Canon VIXIA HF200 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/15x Optical Zoom : Good Solid Camera

I’ve had this camera for 2 weeks now, and have successfully taken sports action, indoors and outdoors videos. Happy with no purchase regrets. Pros-the hd picture is outstanding. Pleased with picture quality and sound. , and easy to hold and carry-time to power on to shooting video is real fast with flash drive. No tapes or power up needed. -advanced features: 3 seconds advance video, face recognition focuscons-software – as others have noted, rather complex and takes many attempts to future out. Manual provided rather weak. -camera controls – numerous menus to get used to – challenging yet offers the flexibility (practice and practice)-you are provided with component cables, yet lacking the hdmi htc-100 cable. Suggest to buy from amazon at same time. $40i-mage stabilization does not help much. You will be carrying a tri-podbottom line: if you are a bit more experienced / technical, then you will enjoy this model. Else, it’s a bit rich in functionality and you should consider an simple model.

I don’t have anything to say about the other aspects of this product yet but i ran into trouble using the two highest speed modes (mxp and fxp) with a class 10 sdhc flash card which should have been plenty fast enough. I found a solution which should help solve this problem and wanted to share it with other owners. Canon has a firmware update for the problem. Canon says:firmware version 1. 0 incorporates the following fix:these models are now able to record, play back, and copy movies in mxp and fxp modes with class 10 sd or sdhc memory cards. This firmware update concerns the use of class 10 memory cards only. If you are using class 4 or class 6 cards, you can continue to use them without performing this firmware update. The camcorders can be updated with this firmware free of charge at one of our factory service centers. If you own one of the affected products, please contact our customer support center. This information is for residents of the united states and puerto rico only. If you do not reside in the united states or puerto rico, please contact the canon customer support center in your region. Please register your vixia hf20 or register your vixia hf200. By registering, we will be able to notify you via email when future firmware updates become available for download.

Canon VIXIA HF200 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/15x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • HDMI terminal for easy, one-cable connectivity to your HDTV
  • Dual Shot for capturing both video and photos with ease
  • Genuine Canon 15x HD video lens , SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Record crisp HD video directly to a removable SDHC memory card
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD recording , 24p Cinema Mode, 30p Progressive Mode
  • Record crisp HD video directly to a removable SDHC memory card
  • Genuine Canon 15x HD video lens; SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD recording; 24p Cinema Mode, 30p Progressive Mode
  • Dual Shot for capturing both video and photos with ease
  • HDMI terminal for easy, one-cable connectivity to your HDTV

After reading many of the earlier reviews i took the plunge and purchased the canon vixia hf200 flash memory camcorder. I upgraded from a canon mini-dv camcorder because i had purchased my first hdtv from amazon last christmas. Of course, i needed an hd camcorder with my new hd televisioni use a sonnet 21-in-1 multimedia reader&writer express card/34 and pop the sd card in to transfer the video clips to my macbook pro. Using imovie ’09, this works great. Imovie ’09 recognizes it without flaw, and with this software i can choose the clips i want to download from the sd card to my laptop. I use imovie ’09 to organize my videos, and i make the initial selections of clips that i want in each project using imovie ’09. Then, i export to apple’s intermediate codec and open this export file in imovie hd. I prefer the timeline in apple’s older version of imovie. I also purchased final cut express 4, but haven’t cracked that product yet, as it’s much more complicated than what i’m used to in imovie. So, for now, i’m bringing video clips in with the latest version of imovie, then downconverting and editing in imovie hd; this works great.

The video quality is superb, as is ease of use. Here are a few hints and things i noticed. The battery out of the box will not power-on the camera and needs some minutes of charge to even show 0%. You can operate the camera from the charger but the battery is not being charged, says the manual. There are two 1920×1080 picture quality modes: mxp at 24 mbps and fxp at 17 mbps — and three at 1440×1080: xp+, sp and lp, at 12, 7 and 5 mbs, respectively. I believe it defaults to lp out of the box, which is 1440×1080 at 7 mbps. I suggest you select fxp to get true 1920×1080 resolution. Upping to 24 mbps might be a good idea only if you are going to do a lot of post editing — i can’t see an improvement over fxp. Recording times with a 16gb card are 1:25, 2:05, 2:50, 4:45 and 6:05, respectively. When the camera is off, pressing the disp button (on the camera body) will show battery capacity in minutes and percent.

Here are the reviews coming from a user who has been using this video cam on a weekly basis:got a defective unit when i started using the unit for approximately 2 weeks. The camera would display a message indicating ‘unable to detect battery life’ during start up. Thanks to amazon’s return policy, we got another one in about two days or so. Have been using the unit for both work and leisure purposes with family, no big complains about it. If you’re a previous canon user, you’ll be familiar with the menu setup and should not have any trouble getting used to it. The video quality is good, and the face recognition function is superb. The only complaint i have is about the battery life, which i always hope that canon can offer a battery with higher capacity. (bought an extra bp-809 battery pack as backup).

Canon VIXIA HF200 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/15x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I could not be happier with this camcorder. The videos load easily into all my editing packages from sony vegas pro on up. (this has been an issue with other cameras in the less than $1,200 range. I have had significant problems with my blue and green screen applications with other cameras, but the vixia has produced crisp breaks in my post work. The manual focus feature has allowed me to capture some professional looking shots with varying foreground and background foci. The one caveat i would add is that you need to spend some time learning this camcorder and all the features. You won’t be able to do everything immediately, and the manual has its limits. All the information is there, but you might have to hunt a bit and do some trial and error. For the price, i could not be happier.

I have used it in many different scenarios, from home movies, to professional corporate productions, and it has not disappointed me yet. With so many reviews, there’s not much left to say. I will say one neat feature is the hdmi-out, which let me both record and preview on a large lcd display at the same time, the video that was being shot. Apparently this camera doesn’t work with class-10 sdhc cards, which is a bummer, since in the near future class-6 cards will probably become harder to find, so hopefully there is a firmware upgrade for that. Other than that, i love this camera, it was very affordable, and no matter if you’re shooting your kids’ soccer game, making a video for your company, or looking for a nice budget camera for an indie project, this camera will do the job for you.

I bought this camera for many purposes, primarily was to record my daughters’ b-ball games. It was rated very highly on [. I’m no professional, but i do want a quality picture with enough features to satisfy. I record the games in standard quality, mostly because i don’t think the full hd would be noticeable to justify the added file size. Pros-lightweight-canon quality-feature rich, but simple to use-great picture (even in standard mode), great audio-plenty of add-ons (if you want, you don’t need them for regular shooting)-inexpensive for feature set-flash memory is cheap (and getting cheaper)-great connectivity options- pc to download, or direct to tv for viewingcons-file type- records everything in. Mts format, the standard for hd camcorders. It will need to be converted for playing on a dvd/blu-ray player. If you are looking for playback on a pc w/o the included software, the best player would be videolan player (google vlc). The software that comes with it is limited, and does include a player as well.

This hd camcorder is sweettttt, when i first saw the video quality i was speechless, then i was couldn’t stop talking, i mean the quality is amazing. Transfering files to the pc is quick and easy especially if you have a card reader. The video format used is mts, didn’t give me any problem when inporting it into after effects, but you may still need a video convertor, i found a freeware known as super to convert my files as needed. The camcorder is small and at first, it may feel a little strange, but in less than 5 minutes you’ll get used to it. Compared to my last camcorder, which wasn’t hd, the hf200 sound playback quality is great, even without the use of a mic, but i haven’t tested it in any extreme situation, such as a windy day or so. Battery life is about 1 hour 30 minutes, on highest quality setting, the video is alright at nights. Well compared to my previous camcorder which was the jvc everio gz-mg330 30 gb hard disk drive camcorder with 35x optical zoom (blue). All in all i’m very satisfied with this camcorder and i would buy it again if i was given the choice.

Although i did buy the camera and did use it briefly (it seemed very nice), i am not posting a review. I am simply posting to let other potential buyers know that this particular camera is not suitable for motorsports or any activity with sever vibration or shaking. It’s cmos sensor, in extreme shake environments produces something called ‘rolling shutter effect’. No matter what the settings are, no matter how you adjust the camera, the image you get is not usable and def not worthy of price paid. Look for a camera with a 3ccd sensor for motorsport use.

I have had this camcorder for about two weeks. The unit is very light and portable. The only problem i see with it so far is that you have to move very slowly or have it on a tripod, otherwise the picture looks very choppy. I am still learning how to use it, so i might be doing something wrong. This is my first digital camcorder, so i don’t know if this behavior is normal or not. The picture quality when the camcorder is held still is phenominal. The unit is very easy to use and the menu is fairly simple. It also focuses well and has a good zoom.

I chose this product from many other competitors. I prefer card writing models with full hd recording. As far as i see, this is the cheapest and most featured product i might orders and that’s why i purchased this model. I am using sandisk ultra ii 32gb sdhc card with this product. Powering up is 1 seconds only. You may take picture of 3mp but i prefer it for full hd recording. The view is very clear and the image stabilization is very accurate and help you avoiding bad transitions while you move the camera very quickly. The playback function is also very practical. The remote command is very useful and easy to use. I connected via both hdmi and component and both are very good transmitting to full hd lcd tv.

I have had this video camera for a while and like it. It is light and easy to use and takes good quality video. It is easy to download the videos (using w7 64 bit). I just open the computer and it shows as a hard drive and i copy the video file. If i click on it windows media player plays it and if i want to edit i import into power director. The only things i would point out as potential negatives are that canon has a mini video jack which is not standard, if you want to mount a external mic you will need an adapter. I prefer a camera with a standard jack but this should be known going in. (btw you can buy canons own external mic which will mount on the mini jack). If you do have the adapter and use another branded external mic the camera does have a audio input, so it all works fine. Also i found that the audio level can be controlled so using an inexpensive (relatively) audio-technica shotgun mic i did not need a pre-amp as there is plenty of volume and it sounds good.

I got it a couple weeks ago and i’m shooting a documentary with it right now. The size of it is really nice for me, cause i have enough equipment to carry around without having a bigger camera and case. Plus i can shoot anywhere easily and even though it’s really light, it’s not hard to hold the camera pretty steady. The image looks great in most situations. It’s not too bad for low light, there’s a little fuzz, but it’s not as bad as other cameras i have worked with. Trust me, i am getting footage in dark music venues. I have only used some of the features so far, but everything i have used works good. One thing that i am having a problem with is the fact that the accessory shoe is ‘mini’ so i have to buy an adapter in order to mount a mic on it, and the adapter i’m trying to order is out of stock :-/i wasn’t planning on using any of the software that came with it, so i didn’t think it would be a problem at all, but now i have videos that i originally imported through imovie that are compressed, i saved the. Mts files to my hard drive, so i want to transfer them back to the camera and re-import them through final cut now that i’ve figured out how to do that, but i can’t get the pixela software to let me do it, even though that’s supposedly what it is for.

Hands down, very happy with the purchase. I came from an older canon mini-dv unit that performed great over a 10 year period. I didn’t read the directions. Charged the battery, stuck in the memory card and made some great videos. Coming from mini-dv unit, the quality is simply stunning. I now have a wide angle lens attached and i am now able to capture all the action in a normal size room without having to stand in the doorway. Anti-shake simply works wonders. No reason to look elsewhere, unless you are in the business or need the top-of-the-line unit, this is a solid performer.

Well, i am totally satisfied with this hd-camcorder. I do a lot of modeling shots for local ads,related to small business work, and private shoots. The feature i wanted in this the most was theremovable flash memory media. If you say i wanted to avoid the internalhard drive you are right on. Fewer moving parts usually translatesinto many benefits including;reliabilityreduced weightimproved battery lifei shoot with this only in hd mode. The results are very good for a mid low costdevice. The only comment i have so faris that frame focus takes a while to settle whenthe camera is panned a bit too quickly. On the post shoot side, handling andviewing and storage and managementof the canon stream.

I’m a hobby video maker and this camera makes professional results easily within reach. Easy to operate and a sensible approach to the menu features makes this a joy to use. The resoultion is amazing and all the features work as advertised. Great color and lots of options for those who want to adjust shutter speeds, etc. I can easily log and transfer the avchd files into final cut studio for editing. I just plugged it into my macbook pro and the files popped up after about 1-2 minutes. No hassle at all, but the files are big so you will need an external hd if you do much video. Small and easily fits in your hand. The zoom speed feels just right too.

If you want a good versatile video camera that doesn’t take up alot of memory on your computer and is easy to use then use this camera. My only caution is you need to find a file converter. I chose voltaichd which i bought for 13. It’s great software that converts it into avi form which any computer can read but obviously you may not get the hd quality. I found when i did use the hd it was hard to post on youtube, or when i played back the video it would pause every 5 seconds. Video camera is very small and takes very good stills as wel which i found useful because i didn’t always like carrying my camera and my video camera. Only thing is i would not use this camera for very fast pace or low light video footage. I bought the video camera to record my footage of my bboying (breakdancing) and the color quality wasn’t always caught. In daylight this camera is amazing and i enjoyed the colors although i do admit it does not capture brights as well as i would like likes oranges and yellows but green and blues it takes on very well.

Canon vixia hf200 hd flash memory camcorder with 15x optical zoomi use the canon vixia and the kodak z16. The new version of imovie 09 has digital stabilization and this works astoundingly well for me. I wouldn’t waste any money trading up in this bracket of camcorder, if this wets your appetite i would save and spend on a pro camera from canon. The hf200 has all the features of a more expensive version that the average person would use and the menu and joystick are good performers. Both the kodak and the canon have good picture quality in good light conditions but the canon has 15x optical zoom and a much better still camera. The kodak is great for quick pictures and edits well with the canon. If you have a mac and ilife 09 these are two good choices.

Summary: good video camera, decent photo camera, software annoying but functional,full review: we bought this camera a few weeks ago since it had the best cnet reviews in it’s class. The hf20 is basically the same camera with a 32gb flash card built in, but the difference in cost between the two cameras is more than a 32gb flash card. We ordered a 32gb flash card, a large battery, and an external battery charger. We may buy a hmdi cable for it, but i can’t see the reason at this point. I found the camera pretty easy to use and to adjust. You probably want to adjust the video setting out of the box since it’s set to one of the middle settings instead of the two hd ones. We made two videos and put them both online; one indoors and one outdoors on a mostly sunny day in january 2010. The indoor video was taken in a well lit room, but we didn’t use the built in light. The outdoor video is actually 2 videos that i made in the camera and used the included software to edit them together. I then had to use handbrake (free video editing software) to convert that joined video into something i could upload to youtube in full hd format.

I had an earlier version of this camcorder that i dropped in a lake and it died. I bought this as a replacement. Very happy with the picture, features and sound quality. A very good camera for the price range. Works well in many lighting situations.

The vixia hf200 is our first video camera of any sort. We purchased this mostly to take vidoes of our first grandchild who we see almost daily. My wife and i found the hf200 extremely easy use and consequently, we take lots of short takes of our grandson doing something special in a moments notice. We have yet of miss a moment due to anything about the camera. The hd quality is excellent. If you want to view the video directly to your hd tv, i recommend the ‘mini-hdmi male to hdmi male cable: 6 ft – by abacus24-7’ which i purchased on amazon as well.

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