Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder, Solid performance, great price.

Purchased this for my son for various violin auditions and performances. Amazing quality of recordings. All the schools and summer music festivals require audition videos now and this camera is perfect. Can easily upload the videos to the school/festival websites. Also bought mini zoom camera shotgun microphone. If he is able to record in a studio with good acoustics, the camera is fine without need of a mike. But when he records in places that are not great acoustically the mike makes up for it and provides good sound quality.

So yes, i am completely new to owning a camcorder because believe it or not i’ve never even touched one in my entire 21 years of life. So this is my true and honest opinion of my first camcorder. First impression was it looked and felt cheap. But hey, never judge a book by its cover, right?. It’s light, and the video quality is really good to my eyes. And i just had lasik, so i have good eyes now. Anyways, you can set it to mp4 format or some other format i don’t know what it was. And it’s small and not heavy so my arm doesn’t get tired. The only thing i don’t really like is that it turns on when you open the video flap thing. There could be a way to turn that feature off, i don’t know, i don’t read directions. I just like taking videos of my animals and dolls, and it does that in exactly the way i want it to.

What a great little video recorder. I haven’t even begun to use all the features (the auto feature sets it up for really good videos). Playback is a snap and once you figure out how to offload the videos to your computer, you reuse the memory card over and over. We use it for our daughter’s audition videos.

Key specs for Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Canon 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor.
  • 57x Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer helps provide outstanding, steady video.
  • DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution and helps provide exceptional imaging performance.
  • Record Full HD video directly to a removable SD memory card.
  • 1080/60p recording in MP4 (35 Mbps) and AVCHD Progressive (28 Mbps) for high quality capture of moving subjects.

Comments from buyers

“Nothing compares for the price!!
, We love it!
, Very good purchase for the price.

Reliable, easy to use, affordable. Just be sure to buy the necessary memory (sd) card that you will need for this. Works well with external (3. 5 mm jack) microphones also, which was a key selling point for me. Option to record as avi or mp4; look up how to do this becuase if you are posting to web/youtube, etc. You will want to switch to mp4 format (avi is default).

I was looking for a ‘popular priced’ video camera that has a jack for an external microphone, and was sadly surprised as to how few cameras lack what to me is a basic feature. To me, not having a microphone jack on a video camera is like buying a car only to find it doesn’t come with window glass–and that you can’t even buy windows as an option. If you have had any experience with video cameras, you will be aware that the built-in microphone leaves a lot to be desired. (ever been watching the tv news when the sound engineer forgets to turn the anchorman’s microphone on?. How echo-y, distant, and basically annoying that sound is. The difference when the engineer finally turns the anchorman’s mike on, is refreshing, to say the least. ) i do a good bit of public speaking, and i want to make videos of my presentations for posterity. Having a microphone attached to, or near, me, is essential. But i don’t need to spend a pile of money to have that one very basic. Enter the canon vixia hf r500 video camera. I purchased it new not long after it was introduced, and paid the ‘going price’ for it then. (i’ve seen it for considerable discounts since. ) it has excellent picture quality and great color, which is to be expected from a company like canon.

I read a lot of reviews before buying this camcorder. It’s hard to believe how many camcorders don’t have external microphone inputs any more. I have an at directional ‘shotgun’ mic which is very useful in many situations. Being able to use this mic with the camcorder was an essential feature. Even better would be a shoe up top for attaching a mic, but that’s a minor quibble. I do wish the built-in mic was a bit more isolated from handling noise, so i’ll have to learn not to adjust the camera so much while shooting. The image stabilization and autofocus features are very good, and help to make spur-of-the-moment shots look better. The menu options offer most of what you want to have available, in a fairly comprehensible arrangement. I’ve not had too much trouble transferring the movie files to my mac simply be plugging the memory card directly into the computer. The low-light performance is the only thing keeping this from a five-star rating.

This is truly a very excellent camcorder. My last camcorder was a sony es900 which was 20 years ago and was tape driven. But with technology changing and the fact that i need something simple i can use for my youtube channel, this caught my attention. I can just record onto an sd card and then put the card into my new hp touchsmart computer while i easily copy the recording as a mp4 file onto my desktop. From there i can load it into windows movie maker, make my additions and edits, publish a final and then load onto my youtube channel when doing my youtube addresses. The battery took only about an hour to charge. The sd 64 card, which you have to buy separately, can record up to 8. 5 hours of recording material and the battery it comes with is good for two hours of recording time. You can also plug the camera into a outlet power source if you don’t want to use the battery. I don’t need that much for my needs, but i printed the 200 page instruction manual offered by canon and as i perused through the manual, i noticed this camera has a lot to offer.

You’ll never find a better ‘traditional’ camcorder. The battery lasts forever, the quality resolution is remarkable (even at 4 mbps, but just wait until you try 35 mbps), and it’s compatible with most every sd card out there. Oh, and the charge cable is actually long enough to reach an outlet, even when you have the camera mounted on a tripod.

I got this camcorder because we were looking for a one that would allow us to record sermons at the church i go to. The price, quality, and the mic input (so i can plug it up directly off the soundboard) made this a perfect solution for what we were looking for. If you are interested in seeing the quality check it out here http://fbcperryfl. Php?pageid=5also i love that it automatically adjusts to the volume of the mic coming in. I had to change a setting that would allow me to hear the audio via the headphone jack (which also allows for the video as well) as opposed to the video. The low light option worked best for how i am recording.

It’s really easy to use and has a microphone jack so you can attach an external mic. Battery life is pretty decent. I purchased a couple additional batteries that were pretty inexpensive and can now shoot for 8 hours easily. Video quality is good, auto features are nice. The audio might be set to adjust itself on default which was a little different for me but you can turn it off. Would get 5 stars if had more features to adjust but i cannot complain. If you want a good picture that you can just set up and roll with this camera will work for you. Vixia has been super solid for me.

I absolutely love this camera. I bought this mostly to start making youtube videos and get my channel up on it’s feet, but i use it for a lot more now that i have had some time to play with it. The features it has available is insane. I took it to a fireworks show and was really concerned that it wouldn’t work very well because of my past experiences with cameras. I was mostly worried that it would hear too much of the bang from the fireworks and not enough of the radio playing music in front of it. Surprisingly, it worked like a dream in quieting the fireworks and letting the radio stand out. I was surprised that they actually have a setting where you have complete control over everything; mic level, exposure, focus, recording speed, and so on. There are so many impressive features on this tiny little thing. It may be a little difficult for people with larger hands to work the zoom as well as the record button, but i think it isn’t very difficult to work around and figure out.

***update*** here is a video with my complete rig using the canon vixia hf r500 https://www. Com/watch?v=amuhwbgkngqi researched for a few months looking for the right camera to do remote reporter type work. This camera does it all in a low priced package. I combined it with a tacstar sgc-598 shotgun mic, and a chromo inc. ® 160 led ci-160 dimmable ultra high power panel led light and mounted it on a heavy duty photography l bracket. Then i bought a set of sennheiser hd 202 ii professional headphones. For under $400 i was able to get a complete remote setup to handle anything i needed. This camera is a powerhouse. The controls are a dream with the touch screen. For those that have had bad luck or were not satisfied with this camera i am sorry. But for those that understand at this price point what you are capable of getting this camera rocks the chart. Pros -mic jack, headphone jack, hdmi out that allows you to use a monitor or tv ‘while’ you are recording, audio on screen meter, volume input controls, tons of manual options, 1080p 60 fps, also does 720p which is great if you want to make videos for youtube. Cons-hard to see touch screen in 12 noon bright sun.

I’m an experienced amateur still photographer and wanted something that i could use for casual to semi-pro settings. This camera gets the high rating for the price/feature radio. It’s not elaborate, but good. If you’re not trying to shoot pro, but want something you can work with, this is your camera. The battery has a decent cycle but you will want a backup so you don’t give out in the middle of something long (like a play).

I use this camera to record videos online and really just needed a camera with good quality and had a flip screen. When i got the camera, it had much more features. The cinematic filters are great and theres a jack for an external mic. That’s pretty cool, i didn’t expect that. I’m a small person so carrying this camera around was easy. It’s comfortable to hold and super easy to use.

I really like this camcorder. For the price and the features and the quality of the images, i’m really happy with it. Also, big factor for this camera is that it will accept a plug-in microphone. This is incredibly handy if you happen to need it. This camcorder is small and lightweight, and has a decent battery life. The zoom and image stabilization and lens clarity seem very good. The controls are simple and well laid out. I would recommend getting extra batteries and charger to keep charged batteries on hand especially if you are going to be shooting outdoors for extended periods. One thing to mention however – this camera, like many digital cameras, has what is known as a ‘rolling shutter. ‘ this means that certain objects in motion will be distorted (like airplane propellers).

This is a really good consumer quality camcorder. I bought it because i love recording my young, rapidly growing grandkids and i was tired at looking at the tall, skinny videos that my smartphone takes. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a camcorder. This camcorder is very easy to set up and very easy to use. Charging the battery took several hours, but i expected that. It requires an sd card to store videos, and it does not come with an sd card. Make sure you have one when you get your camcorder. Make sure you initialize the sd card before you record anything. The instructions for initializing the sd card are on a quick-reference guide that ships with the camera. You have to download the full instruction manual from canon’s website.

I wanted a replacement for my 12 year old jvc digital tape tape camcorder and i wanted an external mike jack on the new one. It has good sound quality with an external mic. It is simple to learn and use as it produces excellent video. The only negative is, like most camera screens its difficult to see the picture outdoors due to reflections. Nighttime use is ok and it has amazing detail in low light areas. I have found it more easy to hold by attaching it to a pistol grip style camera holder when using it out doors. I’ve already done a you tube video and it produced outstanding video, compared to my old tape based camera.

Things i like:fantastic zoom. Size and weight make it easy to take around. Things i don’t:canon made the battery charge indicator a proprietary thing. They put a chip in their battery, so if you buy, say, a wasabi power battery that lasts much longer than the canon battery. It won’t show the charge and complains every time you start it up. You have to manually open/shut the front shutter, which is weird. Easy to forget to close it, so i think it’s probably a negative thing. Taking pictures while in video mode is a nice feature, but to do so you have to push a little icon on the screen.

Read a lot of reviews on camcorders before i finally chose this one. Completely delighted and satisfied with it. Use it with a battery from mike’s and get a 190 minute record time. I am using it to record political debates, do interviews with people and to take pictures and videos of grandchildren. Very small and handy, it fits into the side pocket of my leather jacket just fine.

I took a number of home-movies with it. The zoom was spectacular, the video quality was excellent, and the controls were easy enough. About the only issue i had with it was the sound quality. It was actual great in-terms of sound quality, but it seemed to pick up sounds that i didn’t even hear when recording. I guess that’s most cameras but it seemed a little more pronounced here. Still, the thing burned when my home burned. I’ll be buying and replacing it when i decide to start replacing things i lost.

Small but gets the job done. It has lots of different recording modes such as b/w, sepia etc. Extremely clear and efficient zooming. Although it is a camcorder and i don’t expect to take much pictures with it, the photos taken from this is not good. But overall its a steal for this price.

I really love this camcorder it dose everything it claim to do in the description and makes better videos then i expected. It is very easy to load movies for editing on my computer and i really like that i can keep it plugged in while recording and not have to worry about battery going dead in the middle of my project. I just wish it had the capability to use a remote control while recording but other then that i would recommend other to buy this camcorder. For the price i believe it’s the best one out there.

Its light, it has a decent battery life, the touch screen preforms very well, it has a mic input and the quality is just really awesome for a camera at this price. I would recommend it to anybody from youtubers to just making family videos. I am a youtuber infact and this camera has helped me alot. As a youtuber i seriously recommend this camera because it’s one of the only cameras that has a mic input thats not over $500 to $1000. Im just going to say this is not just for a starting out youtuber its decent for more professional youtubers as well.

A great camcorder for the price. You’re not going to set the world on fire with the video quality, but it’s $250 for a very serviceable camcorder (i have no need for the wifi or on board hdd options) that does what it sets out to do. If you’re recording vacation footage, maybe just stick with your iphone, but if you’re trying to make a multi camera or vlog type product, a few of these can go a long way. Video quality is ok to very good, maybe a bit grainy. The resolution options are great. It’s very light weight and the on board audio is good enough, especially when dealing with clipping audio levels. Cons would be the bad touch screen (hard to press the buttons accurately), the manual lens cover and the low light quality (which has to be expected in this price point).

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