)cons- you can’t see the exact picture you are about to take (though there is another version with bluetooth for that reason)- has no a/v outputs to transmit video- you can’t record while connected to external power. The internal battery lasts for hours, but that’s not always enough if you’re doing time lapse photography.

I thought i had the countour 2, but i had only the 1. It’s not bad, but not easy to operate. Though i lost my usermanual, quite often i wonder how to use it. Also when stored for a while, the battery will be empty, and has to be recharged. Much better to get an iphone case.

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