Canon VIXIA HF S21 Full HD Camcorder w/64GB Flash Memory & Pro Manual Control – Great Camera-Software Doesn’t Work Yet

I purchased the japan version ivis vixia which is exactly the same as all the other vixia versions made in various other countries including the usa. Just different language options and playback formats ntsc or pal. One version is not inferior to other versions or superior in manufacturing or quality than other versions. Saved $$ buying direct from japan. I just changed menu settings to english and playback format is same in japan as in usa, ntsc. Going from a mini-dv camcorder to a flash memory one took a little while to digest. However, the technology, speed, download, and accessibility is exponentially better. A lot more versatility than mini-dv, more reliable than hard drive based camcorders, and better format for editing than dvd type units. I still need to understand the avchd mts format and how to properly edit the video for playback in a blu-ray or standard dvd movie. I am presently using corel video studio pro x3 for importing, editing, and movie making.

The best camcorder out there. Very solid body with a viewfinder. The video quality it breathtaking. It is also verycomfortable to hold.

I bought this after reading all the reviews and comparing the specs of panasonic tm700 and sony cx550. This one seemed to have the best of it all, on paper. However, once we got it, there was no ability to scroll on the touchscreen. The video quality was very orange-ish red in low light. So, i’m trying the sony cx550 now and hope that it’s touchscreen is better and the quality of video is what they say it is. Here are the specifications for the Canon VIXIA HF S21 Full HD Camcorder w/64GB Flash Memory & Pro Manual Control:

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  • Dynamic SuperRange OIS corrects a full range of motion
  • Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor
  • Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens
  • Records up to 24 hours of crisp high definition video to a 64GB internal flash drive or directly to two removable SD memory cards
  • Canon 1/2.6″ 8.59-Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Records up to 24 hours of crisp high definition video to a 64GB internal flash drive or directly to two removable SD memory cards
  • Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens
  • Canon 1/2.6″ 8.59-Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor
  • Dynamic SuperRange OIS corrects a full range of motion

I was after a high quality hi def camcorder with a viewfinder. I have had enough of the silly lcd screens with their ‘hold & hope’ feature. The canon hf s21 meets or exceeds anything i was looking forthe lcd touch screen is actually usable in all but the most extreme lighting conditions. The image stabilizing is the best i have ever seen and i have not even tried the extra powered is stabilizer button yetimage quality is superb.One thing i was hoping for was a ‘one camera’ for both movies & stills product. This one will do it for meonly downside. Oem battery (bp 808) lasted me about 55 minutes in real world – easy enough to fix. Bulky – it is about 2 3/4′ square and does not comfortably fit my hand or anyone else who picked it up. Zoom switch is ‘pretty good’ sure miss those big rocker switches they used to have. Overall, i am excited every time i pick it upmust mention, my purchase was used (can’t tell it) and through hd camcorders & more.

The camcorder is very good, however the default battery life is very poor 1-2 hours. If you want to buy it, please, add in your cart an extra battery as well as a battery charger, which does not come in the default package.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Canon HF S21
  • Still the best.
  • Feature packed

I am happy with my purchase. Picture is great and sound is adequate. I am thinking about getting a mike for it. Overall it works as advertised and i am enjoying it.

I’ve been looking through some of the reviews for these canon vixia hd camcorders and noticed that many pre-2010 cameras have a ‘date appeared on amazon’ as october 2001 like the hf100. Impossible as the reviews started in 2008. ‘ then i noticed that the newest models have a correct 2010 appearance date and ‘2010 model’ in the title. Is this a permanent label, or will that disappear?. Are they only now putting in the correct date, or does amazon try to obscure the date for the older models?. Either way, i think it would be helpful if we try and preserve the date of appearance in our reviews before that information disappears down the memory hole. I suspect putting ‘2010 model’ in the title is a user attempt to do just that, and if so i applaud their efforts.

Excellent pictures in both video and still modes. I’m using the canon external mic and in very quiet scenes there is some slight amplifier hiss. Compared to previous cameras it’s very quiet so it’s a minor problem. I love the flexibility of carrying only one camera but having the option of videos and/or stills.

I have had my vixia hf s21 about 10 days now and i’m having a great time with the camera. I love the touchscreen, simple menus and even the instruction manual. However i have had nothing but problems getting the pixela imagemixer 3 version 6 to run on my well equiped 4 year old dell xps pentium d, 820 dual core, with two gigs of ram. We solve one thing and another pops up. This has cost me about 10 hours since i got the vixia. That said i think this is a super camera.

Unfortunately, back in august, i took a little swim with my camera when i caught a snag in the river i was kayaking on. Since i love this camera and, drying it out did not seem to work, i lucked out when i could find a used one at a reasonable price. Easy to use, great quality video, light and easy to carry compared to my canon xha1. Only proble is that it cannot hook up to an external sound system. The mike accessory also took a dip but still works fine after drying out.

Pros:* excellent video quality* image stabilizer is effective / useful* compact / lightweight* you have the option of using either the lcd (located on the side of the camera) or the camera eyepiece (located on the ‘back’ of the camera) when shooting video – the option to use the eyepiece is helpful when shooting on a sunny daycons:* touchscreen responsiveness could be improved significantly.

This is a great camera to use. Especially with canon’s wd-h58 wide converter. You’ll definitely want a bigger battery. Make sure you can deal with the avchd format.

Picture and video quality is excellent. Took a while to learn features but once you get started you learn on the go.

Purchased this camera and bundle thru sunset electronics. They had the best price and delivery was on time – if not earlier than expected. Easy to deal with and customer service was very helpful. One of the video camera lights didn’t work and they replaced it – no questions asked. I had the new one in 2 days. Doesn’t get any better than that. Glad i purchased this thru amazon and especially sunset electronics. Both are 5 star*****canon vixia hf s21 flash memory 1080p hd digital video camcorder with 8gb card + spare battery + video light + tele & wide lens kit.

My wife and her friend recently went to a school parade for our children. My wife’s friend had a video camera without a viewfinder and it was a bright sunny day. After all was said and done, when we went to look at the video that evening, we found out that half of the footage was missing — she couldn’t tell that the camera wasn’t recording – because the light was too bright for the lcd and there was no viewfinder. That incident sealed the deal for me. I didn’t want to miss a video of my 3. 5 year old because i didn’t have a viewfinder. This canon camcorder is the only one in their consumer line that has a viewfinder and that’s important. The hf s200 or and hf s20 don’t have viewfinders. That said, this is the flagship canon camcorder and comes with a 3. 5′ lcd touchscreen which is a very nice improvement from last year’s model the hf s11 which has a 2.

Got to hand it to canon, they know how to make a camera. From the good build quality, the plethora of both auto and manual features, to that little viewfinder, i am impressed with this thing. First thing that caught me off guard was how big it was compared to my previous(and still in service) vixia, an hf m300. A good 50% bigger it seems, and definitely weightier. Both very good things for me as a larger camera can accommodate a larger lcd, more buttons, etc. Pros:+evf is a godsend for framing shots. I’ve always been better at it with an evf than i have with an lcd screen, can’t say why. The fact it is there is great. +lcd screen, compared to my m300, is huge. Awesome if your hand brandishes burmese pythons like mine.

In low lighting situations(100 luminous), it does way better than the canon ‘hf r’ series camcorder, but not as the ‘hf g’ series. However, in adequate lighting, the canon vixia ‘hf s’ series is still the king of unbelievable imagery in 24f cinema mode.

The camera arrived on time and works properly as described.

An excellent camcorder at a reasonable price (considering the features) that has true high def picture quality. I would recommend it completely. We tried do get by with a less expensive camcorder that claimed high def, but there is no comparison. This is particularly true for those of us that have husbands that have invested thousands in high def tvs, receivers, blue rays, etc. Because you can really see and hear the difference of this camcorder over some others in our family and our first attempt at a panasonic ‘hd’. I am not a technically gifted individual, yet i have not had to open the manual once for anything. Also, the hard drive in place is great, but you have the option of using memory cards as well (so you don’t have to worry about memory space if your rushing to an event provided you have extra memory cards stored in your camera bag). Also, i have taken video from my car window (when a passenger only) riding down the interstate just to see the picture quality, and it is unbelievable. So i am hoping when my child does start soccer, water skiing, and t-ball, we will be fine without needing an upgrade. Moreover, the feature that does the ‘image stabilization’ (i.

I was looking for a compact camcorder that was hd and had a viewfinder. This is it and while i probably won’t make any commercial videos, it suits my needs well. Fairly easy to use without reading the manual [although i did, takes very good video [imo] and so far they translate well to my hdtv. Easy to use, does what the mfgr. Says [see above] and also takes very good still photos. I did get the wide angle lens and the telephoto lens extenders [or whatever the correct name is] and they work great as well. I have a 5d mk ii and while i have more lens control and more features, it is harder for an semi-pro to use as a video camera imo. I really like the hf s21 video clip feature and the 64gb flash memory isn’t bad either. Since i can get 5 hrs + at highest res, i don’t expect to have to us my sdhc card, but i installed a 16gb one just in case i don’t get to download. I guess my bottom line is “get one, you will like it” and i don’t think you will be disappointed. ]

I’m not sure i know how to use a tenth of the functions available on this device but i have been pointing and shooting, recording videos and i am very impressed with all the output i have seen so far. The pictures are crisp and sharp and the audio on the video is pretty loud using the internal mic on the camcorderi really like the large internal flash memory and the available slot for memory expansion. I know it is not the most recent device in the canon line up but it still more than meets the requirement of most people who want a camcorder on the high end. A bit expensive but i think it is worth the price.

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