Canon ZR90 MiniDV Camcorder w/22x Optical Zoom – Finally, now I can save my home movies

I am pretty happy with this camera. Indoor/low light is not that great. Then again, i was looking for the smallest camera with a 22x zoom.

The camcorder is great and i love the size and shape of it. I have had it for 1 week and my lcd is always so blurry so i thought maybe it’s just the lcd so i connected the camcoder to the t. The good thing is i think it has great sound and recording is just one really simple step. I like the camcorder except the fact that the screen is blurry. I am wondering if the screen is blurry just because it is new.

This is a great little camera for its time. Bought a second one as i broke my first one. Here are the specifications for the Canon ZR90 MiniDV Camcorder w/22x Optical Zoom:

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  • MiniDV camcorder takes video and stills and connects effortlessly to your computer, TV, or VCR
  • 22x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 440x) and image stabilizer
  • 2.5-inch LCD with 180-degree rotation
  • Capture low-light recordings with Night Mode
  • Record for up to 2 hour and 5 minutes on one battery charge

Bought so i could transfer old home movies to the computer. First camera offered that is priced appropriately. Most people selling these old cameras know the people are buying them to save old home videos so they are price gouging the customers. I found several of the same model selling for over 150 bucks. Needless to say, the days of these items are over and for those who want to save their home movie collections it was a great price. I highly recommend the seller for all of your camera needs.

We use canon in general because of their amazing compatibility with a wide rage of formats. The zr-series is no exception. You are able to achieve high quality with ease. The vic chip makes a big difference when you are importing a lot of video to edit on your pc/mac. You’ll need to pick up a firewire for $10-15 because canon doesn’t include one in this box. there you can view videos of this camcorder. That will help you see if this camera is right for you. Sony, sharp, panasonic and most every respective brand have similar videos on their sites to help you compare. Also i find it very odd that nearly every negative reviewer ends up mentioning sony as an alternative. As a professional i wonder why someone wouldn’t mention panasonic, jvc or sharp now and then. You would have to spend at least $595. 00 to find a sony that compares indoors or out. ]

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Finally, now I can save my home movies
  • Very nice Camcoder
  • Five Stars

These cameras are very user-friendly. I teach video classes for children ages 8-15 and even the youngest of the group are able to pick them up and go. They capture the best images when used outside; image quality is significantly sacrificed indoors when using automatic mode. They seem to be fairly durable but inconsistently so. Of the handful we have at work, one has started dropping frames during import (into imovie, finalcut, and premeire) while the others do not. It is frustrating that you cannot utilize auto-focus with some of the special effects. Also, the digital steady-cam is pretty useless. All in all, it is not a good camera for extemely important or professional quality footage. However, for kids who want to document their new skateboard tricks, or learn how to make movies using their home pc, or for vacations and stuff like that, it is a good camera with a fair price. It is small, easy to operate, and fun.

Exactly what i wanted because my old zr80 will not take movies anymore. I have 40 minidv recordings ofmy daughter in a several bands. Price and quality were very good.

There are lots of things you look for in a camcorder. Features, quality construction, and something easy to use are all things to consider. In the lower price range a lot of camcorders are alike and you have to look at some small specifics to figure out what’s the best buy. The zr90 is a good camcorder, but it has one major flaw that its predecessors did not – it has no mike input. The built in microphones on almost all camcorders, certainly those selling for less than $1000, are notoriously bad. They generally pick up 180 degrees of sound. In a group situation, at a party for example, the audio sounds like utter chaos. Canons also seem to be especially prone to picking up motor noise from the camera itself. Thus, if you’re interested in good sound you need to have a camcorder with a mike input. Unfortunately, canon chose to reduce the features on their 2004 zr line by taking away the mike input.

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Canon ZR90 MiniDV Camcorder w/22x Optical Zoom
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