Canon VIXIA HF S200 Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder & Pro Manual Control : Mixed emotions

Shot a whole documentary with it.

I also have the previous year’s version of this camera, the canon hf s100. If i could combine the older ‘manual’ menu system of the s100 with the rest of the s200 i would rate it five stars. Just because something like the touch screen menu system can be done, does not mean it should be done. Controlling exposure and audio settings especially. It takes twice as long to get the job done on the s200. A good hard press is needed and sometimes i end up pressing the wrong item with my thick fingers. The brilliant looking lcd also gets smudged with fingerprints. Otherwise, the camera takes great video. I like the addition of a lanc port.

Canon VIXIA HF S200 Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder & Pro Manual Control (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Records crisp high definition video directly to two removable SD memory cards
  • Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens
  • Canon 1/2.6″ 8.59-Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor
  • Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor
  • Dynamic SuperRange OIS corrects a full range of motion

The s200 is a really good camcorder. Like the previous reviewer, i’m a still photog. This is my very first digital camcorder. I have been waiting for the right feature set at the right price, and this has it for me, although it will be cheaper in the future. Essential features:* standard sdhc memory that every laptop can read. * standard video file format that basically every video processing software can work with* very good glass for a camcorder–this is what will get you the videos your flip will miss. The glass and sensor on this thing are a major step up from the popular youtube camcorders out there. * viewfinder eyepiece that works in bright sunlight. * a swivel screen that lets you compose your video even when holding the camera high above your head to see past the crowd. * a retail price of under a thousand bucks.

Canon products are quite simply the best. This camcorder size, ease of use and terrific results spell it all.

Excellent video and still camera. As an former owner of both a vhs and a vhs-c camcorder, i was hesitant to move to the mini-dvd or other rotating memory format. I purchased 2 each 32gb sdhd memory cards and the longest life battery based on reviews read from many sources. I am thrilled with this camera. The images and video are excellent and the extended life battery lasts longer than i do. Highly recommend the enhanced battery/sdhc combo. The standard battey is rated for less than 2 hours, so probably needs an upgrade. The standard package had only internal memory, so go for class 4 or higher sdhc cards. The auto crossover between memory cards is awesome.

Canon VIXIA HF S200 Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder & Pro Manual Control (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : This is the best camcorder i have ever owned. The videos are clean and stunning. It also lets you take pictures and the pictures i’ve taken with it are much better than pictures i have taken with my regular digital camera. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It’s pretty expensive, but worth it.

I enjoy the camera a great deal and use it almost every other day with my daughter. The image quality in low light in my only gripe and its still nice (i just expected a little different. ) this is my first camcorder though and lighting appears to be everything so unless i wanted to shell out a few grand for a camcorder, i feel like this was a great deal and something that will see it’s cost returned in a short period with all the memories i’ll be saving for my family.

A stellar sweet piece of equipment. I am quite fond of canon’s vixia hf s and hf series camcorders.

So far everything works fine and the picture is great. The 3 speed zoom option is great and all the picture settings are really easy to navigate. They are two cons however with this cam. The first one is the short batt. Life, but i knew that before buying so i got a bigger batt. The other big con is with viewing the lcd screen on the sunny day. Let me warn you, you won’t be able to see anything on the lcd, forget about it. It’s a major flaw because most of my recording is outside. I’m debating if to return the cam for that specific reason. Other than that it’s a great toy.

Much muhc better than my sd cam. Canon vixia hf s200 full hd flash memory camcorder & pro manual control.

Great camcorder, i’ve had it for a little over a week. And am still learning all the ins and outs. The ‘auto mode’ is great until your ready to go full manual and adjust all the settings to your hearts content. – the video is captured in the. – the files do play natively on the ps3 straight from the sdhc card(s). – the included software is ok, will allow you to convert your files to standard def. – adobe premier pro cs4 had no problems importing the files. Was able to edit and work with files smoothly, but exports to. I’m not an expert with premier, but wish i could export back to. M2ts, might have to wait for cs5 or different software. Really helps to steady shots. – you can use 58mm lens filters (add-ons)i found when filming outside (kids soccer game) that the mic picked up a lot of wind noise, will be looking into getting an external mic. Tried both class 4 and class 6 sdhc cards and could tell no difference, both cards recorded the video and the stills fast with no hesitation. You can use regular sd cards which could be placed in the 2nd sd slot and have the photos recorded there. Using a mini hdmi to hook up to the tv is great.You have full access to the menu through your tv.

I am very pleased with the picture quality in both outdoor and indoor video shots. The video looks amazing on an hd tv. The interface is extremely easy to use once you learn what buttons do what. Playback on the monitor is gorgeous. Love the fact that you can watch whatever clip in whatever order and go right back to videoing in a matter of seconds. Low light video was also fantastic on my recent trip to a greek winery. Have recommended this video to several friends and family. Prior camcorders were both sony (liked those as well, but nearly as much as this canon).

Great condition but no remote (not a big deal) overall will deal with them again many more times in the future a++++++++++++++++++.

I’ve had this camera for a few weeks now and i am in love with it. I’m a film student and wanted to buy a camera that i=i can shoot great quality shots with but i didn’t want to have to pay 2 or 3 grand for an entry level professional grade camera. I had been looking at the 2009 model of this camera for a while and was just about to buy it when this one came out. Even though it’s essentially the same camera, the things that are added to this model and the lower price was what made me buy it the week it came out. Ok now that i’ve explained the reasoning for me buying the camera, i’ll get to the quality of it. The picture on it is simply amazing, especially when shooting in cinema mode native 24p. The touch screen is awesome and allows for a larger screen by eliminating the need for physical buttons. The dual sd card capabilities are great as well. The only ‘bad’ part of this camera is that to be able to edit avchd footage that is shot in native 24p you have to have a video program that can handle it, free programs like imovie and windows movie maker won’t process it.

I’m generally more of a still photographer at heart, but i finally decided to purchase an hd video camera, and after considerable research, i chose the canon hf-s200. It seemed to have the right mix of features, size, price and quality – and so far, it’s measured up. From an ergonomics point of view, i found the camera about right for my hands. The controls seem logically laid out, and it fits naturally in my hand in a way that lets me hold it steady without feeling awkward. Still, even though the camera is barely a pound in weight, to get the best hd quality, you’ll want to consider a monopod, tripod or some other support. I use a kirk shoulder harness borrowed from one of my still cameras, and it works well. Otherwise, the controls seem to be where i’d like them and it took fairly little effort to get to the point where i could operate most of the features without fixating on the camera itself. Also, because of the memory card architecture, there are no moving parts in the recording system (there are of course moving parts in the lens, focusing mechanism, zoom, etc), making it quick, responsive and – best of all – totally silent in operation. The camera also has all the right connections, including hdmi input/output, lanc remote controls, and connectors for outboard audio or microphones. The camera also has a shoe mount for things like video lights, and it can connect to some of canon’s cool accessories like their dvd burner (which i don’t own, so i can’t comment on).

Good one but we stopped using as with new smart phones video is also more or less same quality.

Fantastic video and features. I’m more than pleased with this purchase. Battery life could be better but looking at it’s tiny battery i’m not suprised of it’s small capacity. I always carry a spare battery so it’s no big deal. Problem is recently my canon developed a strange sound. With the unit turned off or with the unit on but not recording as i tilt the canon side to side or back and forth something inside is rocking back and forth. It has the sound like dropping a ping-pong ball onto a table. This sound is not present when i’m in recording mode. Video quality and all functions aren’t affected by whatever worked loose inside the canon. I would just have it looked at before something does malfunction.

We’ve owned a standard definition canon fs-10 camcorder for two years and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a very dependable dual-purpose camera with solid components that never gave us a bit of trouble and always operated as designed. However, the attraction of true hd became just too strong to ignore. I chose the canon hf-s200 after comparing all of the features of the top contenders in it’s price range. These are the hf-s200’s features that make us glad we bought it:video and still photo quality:stunning video, even at 24fps (frames per second). At its standard 60i setting – you get the picture. Additionally, and one of the principle attractions for us, the 8 megapixel stills are what we needed so that we can take just one camera to events for excellent resolutions in both photo worlds. The stills we’ve taken with our hf-s200 compete with the best photos we’ve ever taken with any still camera. Though our digital still camera exceeds this resolution, 8mpixel translates to a little bigger than 8’x10′ prints at 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Canon’s dual picture mode, allowing us to snap high resolution stills while video recording, works seamlessly and is a welcome bonus feature we really enjoy.

It’s a relativelty expensive camcorder but we love this product. The image quality is superb and it’s very easy to operate. It’s compact size and light weight is a real plus when shooting scenes over several minutes. It does a great job compensating for shakiness, and the low light shooting is good, but not phenomenal. It’s also a great camera for still shots.

Works great, but bought the larger battery. I tried a number of the cameras out at my local best buy before i bought it and this camera had the best image stabilization for the ones in my price range.

Pros: price, image quality, sizecons: touch screen is awfuli’ve had this camera for about a month and it has worked great. The hd image quality is superb. I own an imac and transfer from the sd card is very easy (not included). I transferred some videos to a dvd disc and the quality was better than i expected on my 1080 hdtv. This camera does not come with a view finder so you’ll need to use the flip screen. The touch screen interface works ok while shooting but, the menu screen will drive you nuts. The scroll bar is on the wrong side of the screen plus, unless your finger is the size of a toothpick, you’ll constantly be selecting the wrong stuff. It’s as though they didn’t test it before canon started selling these. The camera is light and small enough to fit in a large coat pocket or hang from your neck and not choke. You’ll want to purchase at least 1 sdhc memory card(16gb class 6 works gives about 2 hours hd) and a 58mm uv lens protector.

Pros are covered in other reviews. Cons: wide end of the zoom is not wide enough. Pay attention: sdhc media handling is error prone. I had transcend 32 gb class 10 sdhc card ts32gsdhc10e. The camcorder would recognize it as class 4. Attempts to do complete initialization of sdhc media always failed, but quick initialization succeed. I ignored this and made a 1 hour long recording. The recording is stored in a set of mts files. It appeared that all mts files except the first one were corrupted. Thus all but first 10 min of recording were lost.

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