Canon VIXIA HF R100 Flash Memory Camcorder : an awesome value in HD cameras

This camera takes great hd video. It is simple to use and connects by hdmi directly to your tv. Please , i don’t want to hear that the cable did not come with the camera. When you buy the camera order the cable. I purchased three on amazon for $. 59 each and the shipping still cost more than the cables and they work great. Buy an extra battery they also can be found inexpensively along with an external battery charger. My only complaints about the camera are the wide angle at zero zoom is pretty tight ( i should have checked the specs more carefully ) and since the camera only has the lcd screen – pointing it in bright sunlight and getting what you want in the picture can be a challenge. Practice shooting without using the screen until you know where to point it without looking at the screen.

We purchased this to record our daughter’s wedding and for general videoing. It is super easy to set up and use, and the light weight makes it easy to use for extended periods of time. The quality of the video is very good as long as there is sufficient light. It does not have a built in flash or light so indoor evening shots are not recommended as they will be dark. However, for outdoor videos or still shots, it works very well, and if there is strong lighting, indoors use is fine. The photos are clear and with this camcorder you can get away with using it for photos as well as video, again as long as you are using it with strong light or outdoors. I strongly recommend a high speed high capacity memory card as it will fill up quickly using the video.

Canon VIXIA HF R100 Flash Memory Camcorder

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  • Records crisp high definition video directly to removable SD memory cards
  • Ultra-Sleek, Compact and Lightweight Design allows you to take your camcorder with you anywhere
  • Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens delivers unsurpassed image quality
  • Canon 2.39-Megapixel HD CMOS Image Sensor captures video at 1664 x 936 resolution
  • Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor provides the ultimate in color and imaging performance

I bought this camera specifically to do short videos for my website [. (you’ll find some on there). The camera had to be easy to use, reliable and have a good battery. The best thing about this camera is how easy it is to use. Getting the video from the camera into imovie is literally seamless: put the sd card in a card reader, plug into macbook and imovie pops up and the video can be imported. The worst thing (and it’s not that bad) is the colour of the picture the camera gives. It seems a little washed out. And the microphone sounds tinny, but it’s bearable. The camera does have a microphone jack though, so i prefer to use an external mic. ]

I haven’t got much experience with video though. I’ve been a still photographer for a long time. Started with an old minolta 35mm and canon a1 35mm. Positive’s:price is excellent. Good quality picture in well lighted areas. Lots of accessories available. Great size easy to hold it steady.

I bought this for making full hd youtube videos, well the joke was on me. The maximum native resolution of this camcorder is actually 720p which it then up converts to 1080p. The video quality is shaky at best. It is terrible in mid-low light situations. Colors come out a bit yellowed even after proper color adjustment. I’d say if you want a good camcorder go with a higher level than this or get a canon slr my eos 60d performs better than this.

Canon VIXIA HF R100 Flash Memory Camcorder : I replaced my dvd video camera with this canon hd one, and the performance is awesome. Videos shown on my 1080p hd tv are crisp and clear. The camera is easy to learn and the editing software is powerful yet not overly complicated.

Since purchasing and using the canon vixia hf r100 (search c925-1520) for a month since 4/8/2010, my opinion has moved from doubtful skeptic to delighted enthusiast. I am a non-professional user who has occasionally used several video machines(beta, vhs, 8mm, mini-dv, hard disk, dvd, and now hd to sd chip) to capture life events (gatherings, celebrations, outings, sports events, documentary of people, animals, plants, stage plays, and travel). Except for cell snapshots, the hfr100 is now my one camera for both video & stills. Initially, the factory setting for video disappointed. Once the camera was configured to hd cine 24 frame mode, the results became much more clear, vivid, detailed & acceptable. While slow panning the digic dv iii processor and 2. 39 megapixel hd cmos process images fast enough to create clear individual frames without the choppiness that earlier, slower hd cams had (shots from a moving car with the vixia actually produced some usable frames and clips). ), glass, canon-quality lens is not threaded to accept threaded filters or wide/tele extensions, but is recessed about 1 cm behind the camera face so it is both protected and somewhat hooded from surrounding light sources. An automatic, drop-down into the cam, lens protector operates when the cam is switched on/off.

This is the perfect little camera for someone who films as a hobby. I have no idea if it would live up to ultra professional standards, but i love this thing. My favorite part is the fact that you can record in hd and it all records to a memory card. My last camcorder used film, so you can understand why this would be a big plus. It’s simple and easy to use and just a great little thing.

Iv ben using my camera for about 8 months to make you tube videos & this camera works great weather your outside or in. I had it mounted to a quad runner & it fell of while ridding & it wasn’t fazed at all its pretty tuff. I bought an external mic for mind & extra battery & charger that has a car charger, i love this camera.

Camera seems fine and works well, but i was expecting 2 memory slots not 1, so i was disapointed since it was discribed as dual memory. Couple other negatives; you need a mini to hdmi cord (not provided) to play on your hdtv; the lcd screen not as clear as the comparable sony. That said, i am keeping the camera, because so far the performance of the camera is outstanding and i would recommend it for an entry level hd camcorder. The picture quality is outstanding and it is really easy to use. I have not played with the software, but i can say that you can only view the hd movies in the program provided. Again the movie quality is great.

Took over 2 hours of movies during just concluded vacation. Used highst quality setting. Everything turned out perfect using the auto setting.

I’ve only shot a few test sequences with this new camera, but i’m happy with what i’ve seen so far. My only concern is with the microphone jack. I’ve purchased to mics, and neither work. They trigger the mute function, and i just can’t figure out why. Other than that, the internal mic works fine. I’ve not noticed the humming sound others have experienced. I’m happy with my purchase so far.

At least one reviewer mentioned that the camera makes a clicking or whirring noise when recording quiet scenes. This is true and is due to the autofocus. When switched to manual focus the noise goes away completely. This doesn’t help matters much, but if you’re recording something that doesn’t require constant focus changes (e. Far away objects where the focus is at infinity anyway) then you can let it focus automatically first then switch it to manual focus before starting recording. If you’re into video editing and plan on having music or narration over the original audio track then i wouldn’t consider the noise a point against buying this camera. Noise aside, the ‘instant autofocus’ really is instant. I let it focus on my hand very close up and as soon as i pulled it away it snapped the other end of the room right into focus. Other than that the camera is great for the price. The picture is amazing on the highest quality setting but still very good at the lowest setting. The automatic lens cover (though fairly ubiquitous now) is awesome. It comes out of standby almost instantly and allows you to start recording while barely missing any action. The 20x optical zoom is quick and great to have as it makes composition more versatile. The camera itself is tiny (and i have small hands), so it’s very easy to hold and operate.

I recommend this video camera. I have you one when the battery dies you can plug the charger while still recording. I record church services and my church on sunday are about 3 and a half long. I got mines for 89 dollars used but it works good.

This is my first video camera purchased by myself. I have always enjoyed making movies as a kid, and for my 18th birthday i decide to get a camera of my own. I spent some time deciding on this camera. And i am a very satisfied customer. I use this camera generally for making youtube videos and messing around. I purchased the camera monday night. I picked the free super saver shipping expecting to get it in a week or so. It shipped tuesday and to my delight it arrived on thursday . A whole 2 days early from its estimated delivery time. I strongly recommend this camera to anyone just starting to delve into the world of hd cameras.

I’ll get straight down to the pros and cons and then summarize below. I dropped it on concrete with minimal external damage to the body and no damage to the operational parts. I like the many different shooting modes. Low light is especially nice to shoot the kids in our apartment in the evening. Cinemode with 24 frame rate is also nice to create a softer, cinema-like look. Automatic lens cover is a plus as it’s hard to find in this price range. Most other camcorders under $300 have manual covers. Picture quality is pretty good but that’s to be expected of an hd camcorder. Auto white balance is a pleasant surprise.

I was looking for a camcorder that had some very specific criteria:- an external microphone jack- good low-light capabilities- hd quality- good optical zoom range- affordable pricethis camera is one of about 3 or 4 in the $300 range that meets/exceeds these criteria. First of all, there are almost no other cameras in this price range that offer an external microphone jack. Although the hd quality comes up just a tad short on this camera, the 20x zoom, external mic, excellent low light and affordable price all make it well worth that small sacrifice. I didn’t figure i could have everything i wanted, but i sure came darn close with this unit. Yes, it’s 1/8′ and is stereo. But there are a myriad of ways to plug in a high quality mic if necessary – small mixers, mono-to-stereo 3. I plugged in an audio technica atm29he hypercardiod dynamic mic that i have, and the sound is amazing. I’m getting a camcorder ‘l’ bracket on which i can place a shock mount, and ‘bingo’. – i’ll have sweet sound and video in a pretty darn tiny package. I recorded my daughter’s christmas concert a few days ago using only the internal mic. I was 40 feet from the stage, with people all around me. The sound was not what i’d call ‘great,’ but was quite good, and surprisingly enough, even blocked out some of the coughing and foot shuffling that was occurring around me (that i thought would ruin the video).

I am very happy with my flash memory camcorder, it works better than i expected and hope to have it for a long time.

I gave 4 stars because of poor indoor videos. Need to have very bright light to get clear videos. Low light videos have black spots which i didn’t expect in a hd video camera for this price. I tried all the video modes in this camcorder and noticed poor video quality in medium light. If you are planing to take videos during the day with bright light, you can go ahead with this camcorder. I won’t recommend this camcorder if you are planing to take video in medium or low light. I don’t see any other major issues with this camera. – it is light weight, compact and handy- plan to buy large capacity sd card (min. 8gb, class 4 or more) if you plan to take more than 2 hours video- good video quality in day light even in 42′ hdtv- face detection feature is great in this camcorder- the menu controls are not user friendly and you need try couple of times to get used to the menu options- while moving from low light to bright light, i noticed there is a delay in adjusting to the new location (around 2 sec).

I needed a camcorder to video church services. The camera need an external microphone socket for echo free sound. This camera has this facility without costing an arm and a leg and produces a pleasing recording. It is a pity that it is our of production.

I searched everything for a good family camera. It is easy to use and is very small in the hand. The cost for purchasing the one with an internal memory is greater than buying 2 16g cards. It is simple to use and with imovie from mac makes great home movies. The picture is great and i am very happy with my selection.

Excellent quality in resolution and decent sound. I am very happy with this camera. The display screen takes some time to get used to, but there’s a learning curve to anything packed into a small, lightweight package.

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