Canon ZR700 MiniDV Camcorder : Great camera

Small, but not too small, easy to use, and not too complicated. Very pleased with our purchase.

Item described as ‘new’ but came without a box and had scratches. The camera was not new and was misrepresented.

Canon ZR700 MiniDV Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Features true widescreen recording and powerful 24x optical zoom
  • Widescreen 2.7-inch LCD
  • Canon’s Digic DV image processor for exceptional color and clarity
  • Smooth Zoom Control function prevents jerky zooms
  • Joystick lets you easily operate playback, focus, exposure, and menu options

The first year or two i used it daily, then i got into photography a little bit more than video with my dslr so i packed away this baby. I was cleaning out my storage and pulled it out, turned it on and it continues to work after being packed away for 3 years. I have to get a new battery charger cuz i cant seem to find where the cord is and i need a 6 pin to 4 pin usb cable which as i recall did not come with the camera, which isnt so bad. If you plan to transfer video to computer check your computer, i know toshibas have 4 pin to 4 pin the best solution but most computers you will need 4 pin to 6 pin (still great quality transfer rate). Not a hd camcorder so dont expect it but it gets the job done. Bottom line, if you want just home videos or a camcorder for vlogs or youtube, this camera is a very decent camera that will last a long time.

The camcorder’s quality is pretty good, however the picture quality isn’t. I hate to say it, but even when it’s on the best possible resolution, it’s really ‘grainy’, not like a shot from a regular digital camera. Other than that it’s greatit is nice that it is tiny, though. You can take it anywhere and it has the wide screen capabilities. It’s a nice little camcorder.

One excellent feature of the zr700 camera which i have not seen sufficiently discussed is its ability to transfer home video from vhs, v8, hi8, or any other video format which has an rca jack system (yellow, red, white), to digital video (dv) on mini-dv tapes. (i have a zr200 and my father has a zr700; this is a very similar review to my posting for the zr200)this feature is fabulous and dramatically easier to use than other methods i have tried. I did not discover it during nearly 1 1/2 years of owning the zr200. I inadvertently came across a terse mention of such transfers in the owner’s manual. (see canon zr200 owner’s manual at page 79 for instructions, or page 72 for the canon zr700 unit with similar capabilities. )suffice it to say that the transfer process is very easy, assuming that one has kept the original cabling which came with the zr200 (or zr700) camera. It produces a video image which is superior to any other method i have tried. And i have tried a number of methods, including transferring video to a high-quality external video capture card to dv and ultimately to mini-dv tape using imovie on an apple computer. Upon careful comparison of like clips, this complex, multi-step approach produced good results, but only a nominally clearer image and it has tiny diagonal stripes running across it and a curling upper left edge from the video recorder heads; overall not as good. The color quality and image clarity that results from direct videotape to mini-dv-tape method using the zr200zr700 built-in features is overall, smoother, cleaner and produces a full screen image without diagonal lines or the jagged tape-head artifact in the upper left corner.

Canon ZR700 MiniDV Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I purchased the zr700 about 3 months ago and have taken some nice but somewhat grainy pictures. It is small enough to carry around easily. The battery that comes with it lasts about an hour so that’s ok. The controls are not user friendly, but with time i’ve learned to use them. The remote is badly designed and does not work very well. The big flaw however is that on playback i get stripes across the picture. The manual advises that a cleaning tape be used when this happens. That works (provided you have the special tape available) but this problem happens frequently, requiring the removal of the tape you are watching, the insertion of the cleaning tape, the removal of that tape after the cleaning has taken place and the re-insertion of the original tape–lots of fun, right?. The manual says that this problem is caused by dirt, but i have not used the camera very much and not under extreme conditions. Interestingly, this happened on another canon (zr60) that i owned–but with that camera the condition was more frequent and sometimes the cleaning process did not work.

This is a great little camcorder. The size is awesome, small and light. The image stabilization works really well. I have heard the tape noise while recording, but after downloading video and burning it to a dvd i haven’t been able to hear it. The audio is great for the price range of this little camera. I especially like that you can record in widescreen. For some reason it gives your home videos a more interesting look. If you are having trouble shooting inside, which has been a complaint from some, try turning all the lights on in the room you’re recording in and setting the camera for the tungsten light mode. Recorded this way, the videos look better than if you just record in auto mode. And although you can’t really control it, any outside light coming in really enhances the video quality too (especially the color).

This is a fine little camera. Everything is as advertised and more, except for one glaring exception. The remote control is a plastic piece of junk with (at least in my case) an unopenable battery compartment. I could not get it replaced without sending the whole package back to the manufacturer, so i’m basically stuck with it. But other than that, as i said, it’s a fine little camera.

I’ve had this camcorder since 2008, and i’m happy with it still. I have a warning for you if you’re considering buying uv and/or polarizing filters – don’t. I ordered a set, supposedly fit this camcorder, but they do not fit. I e-mailed canon, they said it does not accept filters. After looking at the threads, i noticed they are not round. The sides are rounded, but the top and bottom are almost flat. No way to attach a lense or filter. Other than that, i’m happy with this camcorder. For indoor shots, i use a couple of sunpak video lights, nice results (too bad they only work for about 15 minutes, and take 5 hours to recharge, but they were cheap). I paid a lot more than the price amazon is now asking, but that was 2 years ago.

Great camera, movies are very clear, works great in low light vs my jvc minidv camcorder.

I hadn’t heard of electronics expo, but they got the job done and saved me a good amount over the local stores here. We have a newborn, and this works great for general use (filming playtime, baths, etc). If the lighting is low the picture will be dark, but usually it seems manageable. Pretty easy to use, didn’t even read the manual yet. I haven’t had a chance to put an sd card in it yet so i don’t know how the snapshots will look, but this camera also allows you to take a snapshot of any frame within the video, so thats cool. They have a newer model out soon, or now but i could have only pre-ordered it at the time, otherwise why not get the newer model. I’m sure this one is even cheaper now though, and the new one doesn’t use an sd card or take pics. I guess i find the amount of camcorder noise neglegeable.

I’ve been playing with this camcorder for a few days now, and i must say that i am overall satisfied with its performance, especially for the price. The camcorder records in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect by default, although you can switch to 4:3 (normal) if you like. This camcorder is small–easily fitting in your hand–but it’s not too small. I don’t have any trouble using any of the buttons or switches. It is also light, which is a big bonus if you plan to carry it with you regularly. The zoom is more than sufficient at 25x optical / 1000x digital. However, as with all camcorders, it is almost impossible to use the camera at anything over 100x unless it is sitting on a solid tripod. Even at 50x, the image quality noticeably degrades. For optimal performance, keep it under 25x and do not use the digital zoom (you can turn off the digital zoom in the menu system). The zr700 includes a ‘video light’ for low-light situations; however, it is a single led bulb that emits very little light.

The camera came in a timely manner and was exactly like the description stated. I would have no issues recommending or purchasing from them again.

You really want to take it everywhere with you. While some people complain about grainy picture in low-light or indoors situations, i really don’t have any complaints; the video quality is amazing. The menus are easy to use, and quick to figure out. And quite a few options are available. Also, the ability to capture in widescreen is nice, but what is even nicer is that this camera has easy-to-use modes to help use different video sizes depending on what kind of television you are hooking it up to. And, i love the fact that i can convert analog video (vhs, etc) to digital. Also, this camera worked very well with my macintosh computers, and imovie.

We purchased this camera for taping live music shows. Our biggest problem has always been trying to work in low-light conditions. After reading reviews which were critical of this camera’s low-light performance, i expected it to be similar to my old 8mm camcorder. The first show we taped was in a really dimmly lit club, and this camera captured it with no problems. This digital format is a big step above standard analog 8mm, so for me this is a very impressive camera. Technology has come a long way. Also, the still-image features are very useful. I’ve seen reviews bashing the photo quality as grainy, but since our photos are mostly for web pages anyway, it isn’t that critical. The feature is great for our purposes. It even lets you put a screen capture on the memory card from the tape.

I have been very pleased with this camera. Other reviews will talk about the lack of this or the lack of that on this equipment, but lets be realistic, if you’re looking at this camera, you most likely will be videoing small family moments not huge productions. And for that reason this is a great little camera. I use a sony handycam hdr-fx1 hd digital video camera which has features that will blow you away (but a price tag to match) for work and this canon has plenty of function and capabilities to keep me busy. The capabilities are awesome for the price, and the ability to transfer my old vhs-c tapes to digital for download onto my computer is what sold me. I’ve always been hesitant to purchase electronics over the internet without physically getting my hands on the product, so this was a bit of a stretch for me but i’m glad i did. Would have given 5 stars, but like others said, the light doesn’t do a whole lot of good. No problems with playback or transfer via firewire (which would be nice if it were included, but those are the breaks).

Canon logra ofrecer con esta camara todo lo que requiere un aficinado que solo busca tener videos y simplicidad de los momentos más importanes de su vida a un extraordinario precio. Ahora, si eres un consumidor más exquisito entonces tienes que invertir en camaras más avanzadas de canon o de otras marcas, pero eso tiene su precio. Lo que siempre destaca de canon es la calidad de sus lentes y esta camara no se queda atrás.

Purchased this camera as a gift for my mother’s birthay. Video quality surpasses what i expected from reviews and expectations of a minicam. Wide variety of features are easy to access and understand. The incredible zoom puts you close to any object. My first tests with the camera demonstrated the great sound quality. Upon viewing a tape of a walk on my property, bird calls came out in such clarity that my mother’s cat went into a frenzy looking for them. Just remember to use the wind filter at the beach. My father, who refused to use their old camera, monopolized this one on our recent trip to hawaii. Hope the films turned out okay, because he wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to show him some features (such as the wind filter).

Excellent shipping time; even using economy. Camera works fine and set u is simple. Takes excellent videos and stills.

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