Canon VIXIA HF M41 Full HD Camcorder, Awesome video quality, very nice low light camera

I can say that canon products are the best. I had not problem all with the camera the quality of the video is as expected from a quality product.

Not a professional but, really good quality and has always worked on our many trips, still going strong more than a year later.

I bought this cam because it was listed as very good in consumer reports and the price was right. I am still learning how to use all the features. It seems to take good videos and i’ve downloaded them to imovie where i can adjust just about every aspect of them. I had read that some folks had trouble downloading from the cam. I called apple and they talked me through it and it’s a breeze. Open imovie, connect cam using usb cord, turn cam to playback mode, select ‘import from camera’ under the file option in the option bar. You can download all the movies on your cam or select the ones you want. I bought the cam through adorama. The price dropped $150 after i purchased it. They gave me a $150 store credit for the difference.

Key specs for Canon VIXIA HF M41 Full HD Camcorder with HD CMOS Pro and 32GB Internal Flash Memory:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 32GB internal flash drive and 2 SDXC-compatible memory card slots
  • Genuine Canon 10x HD video lens
  • Canon HD CMOS pro image sensor
  • Canon DIGIC DV III image processor
  • Dynamic SuperRange OIS corrects a full range of motion

Comments from buyers

“Best Mid-Range Camcorder – Excellent for Low Light
, Great upgrade for a beginner/amateur
, A camcorder alternative for presbyopic videographers and those who shoot video outdoors

Well, i have had this camcorder now for a week and tested it in many lighting situations and locations and i must say i’m very impressed. Outside filming my niece and dogs in the yard the videos are crisp viewed on my 40′ sony hd lcd tv. I would give it a 5 out of 5. In my eyes, looks broadcast quality. Indoors with varying light was also impressive although i did notice a little graininess. I’d give low light a 4 star rating. Being as anal as i am, i did a little test. Take it for what it’s worth. Now i am the most anal person you will probably meet and maybe set my expectations too high at times, but i started flipping through some of the hd channels on t. To do a little comparison and noticed too a bit of graininess if i stood right up to the television. Now i know nobody watches t. V from three inches away, i just wanted to compare what was being broadcasted to what i was able to film with this camera. I must say, this camera’s footage is nearly spot on in many instances (tnt in hd, fox in hd, usa in hd) i’d like to believe i have a good signal from my cable provider into my television, so in overall video quality, i’d give this camera 5 stars. So why not 5 stars overall for this camera?.

I first saw this camera at best buy. Of all the cameras there i likes this one the best. Looking at amazon i found it cheaper and i liked the reviews. I did not want a camera with a built in hard drive as those have the capability to crash. Obviously this requires me to get one with a memory card. I liked this camera over the higher models since it is cheaper. Yes it has less internal memory than the higher models but with two sd slots there is plenty of memory to go around. The only complaint i have with the camera itself is that it has no light. It has what appear to be led lights (though they might be the ir receivers for the remote) but they cannot be turned on. If i want a light, then i can get one that mounts to the expansion shoe connector.

This camera has great picture, it’s very sharp. I love that in addition to 30p it has the cinematic 24p look. I love the dual sd card slots, it is so simple to move your footage to the computer by just inserting the sd card into your computer, no cables, no software – i don’t know why people bother with the supplied software or usb transfer cables. I am a student pilot and use it to film some of my flights. Well one day i was unscrewing it as my instructor opened the door and it fell from the roof of the plane to the pavement below, almost a 6 ft drop – and the camera still works flawlessly. Mic is good for what it is (a built in mic). While the picture is very sharp and clear and really looks great, the only thing i’m not wild about is the color. Everything seems very dull and not vibrant. I have recently taken to shooting video on my still camera (canon sx40 hs) because the color is so much better on that.

First off, i am a professional photographer, not a videographer, so my review is not in the technical nature per se’ but more from a users pov and quality to my eye. I purchased the hf m400 as a adjunct to my photography. I read other reviews about poor battery life and the lousy touch screen. Yes; the touch screen is not overwhelmingly responsive yet it causes me no major hassle. As to the poor battery life; i don’t plan on setting this camera on a tripod and running it continuously for one hour plus. That would be plain ridiculous. My story lines are planned out, shot in small pieces as they should be and edited later in post. My 5 star rating is based on cost of this camera. $530 is a bargain for what it does. Sure i would have liked av & tv that operated independent of each other; but c’mon.

Very please with quality and condition of this canon hf m40 camcorder. Seller was genuinely concerned about my satisfaction as indicated on sales receipt. So far everything works great. I haven’t tested hdmi and other ports but expect positive results considering the great condition of all equipment.

This camcorder fits in the palm of your hand, easy to use and great hd video. The low-light pix are a little lacking, but i bought it to do video anyway. Battery life is great, but i use it to do 30 second to 1 minute clips. I charged it up 3 weeks ago and it still says it has 148 minutes of life left. I did 52 video clips (mostly of the cats playing). I also took over 30o pictures in highest res in-between the video clips.

As a first-time videographer but long-time photographer, i found the vixia hf m41 a pleasure to use on the default settings except that i soon changed the recording mode from sp to mxp. I’m still learning everything one can do with the camera, but the menu system clearly needs work and is the reason for a one-star demerit. I recommend purchasing an additional battery pack (wasabi) and 16gb memory cards to extend recording time. The low-light performance is very impressive and the stabilization does a good job for what i shoot: outside nature video on unstable platforms like boats. I probably use the viewfinder more than the lcd as i find it easier to frame and follow moving targets with it, especially under sunny conditions. Price has been bouncing around in the $400-600 range (nov-dec 2011) so it’s worth looking around. The supplied software is average, but gets simple editing done without too much agony. I had no problems with installation or use of the software, or with downloading imagery with a vista 64 system.

The camera is light weight, and you would think because its so tiny the quality would fall short. The picture quality is amazing. Comes with a built in memory so you dont necessarily have to get the extra memory card, although i would get them anyways. The 2 memory slots are awesome. Oh you can connect directly to hdmi supported monitor, excellent for video production. My previous camera was the canon xl1 hd, this is by far way better.

Filming an indie movie with this camera, i’ve found it to be a gem of a camera. I’d recommend getting a top quality sd card. I bought a pro-grade one for around 130 dollars and it records at higher speeds, so you don’t get jitter on motion shots so much. If you are just using the camera for on holiday etc. Don’t worry, save your money and just use a medium quality sd card. I found that the zoom works better on automatic mode rather than manual mode. You can go up to an inch away from objects, and that’s without a telephoto lens fitted. I filmed inside a deadlock with this camera and the image was crystal clear. If you are filming an indie movie or short, i’d recommend not using the filters provided in the camera. If you film your shots and edit them with editing software you then have a master file which you can revert back to and try different effects before rendering the effect you like.

June 22, 2011i do not have anything bad to say about the camcorder because i have had it only a few days, and not ableto give it a fair evaluation. One caveat for those that want to use the high definition conversion tostandard definition. You will need a sd card in slot ‘b’ to complete the ‘on board’ conversion. The process withinthe camcorder requires the sd card, because the conversion ends up on the slot ‘b’ memory card. I tested thatfunction, because i work in the two mediums of high and standard definition. I will keepyou posted as to how it functioned for my use. Up date: dec 11, 2014 have used the camera for over 3 years now. The first year i purchased a second identical vixia hf m41 because i was happy with the video results of the first camcorder. So far the two same model camcorders have worked flawlessly. But, there are some criticisms, but not a deal breaker.

Finally upgrading from my 10 year old sony camcorder that recorded in digital8 format. Since the compression technology has now been standardized with avchd, it is now time to upgrade. This camcorder has been named europe’s consumer camcorder of the year for 2011. Low light recording is incredible.

I like this camera — canon hf m41. It has a lot of features to enhance your video shots. Low light it is better than all the others i’ve had. Easy to adjust amount of light coming into the camera. Batteries last pretty long — almost 2 hours depending. The picture is very nice in most situations. The files seem to transfer just fine to a pc via usb cable. Plenty of space for shooting hours of footage, plus adding extra cards. Stabilization has much improved over previous generations of canon’s that i’ve had. There’s a lot to criticize, too.

One of the few that still has a built in remote control which was critical for my use. But even for ordinary use, i found it easy and simple. The sophistication is there if you want to control things, but you can also just choose to point and shoot.

Bought this canon m41 for an upcoming trip and have been fooling around with it over this past holiday season and have to say i am still on a learning curve with this unit. That said i am very impressed with its feel of quality when you hold it and am very satisfied with the end result of picture quality, it’s ease of use and versatility is to me outstanding. The unbelieveable price of $399. 00 for this unit is a steal in my opinion. I did quite a bit of research of other brands and am very happy with my choice. Of course there is give and take with any of the units when you compare them to one another but for my needs i feel i made a perfect choice with the canon m41 and look foward to shooting plenty of quality videos on my upcoming trip.

After much research, especially at consumer reports, the canon vixia hf m41 was the best fit for the money, features, and quality. A few features and processes are not intuitive. Which requires some manual research. I have had only one opportunity to try it out, so some of my shots looked pretty sloppy, especially when i left it turned on accidentally for an extended period of time (got great audio, though). All my shots were indoors during a family christmas, and looked pretty good for an untrained eye and a shaky hand. I will make more use of my tripod in the future when conditions permit. The user’s manual (pdf) is quite thorough. It has more details than i will probably use. It does take some careful reading. It’s not clear to me why the transfer utility and videobrowser cd-roms are for windows only.

Concur with other reviews i have read on this product regarding the touchscreen. It does not respond very well to the touch. Some functions simply cannot be activated sometimes (play from the thumbnails, especially from the sd card) unless you use the stylus pen. Absolutely frustrating when this happens. At least, the stylus pen enables you to use the touchscreen fairly easily. Perhaps i was little hasty in my initial review and comments, above, regarding the touchscreen. After finally figuring out how to properly use it (scroll up and down on the menus), i found it is not nearly as difficult as i had initially felt. Not the best touchscreen on the market, but certainly not the worst either. Overall, an absolutely outstanding camera.

Had to erase some of his videos.

I ordered this from adorama cameras. They were polite and seemed willing to let me return the camera when i was uncertain about the model i ordered. Fortunately, the m40 works better than i had expected, and i didn’t need to send it back. The camcorder was most likely shipped the same day i placed the order, because it came much earlier than was expected. –gonna clear up a few confusions i had about this camcorder, since i didn’t have a chance to view this in stores before buying. Bestbuy only carries the cheaper model (for the same price as this: ~$350 as of this writing). M400, m40, and the m41 are essentially the same camcorder, and are currently the best performing in the ~$300-400 price range. Around $600 you can get a small performance upgrade, with a large upgrade in features (manual buttons) by selecting panasonic’s hdc-tm900 camcorder. I chose the canon because i didn’t care as much for the manual options, and the small performance increase in panasonic’s camcorder was not worth $250 to me. Here are some miscellaneous information bits that i was not aware of before purchasing.

I bought this camcorder last year and i am happy with the video quality. It does very good low light video and great day light video. It is very small so keep it close or put it in a camcorder carry bag. The touch screen is a pain, since you have to have tiny fingers to touch the right buttons. It does have that vignetting effect, it is noticeable when i zoomed in and out fast inside with the room light on. Slowing down the zoom and recording in sunlight i didn’t notice the problem. The regular zoom is good, but the digital one isn’t that great. Now the battery that came with it, seemed to have died.I am going to purchase a battery pack as soon as possible.

The videos are extremely beautiful and this camera is easy to handle. The menu kick my butt some, but once you figure how things work, its all fun. Other than learning the menu, i think the video camera is perfect. This is my fifth video camera and the best by far. I have never gotten such beautiful night shots or even expected to ever get such beautiful video in low light. I am getting far more than i expected so it is a pure joy for me.

This is an excellent camcorder. As with all canon cameras and camcorders, the optics are the best in the market. Panasonic may have a better image stabilizer in many models, but the quality of the canon image goes unrivaled. However, canon sells this camera (and all vixia hf mx models) with a tiny battery that doesn’t even fill the nest in which it docks. If you want more than 60 or 80 minutes of battery life, you need to spend about $100 or more in a bigger battery (e.

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