Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder Kit – Still looking to see what this camera doesn’t do

This camera has so many options, functions and choices, i’m still looking to see what it does not do. Was reading the manual while charging the batteries and i’m amazed at all the things you can do with this camera. Be it using 35mm lenses from your canon slr, which is a big plus for most professionals. Being able to use two cameras at the same time for dubbing or transferring your film from one camera to the other. You can either set everything to manual, if you want to have total control of what this camera does. You control the white bal, sound gain, f-stop, film speeds, the list just goes on and on and that is only in the manual setting. If you want to just push the button and go, you have several automatic settings that you just turn on and there you go. If you are looking for a professional video camera without the professional ‘new’ price in the thousands, this is your jewel. It sure is mine and i am so excited to use it. Will update after using and have more info to offer.

The canon xl1 is a great piece of equipment. My company uses this very same camera to do most of our commercials. Since its got such great graphic quality (~360,000 pixels per frame) and can capture at high speeds, its the clear choice for our high-speed shooting. The sound quality and zoom on the mic is also incredible. If youre still not sure on buying it, i suggest you find a local video or camera store and rent and play with one for a day, its a tremendously worthy investment.

Great experience with this order. Camera is as advertised and shipped quickly. I’m already looking into accessories. Would use merchant with confidence.

You don’t have to be a pro to use this camera. But shop around for the best price and don’t buy from grey markets. Be sure the dealer is authorized by canon. There are some features that were added to the xl-1s which make this camera stand out over sony. There are web sites that teach how to use the camera and how to get around some of the xl-1 problems. This has been the camera of choice for most news organizations that travel the world. Add the eos adapter and you have a camera that does more than any other camera made in its price range. Before you buy listen to the pros that use this camera, do a search at google. Com for tips and tricks and the xl-1 web sites.

This camera is the technophile’s dream. Not only does it take professional quality video and audio it provides enormous flexibility to the user for almost any application. With over 50 buttons and knobs and another 27 on the remote the camera can be configured to support virtually any imaginable (and even some unimaginable) challenges. The image quality upconverts to 1080i using the proper equipment with results that are hard to differentiate from native hd images. I used to have a company that made commercials and shorts for the local cable company and this was my camera of choice. You can transfer both the digital video and audio to a non linear editor via the ieee1394 port and produce a professional final product. I kept a couple of them for my own use, they are great cameras.

Awesome camera and just what i needed for my future goals. The shipping was fast and i was very pleased with the item over all.

  • Still looking to see what this camera doesn’t do
  • 5 stars plus
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Everything came as promised and early. The picture quality is great as well. I’ve been very happy with how easy it functions.

Ok here it goes i love the cam but when i got it it did not come what it says it did i had sent out emails and the ygot back to me right away i like that. Any way i was told i was going to get the viewfinder and a battery but i did not get a tape for it so i had to get a few cam works awesome i love it.

Man , i love this camera and it is just what i have been waiting for now for about 4-5 years. It works great for our church services and our college teaching courses. Thanks, and i will be watching for another camera deal.

Beware of anyone selling these cameras at below retail price. I just got screwed out of $2100 as a result. Check seller reviews, and do not, i repeat, do not send payment through any service outside of amazon. I was told to western union the payment to spain. Western union does not accept credit cards as payment over $1000, so there is no way to dispute the charges or get your money back. Beware of anything that seems suspicious. Check return email addresses (especially the domain names, i got one from yahoo. Com), both free anonymous servers.

I can only say i love it only set back is the lighting need for the best shot.

Features of Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder Kit (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Broadcast-quality 3 CCD Mini DV camcorder
  • Interchangeable lenses–can use Canon EOS SLR lenses with adapter
  • Pixel-shift technology enhances image quality
  • Included lens features optical image stabilization
  • PCM digital stereo audio

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The service i got was excellent from the seller, and it works like a charm. I do professional films and this is my new favorite.

Good camcorder and great support from the saler.

This camera was a lifesaver for me. I had to do a video presentation for my school’s graduation ceremony, and this definitely served it’s purpose. I got amazing quality of video, and then with apple’s imovie software, i made a great movie. Mixed with my friends capabilities in macromedia flash, we were the talk of the show. I definitely recommend this camera if you want some high-quality stuff. If you want easy editing, go with apple’s imovie, or for the more professional, try out final cut pro. Keep up the good work, apple and canon.

I love love love love love this camera. Great quality, ease of use and i had the #1 seller on amazon to deal with.

I have always bought canon products because it is a name i trust. The manufacturer stands behind the product. The parts are easy to find and canon products are easy to service. The canon xl1 digital camcorder is well made, easy to use, and affordable. It is ideal for small movie projects, such as music videos, movie shorts, family events, etc. I would recommend this camcorder to anyone just starting out with small movies, or who have a need for a digital camcorder.

Design and construction is first class. I use it as a ‘point and shoot’ – but it is fully equipped to handle heavy pro work. Flip-down shoulder brace, variable speed zoom and excellent mike are great features. Can’t say enough about the quality of workmanship.

Broadcast-quality 3 CCD Mini DV camcorder

My camera arrived in (2_days. It is just as they described. However, did not know camera was not digital. My fault must read carefully next time. But company is ‘top notch’ .

I’ve used digital betacam that isn’t as nice as this puppy. Recently shot behind-the-scenes at an indy racing league event, and this camera easily kept up with the 220+ racecars. I can’t say enough nice things about this camerathe only negative. I think it could be a little more comfortable to shoot with. Get a better shoulder brace or the balanced audio input, the balanced audio adaptor makes a better shoulder pad than the standard one. And gives you better sound quality to boot. That’s saying a bunch cause the standard mic is pretty damn fine.

For high-end amateur applications, i returned my xl1 in favor of the sony dcr-vx2000. The xl1 image quality is superb; however, the image quality of many less expensive cameras these days is so impressive that after shooting a lot of test video at various lux, close-up and zoom scenarios i was hard pressed to see *any* difference between the xl1 and my panasonic dv600 and sony pc-5. Online reviews typically give xl1 and sony vx2000 image quality equal ratings. Although my xl1 was manufactured in august 2000, the model itself appears to be a couple of years old and lacks some of the sony’s electronic features and an lcd viewfinder. I was also disappointed in the xl1 still photo quality. Most sony models perform much better in this area. The xl1 zoom motor is so loud as to interfere with sound recording, and the manual zoom apparently invokes a proxy mechanism rather than controlling the zoom directly, resulting in a latency which is perceived as lack of responsiveness. Several online dv sites mention rumors of a canon xl2. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the xl1 is near the end of its product cycle.

I have owned one of these for over a year and a half and love this thing. I work at a full digital tv station with a the latest equipment and the first thing i did was do a side by side comparo against a. Panasonic dvcpro broadcast camera. The technicians and cameramen were shocked at the image being equal to their cameras. When we explored the camera further and found the ability to also use the anton bauer battery packs it only got better. They looked at the lens quality and lens swapping ability, plenty of manual setting available for video and audio, hundreds of accesories for the proshooter, and the frame mode made it shine brighter in their eyes. The general manager and chief engineer evaluated the camera and said at the same time ‘imagine what this could do for our budget’. I use this camera for personal use and have also used it for news gathering, many requests from the news department have come my way to go on a shoot due to lack of cameras. If you are looking for a camcorder to have many bells and whistles, this is not for you. I have read reviews where it dosent take very good still pictures, it lacks the lcd viewer, it wont shoot in total darkness or see through womens clothes. They forget serious shooters have a main priority in their camera and that is the choice of different lenses. No current consumer camcorder has a interchangable lens system. Something to remember many tools have the ability to do many tasks but they never exceed at one. The canon xl1 exceeds at shooting video to a professional level.

The canon xl1 is an amazing camera to shoot with. The picture quality is awesome and the audio is sweet. The camera is sleek and professional looking, people take you serious when you go out on a shoot with the ‘big boys. If i had to buy another camera it would be the canon xl.

Interchangeable lenses–can use Canon EOS SLR lenses with adapter

Pixel-shift technology enhances image quality

Included lens features optical image stabilization

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