Canon ZR930 1 : Cheap Minidv

I bought this specifically so my wife and i could tape horse riding clinics and our practice exercises. Quality zoom was important to us, and the zr930 has it. Video quality is fine for playback on a home tv, with settings for regular or wide-screen. Firewire download to a pc with xp works well, but mind you, it happens in real time, so half an hour of video takes half an hour to download. Downloaded files are massive, and our pc’s external hard drive is going to get some work. While i chose this model for the external mic input, the built-in mic picks up voices from a considerable distance, so the point-and-shoot approach works well for us. The little joystick on the lcd panel looks dainty, but a gentle touch is all you need, and the response is good. One minor annoyance: there’s a slider switch to focus the eyepiece, but it’s in a tiny nook between the eyepiece and the battery where an ordinary finger doesn’t fit easily. It’s a problem if people with different visual acuity share the camera. Add-ons and accessories you may find useful:spare battery or two (large size)firewire cable (4-pin on the camera, 4 or 6 pins at other end, depending on what you’re plugging into)tripod (zoom is excellent, but requires a very steady hand)stand-alone battery charger (for when you need to be shooting and recharging simultaneously).

This camcorder is very small, so it can fit in coat pockets, a purse, etc. Very convenient to just grab it and go. We’ve had it since christmas and have used it several times so far and haven’t had any problems.

Canon ZR930 1.07MP MiniDV Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Capture video to MiniDV tapes
  • 48x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer
  • 1-megapixel CCD sensor; widescreen HR recording
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD
  • Multi-angle wireless remote included

I would like to thank the other reviewer for giving a warning regarding his experience with this unit. Got this in our local electronics store here in the philippines since it was on sale. However since i was anxious that it wont work with my mac, i brought my powerbook g4 1. 5 ghz unit to the shop complete with fw cable and my minidv tape. The sales rep was accommodating enough to let me test it with imovie. So bought it and here are my initial review. Works with my powerbook g4 1. 5ghz, powermac digital audio with upgraded 1. 8 ghz sonnet cpu, and macbook 2 ghz model.

I recently purchased the zr830 and found a number of issues with it. If you wish to compare that review you can read it on my profile rather than me re-hashing it here. The zr930 is a step forward though and is certainly worth the price quoted here. They changed the interior configuration to a more box like shape allowing them to maximize the space and fit as much technology inside as possible. Due to this not only have they included a mic port but they have been able to adjust the av output to double as a headphone jack so you can monitor sound. Both of these features are necessary as they have failed to fix the sound problem that has dogged this line of cameras for a number of years. The motor noise can still be heard on playback if you use the built in mic and thats really the only area that this camera loses a star. The 35x zoom of last year has been increased to 48x and the picture quality is sharper and brighter than previous models. I’ve never had any issues with connecting it to my pc. I did not use any of the software that was included as its usually junk they just want to force you to use.

I got this camcorder for my birthday last month, and i have to say that it is great. It takes awesome video, and has multiple setting for every situation. I took this camcorder skiing and the snow setting keeps the snow from being blow out, which really pleased me. The other settings also work great, including the automatic setting which is great to just film something quickly. The internal microphone works well, but if you want you can also use an external microphone. This camcorder has a microphone jack which is becoming an increasingly rare feature on budget camcorders. While it doesn’t have an accessory shoe which would be nice you can use a cheap flash bracket to mount a mic. As an all around camcorder this one is great. I am using it as a secondary camcorder with my sony vx2000, and the video is comparable. It is hard to tell between cuts which video came from which camera.

Canon ZR930 1.07MP MiniDV Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I got this camera because it has an external microphone input (the zr-950 does not) and a 1 megapixel pickup. The picture quality is excellent. The 48x zoom lens is a major plus. I had no problem having either my toshiba xp or hp vista pcs recognize it so i could edit the tape. Despite claims, the camera has no built in light. You supposedly can flip the monitor and use it as a light, but a cell phone is about as bright and you then lose the monitor for monitoring. For some reason canon designed the camera with no accessory shoe, so there is no place to mount a real light, or the shotgun microphone that you might otherwise want to plug into the camera.

I’ve bought a second zr930 for a family member because we really like ours and it is perfect for newbies. Very simple to operate and just as easy to download from the tapes to a firewire’d pc (i have vista and it was easier than i expected, must buy firewire cable though). Only difference between 930 and 950 is that 950 has sd slot for still shots (930 doesn’t), and the 930 has an external mic jack (950 doesn’t). I’m not interested in taking stills with my video camera, so the 930 was the better choice for me and cheaper.

I received a unit that had a bad battery or a bad charger. I called and asked it i could get a different battery,but was told i would have to send the unit back. I obtained a ra and sent the unit back ups (no charge to me)expecting to receive a replacement, instead i got a call telling they were sorry but i wouldn’t get a replacementbut i would receive my money back. Received my money less the shipping charges that was incurred on myinitial order. I later found that the camera was no longer available so i went to sears and got a different oneon sale. I don’t get why it happened this way unless the model is discontinue but no one has indicated this.

I bought this camera a few weeks ago and i am very pleased with it so far. First, it’s very light to hold and easy to use. Video quality is good in average light. Low light is so-so but that is true with most consumer level camcorders. Audio is fine with the built in microphone but great with an external mic plugged in (which is the main reason i bought this model from canon). My windows vista computer’s firewire port recognized the camera and had no problem at all importing video from it. You can control the camera via the firewire connection and import the parts you want too, etc. Only complaint is the battery is very weak and runs out after about 30 minutes or so of record time. Buy an extra battery and you will be very happy with this nice little camcorder.

I bought this camcorder 2 months ago from amazon. I use it to record family events, starting with my daughter’s high school marching band competition at the ksu stadium in manhattan, ks. Even though i was way up in the stands, the 48x zoom made it look like i was on the field with them. The video and audio quality was awesome.I especially liked the 16:9 wide format output that looked great on our samsung lcd hdtv. I have recorded several other family events in different lighting conditions with great results. Transferring the output to a dvd recorder using its firewire output and a firewire cable (not included) was easy. I would highly recommend this camcorder.

I shopped around for months and went with the new model over the 800 series. I have had no problems at all connecting it to my computer with firewire using nero capture software (express?) and a cheap no name firewire card with xp. I haven’t noticed any motor noise, and it takes crisp high quality video. I got this one becuase of the mic jack, and i plan on buying a bracket to mount a mic and a light. They have brackets that mount to the bottom, you do not need an upper shoe. The only problem i have noticed is with the 48x zoom you need a really steady hand (or a tripod) or else it will get jumpy.

I was looking for an inexpensive mini dv camcorder. I looked and researched a long time before buying the canon zr930. I was looking for simple, light weight and a good price. I bought this camcorder a month ago and love it. It is so simple to use and i have had no problems with it or using it. I really like the built in lens cap. It also has a great built in mic. I use this camcorder a few times a week. I would recommend this camcorder to anyone.

Shipping was incredibly fast. Even got a personal note from the company.

Seems like a good value for the money. Has most of the features you need to take video of the family and on vacation. For serious video you need an hd, but for 95% of the videos most people take this camcorder is fine. I rated it four stars for the value for the dollar, of course high end camcorders will give superior results for those that require it.

I ordered a camcorder, and was given the opportunity to order recording tapes at a ‘buy together’ price – which i did. The camera came yesterday from amazon, but apparently the tapes are coming from a 3rd vendor and haven’t even shipped yet. A person ordering a camcorder expects to use it when received, so one expects the ‘buy together’ items to arrive together – right?. I had to go to a store today and buy recording tapes because the ‘buy together’ turned out not to be a ‘buy together’. When amazon makes this offering it should be only for items amazon can ship directly and together. Don’t you agree?——————————————————————————–better togetherbuy this item with panasonic minidv tapes (pack of 5) by panasonic todaytotal list price: $294. 98buy together today: our price is too low to display. Add both items to your shopping cart to see the price. Why don’t we show the price?.

Purchased for external mic input and high resolution for such an inexpensive unit. Works great, although previous reviews were correct. The internal mic does pick up a lot of noise from the drive mechanism. I will use the external mic(lapel unit) most of the time as i am taping my car(s) on various road courses. The sound is great and the resolution and anti shake seem to work fine. . Very good service from amazon and dealer.

This the best video camera i’ve seen for under $500. Well made and pretty good image quality. You won’t want to be shooting for big screen hdtv, but for the web and viewing on the computer this is the best you can get for the money. The plug-in for an external mic is very useful. So useful in fact that i’m still surprised so few cameras offer it. You’ll get _much_ better sound quality with a good external mic, so it’s a good thing to have. The only reason i didn’t give this camera five stars is that it could really use a mount for an external mic or a light. That would make this camera perfect for the price. The lack of a mount is annoying, but the only negative to an otherwise fine camera.

This little camcorder is awesomei got this for free from my mom’s co-worker. She gave me 3 extra tapes, the remote, and the charger. Of course, she gave me the manual as well. I have to say, it performed incredible on any day in any weather. Here are the pros of the camera:-lcd monitor and viewfinder thing-amazing zoom-easy to use-easy to remove tape-lens cover thing-dv output to computerand lastly,-audio inputthere was only one con, and that is its software: it was great for its time, but for 2013 standards, it’s not too well. As i said, its hardwre is modern for its time. I’ve never seen it on a camcorder these days under $600. My lord, it’s incrediblein conclusion, it’s a really good starter camera for film-makers. The quality isn’t too good, but its hardware in 5 years ahead of its time.

At first i reviewed this camcorder with 5 stars; however, once i tried to upload to the computer i realized that the firewire port does not work and i have to mail the camcorder back to the manufacturer. It is a good camcorder to use in that it is extremely easy, the viewfinder is very clear and controls instinctive. I have a little trouble with the zoom (getting it to move smoothly), but i think that’s because i’m a lefty and you need to use your right hand for it. Other than that, this is my 4th camcorder (over the course of 20 years) and if it uploaded properly i would be completely satisfied. It was easy to buy accessories at a low price, and the battery seems to last a long time. There are fancier camcorders but odds are you can’t do better for the price if the firewire works.

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