Canon Video Canon ZR830 MiniDV Camcorder : Good Camera But does not work with Mac Computes 10.6 or higher

I really like this camcorder/camera. It is easy to use and takes great video and pictures. I like the fact that it fits nicely into my purse (medium sized purse). It comes with everything you need minus the tapes and sd card. My only complaint would be that the battery doesn’t last very long but that could be rectified with a lithium battery. The nice thing is that the battery charges super fast. I got a really good deal on this when it was the deal of the day and couldn’t be happier.

I really like this little camcorder. I did a ton of research on it. I was looking at about 50 other cameras. This is light weight which really makes it easy to hold even for periods of time. I held it for 30 minutes at my childs play. But it was really easy to use. I didn’t have much time to practice before his play. If you know how to work a vcr you are over qualified to work this camera, that’s how easy it is to use it. As for the picture and quality i really think they are pretty good.

Canon ZR830 MiniDV Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Genuine Canon Optics with 35x optical zoom/1000x digital zoom
  • DIGIC DV image processor; image stabilization
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor; widescreen HR recording
  • Still image recording
  • Smooth zoom control; level shot control

We haven’t much of a chance to use it yet, but we think it will be just fine- once we get the hang of it. The size is nice, and it’s light-weight. Focusing with the zoom has been a challenge, but then again maybe we just haven’t gotten the knack of it yet. It’s our first video camera.

The picture quality is a little blocky and it is shaky. Overall, though, it is pretty decent. It’s comfortable to hold and the options are fairly simple to figure out. It doesn’t do real well with brightness in the background, e. Light reflecting off a mirror or window, but it does have an option that helps. Mostly a good value and possibly better for people with actual video skills.

To begin, this is the first camcorder i’ve owned. It’s possible i was expecting more. I own a nikon coolpix 8mp digicam that takes movies, but obviously not with any great quality. I was kind of expecting a little better quality (higher resolution) from the camera. From that point of view i was a little let down. It’s sufficient, dont get me wrong, but it’s only a step up from my digicam. The device takes memory card and tape. It wont store video on the card however, unless a tape is in the device. Didn’t really say that in the manual and confused me (i had a mem card when device arrived, but no tapes). I got a little annoyed too trying to figure out how to copy from tape to pc.

Canon ZR830 MiniDV Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Camcorder has good features but the motor noise is quite loud and is captured while recording. Other reviewer had mentioned that turning on the wind filter feature helps and i tried this, but the noise is still audible during playback on the camcorder as well as when transferred to the computer and played back from there.

We’ve had various canon cameras for a long time, and this one is just like the rest. It doesn’t have an external lens cap, which is nice, but since in has an internal cap, i sometimes forget to close it. That would be the only downside i have found so far.

It is easy to use and is great for videoing sports. We use this a lot to video our daughter’s soccer games and we get a great quality image and the sports feature helps keep the image steady. This camcorder will hook up to your tv, vcr or dvd burner by av cables. We connect ours to our dvd burner and transfer our video to dvd. I would recommend this for anyone that is looking for an camcorder that is reasonably price and easy to use.

Definitely a good starter camcorder, has pretty good features. Pros:-quickstart feature-comfortable (although wrist strap kinda hurts after an hour or so)-impressive zoom (sometimes has trouble focusing on very distant objects)-small-has sd card slot (for taking crappy videos and pics, but still works if you have to shoot something and only have this camcorder)-can take pictures while recording (to minidv tape, don’t know about when you’re recording to the card)-lcd joystick doesn’t get in the way (in case you might be thinking that like i originally had)-viewfinder (if you prefer it over the lcd)-remote controlcons:-motor noise is very loud in video if video is taken in quiet environment, beware. (both the zr800 and zr850 have this problem, and, although few reviews mention it, the zr830 certainly does as well. )-no video light (have to get the zr850 for that feature)-video quality looks great on lcd but is definitely a bit soft-edged once uploaded to computer-video/pictures recorded onto card are very low qualityoverall, this is definitely a good first camcorder for a beginner, but you will likely want something more later on. It certainly still lives up to the canon name.

Very happy with the purchase. Had been a hi 8 camera owner for earlier in my kids lives — but using this now to tape games and transfer to disk. Very simple to learn and operate and very good quality video for my purposes.

I purchased this item for my husband and he loves it. It is lightweight, has an intuitive design, and mates easily with our computer. Batteries are reasonably priced, and seem to last a while. I would recommend this product for anyone looking within this price range.

I read all the reviews in my searches for a camcorder and this is our first camcorder, well. Second but the first we bought and too with us to brazil a family member fell in love with the camera and we gave it to them and the minute we returned we bought the camera again for ourselves. That’s how much we like this camera. It’s easy to use and i love the playback features with tv and computer. I’m sure when we get better we might want something fancier but this is just perfect for our home videos.

This was exactly what i needed when i needed it yay. It helped with my emerson production in boston.

As an aspiring filmaker, and with a very fixed budget, this was a great purchase, it has great features and the menu options are great. This is perfect to start off filming, and for family get together’s, it’s great.

I purchased this camcorder on a whim because it was on a gold box deal at $169. Now i had been looking at buying one, but wasn’t entirely sure what format i wanted minidv, harddrive, dvd disc. So when i received it i wasn’t sure if it was going to be everything i wanted. Out of the box and left to charge i did a quick once over of the manual – seemed pretty straight forward and user friendly. I had purchased some minidv tapes when i bought the camcorder, because as amazon so kindly showed me ‘it was what everyone one else that had purchased the camcorder bought’ and i figured i needed them. Here is my first recommendation and others have pointed this out too – if you plan on recording onto tapes be aware that you will need to have a dv firewire cable to transfer them to your computer and if you’re like me and have a dell vostro laptop you’ll also need to buy an firewire expresscard because you’ll need the port to plug into. Those two things added about $60 onto my overall price and truthfully that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that after i did my first recording i couldn’t get it onto my laptop to send to friends and family until i received the other items. Anyway now i have everything i need and have had a chance to use it all and i am very happy with the quality, ease, and performance of this product. I’ve used it to tape sporting events, family functions and outdoor excursions.

Poor quality pictures especially recording at night time even with bright light.

I am the first time camcorder buyer. I tried all the features of it and it really works fine. I used jvc minidv tape and it gives excellent result with it. But it did not give me the same kind of quality with sandisk sd card. One draw back is battery discharged very fast. If you are going for a tour, it’s better to keep extra battery. But overall this is a good buy at given price.

My first digital camcorder was a gl2, which cost about $2,500. When the heads went bad, i decided not to fix it, and a year later, i bought the zr830. Not only is this little camera easier to use than the overweight gl2, but the picture is just as great and needs much less light than the gl2. With a 600 watt light the picture is excellent and the shadows are not as overwhelming on film. The gl2 does not make a true 16:9 widescreen picture, it spreads the pixels, so you get a fuzzy picture. The zr830 just blocks the view to make a widescreen so you have a true pixel size. The sound is much better on the gl2, but almost too good. It picked up everything that made any noice at all.

One of the first things i notice about any electronic equipment is how much time i actually need to spend with the manual. I would much rather look at the equipment and know immediately what to do without having to read up on it-just grab and go. To me, this is an important feature. That’s where i had the most problem with this camera. I had to play around with it to figure out all the functions. I did eventually, but it took more time, effort and battery power than i wanted. A hand strap that can be adjusted to a shorter length would be nice. The strap is adjustable, of course, but even after a few minutes i noticed fatigue in my wrist as a result of not being able to shorten the strap sufficiently to fit my hand. Sound and picture quality: overall satisfied with quality for the price i paid, which was well under 200 clams.

Its a pretty good camera got good picture and good audio some pretty cool features on it. Its a good camera for the price if you looking for something to just record family evens and stuff i would recommend it but if your looking for a movie quality then your buying the wrong camera.

After buying my 8 year old cheap plastic toy video cameras, and his constant asking to use my video camera, i decided to get him his own. This unit has the highest rating by consumer reports for the price. My son records and erases his videos over and over. Its no light weight and it takes nice still shots too. I’d trade him my 8 year old video camera in a heartbeat. The price here is the same other stores charge for the zr 800,which can’t take stills.

This is a great video camera for the price. I bought that after i broke my old sony and i’m glad i broke it. Because this camera is smaller, shoots higher quality video, very easy to use and it gets great battery life. This is a must buy for anyone looking for a good priced video camera. You can’t go wrong when consumer reports rates it #1.

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