Canon VIXIA HF M500 Full HD 10x Image Stabilized Camcorder, Very nice

My only gripe is that when i put a wide angle lens attachment on it, the attachment covers the auto-focus detector. I then have to use a manual focus mode somehow.

After comparing a lot of products i finally ended up choosing this video-camera. I’d say that you should buy it if you care about the quality of your videos. Of course there are other cameras that shoot with a better, more detailed quality, but they are very pricy, they get up to 1000 $ very easily. With this camera you’ll have an excellent device for a little more than a regular, cheaper product. If you plan on uploading your videos on youtube, you want to have that extra-quality.

This was recommended by a friend who does professional video work and photography. She knew i was on a smaller budget than she would normally work with and came up with this camera for my consideration. I have absolutely loved it since it showed up at the house. I use it for filming rehearsals and shows both for myself and my band, helping us to see what is working and what needs to be worked on. This is an essential tool and is such a great piece that i can use some of the footage for youtube with a knowledge of quality being there. I have had some great responses for what i put up on youtube already.

Key specs for Canon VIXIA HF M500 Full HD 10x Image Stabilized Camcorder with One SDXC Card Slot and 3.0 Touch LCD:

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  • Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with 10x Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization
  • Newly Designed Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor is a professional-level 1/3-inch native 1920×1080 image sensor
  • 3.0-inch Flat Touch Panel LCD with a new GUI (graphical user interface) for easy touch control
  • AVCHD recording for the highest quality viewing on an HDTV or archiving, or in MP4 format for easy sharing with mobile devices or cloud applications
  • Smart AUTO with 38 predefined video capture situations including Auto Tele Macro for close-ups and shallow depth-of-field shots

Comments from buyers

“Great cam
, Perfect for my needs!
, Canon “M” Series—Solid Low-Light Performance

I produce a television program each week. This little camcorder gives me a good product. I connect a remote mic, which gives greatly improved sound over using the built-in mic. That may be fine; i have not used it. I only mean that having the mic several feet from the speaker never gives the best quality. A volume control only adjusts the built-in mic, which disappointed me. My cameraman also uses headphones which gives me a check to be sure sound is working. Recording a speech without sound is disappointingthe file produced is large, almost 2 gig for 35 minutes. Of course you can choose other quality settings resulting in larger or smaller files. This is the least i want to produce for broadcast.

For a consumer hand-cam, this unit delivers every time. I chose the model with no internal storage due to cost, but in hindsight, i might not make that choice again. Regardless, where it counts, this camera does a fine job. Canon optics are incredible as it is, but all that digital capture on the other side of the optics is almost like magic. It provides perfect images every time, and it’s just about three years old now.

I researched camcorders for several weeks before making a purchase. The quality of the video is great. Image stabilizer works well. Good battery life (over an hour. Downloads and edits well on the latest imovie on imac. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

I also have a m400, and this camera is a significant improvement in low-light performance. It’s menu structure is improved, as is usability. Good image quality in low light, and excellent image quality in good lighting. Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

This little canon vixia hf m500 is a solid low-light performer. The camera can shoot indoor concerts and sports without grainy image quality. Indoor shots are clear and have good color accuracy, even with the full *optical* zoom. I bought it primarily for its low light performance. The m500 works great outdoors. It was recently used after a heavy snow using the ‘snow’ image setting. Motion recording was great, images were accurate and bright, and there was no problem seeing the images in the lcd screen during recording. The m500 does not have wi-fi or onboard memory. It does have:beautiful, professional hd video quality. The m500 has a great ‘auto’ setting; i find that i often use auto instead of switching to manual controls. If you like to take more control of your recording the m500 has the capability of giving you manual control of things like white balance, shutter, and aperture. In-between the ‘full auto’ and ‘full manual’ settings, the vixia hf m500 also has a range of built-in light settings (outdoor snow, indoor flourescent lighting, indoor tungsten light, and several more) that you can access via the menu system on the lcd viewer. Did i mention the beautiful, professional (to me, at least) hd video quality?.I can’t fully describe the beauty of video recorded by this camera.

Bought this for my wife for christmas and so far i am very impressed with the camera, very easy to handle and shoot with. Image stabilization works great and we got some nice clear clips. Remember we are just starting to use video camera’s. Easy menu access, easy set up and good looking clips at a good price, couldn’t ask for more. Haven’t had it long so will have to se about durability and have not used all the features yet but i feel this is a great little camera for family video’s.

Comparing to 3mos panasonic that i have returned this canon is no match in sharpness of picture or smoothness of motion, and the zoom range is abysmal at the ‘wide’ angle – it’s like the camera is stuck in zoom and you can’t zoom out – but it’s not broken – that’s just the optics it has. When it gets dark it is magical. It can capture accurate color in any light no matter how dim or bad. It’s almost as if it actually works better the worse the lighting is. It also has superb ergonomics – fits my hand like a glove, and the weight is very nice too. The colors are not particularly saturated, but they look fairly accurate – a bit on the warm side as is typical of canon. It depends on what you need. If you expect to be shooting a lot of footage in poor lighting conditions this is the ticket.

This is a great little camera with more features than the average movie maker will ever use. It is ‘small’ compared to the mini dv video camera that this replaced. I have very large hands and can literally ‘palm’ the camera. But, it does take superb video.I plan on packing this camera along with my t2i (which takes great video) because of the point and shoot and capability of the camera. So far, i am very pleased with the camera and my purchase through amazon.

I have 3 other video cameras, 2 outdated that use tapes, and a flip that is useless because it won’t accept the latest software update. I had no idea that so many advances could be put into such a small camera. I ordered a full-size printed instruction manual from manual ink for help on using it. I also purchased the case logic dcb 305 which is snug, but has room for an extra battery and memory cards. Forget the sun glasses, etc. Bought 2 16gb memory cards instead of one 32gb since they can go bad, i have a spare that still has tons of space for movies.

The church where i’m a pastor as was looking into a new camcorder to record sermons to post on youtube. We had three requirements: 1. Able to function in low light. This camcorder not only met those requirements it exceded them.The zoom is crystal clear and the picture quality is great even though we don’t have the best lighting you cannot tell on the video. The mic is decent, too (we recently filmed a handbell concert). We do run a separate audio feed through our sound system for sunday mornings so i wasn’t too sure about the sound quality until recently. I would highly recommend this camcorder if you are looking for high picture quality in low light situations. If you need to zoom in significantly you might look into a lens attachment which runs about $130 – however, still a great camera.

The camera is perfect for my needs. I am using it to record spoken word performances in a noisy pub-like setting. The mic input (which apparently isn’t all that easy to find on lower priced cameras) allows me to pair this with a wireless mic resulting in good quality video and audio. Using only the built in mic you are likely to pick up a lot of unwanted noise including the sound of you finger on the zoom the tripod being adjusted or unwanted room noises that are closer to you than your subject. At least that was my experience.

I own a canon t3i dslr camera and had been doing some shooting with that over the last year prior to wanting to buy a camcorder. The reason for buying a camcorder is that i wanted a simple easy to operate point and shoot kind of camera when i have less time to plan exposure and play around with proper focusing. I debated between the panasonic model that was in the same price range as this one but had 60p recording capabilities. I went back and forth several times and ended up deciding to purchase this one. The reason for the decision was the features this camera had which included a headphone jack, 24pf and 30pf recording modes, mp4 in addition to avchd recording, and better low light performance then the panasonic. I am sure the panasonic is a great camera as well but if you do not want to record in 60p there are not a lot of other options to shoot with and it does interlaced video at a lower bit rate then this camera. I have not been disappointed with this camera or my decision. The resolution and video quality that comes off of the camera in 24mbps avchd recording mode is awesome. It is better then broadcast quality but that is because of the down conversion of the source material on tv programs versus this camera being better then a professional camcorder. The quality of video however is very close to what you will get with canon’s higher end hg-g10 and xa10.

I bought this camcorder to replace my 5 year old canon hv20. This one is considerably smaller than hv20, the low light performance is visibly better. It’s very light, no longer need tape any more. The only thing i don’t like was that there’s no view finder, but i don’t think there any other brand provide view finder any more.

 i love this camera and apparently the word got out because the price went way up. I got this camera (used-like new) for around $300 in november 2012. There is not much i can add to the many reviews given here except that i learned a little trick for getting decent slo-mo video out of the 60i max frame rate that this camera exports. 60i means that the camera captures 60 half-frames per second. 60p would be a full frame every 1/60th of a second, but 60i grabs half a frame, every other horizontal line. Then it combines every two half-frames into one 30 fps frame. The result is a 30p file but with each frame having every other line from a different moment in time. This is called interlaced video, hence the ‘i’. Other names for this are 1080i or 60 pfps. To get the slow-motion video, you’ll need to de-interlace the video before applying the slo-mo effect.

I consider this one to be the best purchase i have ever performed ($399 3 years ago, refurbished)even after all this time it still works as new. Couldn’t be happier to be honest.

I was hoping i could pull some still photos out of the videos but not as crisp as i had hoped for. The videos are really clear. The camera is ultra light and easy to use.

I have a photography and videography business and i use these video cameras as my main piece of equipment for videoing weddings. Clients are very surprised to see such high quality clips in such a compact camera. Love love love these things.

I upgraded from a sony hc96 camera which was probably one of the best low-light standard def camcorders some 6 years ago. This camera makes excellent hi-def videos that look great on my big screen tv. Low light is important because in this age of smart phones, you will most likely not take your camcorder outside your home and end up making videos in dark interiors. No noticable digital arifacts. Sd card playable directly in my panasonic bluray player. Switches between digital and optical stabalization when needed. Great price (i bought it under 300 bucks). Overall the video is much better than the over-rated video made by my d-slr. But i know that one cannot get greater zoom and low light performance at the same time. Maybe wide angle end is not wide enough fo some but for me its fine. Not the easiest to plug-in power connector. There is a stange noise (like something is loose) which comes from the inside when the camera is off. Im guessing its the optical stabalization mechanism and its normal.

The canon vixia hf m500 is outstanding. I had a canon xh-a1 3-ccd camera. It had a very good video quality image. Yet in comparing the two cameras on a led flatscreen tv, the m500 blows it away. The image quality is very close to broadcast quality. I’ve been shooting video and film for years, and this little m500 offers stunningly good visuals. The colors are very accurate, the sharpness reveals a lot of detail, and it works very well in low light. I have been shooting on minidv tape stock for years. I was hesitant in shooting on an sd card. My main concern was the ability to archive my videos.

I upgraded from a samsung mx-100. I only use a camcorder occasionally to capture candid moments and family events. I originally was going to get the r300 for $350, but once i found out that canon ships that camera with the smallest of its 3 batteries (bp-709, bp-718, bp-727) and that other users were getting about 20-30 minutes of video recording with the bp-709, i knew i would have to purchase a second battery. The medium size battery (bp-718) was $75 and the large battery (bp-727) was $110. Factor a second battery into the equation and your price point is no longer $350, but about $450. Given that the m500 comes with the medium size battery (bp-718), for an extra $100 it was a no brainer to upgrade from the r300 to the m500. I get incredibly awesome low light performance (the video, at least for someone who just wants to capture occasional indoor scenes, is 1000% usable. Very low noise and grain and the colors are true); i get a much better lens and sensor; and i get an shoe accessory (mini).

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