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Several reviews of the hf10 and 100 have noted a clicking noise that is present during recordings. By changing autofocus to manual (using the joystick), the clicking can be stopped. Therefore it must be the autofocus continually trying to readjust the lens. This solution is a kludge, as is using an external microphone, but i just wanted to let everyone know.

The camera is small and light, but is rather complicated. It would have been nice to know that it is not compatible with macs, only pc’s. Have to download to a pc, convert it, then transfer it to the mac. Defeated the entire purpose of purchasing these cameras. Instruction book is useless. Battery doesn’t last very long. You have to plug it in to videotape a performance only 30 minutes long. In hindsight, probably should have picked a different model.

The hd cam with sd cards is much better than tape. Love how i can connect this to my tv using hdmi. Here are the specifications for the Canon VIXIA HF R10 Full HD Camcorder w/8GB Flash Memory:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Records up to 3 hours of crisp high definition video to an 8GB internal flash drive or directly to removable SD memory cards
  • Ultra-Sleek, Compact and Lightweight Design allows you to take your camcorder with you anywhere
  • Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens delivers unsurpassed image quality
  • Canon 2.39-Megapixel HD CMOS Image Sensor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor provides the ultimate in color and imaging performance

Bought this as a christmas gift for my husband and teenage son. Great features, and easy to use. Arrived quickly in the mail from amazon.

The canon vixia hfr10 camcorder is a wonderful camcorder. Please don’t let other people mislead you. Before buying this camera, i have had a long list of video cameras since they first came on the market, including vhs, 8mm, super 8, mini-dvd (canon elura 90) and several other canon and sony. This one is by far the best. I have had several photo exhibitions shown here in atlanta, including one on china and another on the mediterranean. I had a color full page photostory published with mug shot on the back page of the detroit free press which printed 760,000 copies. I have won first place in photo contests in open competition. I think that many of these other reviewers made amateur mistakes when using this camera. Their expectations are too high without using proper techniques. First, they didn’t mention if they used a tripod or a monopod.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Compact, reliable, be careful of deleting ‘events’
  • Not bad, within its price range.
  • Canon VIXIA HF R10 Full HD Camcorder w/8GB Flash Memory Camcorder

I used this over my trip to hi. Pros: the video snap is handy. It takes 5 second snaps that you can stitch together to make one video. The quality of the picture is quite good–even the single photo snaps. The power button, record button are easily found. The battery and sd cards are easy to replace. Very lightweight, compact, easy to track a subject. Cons: i didn’t understand that ‘event’ means movie. If you delete all the events, you delete all your movies. I had to purchase a recovery software to get my movies back.

I did a lot of research before making my plunge into video. I’ve been a still photographer for a long time and regard myself as a recovering silver based photographer, but i’ve greatly come to appreciate digital photography. I wanted a video camera that would fit my profile and allow me to grow without buying a new camera after a short time. Size was also a consideration in my selection criteria as i frequently do things outdoors and like to travel light. This video camera meets more of my needs than i expected and way surpasses my expectations. I’l get the shortcomings out of the way as the list is short and they are not too bad. 1) first is no accessory shoe. I got a nice external led light source, but there is no place to mount it on the camera. My bad for not investigating this. A small gorillapod is a reasonable accessory to carry, even out doors, so this is minor.

Hello, i have recently brought this camera. Now i’m upgrading from a canon zr 900. (sd & dv)the quality of the images are amazing. Yes, you won’t get anything mind-blowing as to a 3ccd camera, but, you didn’t pay $1500 either. Anyway, the quality on this is truly brilliant. Also, i love the options to record in 24p, 30p, or 60i mode. I personally keep in on 30p. 24p along with some help with software will geive you a ‘cine-matic’ look, however, bewarn, that you can’t you traditional everday shooting techniques. You have to be very cautious when it comes to quick motion, and panning. Another thing that i love is the external-mic jack, and headphones out, really comes in handy.

Canon vixia hf r10 full hd camcorder w/8gb flash memory is the best ive used for the price. Now really this is all i needed and i am sure i will not use it to its full potential. I read every review on what the best camcorder for under 300 would be until i realized that i could see exactly how the camcorder looked by checking out some youtube vidio shot w/ the r10. Fits right in my cargo shorts pocket(which was a huge plus) i hate lugging around things when i am visiting. Its picture quality is excellant. Can and should always have a spare battery. It would be nice if they had a usb cable for charging.

For the price, i actually like this camcorder quite a lot, but let me get the gripe out of the way first. The auto focus makes a clearly audible noise in quiet situations. If there is talking or background noise you won’t notice so much, so it’s not a huge deal. However, in scenes where the quiet is what you want, it’s a problem. The face recognition works, but it’s slow, so auto-focus from the tripod is annoying when you don’t have someone to hold the camera for you. Also, it makes the auto-focus noise worse. Finding a way to get video off the camera sucks.

My daughter looked for a really long time to find the perfect camcorder for her and her husband to record all of the special events in the life of their first child. They choose this model because of all of the features. And because of the brand name. . Canon they have recommended it to others and they were equally impressed.

Never expected a camcorder that does what this camera does. Do not hesitate to purchasethis camcorder. Read only the 5 star reviews, the rest disregard.

I wanted a high definition camcorder at a decent price. But be prepared to spend a good deal of time learning how to use it. I am advanced when it comes to electronics and this device is a challenge. The interface is a joystick and a button and took me a while to get the hang of it. The user’s manual is somewhat helpful but not well written. There are little gotchas here and there. I am still trying to get up to full speed. The separate microphone plug requires a mic with its own power supply; so something else to buy.

I bought this hd video camera to shoot our two month old, and so far the result have been fantastic, its like your are watching a blue ray movie when you directly connect your camera to tv through hdmi. I still didn’t created any dvd’s out of the hd video, so don’t know how much the video will loose it quality. I will write more updates as i will explore more,but so far so good.

Well its my first video camera. Full hd got some accessories the same time i bought this camera. The memory lasts around 45mins, although if you change the settings the time will be lengthened. I’ve waited for so long to purchase one glad i did. I priced one at a few of our local electronic stores and they don’t compare cause i was getting a a sd video camera with that relied on external cards or tapes for about tt$5000(us$775). Steel of a deal i ran with it, i’m glad, i bought the silver, came in a week, works great. I’ll post up some pics of my set-up just look for the tag ‘user pic by k. The thing is i can’t get the image mixer to work. Does any one know a video converter for this type of video (so i can use in after effects) thanks.

The canon vixia hf r10 produces good video in good light. My main complaints are the graininess in low-light conditions and the clicking sound in quiet settings, which has been discussed in other reviews. Generally, though, this is a good 1080 hd camcorder for enthusiasts. The nub control stick for navigating menus– oddly not found on the higher-end model– works well (better than the more expensive version’s touch screen) and the whole thing feels solid while still light-weight.

We got this for our daughter & son in-law for christmas & they love it & use it a lot.

It has many customizable settings, more than i need, but maybe i will learn. It takes hd quality video, only problem i have hard drive space to keep it all so i dont use the camera to its max capability in that regard. I would highly recommend this to friend or family.

This is our first video camera since vhs, we love itvery easy to operate, quality construction.

The camera performs just as i thought it would with the hd quality. The camera is small, light weight and for such a small camera has a great zoom factor. I have not played with it enough in a quite room to notice if it is recording camera motor funtions but the manual does state that could be a problem and to order a remote mic. Just a note this same camcorder at over priced best buy is 549 compared to 343. The camcorder is fairly new and have not used it tremendously but so far so good.

I purchased this camera as it is a low-cost hd camera with a microphone input. I’m a semi-professional editor, and needed a camera to shoot a series of training videos with good sound. The camera is easy to use, and the microphone input allows me to connect a boom mic to get perfect sound from the actors. I am very pleased with the quality of the video, too.

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