Canon VIXIA HF R40 HD 53x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom Camcorder 8 GB Internal Drive SDXC Card Slot and 3 – Great Little Recorder

I just bought this camera, i use the usb cable supplied and connect it to my win7 pc or mac mini, but neither os recognize the camera. . Am i doing something wrong. . Is the feature to turn the usb port on. Other than that, the camera is nice, not perfect.

Great camcorder for the price.

Dissapointed that has manual shutter. Every time you use it you have to remember to open and close the shutter door. I will probably get use to it, but for now, it is a pain. Here are the specifications for the Canon VIXIA HF R40 HD 53x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom Camcorder 8 GB Internal Drive SDXC Card Slot and 3:

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  • Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with 53x Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization
  • 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor and new DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor
  • 8GB internal flash drive with up to 3 hours of recording time plus SD memory card slot (SDHC/SDXC compatible)
  • 1080/60p recording in MP4 (35 Mbps) and AVCHD Progressive (28 Mbps)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly share your images and video

Soccer dad needs to video kids games. Perfect – light, small, good picture quality, easy to use. For about $350, can’t complain. Buy a couple of extra memory cards and an extra battery to last all day.

The perfect little camcorder for small things.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mixed Review – GREAT Mp4 Video Quality. Wi-Fi Remote is Slow
  • WOW what an easy light GREAT CAM!
  • It’s Ok

I didn’t realize how small this would be. Apparently clear and user-friendly device with touch screen and more features.

This camcorder serves a purpose and offers a fair feature set for the price, but as owner of a 7 year old canon hv20 camcorder i am disappointed with the r40. My first major disappointment is with the low light capability, its very bad in low light situations producing a very grainy picture. Secondly the focusing is hit and miss. I have several seconds of completely blurry scenes during which time the camera is trying to focus. Outdoors in bright sunlight however the picture is perfect but as with most camcorders still pictures are still a joke. The zoom is good although i find it tends to blur the picture while extending to the maximum zoom. I also find the zoom control difficult to use as i have large hands so i often find it impossible to gently zoom in and end up with jerky zooming. The camera comes with hundreds of pages of instructions, some of which are duplicate instructions. The wi-fi instructions are not complete. The instructions tell you how to connect your camera to your router.

Was looking to upgrade a canon fs100 but was disappointed with brightness of lens and the lack of a separate remote control. Had difficulty using the iphone app to serve as a remote.

 attached video is ‘how to connect your vixia to the wifi remote control. ‘ some of the video included here was shot with the vixia hf r40,(some with an iphone)so the video quality is not a result of the camcorder——————-2 month update (excerpt from my comments):i use this vixia r40 for my youtube tutorials and reviews, which are always filmed at my desk with just normal indoor desk lighting. I film at full 1080p hd and then edit and save it at 1280×720 for youtube/vimeo. I know there is another r40 review here by a person who makes cooking videos for youtube, and who is very unhappy with the quality of the indoor footage. I was surprised to read it because my experience is just the opposite and it’s really a shame that review is giving the r40 such a bad rap. If you ‘see all of my reviews’ of that person, you might notice that the person seems pretty much disgusted with almost everything they ever purchased on amazon. Another reviewer on this page, or in the comments somewhere, offered suggestion of the best settings for indoor filming. If i ever find my footage grainy, i’ll definitely give those suggestion a try. But so far, i’ve been delighted with the footage i’m getting with all the default settings.

Got mic input and for that price that its unique. Its very smalls and the battery dont die so early.

Very satisfied the image is equal a vixia hf g10 , on the higher resolution , so for my purpose is good.

I have tried for a few years to use various other entry level camcorders with mac computers and have always been so frustrated with the need to transcode everything i record. As far as i can tell, the popular avchd video format just doesn’t play well with mac software. (not sure how it does on windows since i’ve never tried it. ) i have tried so many video converter apps, and even the fastest ones take longer to convert the video than it took to record the video,and converting in imovie is even worse. For me, the time consuming conversion step kind of takes the fun out of it, and for my wife makes it impossible altogether. It’s just too darn much trouble. With this camera, though, you get the option to record either in avchd, or mp4 format. Videos recorded in the mp4 format can be played instantly on my mac in iphoto or itunes, as well as streamed directly to my apple tv so we can watch them on the big screen. It is *so* much more convenient to not have to convert everything. The camera offers 4 different bitrate versions of mp4, but i find the 17mbps to be about right (there are 2 higher levels).

It was a purchase to replace a damaged camera.

Got excellent results using this camera for a 2-hour veteran’s history project session. The only caveat is that it picked up a hum from my headphones plugged into the av/headphone jack (yes, i had switched it from av to headphone). I would recommend unplugging headphones after a sound test, but i consider this user headspace-and-timing, and the issue may be with the headphones themselves.

It’s a good camcorder for a beginner, but its controls are too complex to use and maneuver around. It can easily be simplified, so that controlling it would not interfere with shooting a scene at the same time.

I was looking for a good camcorder for my project, then i did many researches online. For me, i have to use a manual fouce camcorder, and this camcorder does it. It has auto fouce and manual fouce(but only with some modes), and its menu options is good for me. The only thing i complain is the menu size is pretty small, but other things are nice.

Camera works well as a whole. The wifi link is easy once it is set up. Some issues with too much distance and a fair bit of buffering when transferring images to the ipad at 3 seconds delay. Camera function great in normal light. When things get dark, the image becomes grainy. Settings are available at 1080p at 3 levels. Only one other setting available and that is at 720p. Camera is excellent at its price though. I would like to see a bit more manual control like lighting and perhaps switching to manual focus.

I would have given this 5 stars but for some reason when i plug in the external mic and record and upload to edit, i have a hum which is really annoying. Everything else works perfectly fine.

Bought this to aide my drone in taping my proposal. Used it for some ground shots on the tripod. Will post a link and all the close shots were from this camera.

The canon vixia hf r40 hd is the best camcorder i’ve had so far. It came with plenty of features built in the camcorder like picture filters and video filters. The video quality was above par (compared to my sony handycam) and overall i was very impressed when i downloaded videos into my computer. If you’re looking for a reliable flexible camcorder spend the extra dough and buy the canon vixia.

I wanted to use this new camera on a cruse the wife and i take. I did some test videos and was pleased with the outside pictures. Inside with good light from windows i thought were good and clear. I down loaded the software onto my dell laptop. Fortunately i had just bought a new dell laptop that had the newer hdmi connection. The instruction book says it is a ‘standard hdmi’ which it is not. So only because i have a new laptop i was able to connect with wire between the two. It did not work so i removed the scandisk card out of the video camera and placed in the slot of the laptop. This way worked but i never wanted to download things like this. No use taking all that time to download the camera software as you don’t need it.

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