Canon ZR600 MiniDV Camcorder : Very pleased

This camera will satisfy most folks that read amazon reviews. Dv-ing can be an uphill climb for newbies, but with the proper expectations, you can be happy with your purchase and your future use. I have used this camera for 4 months, and here are my observations:a few assumptions:1. With almost all dv camcorders you will need a 1394 firewire port on your computer, and a cable (about 10-20 dollars online) workaround: none, this is dv. Make sure you use the port labeled dv. If you want to shell out $200-300 more, go with dvdcamcorder. For transfer or editing, look in your windows. If you have windows xp, use the free windows movie maker program which copies your movie footage from camera to pc, and allows a little editing. Vista has even more you can do, like copy to a dvd3. Don’t expect long shoot times. My battery that the camera came with lasts only about 35 minutes, even when i’m not using the lcd screen.

I bought thus camcorder last month and find it harder to figure out than i expected. The image quality is good when filmingoutside but grainy when filming inside. My biggest disappointment is how difficult it has been for me to figure out how to transfer the video footage from the mini dv tape to dvdsand vhs tapes. If i had it to do over, i would pay the extra money for a camcorder that records directly to dvd. I wish icould exchange this zr600.

Canon ZR600 MiniDV Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Features true widescreen recording and powerful 24x optical zoom
  • Widescreen 2.7-inch LCD
  • Canon’s Digic DV image processor for exceptional color and clarity
  • Smooth Zoom Control function prevents jerky zooms
  • SD memory card slot for capturing stills

Nice product but not available as new models have replaced it.

I had this video camera for a while and so far it has meet my expectations considering the price. I did not go for a dvd video camera because the price is still high considering the lower image quality. Also do not expect to record quality clips or pictures using the sd card. It is just a gimmick canon at least had the common sense that most people who know something about video editing would go for an off the shelf video editing software. In addition these people might already have a firewire connector. Anyways, it doesn’t cost that much either.

First off, i have always loved canon products and this camcorder is no exception. The documentation regarding transferring video to your computer is a little lacking but if you have a firewire card (or if you don’t, you can get one from ebay for less than $20), it is windows that does the actual transferring so it’s pretty automatic. The camcorder is very intuative and it takes no time at all to start shooting like a pro (ok, maybe not a pro, but plenty good enough for the home user). Originally i was disappointed with the indoor shots but switching to night mode definitely cleaned up the image alot. I look forward to bringing this camcorder to canada and nigara falls next month to record my honeymoon (well, not all of my honeymoon 😉 ).

Canon ZR600 MiniDV Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : The picture and video is great and so clear. It’s the best purchase i’ve ever made.

This review is from a previous owner of this camerai purchased the canon zr600 from best buy back in late 2006 early 2007 originally looking for a camera to do video notes for class then ended up having this camera be my first personal camera used for television broadcast training and practice at home. A bit of background:i am a legally blind individual i don’t have full vision loss, i have more like half the vision of a fully sighted person. Distance and the ability to read small print etc are the greatest challenges for me, however i have had a natural ability to get good results from cameras, even if it’s taken extra practice to build skills. The basics:the canon zr600 is a consumer level minidv camcorder which means the camera has a vtr built in that records to a minidv cassette. Many consumer level camcorders are a single ccd e. Many pro cameras or prosumer cameras are 3 ccds. This simply affects how they deal with color and lighting.

My item was cheaper through you than i could find anywhere.

This is a basic camcorder with little frills and seems to do its job well. My previous canon camcorder model stopped being recognized by the computer (i am pretty sure i did it by accidentally plugging the cable backwards into the firewire port). I needed a new one to continue family videography, and transfer the old tapes over. This one came at at attractive sale price, and did the job.

This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it. Service and quick shipping are super.

I purchased this camera recently, knowing nothing about minidv camcorders at all. I was happy to find it easy to use. The video quality is good but the still photo quality isn’t so great. I don’t use that feature much though so it isn’t a big deal for me. I would certainly recommend this camcorder to others.

Nice camcorder, a little hard to use. Dont understand all the instructions. Probably my fault for not being able to read well. There is a lot to remember without looking at the instruction book. The book might be better organized.

Great camera but it is a bit grainy but to be expected from a lower end camera. Performs poorly in low light but once again is to be expected because of its small lens. I would recommend this camera to anybody looking for a good solid dv camera, but as for the picture quality it is not quite at the pro level but it is an mid level camera. If you want a camera to use around the house this is the one. This is also a great camera for entry level film classes because the color quality is good which is needed for green screen. Though if you want to start your own production studio i would recommend a more expensive camera like the cannon gl1 or gl2.

My almost 9-year-old was using my digital still camera to make little videos, and was forever wearing out the batteries and using up my smartcard space. So i wanted to get her a camcorder for christmas, but i didn’t want to get a ‘kid’s’ version that she would outgrow. I wanted a camcorder that would be the ‘family camcorder’ to document special occasions, etc. , but that was easy enough for my daughter to use, and not so expensive that i’d be afraid to have her touch it. And the quality is absolutely fine. I was more worried about low-light situations than i needed to be. It really does a pretty nice job. There are lots of features we haven’t even explored yet. She’s now a budding filmmaker with her friends, our pets, herself. I’ve ordered a camera case and tripod for her birthday.

I recieved this camera for christmas, and overall it’s a very good camera. I really enjoy filming and editing, and this is the perfect camera for filming. I use it with imovie, and when i import it [which happens with ease imovie makes the picture even better. ]

Originally had a canon elura but this newer camera has replaced that version entirely. Looking forward to a long trip where this camera will come into its own.

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Canon ZR600 MiniDV Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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