Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder – I am super excited that it is compatible with an external microphone

After getting over a half a hear to try out my camera equipment, over all, i find the product fantastic. The camera is has great quality for it’s price and has come in more handy than i initially expected it to. The camera bag is perfect as of right now for my 3 cameras that i own along with the other equipment. When i first opened the box to my items, i was completely stoked. The only issue i had with any of the products was with the spider tripod. It seems it has changed from when i bought it back in late january, which is good for new buyers. My spider tripod broke a few days after buying it, as the plastic piece that screwed in the plate to the tripod snapped with a little pressure when screwing it in, rendering it useless without some tape. Although the tripod was what i was mostly excited about (before breaking it), the product as a whole lived up to its expectations.

It is easy to use, the videos are clear and bright even in low light. I also like being able to take a still picture from the video and print it. The only thing i am sorry that i didn’t spend the extra money to get the built in wi-fi.

I bought this for my budding 13-year-old film maker son. It is a great little camera, but i do wish the low-light capability was a bit better. It has great battery life and works well. The menus are laid out somewhat oddly, in my opinion, but i am a still photographer and used to the canon still camera menus, i guess. Ultimately this has been a good first camera for my son as he works on shooting video.

I was looking for a good camcorder for my parents since sometimes getting a camera with both photographing & videotaping capacities can be challenging to switch between. It’s easy to learn to use, and it’s great that it takes an sd card. The quality is so much better than what we used to have when i was a child.Especially the zoom qualityit’s also relatively small and compact and easy to bring around. 🙂 things to keep in mind: the battery is on the outside, which does make it looks somewhat funky, but honestly that’s not too important. Would have been nice if it were encased to feel ‘safe’ but it does still fit pretty securelyonly thing is that they forget to put the cover back on in the front since it’s a different switch to expose the lens or not. Not too complicated, but i can see how that can be easy to forget.

Updated 9/12/2016great dedicated video camera. It’s incredibly small, but not too small for my man hands. With the battery attached it has a good weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s taken a bit of time for me to get the camera setup to perform exactly as i want it to. A lot of trial and error, and fudging around with the different settings and presets, but i’ve ultimately decided to keep this camera on it’s very robust full auto mode with a few advanced settings changed in the settings menu. I’ll pass these tips along to you below. Tips:>turn off ‘auto slow shutter’, i’ve found that with this on the camera will slow the shutter speed in dark scenes to compensate for the low light, however this drops the frame rate and causes the recording to look jittery and choppy. It works great with this turned off, even in low light situations. >turn off ‘power on using lcd panel’, if you turn this off you can continue recording even if you close the display, and even start/stop zoom in/out recordings without even opening the display at all. >changing the zoom type to 57x will give you a slightly wider field of view than 32x (default), however this will disable dynamic image stabilization, leaving you with standard is.

I relied on the research of one of my employees to make thus purchase for youtube projects and have been very impressed. This is the lightest weight camcorder that could possible be this powerful. The quality is great but you will want to get an external (powered) mic to up your audio quality.

  • An Excellent Dedicated Video Camera!
  • Good camcorder for portability and recording
  • I have since added an wide angle lense and a shield so I can better see the LCD while in sunny conditions

I do agree with other commenters that is is sad that they don’t have better use of this when its super light outside (i think you can buy film for that like they do for the ipad not sure if camera has such)but its great otherwise easy to use. My first one had a rattle and although the replacement also rattles, it is much less pronounced. Just remember it is still a cheap camera (like my hand was shaking so much so i switched the hand strap for a larger more sturdy one) but its taken some good videos and is a nice size, holds charge long,.

This camera is probably the best bang-for-your-buck-camera that i’ve ever purchased thus far. Amazing performance for 1080p 60fps. The battery life is good, and if you happen to run out of batteries, they sell additional ones online. The battery supplied with this camera exceeds my needs. I’m able to record 1080p/60fps for around 122 minutes. Highly recommend this camera to everyone on a budget.

I bought this camera to record my 4 part mini series ‘pogo warriors’. (youtube search pogo warriors) i begin using the camera on episode 3. The video is clear and the touch screen is responsive. Definitely one of the better camcorders for the money. Would for sure buy this again, just make sure you don’t forget to pick up an sd card.

Great camera at a good price and it also arrived in just a couple of days. What else could you ask for.

I previously had bought a cheaper video camera due to just getting into the idea of making some hunting films. I had spent $80 on an off brand camera and could not zoom in on wildlife and things right next to without a grainy image or fogginess. This camera was well worth the extra money with more desired functions. I am super excited that it is compatible with an external microphone. Although i do not know yet if i need to turn something on to use the advanced zoom. Part of that problem is that the manual is found online. All in all, this camera is great bang for the buck and i am very pleased with it so far.

Features of Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder (White)

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  • 57x (32.5–1853mm) Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps provide outstanding, steady video. Zoom Ratio: 57x Advanced* / 32x Optical / 1140x Digital.
  • 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor
  • DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution and helps provide outstanding imaging performance
  • Record Full HD video directly to a removable SD memory card
  • 1080/60p recording in MP4 (35 Mbps) and AVCHD Progressive (28 Mbps) helps ensure high-quality capture of moving subjects
  • 3.0-inch capacitive touch panel LCD with increased brightness and new User Interface for easy menu navigation and simple viewing of videos
  • Advanced Baby Mode selects the optimal camcorder settings to help capture your baby’s daily growth with ease
  • Intelligent IS automatically chooses from four different modes to help optimize image stabilization for the shooting condition

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

My wife & i just finished a 4000+ mile drive around the east and northeast coast of the u. My wife used the camera every day for more than 2 weeks and is very pleased with the ease of use and quality video she recorded. There are many capabilities for editing and formatting the video that i still need to learn how to use, but the basics are very simple and produce excellent video of our travels. The one noticeable drawback is the difficulty in seeing the screen in bright sun situations. Essentially have to point and shoot hope for the best, but for most instances the video still turned out well with very little amount of wasted film. This is an excellent basic home use camcorder which suits our needs perfectly.

Fantastic product – great and fast delivery – quality and perfect delivery.

Gave this to my grand daughter when she had her first child. They have really enjoyed using it and saving memories.

I like this camera and the price is just right for the features; canon does not provided a video editor software for sport videos, the video quality is very good.

I have had this camera for only 3-4 weeks but have filmed a lot with it so far. I have used it for green screen, skits, and interviews. I am not a overly experienced with video work (did some work in college as a theatre tech), so this review comes from the average joe kind of guy. Pros- fits great around the hand and very easy to hold- buttons are easy to get too- shutter- the built in shutter is very handy and i never have to worry about losing a cap- battery life is excellent- i love how it automatically shuts off when you close the tough screen on its side- sound is ok but the great things is you can plug a mic into the cameracons- it is getting 4 stars instead of 5 because it does have a hard time with moving the camera around. If i am shooting a shot where the camera is following a trail it tends to blur a bit, not much though. – the tough screen is great at first but if you have big fingers it can be a pain to have to edit things quickly- not impressed with its green screen abilities.

A really nice camcorder for the price. Has a few quirks, such as the external battery and you have to open the lcd to access the memory card. The small size makes it hard for me to zoom without twisting the camcorder, but i find that if attach a hand grip it becomes much easier to use.

57x (32.5–1853mm) Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps provide outstanding, steady video.

Very easy to use and a lot of fun features. I wish i had sprung for the model with wifi but now i know for next time. Will stick with canon vixia.

I purchased the canon vixia hf r700 camcorder after extensive review knowing that i was a amature who wanted to video my daughters soccer games. I have shot into direct sun, extreme back light, and at night, and the results were incredible. I have since added an wide angle lense and a shield so i can better see the lcd while in sunny conditions. This is absolutely the perfect tool for me. I shoot two 1 hour games on one charge with plenty of life to spare.

Love this camera- the quality is superb, more than i thought actually. I’m currently in the process of doing short films and this is a stepping stone for me in terms of price and quality. I wanted the video to look sharp but i didn’t want to spend a thousand dollars. This is the camera for you if you want the really good quality but don’t want to empty your wallet. Oh, and i forgot to mention the sound quality is pretty good too. I would say this is a great starting camera because it’s great in price yet the quality is superb. My worry originally was that the footage would look no better than iphone quality, but wrong i was. If you’re undecided i think you should take a chance and purchase it.

We’ve bought three of these and use them with engineering interns to shoot construction activities for training videos. These are compact little cameras and pack a punch. Great quality video and pretty decent audio, which is less important to us anyway. For the price, these are fantastic.

Great video quality and the audio is wonderful.

Great camera my only issue is that it needs better image stabilization when it comes to shooting sports.

3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor

 the camera is much smaller than i expected to be but that is great because its portable. The camera has about 180 minutes of recording time which i think is good and based on reviews that is long battery life. The zoom is good when using the 32x optical zoom but the 57x advance zoom is not so good but not very bad either. I notice with the 57x optical zoom its a bit blurred some but honestly the 57x zoom is something you may not need use much if at all. This camera does have a mic jack so you can use an external microphone to recording better audio and does support a tripod. Video quality i’m quite impressed especially when i use it to record the blue angels in san francisco during fleet week. Picture was clear and and sound is pretty good as well. However, do feel external microphone would help to produce better sound. I use to record airshows with my phone have to say having a camcorder the quality is just better. Phones just don’t have the ability to deliver quality.

Horrible and grainy in low light, but if you dump enough light on your subject, it is great. I use one for vlogging, and i use three of these and an r800 with the hdmi outputs to do multi-camera live productions using a blackmagic switcher. The power cables are a bit short, forcing me to bundle an ac extension cord in with the hdmi cable. If anybody knows where i can get dc side extensions, please let me know. Also, if you are vlogging, don’t plan on getting good sound from the built in mics. Spend a few extra dollars and get an external shotgun mic, or a lapel mic.

Best hd camcorder for the price on the market. You can start this w/ basically everything set to default and it will look good. It does take 7 hours and 45 minutes to charge the battery for the first time.

Using this every week in our church to record sermon videos.

I had been using my dslr camera for shooting some video, with a phone camera to get a 2nd camera angle, but i concluded that a phone camera is barely usable for shooting video, and even my nice moto x pure, which has a nice camera, falls short in so many ways. I looked into getting a backup dslr on ebay (such as canon t3i, or eos-m) but the dslr has several downsides too, such as recording time-limits (due to overheating) and poor and noisy auto-focus (unless you have a newer stm lens)i concluded that it was best to buy one of today’s camcorders. Consumer camcorders have a much smaller sensor than a dslr, so you can’t get a good bokeh effect, but there are several reasons to consider a camcorder. You can shoot for hours non-stop, good and fast auto-focus, some manual control over shooting parameters, video output via hdmi, 60fps and slo-mo shooting, long long zoom lens, image-stabilization, external audio, remote capture over usb or wifi, and more. But this camcorder has all that other stuff, and at about $250 is the cheapest camcorder that has an external microphone input. Scorea step up in quality would come from panasonic and at about $450, the hc-v770 with manual focus, better image quality, and more manual control. My setup is to use a video capture device to record the video directly to computer via hdmi cable (provided by canon) which is the best way to get clean uncompressed video, and then choose exactly how it should be recorded to disk.

The video is crystal clear and the audio needs a little bit of enhancement. Real happy with this product.

Not a bad camera for the price. Can be grainier than most cameras in low light conditions. Like the larger battery for extended use.

DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution and helps provide outstanding imaging performance

We really like this video camera and have used it multiple times already. Really like that this is handheld and fits in the palm of your hand. You definitely need to get the wide angle lens with this thought.

This is newer model that has better optics and uses an sd card. I personally love the canon cameras. It would be a lot better of a camera if if included an audio input and a hot shoe mount. But this still is a very nice camera at a great price.

 update – 10 months later – my apologies for the minor profanity at the beginning of the video clip. You can turn the volume off and watch to see the zoom feature and how close i was able to get to a whale breaching off the coast of baja sur. When i reviewed the video just now, it was very pixilated. The original is as clear as can be on my laptop or on my tv, so it must be the download from amazon interferring with the picture quality. I do have one complaint about this camera – the video view finder is highly reflective and in the wrong lighting, you cannot see the content you are filming. I would suggest some form of hood, or shade to block out light behind you while filming. End of update i have been playing with this camera for about 2 weeks now and i am very satisfied. I have not tried any of the editing functions available in the camera. Soonas far as filming goes, the pictures are fantastic. The still photos are very sharp.

Pros: camera itself is great, video looks better than i expected at this price point. Lcd screen is bright enough to see clearly in daylight. Image stabilization is surprisingly good even at high zoom. Cons: menus are super clunky and annoying to navigate through. Changing exposure/focus/etc when shooting in manual mode is much more cumbersome than it needs to be. It also has this bizarre built-in ‘baby mode’ thing that no sane person would actually use. Overall, happy with this camcorder. I really wish canon had invested a bit more in the ui though, it leaves a lot to be desired.

We use this for our churches facebook livestream. We connect it to an elgato game capture and use obs to connect to facebook. The picture quality is great for the money we spent. Night mode doesn’t give as much noise as i thought it would.

Record Full HD video directly to a removable SD memory card

I really enjoy the many features this video camera has. From being able to select scenes to selection of fps this video camera has it all. With sd card slot you can add up to 129 gb cards. Zoom is unbelievable plus it has a external mic port to add amazing sound. For the size & value this video camera is worth anyone giving it a try. Clarity us amazing plus it stays in focus.

Update 4/17/18 takes good videos in fairly low light at a great price point. Biggest surprise is batteries and charge cables are not compatible with older vixias. On/off and other controls very different from older vixias. I use 3 older vixias so only a problem for me keeping the batteries etc separate from older vixia stuff. Also the battery is installed completely differently from before and not as easily. It slides in under some tabs instead of just pushing the battery in. For a while thought i had the wrong accessory battery as the installation wasn’t similar or as easy. Ignore all my whining except maybe the battery install, practice that. The big plus with this camera is the quality videos for $207 compared to past prices for similar quality.

Lightweight, zoom is awesome, love the feature of taking still shots while videoing. Quality of videos is exceptional.

Maybe it’s me but my video quality is not even close to what i was getting with my old and now broken vixia hf20.

You can see example footage and specs here: [. this is a great camcorder for video. I am a youtuber, so i picked it up as a new main camera to replace the nikon j3 that i had been using. I was impressed by this camera. The sensor is great, it was able to handle every scene i was able to throw at it. Its compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The lcd screen rotates 180 degrees to point forward, so you are able to see the shot while standing in front of the camera. The built in mics do a great job of recording audio, but it also has an external mic input, so you can use other microphones (like a wireless lavaliere mic) with this camera. It has a standard 1/4in-20 mount on the bottom, so it works with most tripods. The ability to record 1080p, 60 fps footage continuously is great. ]

Worked very well using the external mic input and recording the sound coming from the sound board during the chuech service. External headphones output worked from well also. Transferred the video files using the usb output to the computer. For the money you get allot in this compact size. Would recommend this to any body.  canon vixia hf r700 camcorder (black).

Very good camcorder for daytime recording, night recording is grainy. I like the fact that it has incredible stabilization, plus that zoom is jaw dropping, straight to the moon. Canon customer support is terrible though, they don’t even provide a basic program to merge video files.

This was a present for my budding 12 year old film maker. It is perfect for his movie needs- the sound is good and the video is really good. It is small enough to keep in my purse and sturdy enough also.

Caution, doesn’t record a file longer than 30 minutes, it will split it into multiple files.

Really super sweet camcorder – just super nice. I’ve had video cameras from way back when they were vhs and this is so tiny compared to those. The image stabilization feature and optical zoom makes this a perfect little camera. If there’s a fade option i haven’t found it yet but i just got mine a couple of weeks ago.

I really like this camcorder. It’s quite affordable and has so many useful features. It’s very light, very easy to hold, and the lens cap easily opens and closes. The short videos i’ve made so far have come out quite clear, and the camera picks up the sound very well (it also has a jack for an external microphone). It has quite a few scene modes, all of which are easily accessible. The image stabilization feature, which has several options, works quite well. And, it records in avchd, 30p and 60p. I am very pleased with this camcorder.

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