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As beautiful as a moonlit sky and a pile of leaves on a warm fall morning. This is the camera to catch those very moments. Crisp, stylish and comfortable, the canon minidv digital is ideal for all trips and adventures. Perfect for parties, especially the ones where uncle fred ends up head first in the john; anniversaries even if the hubby’s hiding at work pretending to be too busy; those holidays when the kids are kicking at your posterior for buying them socks and not ‘sponge bob’ and last but not least your days of adolesence as your being stuffed in lockers, fed a healthy blend of hamburger and crud and drooling on the essential works of william shakespeare. This is a camera not to be given for a gift but a gift kept for oneself instead.

Needed this to move the mini dv tapes to disk. Works and looks like new and can’ t beat the price.

Okay, i have been going back and forth for 6 months. So, should i get sony, canon, one of the other manufactures. Some people say sony’s are terrible, other say canon’s are good but terrible in low light. All say things about both manufacturers and loud noise heard over the mic. So, what is a guy like me, adicted to reading reviews before making purchases to do?well, i was to wait and tonight i found that canon announced 3 new xr models; zr80, zr85 & zr90. All basically the same price as these and it appears they fixed the low-light problems. Of course i will wait until they are availible next month and i get to read more reviews; and so should you. I never buy any electronics in january since most new electronics come out by march. I just wanted to give all you nutty review-adicts (like myself) a heads-up.

Key specs for Canon ZR60 MiniDV Digital Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD, 18x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • MiniDV camcorder with 18x optical zoom, 360x digital zoom
  • Image stabilization for smoother and steadier video
  • 2.5-inch fold-out color LCD screen and color viewfinder
  • Takes digital still photos and stores them on tape
  • Connects to PCs and Macs via Firewire (IEEE1394)

Comments from buyers

“Like new
, Perfect Camera for Me (an authentic NOVICE)
, As good as any consumer cam out there

I was somewhat skeptical of the reviews this camcorder got on here. However, after having it for 3 weeks i have found that this is a great product. For it’s price it does have a few drawbacks but it is loaded with options. One of my friends, an amateur filmer, thought i paid $800 when i showed him all the specs. Here’s a lowdown of the advantages and disadvantages:pluses:1) 18x optical zoom. Let’s face it, you do not want to use digital zoom. Digital zoom just ‘pixelates’ your picture(i. Makes it unclear and messy). If you are looking for good zoom, totally disregard digital zoom and get as much optical zoom as you can.

Low light performance is bad and canon customer service is awful, but the camcorder is decent for the price. You might be happier spending more money to get a better picture (look at the 3ccd camcorders from panasonic) but this one will work fine for taping birthday parties.

I have done many true no-budget films. I have always shot on minidv. I used to work with excusively panasonic, but after my last pana died an awful death of being smashed after falling, i decided to get myself a canon zr60. This camera has an extremely good viewfinder and lcd. I did find that the ccd doesn’t let much light in, but i always put a wide angle on all of my cameras, and this helped greatly. I also found this camera to be too light and small for me to achieve the kind of steady shot i got on my panasonics. I have since solved this problem with a shoulder brace, but beware of thinking that the image stabilizer will fix all shaky shots. The audio is a plus on this camera for me.

I’ve owned this camcorder for several years with zero problems. Excellent for amateurs; easy to use with few drawbacks. Compact, light and user friendly for the most part. Canon always delivers for me.

I’ve had my camera for a few days now and spent the weekend really putting it to the test. First thing is you need to change the default settings to accommodate for the low light problem. Here are the settings you should use (i read this on digital camcorder forum):* program ae: auto* ae shift:. 0* shutter: 1/60* white balance: indoor. With these settings indoor filming is quite good, still not perfect, but according to everything i read, these type of cameras (mini-dv) are never going to be great low light performers. When i filmed outside or in my workshop (which has alot of light) the quality was amazing. I love the 18x zoom on this camera. There are many different fading options as well as other effects (black&white is cool). It also comes with a remote control that comes in handy. The lcd screen is a good size as well as very functional.

Great value for the money (at the time, and now). Very high quality images in good lighting, especially outdoors; average to lower quality in low lighting (but hard to blame this on canon; my old sony was worse). No motor noise or any other problems. No problems with buttons, functions, etc. Just thinking about a new one now since the 2. 2m pixel ccds are the norm now, and this one has less.

Came very quickly, boxed well and in mint condition, what a steal thanks so muchwould be hard pressed to know it was not sold new, but used.

Overall, the camera houses some nice manual features, and an external mic in, and is very user friendly. However, you get what you pay for. The color defintion is not there; anything less than full sun and the colors drain out of the picture. Low light performance leads the camera to crank up the gain and produce a noisy image that i would call un presentable, but still fine for the price range. The camera always seems to be two steps away from a black and white image, so plan to do some color correction to fix the image. I agree with everyone else on the external mic; the tape transport is noisy. In the end, however, i love the camera. It’s low quality, cheap, but has tons of features and a shoe and mic input to add a shotgun to the top. I know of many cameras that cost much much more than this one that do not even provide a headphone jack seperate from the microphone input. I realy love the camera, and you will too, as long as you can compromise on the image quality in lower light and the audio issue.

Just over a year after purchase, the lcd screen went black. I did some research online and heard about the ccd malfunctioning in a bunch of canon series camcorders, including the zr60. The camera tech i took it to was going to charge me $300 to fix it, but luckily canon did it for free. Because of this happening to so many cameras.So, since i got it fixed it still works great. I wouldn’t use it for anything professional, but its small enough to carry around for a good time and film home movies.

Canon is a very good company, i am happy with the zr60 i bought as others have mentioned. But this month (9/05) the sensor went out after a bit less than two years. You can be pretty sure the sensor is out when you detect no light at all (black screen on lcd and viewfinder) but sound recording still works. I went on this website to look up the product and found several unhappy customers complaining about the sensor going out also. I went to the canon web site and manual to try to figure out what was wrong and concluded that my sensor was out. I then looked at the canon web site and did not find anything on this except the support line. I called and after a 3 or 4 minutes on hold was connected to someone who seemed familiar with this problem and i was delighted to hear that i would get a new sensor at no charge if the sensor problem was indeed what was wrong. 80 to ship it (insured and confirmed delivery) and within two weeks i have my camera back and it is working. I am relieved i did not have an expensive repair to deal with.

I got this camcorder last week and it has a good optical zoom, pretty cool digital effects and the analog to digital converter feature is a plus. I’ve only owned the camera for a couple days and i am very impressed with what i have seen so far. The low light quality leaves a bit to be desired but overall a very good camera. The manual focus can be a bit of a struggle because of the location of the buttons. For the average user this is a great point and shoot camera dv camcorder. However, i was very dissapointed by the indoor performance. Like all the digital effects, this indoor video is very, very grainy. Since we will be using the camera mostly inside, it is worth spending a little more to get better indoor quality. We had the sony trv27 and returned it to buy this camera just because of the price difference. The sony took way better indoor video. Outside, they are about the same. But despite that, this camera is to take short videos and import old vhs tapes to dv and download to the computer to edit.

When my first minidv, panasonic pv-dv600 that i had for 4 years, got damaged in rain, i was desperate to find a replacement to continue my home video making hobby. I was looking for a minidv camcorder that could do similar things that my old panasonic could do. It made me skeptical when i read all those online reviews about this zr60 camcorder from canon, but i went ahead due to its price and the accessories that i already have (more on this later). After having it for 1 week, i have been happy with it almost as much as when i had my panasonic. Pros: very light weight, very small, very good pictures, very good color rendition, full features, when compared to my pv-dv600 (a $. Camcorder at its time), very affordable. Cons: no ‘back light’, no ‘infra red (ir) shooting’, no ‘hot shoe’the picture color from the pv-dv600 really was washed out after seeing what the zr60 can put out. Just looking at the new movies, we are so surprised to see that there is finally color on our tv. The zr60 also has some motor noise, too.But it truly is not as loud as my old panasonic, if the panasonic was loud at all.

First, let me thank all of the previous reviewers of this product. It is because of the quality information (including the night time settings) from these folks, that i bought this camera here at amazon. Look, i’m a complete novice to video recording/editing and had some apprehension of buying one because i thought it would be too difficult to master, let alone begin to understand. I wanted a simple, yet quality dvc. The canon zr60 is just that. I have had no issues with the camera and was able to plug it (using an optional 4 pin to 6 pin firewire cable) right into my apple g5 and begin editing video. The quality of the footage has been great. I am so impressed with the little camera, that i have even begun transfering our wedding videos to it, in an effort to preserve them to dvd. Thank goodness for simplicity.

You won’t find anything in this price range with the features and quality of this camera. I pulled it out of the box and began filming immediately. It will also do digital still shots but that isn’t it’s forte. If you want high quality digital recording for a value price get this camera.

Props go to all the people that decided to change the shutter speed and turn a few more lights to get a good picture, and give this camera the good review it deserves. Direct from calling canon tech support, not sales:the zr-80 does not have. An external mic input or an s-video outi called canon tech support to get a comparison between the 2 models zr-60 and zr-80, and the tech said honestly that if i like the option to plug in an external mic, then definately keep the zr-60. He also went on to say, that the low-light settings haven’t changed much and that the battery life is slightly longer with the zr-80, which comes with the exact same battery as the zr-60. Compare the power comsumption of the two cameras-zr-80: 2. 3 w (using lcd screen)or thezr-60: 2. 8 w (using lcd screen)it’s not that big of a difference, but he did say is that the main reason for the difference in power consumption was because the buttons on the side of the zr-80 do not light up like on the outside of the zr-60 (these lighted buttons can be convient for night filming, since the zr-60 has no backlight, neither does the zr-80). The zr-80 has no added features aside from the ‘skin detail’ function, which is supposed to smooth close up’s of people.

I’ve just bought this camera less than 2 weeks ago and i’m already in love with it. Very easy to learn and get used to, consumer friendly. Nice picture quality on the computer and you get the same if not better resolution when hooking it up to the tv. The battery life isn’t very long but you can easily live with it unless you need to tape a sporting event which carries on for more than an hour or so. Recharger works fine, the viewfinder has very nice quality. Not recommended for pictures but you can freeze any frame you shoot during filming and export the photo on the computer but the quality isn’t anything like a digital photo from a nice camera but it’s acceptable. But for filming it is exellent quality, i’ve had zero problems with the computer compatibility and i have a macintosh so it should work on most other computers without a hitch hopefully. Has extra shooting modes for the more experienced person like sports, low light, night, etc. Which offers better shooting under those surroundings. I very much enjoy this camera and can’t wait to see what is next.

In my opinion, this is the best all around camcorder money at a great price. I used this camcorder every day for almost a year and the results were always fantastic. There werent ever any glitches or issues i had. This camcorder is small enough that you can take it practically anywhere. The quality is a huge step up from analog and hi-8. I have absolutely no complaints.

First off, many people complain about the motor noise on this model as well as the other zr series dv camcorders. Don’t worry about it and do yourself a favor and buy an external mic. You’ll get much better sound – internal mics on camcorders usually aren’t great. Here is the solution, after researching this for awhile. Get the following products:1. Sony wcs-999 wireless mic system2. Sony ecm-717 table top single point micthe wcs-999 comes with a transmitter and receiver and one lavalier mic (clip on type). In addition, the transmitter has a stereo mini port input for the mic and so does the receiver. The ecm-717 is great if you just want to set it up and forget it. It’s dual powered, so it can run on batteries and plugged directly into the mic port on the zr60 and then clipped to your shirt or whatnot.

Maybe i am just picky, because this was my first video camera and i am spoiled by good quality 35mm slr cameras. If used in the daytime with good sunlight, this camera takes fantastic video. If you try it indoors or low light, the quality degrades significantly. Moving the video from the camera to the pc or dvd is extremely easy. It comes with a cable to connect to your dvd player or tv. Just plug it in and used the remote (also included). There are several software programs available (movie maker, sonic) that make creating your own dvd’s a snap. I would suggest you also purchase a zoom lens for close-ups and a wide angle lens so you don’t have to stand in the next room to get a video of the next birthday party. The best feature on this camera is it’s ability to record vcr tapes directly to digital format. This allows you to easily transfer all of your old home movies on vhs to mini-dv or even dvd.

This camera worked great for the price that it sells for. I was able to creat dvds that the family loves. I would say that the image quality during low light conditions is not the best, but with regular light it is fine. The mic is omnidirectional which means it picks up anything from any direction, and it is not of the best quality. An external mic would be a good idea. Overall i would recommend this camera to anyone on a budget.

I bought this camcorder when my daughter was born after i saw a short video my brother made. I had been thinking about getting one, but wasn’t sure what i would be able to do with it. Six months after getting it, and recording hours of tape, i sat down to author my first dvd. After two days of working in the basement, i came up and showed my wife 5 short (3 – 5 min) videos (complete with transitions and music). I burned several copies and sent them to family members who were equally impressed. All that was made possible by using this camcorder. Now to the camcorder review. It is small (palm sized) and light. The controls are all easy to use/understand. I opted for this model instead of the zr65 and up because of price, and i didn’t need the ability to take stills (i have a canon g2). The picture quality is fine. I have used it primarily indoors and in low light. Admittedly there is some grain, but it is totally acceptable when you look at the benefits of going digital. In better lighting conditions, the grain is not noticeable. I have opted for the next size up battery (canon bp512) because the one supplied only last about 30 minutes.

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